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  SOZO SUNDAYS                                                                                            An opportunity to hear
  GREAT NEW MESSAGES!                                                                                 VICTOR LORENZO
   NEXT SOZO: Sunday November 1st                                               Welc l
                                                                                    om    e               NEXT Sozo Sunday
   Conquering Your Mind                                                                               6.30pm - November 1st
   If you can win the victory over the mind - YOU’VE WON!
                                                                                                           A man with a prophetic message
  Also Special Guest Speaker: Victor Lorenzo 6.30pm                                                                 for our times!
  N.B. There will not be any counsel during the evening.
                                                                                                          “Victor will be sharing a challenging
   Pulling Down Strongholds 2                                         Sunday, Nov 22nd                     message in the light of our current
                                                                                                          economic climate. I felt responsible
                                                                                                           to invite him to come & share this
   Closer to Yeshua                                                   Sunday, Dec 13th                     with us. We are privileged he has
  The more we learn of Him the more powerful our walk.                                                                  agreed. ...

                                                                                                              We welcome you all to stay and listen.
                                                                                                               It’s serious & important!” Marion
  Today: The Force of the Word                                        Sunday, October 11th
   This message will be available after the meeting, at the bookstall, on DVD, CD or Cassette                 Bring Your Friends!
                                                                                                             Sharing after Marion’s afternoon sermon & refreshments
  2010 date cards available today or online.                                                                    No normal Sozo counsel during the evening.

                                                  Jewish Roots                                                                  As only God can!
                                                                                                                               “I want to thank God & His obedient
                                                  Thursday, 12th November                                                     servants. I came to the Sozo ‘Jewish
                                                                                                                            Roots’ Conference & Jesus gave me back
                                                  Day Conference - Sozo House, Romsey                                       my identity. That was very special to me
Jewish Roots                                                                                                                  because I didn’t like who I was & God
                                                  * Is there family denial or silence about your roots?                     stopped that self-rejection. It was the first
 Thursday, November 12th 2009
                          9.30am until 5pm
                                                  * Do you hide inside emotionally?                                           time that I accepted myself.” Anon NI
           Marion Daniel & team
                  Sozo Ministries International
                           Day Conference at
                                                  * Do you feel unaccepted? Rejected? Persecuted?
               Sozo House, Romsey, Hampshire

                                                  * Are you emotionally numb or over-sensitive?
                                                                                                       ...If s !               GREAT TESTIMONIES
Booking forms available                           Or, maybe you’d like to glean so you can help others. co  me
                                                                                                                                from our recent Freedom
                                                                                                                             from Freemasonry Conference
           We welcome, Evie Ruth Daniel!                                                                                       A lady shared the morning after Marion
                                   Wednesday September 30th 11.23 am                                                       ministered freedom from generational curses
                                                                                                                           & the occult... “All my life, from being a young
We share Alan, Emma & James & Gracie’s joy & excitement over the birth of their                                            child onwards, I do not remember when I had
       new, beautiful daughter & sister, Evie Ruth. Let’s hear their story!                                                 such a good sleep as last night. It was just
                                                                                                                                            amazing!” Anon
“Hi everyone, we just want to testify to God's sovereignty & blessing over the birth
  of Evie Ruth. Right down to what time labour began - which was after a night’s                                           “I gained a tremendous freedom in Worship.
  sleep & she was born later that morning. It all went from                                                                 I was very ‘stiff-upper-lip’ before so this has
   0-60 in ½ hr & then it was all over! Evie weighed 9lb                                                                           been a real liberation for me.”
  1.5oz & looks just like Alan!!!! (no comment ;). James &
 Gracie dote on her & are very excited to finally have their                                                               “I have suffered back & spinal problems for a
                          little sister.                                                                                  long time. Yesterday during the renouncing of
   ‘Evie’ is a short version of Eve which is Hebrew meaning                                                                  freemasonry & brotherhoods I felt my neck
'life,living'. Ruth is also Hebrew & means companion, friend                                                                stretch. It was almost like all the bits of the
  & vision of beauty. We’re thrilled with her name especially                                                             bones in my spine & everything attached were
 having been undecided for the full 9 months. Thanks for all                                                              separated out & I just felt like something broke
  your much appreciated prayers, cards & presents! We’ve                                                                          off my neck; like a kind of yoke.”
 been overwhelmed by your love. Bless you.” Alan & Emma.                                                                                          Continued overleaf...
    Testimonies cont from overleaf...
  “I woke up after the conference & had               Sozo in the                                   
 a really deep assurance that all the evil
 associated with my father’s involvement
         in freemasonry had gone.                    God’s
                                                            Wirral!                                            The Resource Centre of Sozo Ministries International

     I’d had some prayer elsewhere                   Word
   before in this area but was still not             bringing
   peaceful. Now, after the weekend                  healing &                                                Hear My Cry
 where it was all dealt with in such detail,         deliverance!
     I know it has gone & I am free.
                                                                                                              By Tish Hagee Tucker                  New
  I’m also beginning to see some tangible,                                                                    How Grace Conquered
          positive affects already.
I’m feeling better in myself & I’m aware of
                                                     October 22nd-24th                                        Tish, a young working mother
           a new power/release.                      Includes teaching & ministry on:-                        of two beautiful toddlers went
As far as I’m concerned, after what I have                                                                    in for a routine Dr’s visit for
                                                     Releasing Your Miracle!                                  bronchitis & found out days later she had a
  seen & experienced last weekend, if I
 know of anyone that has freemasonry in              Conquering Your Mind                                     rare form of cancer.
  their family & are looking for ministry I          Who YOU are in Christ                                    Her world changed in an instant.
would recommend only one place, Sozo.”               Overcoming Rejection                    and much more!   This is the true story of one woman who
                                                     Tell friends or family - Ring office for more details
                                                                                                              became a living miracle. Learn not only of
                                                                             or look on the Sozo Website      the unparallelled treatment she received &
 “I’ve had skin problems for twelve years                                                                     how her body responded but how prayer, the
        since our daughter was born.                                                                          gathering of the Body of Christ and reliance
       I had prayer last night about it.
   Normally by now I’d be scratching my
                                                   Pulling Down Strongholds                                   on the one true God helped her to overcome
                                                                                                              and encourage others. Let the promises in
 skin to bits but I’m ok. My skin just feels       “The Israelites were called together, called
                                                                                                              this book make your life a miracle too!
             good. Praise God!”                    to move on, & were warned of danger. How
                                                                                                              £8.00 + £2.30 p&p
                                                   can we apply this today for victory?” Marion
                                                                        On DVD, CD & Tape
       On the first night with Marion
      covering generational curses &
                                                    Last Sozo Sunday’s message by Marion
                                                                                                              2010 CALENDARS.
          the occult I thought...                   TESTIMONY: Two years ago a man
                                                   wrote to us from abroad having listened                    Beautiful Books UK
     ‘We don’t need to deal with any of
                                                             to Marion’s recorded
      that repentance stuff for that sort
                                                           Wholeness Messages                                 Simply beautiful with
   of thing’. And you know, it’s amazing
                                                              Time & time again.                              a different picture
       when you come here. You think
        you’ve got it all done & then                 (These are available on the bookstall)                  for each month & a
   Marion leads you through the things                He shared at the time...“I have finally                 Scripture to edify
  of God & you find out none of it’s been            come to realise that the Word of God
                                                    gives me the authority to command the
                                                                                                              each day.                  New
        done! Absolutely none of it.
                                                           enemy to get out & he does!                        Only £4.00 + £2.30 p&p
So, I can only praise God for this ministry.       I walk & cycle up to two hours a day now
They do things so thoroughly                          & live an almost normal life. What a
 that you can’t help but get                        change after spending 2005 in bed! I’d
    freedom when you go                              been in the middle of spiritual warfare
          from here!”                                without carrying my weapon (the Word                     Halloween - October 31st
                                                          of God). I was a sitting target!”                   Act Now! You might prevent some celebrations going ahead.

                                                    When over here in the UK recently he
                                                                                                                  We still have time to do
         Need Herbs?                                came along to the last Sozo Sunday.
                                                    In his subsequent email he shares...                      something before some events
                                                                                                              are organised. Free signs are
                                                    “I had my first Sozo Sunday this week.                    on the literature table for you to
    Herbs Need YOU!                                 Praise God, I never attended anything
                                                       so Biblical, right down to the battle
                                                                                                               put on your front doors stating
                                                                                                              your desire not to be involved.
    If you’re someone who loves herbs,                 horns, (Shofars) which came from                         (Feel free to copy and pass to others.)
       or especially if you rely on them            somewhere behind me & always gave                            We also have a variety of
  for health reasons, we encourage you                   me a healthy shock. What an                                         helpful leaflets
to look at the website below as a matter of        opportunity to open one's throat & 'shout                    on the bookstall, (or do phone the office),
                                                     in triumph to the God of Jacob!' The                     about the deceptions of halloween. Knowing
                 URGENCY!                           message ‘Pulling Down Strongholds                         the facts helps us share the truth with those
                                                   was exactly what I needed!’ (Available on                   who think there’s no harm in celebrating it.                                           the bookstall.)
     (Click on Ann Walkers statement.)                 I'd been a bit disheartened recently
                                                      as I seemed to be going backward &
                                                      forward at the same time. Some key,
                                                                                                                   Get in the Loop!
                                                    root issues were opened up on Sunday.                                   Our loop system is available for
               Serious things
                                                   It would be perfectly credible if someone                               either a hearing-aid wearer, or for
               are afoot in the
                                                       told me the Holy Spirit arranged the                                anyone who just wants a bit more
                Herbal world.
                                                         whole event with me specifically                                  volume. Do go to the sound desk
                                                                 in mind.” Anon                                                  and pick up a headset.

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