signature sheet for vouchers

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					To: Office of State Auditor                                     Agency #

                                                                            v      o              p
                                                                            o      u              a
                                                                            u      t      e       y
I hereby authorize the individuals                                          c             x       r
listed below to sign approvals to                                           h      o      c       o
the extent indicated on behalf of:                                          e      f      e       l
                                                                            r             s       l
                                                                                   s      s             c
                                                                            a      t              a     o
                                                                            p      a      l       u     n
                                                                            p      t      o       t     t
                                                                            r      e      d       h     r
                                                                            o             g       o     a
                                                                            v      t      i       r     c
                                                                            a      r      n       i     t
Printed Name                         Signature                              l      v      g       z     s

Please Check One:
______ This Authorization supercedes all previous authorizations.
______ This Authorization is in addition to previous authorizations.

Please delete the following names from authorizations previously filed with the State Auditor:


                                     Signature                                                   Date