PhD Six Monthly Progress Report

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					                            Filling Instructions-Six Monthly Progress Report (Modified)
  General. All PhD Students are required to fill this report , get it endorsed / authenticated by the supervisor and the HoD / Dean and Submit it to
   PGP Dte, HQ NUST through his institute after every six months till successful completion of PhD. Please do not forget to keep a copy of the
progress report for future reference. Please read the instructions carefully.
Main Page
   1.     Student's Particulars.
         a.          Students must complete all entries, no Para is to be left blank.
         b.          Date of admission in Masters. For students transfered from master, date of admission in master is to be entered.
         c.          Date of Admission / transferred in to PhD. For Direct PhD Students date of admission into PhD will be entered. Students
                   transferred from masters will enter the date of his /her transfer to PhD.
         d.          Employed at - Employed students will enter the organization where employed alongwith their designation
                   e.g College of EME and lecturer.

   2.     Supervisor's Particulars. All boxes must be filled correctly.
   3. PhD Coursework
         a.        Data of all in progress and completed course will be entered correctly. Semester during which the course has been taken
                   will be shown as fall 2012 or spring 2012 or summer 2012 etc.

         b.        Overall CGPA in PhD. Here overall CGPA of All completed PhD Coursework will be entered.
         c.        Date of PhD Qualifying Exam. Enter here the date on which part -II of the PhD Qualifying Exam was successfully
 Annex A (Proposed Timeline-PhD Study)

   4.    Rules /Regulations Awareness. Please study the relevant rules/regulations concerning PhD Study before filling this annex. For this
         you must study PG Handbook and HEC website concerning PhD Study. For any clarification consult your institute's exam branch or
         PGP Dte, HQ NUST.

   5.     Proposed Timeline PhD Study. Please enter here various milestones to be covered towards completion of PhD Study
         giving tentative date of completion of each e.g completion of PhD course work, completion of qualifying exam, completion of
         research work, thesis evolution and thesis defence etc.
Annex B (Expenditure Statement / Utilization Report)
   6.     This Annex will be filled by all sponsored students getting scholarship from NUST, HEC or any other organization.
   7.     Scholarship scheme. Please tick mark the applicable scholarship scheme. Students sponsored by HEC or any other organization
         (Other than NUST) will mention the name of scholarship scheme and the organization in the box titled "other ".
   8.     This annex will be vetted and authenticated by the internal auditor of the institute with signature and stamp.
Annex C (Research Progress)
   9.    General. This Annex will be filled by the PhD Scholars, who have started research work, after successful defence of research

 10.      Brief description on. Briefly describe the research work completed during report period and plan for next 6 months.
 11.     Lab/equipment used Enter details of equipment used for the research purpose during the report period; giving name of
         lab equipment and the accumulated usage time (hrs)
 12.     Summary for research work completed (up to date). This portion will be filled by those scholars, who have already shown
         the research progress in previous 6 monthly reports or have not filled this form earlier. Give summary of the research progress
         made prior to the report period.

 13.     Journal Publications. Enter here the name of the journal (s), page no’s, title of the paper(s) published and names of
         authors (sequentially). Also mention journal impact factor and its HEC category.

 14 .     Conference publications. Give list of conferences attended and titles of paper published.
 15.     Remarks by the supervisor and the HoD /Dean. Supervisor and the HoD (Dean in case HoD is Also the Supervisor) to endorse
         their remarks on the progress of the scholar in a self explanatory manner.
                                           SIX MONTHLY PROGRESS REPORT (Modified) -PhD Students
Six Monthly Progress Report No                                        Report Period   From                     To                       Date
Note Before filling , Please read instructions on the covering page


Name                                                                                  Regn No.
Father's Name                                                                         Email

Mobile No                                                                             Institute

Discipline /Deptt                                                                     Date of Admission in Master at Nust
Date of Admission                                                                     Last date to complete Degree Requirment
Employe at                                                                            Designation


Name                                                                                  E-mail

Mobile No.

(C) PhD Course Work
                                                                                                                                                          Status (Yes/No)
     S.No              Code                                Courses                     Smester       Grade                  Institute
                                                                                                                                               Complete         Inprogress







CGPA of MS/Mphil                                           Credits Complete (PhD)                                   Overall CGPA IN PhD

Date of PhD Qualifying Exam

Part -I                                                 Part -II

Signature of Student                                                                      Signature of Supervisor

Remarks By HoD /Dean

                                                                      Signature of HoD /Dean with Institute Stamp ________________________________________
Are you aware of the plagiarism policy?
Have you read the HEC Policy on PhD Programs?
Have you received a copy of the PG Handbook?
Did you attend any PhD thesis Seminar?
If Yes , ( mention no of Thesis Seminars Attended).
(e) Proposed timeline -PhD Study
                                                                                                                           Remarks (Yes /No)
    S.No.                                 Activity                            To be Completed by Date
                                                                                                               Completed             Inprogress







Signature of Student                                                    Signature of Supervisor

Remarks By HoD /Dean

                                                      Signature of HoD /Dean with Institute Stamp ______________________________________
                                                      Funds Utilization

Scholarship Scheme:           Endowment   Mega IT                  Mega S&T                        Other

Date of Award                             Opening Balance as on: Date                              Rs.

(g) Allocation /Utilization Details

Headwise Fund Released
      1       Stipend                                        3     Lab /Research Material Fund

      2       Tuition Fee                                    4     Supervisor Remuneration



Signature of Student                                        Signature of Supervisor

Remarks By HoD /Dean

                                          Signature of HoD /Dean with Institute Stamp _______________________________________
                                                                 Research Progress
(h) Title of Research

(j) Research work done during report period:

                               Progress of Research                                                            Tasks of next six months
  I. Brief
 & Plan for
  next six

ii. Lab/Equipment used ( during report period)

      Institute/Deptt              Name of Lab                      Equip used                     No of hrs                     Remarks

(k) Summary Research work completed ( Uptodate)

Paper Published / Presented
(l) Journal Publictions with Impact factor of HEC Category)

(m) Conference Publications

      Remarks of the Supervisor on the Progress of the student

Signature of Student                                                     Signature of Supervisor

Remarks By HoD /Dean

                                                       Signature of HoD /Dean with Institute Stamp _________________________________________

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