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					The Super Loop

                  Project Goals
• Design & build the best control loop simulator in
  Nuclear Power
• Finish in time for the Journeymen in Training
  I&C Techs to obtain their “200 series”
  qualifications using the Super Loop
• The Super Loop will include two independent
  and fully functional level control loops
  – One pneumatic control loop
  – One electronic control loop
                     Design Criteria
• Mimic the difficult control loop tuning process as
  presented by the 3rd point heater.
   – Affected by two energy inputs
      • LP turbine 2nd stage steam
      • Heater drain from the 2nd point heater
   – Affected by all disturbances created by the 1st or 2nd
     point heaters
Design Criteria
                 Design Criteria
• Two independent level loops each having their
  own control
• The ability to work on each loop at any time
  without affecting the other
• Total of four tanks
  – 1 surge tank
  – 1 tank for the electronic loop
  – 2 tanks for the pneumatic loop
                    Design Criteria
• The Super Loop is made to help all crafts train:
  – Runs through the HP mock up area
     • Allows simulation of Contaminated systems training
  – Will have six 30” spool pieces using standard 3 inch
    150# flanges
     • Any valves / flow components can be installed
     • Flexible training for mechanical crafts
  – Mimics plant systems operational features
     • Includes mock third point heater level bridle
     • Includes vent and drain valves
     • Useful for I&C techs and operators
  – Includes chemical addition pot
Design Criteria - Concept
Isometric of the Super Loop
Overhead View of the
Layout - Conceptual
• Braidwood
  – Regarded as the best
    flow loop in the industry.

• Beaver Valley
  – Another example of a
    nice flow loop.
      Competitive Analysis, Cont.
• SONGS – The new industry benchmark
  – Flow loop designed to support direct I&C task
    qualification, not only generic training
     • Will provide immediate benefits for I&C task qualification
     • Significantly improves completion of core qualifications
  – Fill and vent capabilities can be used for Operator
    training related to gas intrusion in safety systems.
  – Chemical addition system mirrors plant closed
    loop cooling systems.
  – Mimics both primary and secondary systems
     • Can be used to train maintenance workers ALARA skills
     • Also useful to teach HP technicians about job coverage
      Specialty Contractors Used
      to Build Major Components
• Super Loop piping and tanks
  – University Mechanical contractor
  – PO to build and install the flow loop
• Control Panel to be located in G48 I&C lab
  – Electrical Systems, Ltd contractor
  – PO to build and deliver custom control panel
• SONGS warehouse spares and purchased parts
  – Most of the piping, controllers and instruments were
    obtained from warehouse spares or direct purchase
     • Total expenditures to date less than 300K
     • Remaining parts can all be purchased through consumable
       item budget – no high cost items remain.                  13
View of G48 Pad (Before)
HP Mock-up Area (Before)
          Progress: March-August
• Where we started in 2012
  – Previously obtained critical parts (controllers,
    instruments and valves)
  – G48 upstairs I&C lab was designed and built to
    receive the Super Loop control systems
  – Obtained funding for the project
  – Air Compressor moved off the G48 pad area
  – Brought in an experienced contract project builder:
    University Mechanical contractors
     • After extensive and competitive bidding process. Three
       companies submitted bids, with wide variations in pricing.
                  Off Site Construction

University Mechanical Contractors
1000 N. Kraemer Place
Anaheim, CA

SONGS Week 1

SONGS Week 2

SONGS Week 3

Radwaste Mockup
 Area – Week 3

SONGS Week 4

Control Panel

                    What’s Next?
• Remaining work
  – Install/calibrate instruments and tubing
  – DCS programming
  – System testing and tuning
• Procedures
  – System Operation – with support from Ops
  – Maintenance – with support from Maint, Chem/Env
  – Training – for reservations, set-up, oversight, etc.
• Lesson Plans
  – I&C Quals, various Dynamic Learning Activities, etc.


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