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Safetykart is the first and the only e-commerce portal dedicated exclusively to Safety
Products in India. We aspire to make high quality safety products easily accessible to the
Indian community online. We realize we face the task of creating a separate market
segment for our products, but we are confident about the relevance of our products and
determined to become a market leader in our segment.


We at Safetykart at our core believe that the products we bring to our customers can really
make a difference for them- save their lives when all else fails, and keep their expensive
gadgets safe when it matters. We believe that the products we have and introduce have the
potential to do all the above and more to help them lead a better, safer life. We believe in
bringing in a mindset shift of leading a life of adventure while at the same time ensuring
safety of our loved ones and our investments wherever possible and minimizing our risks.

Our Products

Safetykart brings a wide range of products under its banner with categories ranging from
Self Defence, Personal Safety, Child Safety to Sports Safety and even Gadget Safety.
A lot of our products are exclusive and shipped from US.
Brands we represent :

Pelican ADCO Resqme             Chicco Farlin Shockwatch Ceasefire Victorinox

Our Core Values :
       Protection and Prevention

Your One Stop Destination for Safety!

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