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									                                        Matthew Harradine
                         Address: 82 Coldharbour Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 7LX
                                        Telephone: 07792 259 077
                                   Email: matt.harradine@yahoo.com

Cecil Jacobs Photo, Video & Digital Ltd, Bristol - Retail Assistant
August 2010 – Present

Sales position involving retailing cameras and providing technical support for customers. Position
requires detailed knowledge of a wide range of digital cameras and associated equipment as well as a
firm grasp of the principles of photography. Excellent interpersonal skills are essential to this role as it
involves dealing directly with the public and engaging in detailed subject matter to ensure exceptional
customer service and achieving a successful sale. Other responsibilities include organising deliveries,
handling financial transfers and professionally presenting front of house.

Showcase Cinema De Lux, Bristol - General Assistant (Part Time)
April 2010 – August 2010

Food handling and retail. Also responsible for performing stock counts and processing the results as

Indie Mobile Ltd, Bristol - Content Editor
April 2007 – September 2009 (position ended due to redundancy)

Editing, looping and encoding independent music for use as mobile phone ringtones, using Microsoft
Excel to create spreadsheets of metadata to accompany the ringtone clips and finally delivering the
content to various outlets. I also had a prominent role in the production of promotional video clips which
were used as a key part of various Bluetooth marketing campaigns for acts including Röyksopp, The
Streets and Fightstar. The position required acute attention to detail as many audio clips had to loop
seamlessly and musically whilst the video clips had to convey important information whilst adhering to
strict duration constraints. Good communication skills were also essential as I had to maintain constant
email correspondence with numerous clients in order to meet their creative and logistical needs. I had to
master several computer programs to successfully accomplish these tasks; including Wavelab music
editor, Sony Vegas 8 video editor and several file encoding programs. Technical knowledge and
maintenance of computer hardware was also required to ensure optimum efficiency.

John Lawrence Painters & Decorators, Ross-on-Wye - Painter & Decorator
July 2006 – December 2006
Raising Awareness Productions - Video Editor
January 2010 – April 2010

I drew upon my video editing experience using Sony Vegas 8, Final Cut Pro and Adobe premiere to quickly
produce a three minute introductory video clip for the Friends of the Animals charity website. I was given
a thirty minute documentary and asked to condense it whilst keeping all necessary information about the
charity in the clip. I wrote and recorded my own narration based on the voiceovers from the
documentary in order to succinctly convey the information in such a dramatically reduced duration. I also
sourced and added some royalty-free music to enhance the clip. My initial cut of the video was met with
enthusiasm from Raising Awareness and I remained in contact with them in order to shape it to their
exact requirements. I was also required to encode the video into several different digital formats. Please
visit www.friendsoftheanimals.co.uk to view the clip. Raising Awareness have expressed interest in
working with me on future editing projects.

Playback Youth Theatre - Musician
2007 – Present (approximately twice a year)

I regularly perform as a musician with a Youth Theatre Group. I work closely with other musicians as part
of a band and take on numerous musical roles such as guitar, bass, keyboards and sound effects. This
requires very fast learning and intuition as I am frequently expected to learn a great deal of songs and
musical cues within a few days and take part in multiple performances.
The role requires excellent interpersonal and communication skills as well as high attention to detail due
to the immediacy of the projects. My background as a dramatic and musical performer, with this group
and others, is also beneficial for an efficient, effective and integral contribution to the final show.

Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College, High Wycombe
BA (Hons): Video Production & Film Studies
September 2003 – July 2006

The course included modules on direction, crewing & continuity, fiction, music video & documentary
production and critical film analysis. Skills involved individual & group work, camera operation, editing,
lighting, sound, writing and critical thinking. Dissertation project was Auteur Production in which I wrote,
directed and edited my own film production and took charge of a crew comprised of fellow students. The
goal was to establish one’s own particular style as an auteur and to link said style to previous personal
works as well as notable influence from established directors.

John Kyrle High School, Ross-on-Wye
September 1995 – June 2002

A-Levels: Film & Video, Art, Theatre Studies
GCSEs: English, Maths, Science (Double Award), Drama, Music, Pottery, French, Systems & Control

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