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					                                                               PRODUCT LINE SHEET
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                                                                                               Pressure Gauges &
                                                                                              Sight Flow Indicators
                  Hellan Fluid Strainers: available   Staples & Pfeiffer Strainers          Every Hellan Strainer requires a     Hose reels are used aboard
                  in manual, motorized, single or     Conventional duplex, simplex          DP gauge to indicate a cleaning      Navy and Coast Guard ships.
                  dual basket configurations to       and Y-type strainers. Many            cycle and a sight flow to view the   Whether the application is for
                  provide removal of solids without   models are Navy qualified and         debris leaving the strainer.         JP5 Fuel for aircraft refueling
                  interrupting of flow. Over 4,000    have    ABS    approvals     for      Hellan offers Navy qualified         and defueling or AFFF for fire
                  strainers are installed on Navy     commercial marine applications.       gauges and sight flow indicators     fighting, the reels, hoses and

                  ships and all strainers meet                                              for    every     strainer     they   nozzles are Military specification
                  Military Specs.                                                           manufacture.                         approved.

                  Kahlenberg & Air Chime Ship         Megator self priming positive         Metpro Fybroc Pumps use              Schroeder is a supplier of
                  Whistles, developed to withstand    displacement           sliding-shoe   advanced              technology     hydraulic filters, diagnostic test
                  the punishing use of military       pumps       provide     exceptional   specializing     in    fiberglass-   instrumentation, contamination
                  service. The durability of these    suction      performance        and   reinforced composite designed        testing products, filtration carts
                  horns has been demonstrated         versatility. The pumps can run        to handle corrosive and other        and mobile purification systems.
                  over decades of service from        without harm during dry suction,      difficult liquids. Materials of
                  Naval warships. All horns are       self compensate for wear, have        construction are available for a
                  Military Specification approved     simple working parts and single       wide range of corrosive liquids.
                  and/or IMO approved.                cover access. All pumps are
                                                      Military Specification approved.

                  Magtech offers Magnetostrictive     Madison offers level products for     Federal Signal offers sirens,        Thomas Products manufactures
                  TLIs, magnetic indirect reading     single,     multi-level      and      horns, beacons and strobes for       Mil-S-16032 flow switches.

                  sight     glasses,     ultrasonic   continuous       liquid     level     alarm annunciation.
                  transmitters and RF level           measurements.       There   bilge
                  switches and controls.              switches meet Mil-S-16032 and
                                                      are ABS approved.

                  Fairmount offers compact PLC        Kobold     manufactures      flow,
                  based controllers for displaying    pressure, temperature, and liquid
                  measurements. Controllers are       level measurement systems. The
                  expandable so that other sensor     product line is diverse and you
                  inputs can be added.                will be able to specific products
                                                      for your sensing needs.

                  MyCelx    Technologies:   IMO       NEI Treatment Systems: Ballast
                  approved Bilge Water Treatment      Water Management Systems For
                  Packages                            Biological and Corrosion Control