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									RFA #                     Title                                     Author

MAVEN-PF-CDR-001          Thermo-Optical Properties                 Eric Grob

MAVEN-PF-CDR-002          Thermal Analysis Reports                  Eric Grob

MAVEN-PF-CDR-003          Thermal Cycling of LPW Pre-Amp            Eric Grob

                          Validation of Particle Optics at Lowest
MAVEN-PF-CDR-004          Required Energy                           Thomas E Moore

MAVEN-PF-CDR-005          Use of A111 preamplifier by SWEA          Thomas E Moore

MAVEN-PF-CDR-006          Staffing                                  Ed Brinker

MAVEN-PF-CDR-007          Attenuator Life Test                      Gene Gochar

MAVEN-PF-CDR-008          Attenuator Verification Flow              Gene Gochar

                          Heater duty cycle may exceed GSFC Gold
MAVEN-PF-CDR-009          Rule of 70%                            Greg Greer

                     Mitigating glint into EUV coming from S/C
MAVEN-PF-CDR-010     HGAS                                           Greg Greer
Advisory #           Title                                          Author
                     TT_Rec01: Pre-Launch Verification of HV
MAVEN-PF-CDR-ADV-001 Arming Plug                                    Tim Trenkle
                     TT_Rec02: EUV Mechanism Life Test
MAVEN-PF-CDR-ADV-002 Test Flow                                      Tim Trenkle
                     Suggestion for alternate fabrication method
MAVEN-PF-CDR-ADV-003 for STATIC carbon foils                     Greg Greer
Action                                                                                         Due Date       Status      Assigned to
Confirm that GSFC Coatings Committee has blessed the thermal properties for the critical                      Submitted
Z93C55 white paint and the Germanium Black Kaptron MLI outer layer                              6/13/2011     6/13/2011   Smith
Provide the thermal analysis reports for the various boards in the PFDPU and the                              Submitted
instruments themselves.                                                                         6/13/2011     6/13/2011   Smith
Assess number of cold cycles pre-amp seen for nominal mission; compare to previous flight
heritage and validate whether this needs to be heater controlled to minimize stresses over the
mission.                                                                                        6/13/2011                 Delory

Perform EM (or latest prototype) tests with a beam of energy equal to the lowest required
energy, sufficient to validate the optics including the demonstrated elimination of any stray
potentials in the optics that adversely affect the conversion factor (GF*Eff) of the instrument
at such energies. That is, verify that the response function at the lowest required energy
meets the requirement that applies at higher energies.                                             7/5/2011               McFadden

Switch to A121 preamps, or carefully limit sensitivity to accommodate the highest expected
fluxes without saturation, or implement an attenuator like those on SWIA and STATIC.               7/5/2011               Mitchell
Show how staffing will meet current work demands and allow for contingencies for future                     Submitted
problems.                                                                                         6/13/2011 6/9/2011      Curtis
Submit Life Test Procedure for review.                                                                      Submitted
                                                                                                  6/13/2011 6/13/2011     Dalton
Please submit the Verification Flow for the various Attenuator builds.                            6/13/2011 6/13/2011     Dalton
Explain how the current design complies with the GSFC Gold Rules (copied below).                   7/5/2011
Consider a revise design to comply with the Gold Rules, or submit waiver and rationale to                   Submitted
proceed w/o compliance.                                                                                     6/14/2011     Curtis
Review modeling assumptions that went into the EUV glint assessment (solar reflections off         7/5/2011
of Ge coated MLI on HGAS ), especially the way complex shapes (e.g. antennas, MLI) are
modeled: true (smooth) or approximate (facetted). ..                                                                      Westfall
Action                                                                                                        Status

Suggest doing a continuity check of the HV arming plug on final insert at the launch site.                                Curtis
Suggest repeating the life test of the EUV mechanism in the same sequence as for the
anomalous run                                                                                                             Westfall
Consider changing the foil fabrication step where the frame manually
“chases” (chart 8-74) the floating film onto the frame. ..                                                                McFadden

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