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									  Sabina Rohackova
Winter Term 2008/2009

HEC – Access to the Campus

                                                        • Far away from
                                                        Paris center
                                                        • Complicated
                                                        (RER): train
                                                        often delayed,
                                                        on srike or with
                 4                                      long intervals at
                            2                           the weekends
                                        1               • Price of the
                                                        ticket to Paris
                     3                                  center from
                                                        HEC (Jouy en
                                                        Josas0 around 3
                                                        Euros (one way)

  On the map: Trip from Orly airport to Jouy en Josas

                • HEC campus is
                situated in Jouy-en-
                Josas (a small village)
                • Infrastructure: one
                small supermarket
                • Couple local
                • Post Office
                • Bank
                • Train Station
                • Bus Station

HEC Campus

                                                     • 10 – 15 mins walk up
                                                     the hill from the train
                                                     station in Jouy-en Josas
                                                     • One student cafeteria
                                                     • One buffet
                                                     • School building
                                                     around 20 years old,
                                                     some reconstructions
                                                     taking place
                                                     • Nice sports fields,
                                                     • On one hand a nice
                                                     environment, on the
                                                     other hand in the
                                                     middle of forest -
  • Accomodation:
       -Single rooms
       - Co-shower with neighbouring room
       - Washing machines in selected buildings
       - Security theoretically available 24 hours
       - Room rental 400 Euros a month
                               School and Education

•   My List of classes (CEMS MIM)          • In general I was very happy with my
     -   Advanced Corporate Finance        classes and teachers
     -   Asset Management
     -   Risk Management                   • The quality of lectures was very good
     -   Energy and Finance
                                           • A lot of work throughout the semester
     -   French
                                           with no exam period
     -   La Distribution
     -   Marketing of Luxury Goods         • Work load at the second half of the
     -   Strategic Social Networks         semester was extreme
     -   Business Plan
     -   Management Buyout                 • Possibility to choose from both English
                                           and French classes
•   Very good teachers in general –        • A lot of presentations and Group
    external professionals from            works
    real business
•   Classes were rather practically        • Good library and e-sources and
    oriented                               database

Students’ life – HEC is A LOT OF FUN

                                            •   POW – Party Of the Week
                                                ( each Thursday)
                                                  - Entrance fee for 5 Euro
                                                  - Every week a new scheme (in
                                                      case you wear the costume
                                                      related to the theme you pay
                                                      only 3 Euro)
                                                  - Open bar

   •   Many Students’ associations
        –   Golf
        –   Football
        –   Wine tasting
        –   Luxury club
        –   Sailing
        –   Ski club         Very Active
        –   Charity         International
        –   Basketball        Students
        –   Sushi
        –   Rowing           Association
        –   Etc.
                              Tips for the exchange in HEC

• Rooms are old, no kitchen available           • If you can, take microwave, electric
                                                kettle for hot water, small fridge, cups,
                                                plates etc.
• It rains a lot in winter season               • Rain boots might come handy,
                                                outdoor cloths
• The Dormitories are very noisy                • Be ready for noisy neighbors, unisex
                                                toilets, poor cleaning service
• Possibility to receive subsidy from           • Apply online or at school after your
French government (caf)                         arrival (200 Euros monthly)

• Bank account at French bank for               • Societe Generale, BNP Parisbas right
free                                            in Jouy-en-Josas

Thank you



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