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					Torque Sensor Market worth $1427.78 Million By 2018

 The " Torque Sensor Market - Global Forecast & Analysis (2013-2018): By Technology (Rotary,
Static/Reaction, Magnetoelastic, IR, SAW, Optical), Application (Automotive, Industrial, Test &
Measurement, Aerospace & Defense, Medical) and Geography " , published by MarketsandMarkets,
the value of torque sensor market was $869.73 million in 2012 and is expected to reach $1427.78
million in 2018, at an estimated CAGR of 8.5% from 2013 to 2018. In terms of volume, the total number
of torque sensors shipped in 2012 was 525.78 thousand and the number is expected to reach 969.84
thousand by 2018.


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Torque measurement and control is a critical parameter in most rotating parts, machines and devices
to ensure high quality and performance optimization of the process or the whole system. With
increased awareness regarding the importance of torque measurement, torque sensors have paved
their path in diverse fields such as medical prosthetics, electric & hybrid automobiles’ engines, and so
on. These potential applications are expected to be a major driving force behind the growth of global
torque sensor market in near future. The development of non-contact and wireless torque sensors
such as magneto elastic, surface acoustic wave (SAW) and optical torque sensors will also boost the
use of torque sensors in different fields.

Quality control specifications like ISO 9000 have played a vital role too in the growth of torque sensor
market. The demand for accurate torque measurement solutions is increasing in a phenomenal
manner supporting the huge growth potential for torque sensors.

This report covers the Global Torque Sensor Market and all its market aspects with future
opportunities, drivers, and restraints, burning issues and winning imperatives in detail. Major
applications of torque sensors such as automotive, industrial, test & measurement, aerospace &
defense, and medical applications have been discussed in the report. Automotive and industrial
applications contribute to maximum share in overall torque sensor market. This report divides the
overall torque sensor market into four major geographical segments: North America, Europe, Asia-
Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the world (ROW).
This report is based on the extensive research study on torque sensor market and is aimed at
identifying the entire market of torque sensors for various applications, and all its sub-segments
through extensively detailed classifications in terms of both - revenue and shipment. It also profiles 20
key torque sensor and related product manufacturers. The report further draws the competitive
landscape of torque sensor market, providing an in-depth comparative analysis of the technological
and marketing strategies the key players are adopting in order to gain an edge over their competitors.

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