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					                                 Toppers Topics
                                Toppers Newsletter Volume 64, Number Two, October 2010

Time To Mix It Up At Toppers!                                                      2010-2011 DANCE SEASON
                                                                                Remember to keep these future
 Around and around we go! Where we stop, nobody knows!!                         dates on your calendar!
                                                                                October 22nd
                                                                                November 19th
                                                                                December 18th
                                                                                January 21st
                                                                                February 18th
                                                                                March 18th
                                                                                April 22nd
                                                                                May 20

                                                                                   WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW
                                                                                October dance will be at the
                                                                                Petroleum Club on October
                                                                                22nd. The cost is $72/couple
                                                                                (includes tax/tip) No-host
                                                                                cocktail time at 6 p.m. Jim
                                                                                Gilman will be providing great
                                                                                dance music until 10:p.m.
                                                                                Dress-code is semi-formal.
                             September 2010 Mixer
                                                                                YOUR CHOICE OF ENTREES:
FROM OUR PRESIDENT…                     Also, I’d like to remind all of the
                                    availability of the popular Toppers’        Chicken Cordon Bleu or
Thanks to a fine turnout last month                                             Fish of the Day
                                    tri-fold information brochure, which
for the first dance of the season,                                               Green Salad with Ranch &
                                    outlines the purpose of Toppers
followed by the positive comments                                               Italian dressings on the table,
                                    and includes the dates of upcoming
received from many of our dancers,                                              Scalloped Potatoes
                                    dinner-dances. It is primarily
it looks like Toppers is off to                                                 Fresh veggies of the day
                                    intended for potential and new
another good year!                                                              Pasta by request
                                    members. We have Jacque Kurman
                                    to thank for originally designing the       Mint Chocolate Chip Ice
     As most of you know by now, we                                             Cream
                                    brochure and Earl Eakle who
have replacements for two of our                                                Warm Bread and Butter
                                    continues to produce it for the Club.
Board positions as we move into                                                 Coffee or Tea
                                    A few of the 2010-2011 printing will
the dinner-dance season ahead.
                                    be available at the sign-up table at
Our new Board members’ work will                                                LET US KNOW
                                    our next dance, and additional
be evident by the time of our next
                                    copies upon request from Bob                Please select your entrée on the
dinner-dance October 22. By then,
                                    Potthast or me.                             tear-off slip and send it with a
our new Roster Chairman, Joyce
Rothrock, plans to have a revised                                               check to “Toppers Dance Club”,
membership booklet for 2010-2011
                                         Nancy and I look forward to            Bill Morgan, 840 West 10th
                                    seeing you on the 22nd!                     Street, San Pedro, 90731 for
completed, and our new Topics
Editors, Paul and Sue Liles, will                                               receipt by Monday October
have published their second issue   Jerry Ellis                                 18th.
of Toppers Topics.
                                                                                You may call. Please leave
WHO SAID THAT???                                                                your name and message if you
                                                                                get the answering machine!
Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the
state of the soul's weather to all who can read it.
~Martha Graham

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Toppers Topics 2010-2011 Season Volume 64, Number Two                                                  October 2010

SPOTLIGHT ON NEW TOPPERS                  article he was referred to the
                                          grandfather of moto-cross which
                                                                                            Your Board
                                          used to be called ‘scrambles.’ He
                                          won many races, including
                                          Nationals and in 2003 he was
                                          honored to be inducted into the
                                          National Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

                                          He joined the California Highway
                                          Patrol and retired after 32 years of
                                          service. He has always been
                                          interested in competition of some             The Board Hard At Work
           Vicky & Del Kuhn               sort and drove his self restored
My husband Del and I are                  1935 Chevy in the cross-country        President        Jerry Ellis
relatively new Topper members.            antique Great American Race for 3      Vice President   Ray Ashcroft
We were invited to join the dance         years. Del has been blessed with       Past President   Earl Eakle
                                          good health, has worn ‘many            Secretary        Mary Ruth Ashcroft
club by our dear friends Paul and
                                          different hats’ throughout his life    Treasurer        Bill Morgan
Sue Liles, who just happen to be                                                 Hospitality      Terey & Walter Kroy
our immediate neighbors in the            time, has ‘solid as a rock’
                                                                                 Membership       Bob Potthast
community of Rossmoor. Several            American values foundation and         Roster           Joyce Rothrock
years ago Paul and Sue had                though 85 years young, he still has    Historian        Martha & Ace Yeam
encouraged us to go dancing with          more chapters of his life to           Newsletter       Paul & Sue Liles
them to the Phoenix Club in               live…dancing among friends is
Anaheim on Thursday night with            one of those chapters.
comments like “Vicky, Del, you’ll                                                The Executive Board meets at 5:30
love the people, they’re all so           I was born and raised in Los           p.m. before each dance
nice.” Well, it turned out to be true,    Angeles. Like my husband Del, I
as the dancers there turned out to        too, was a police officer and then
be very nice. One couple we really        later a history teacher. I retired a   Need a Toppers name badge? Call
enjoyed visiting with was Jan &           few years back and have enjoyed        Earl Eakle.
Jim Mongell. Now we see them              my ‘new free time.’ My interests
once or twice weekly. So Paul and         have turned into organizing,
Sue used that ‘same line’ in asking       scanning and identifying 40 years                Our Website
us to join Toppers. “Try it you’ll like   worth of family photos and             Have you visited our website?
it, everyone is so nice, come as          documents. I am a music buff,          Try it at the following address:
our guests.” So we joined and it          celebrity hound, have a spoiled
turns out that Paul & Sue were            rotten beloved pug and have been       We have almost 120 pictures from
right again. Everyone is really           known to cook dinner only on blue      our last dance including some of
friendly. Turns out, the Mongells         moon evenings. We enjoy going to       the Board working hard behind
are also Topper members too.              the movies during the weekdays,        the scenes! Show your friends
We've made new friends, love the          go to plays and musicals and other     the site… Maybe they will want to
intimate setting, location, dancing       such events. I am an Elk. Del and I    join all the fun!
and we sure laugh a lot!                  have two grown children and in
                                          2008 our daughter needed a
                                          wedding planner. Good thing I was      PETROLEUM CLUB STAFF
Del, my husband, of 32 years is
from Wisconsin (apple pie with a          retired. As far as dancing, I was
slice of American cheese, ugh!)           raised dancing, did homework
and served in the Navy during             while dancing, did my chores
WW2. He competed in motorcycle            dancing and knew I would
racing in the late 40s and into the       someday marry someone like Fred
50s, mostly in the desert, Catalina       Astaire or at least Gene Kelly. I
Island, Greenhorn Mts. and the            ended up with a Steve McQueen…
back-breaking 140 mile Big Bear           who had dancing learning
race. Recently, in a magazine             potential. I am one lucky lady.

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Toppers Topics 2010-2011 Season Volume 64, Number Two   October 2010

                 Flashback! Twenty-Eight Years Ago

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Toppers Topics 2010-2011 Season Volume 64, Number Two                                          October 2010

                                       September Dance Photos

Pre-dinner visiting is always fun! Catching up on the summer’s activities could take the entire evening…
Between dances that is!

The Berg’s are enjoying dinner and visiting with everybody.
Someone made a suggestion that we add a little powder to the floor… He over achieved!!

  It is time for a mixer and announcements. Nita and Diane are a few of the September birthday girls
  celebrating at the dance

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