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									Week 8 Presentation
                Who are we?
•   Fraser Somerville – Project Manager
•   John Theis – Creative manager
•   Edward Dorey – Lead Developer
•   Carl Balding – Web Developer
•   Chris Sparkes – Android Developer
•   Sam Daubney – Apple Developer
          What’s our project?
  “Writees, upload and share your own unique
written work of any kind with anyone anywhere
anytime. Whether you’re an up and coming kids
fiction writer to a journalist, Writees allows you
   to get your work out there for all to see and

  Creating a Content Management System for
               aspiring writers.
           Fraser Somerville
• Role: Project Manager
• Tasks:
     - To make sure the tea’s are made
     - Bamboozle investors into giving money
     - Business Plan
     - Use of Redmine to track progress
                 Goals for the project

• Provide a website where writers can upload their written work and view
  work of other writers

•   Provide the ability for other readers to rate work and writers to comment

•   Provide Mobile applications to allow the viewing of written work on
    mobile devices.

• Also incorporate the ability to have the written work sent direct to kindle
  accounts for viewing on multiple platforms.
             RedMine File storage

• Group meetings noted
  and posted for all to see

• Documentation
  uploaded as backups.

• Used for easy use

• File storage and sharing

• Linking to information
• The project can look to expand to users other than
• Can look to expand by linking with publishers, so we can
  offer to introduce them to our best reviewed works to
• Look to linking with LinkedIn so that people could use the
  service as a portfolio of work
• Gain sponsorship from publishers and in exchange allow
  them to use our service as a test bed for work they have
                  John Theis
• Role: Creative Manager
• Tasks:
  – Research existing Apps
  – Creating designs for Application and Website
  – Web Servicing
                   John Theis
• Research:
• Who’s our Competition?
  – Tumblr
  – Story Tracker
• Why is our product Different?
  – Writers free to publish their work
  – Available on the Kindle
  – Can be critiqued by other writers
                     John Theis
• Storyboard:
        Register                    Log in

    Categories               Page

      Recently                      Story page
                   John Theis
• Preliminary Designs:
     Application            Website
                    John Theis
• Web Servicing
  – Why do we need it?
     •   Communicate between the App and the Website
     •   User can browse easily from any platform
     •   Secure for dataflow
     •   Security for Users
               Edward Dorey
• Role: Lead Developer
• Tasks:
  – Design the web based application.
  – Build the web based application.
  – Test the web based application.
• Progress??
Edward Dorey
Edward Dorey
Edward Dorey
Edward Dorey
                Carl Balding
• Role: Web Developer
• Tasks:
  – Source reliable hosting and secure domains
  – Build
  – Register and set up social networks
  – Style
  – Developer code for ‘Download to Kindle’
                 Carl Balding
• Linux hosting for HDCoders
• Windows hosting for Writees
• and secured
• Half Dozen Coders (HDCoders) website was set up to
  advertise our business name and to link to our
• Personal email accounts set up @hdcoders
                Carl Balding
• Registered
• Google+
                Chris Sparkes
• Role: Android Developer
• Tasks:
  – Design the android based application.
  – Build the android based application.
  – Test the android based application.
• Progress??
Chris Sparkes
               Chris Sparkes
               Current progress
• Drawn up UML diagrams to show classes and
  functions that need to be written.
• Created a Login Page and Registration page that
  write to a local database.
• Tested current pages for functionality.
               Chris Sparkes
                   Next Step?
• Implement a bio page for users.
• Call up information stored on a database.
• Implement interactive header.
               Sam Daubney
• Role: Apple iOS Developer
• Tasks:
  – Design the iOS based application.
  – Build the iOS based application.
  – Test the iOS based application.
• Progress??
                  Sam Daubney
               Where am I at the moment

• Created Login Page
• Created Registration Page
      • Quick functionality between the two via use of a toggle
• Registration writes to a local database
• All current pages tested
             Sam Daubney
• Current work
                       Sam Daubney
                             Next steps…

• Create the “home” screen
      • View current posts
• Read from the main Writees Database
      • Login and posts
• Write to the main Writees Database
      • Registration
• Submit Application to App Store for User Testing and
  User Evaluation
     Where do we go from here?
• Complete Stage 1 on all parts of the project
  – Web Site
  – iPhone App
  – Android App
  – Web service
• Design and Plan Stage 2
• Ensure documentation is up to date and

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