Project E-3 Music List.xlsx by cuiliqing


									D.J. Jazz Sample Music List- Skateboards,Inc.

Name of Song                Artist                Music Type
Heel Over Head              Crazy Davy            Country
Spinning                    Jonesy                Jazz
Don't Give Up               Johnny Steele         Pop
Cruisin                     Sammy Toolis          Rhythm & Blues
Go For It                   The Upbeats           Pop
It's So Easy                Pressure              Pop
Flying High                 Aces High             Rhythm & Blues
100 ways                    Kaleidescope          Rock & Roll
Turning Point               Country Boys          Country
Keep On trying              Timmy Z               Rap
Rolling on Down the Track   Musicmaker            Rhythm & Blues
Let's Go Crazy              Biltz                 Rock & Roll
Footloose                   Ken Lang              Country
wheels A-Turing             Melissa Marlow        Rhythm & Blues
Manic                       Micheal Lewiston      Rock & Roll
Soaring                     Bobby Brewster Band   Jazz
Adventure                   Dan Hogan             Rhythm & Blues
Crazy About You             Jake Foster           Country
Jumper                      The Rockers           Rock & Roll
Breaking Up                 Billy Bob             Country

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