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Windows 7 – Quotes Sheet There's never been a by f34q4h6


									Windows 7 – Quotes Sheet

There’s never been a better time to be a PC! It works the way you want at work, at home and all places in between, so
that customers can do more of what they want in less time. With more choices and more options from more partners,
there is a tremendous range of PCs available at great value to Australians.


Nick Sone, Managing Director, Ensyst
“At Ensyst, we are excited about the release of Windows 7. We have invested heavily in training for our staff and already
have experience rolling it out to customers courtesy of Microsoft’s technology adoption program. We have also deployed
Windows 7 internally and are impressed with the stability and speed of the platform. Many of our customers are talking
to us about helping them plan for their deployment and we are expecting a surge in this area of our business over the
next 6 months.”

John Grant, Managing Director, Data#3
"After deploying Windows 7 to each of our 470 strong team at Data#3, we have experienced firsthand what Windows 7
is capable of in an Enterprise environment. Given this recent experience and the significant interest we have seen from
our customer base, I am confident that the launch of Windows 7 and the associated benefits of a Windows 7 deployment
is something that needs to be on the radar of most businesses in Australia."

Safi Obeidullah, Service Line Manager - IT Infrastructure, Gen-i
“Gen-i sees Windows 7 as an opportunity for organisations to transform their desktop environments providing users with
a much greater desktop experience. The maturity of planning and deployment tools also means that the move to
Windows 7 will take a lot less effort than previous migrations. Gen-i has been working with a number of organisations as
part of the Windows 7 early adopters program to help plan and drive the deployment of Windows 7.”


Joseph Sweeney, Analyst / Advisor - Intelligent Business Research Services (IBRS)

 “Employee mobility will become a key network architecture issue over the next three years. In this regard, Windows 7
does offer enterprises more 'baked-in' features to address future managed deployments over a more mobile and diverse
workforce. By placing these features into the OS itself, Microsoft has thrown down the gauntlet to specialist vendors in
the mobile worker architecture space. For enterprise architects, this is definitely good news.”

“Windows 7 has significantly improved management features over XP. However, for many organisations the current,
'partly managed' desktop deployments are seen as good enough and the new features offered by Windows 7 (and Vista
for that matter) are not needed. IBRS does not hold this view. We believe that there are real improvements in terms of
reducing TCO and improving client satisfaction by adopting tighter desktop management practices.”

Bryan Ma, Director of Asia/Pacific Personal Systems Research (IDC)

"Windows 7 is a good step ahead for Microsoft. While the changes may be subtle at first glance, it is a welcome evolution
of the platform," says Bryan Ma, Director of Asia/Pacific Personal Systems Research at IDC. "IDC expects consumers to
adopt first as the OS is shipped with new PCs, while commercial adoption follows, especially in line with the global
economic recovery."
Reuben Tan, Senior Manager of Asia/Pacific Personal Systems Research (IDC)

"Windows 7 has proven to be a ‘leaner, meaner’ O/S compared to its predecessor, with fast bootup times, an intuitive
and smoother user experience, and ease of home networking via HomeGroups. The enterprise is also well catered for,
from features such as XP-Mode and virtual desktop friendly architecture, to improved security and stability, giving IT
managers requisite peace of mind for deployment, as economies start to recover in 2010 and IT budgets are restored."

Martin Gilliland, Vice President - Go To Market Strategies (Frost & Sullivan)

"We believe Windows 7 has the potential to change the way the PC industry operates. The decoupling of the OS from a
hardware upgrade cycle is a major change in the industry and a boon for PC users that are desperate to get more out of
their PCs."

Quotes from “Windows 7 Will Change the PC Industry Forever” by Martin Gilliland, Frost & Sullivan:

“Windows 7 uses this hardware much more efficiently than Vista and so we have a massive fleet of PCs the world over
that are “ready” for Vista but screaming for Windows 7.”

“With Windows 7 we see a change in the way Microsoft listens to the users and how that translates into updates that
people are waiting for. It is because of this that Windows 7 will be a pleasant surprise for many users – business and
consumer alike.”

“Windows 7 can easily add 1-2 years life to many PCs in the installed base today and for the upgrade cost it is well worth
it compared to the cost of buying a new PC.”

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