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									                   Election to the Members’ Council 2009
                      Constituency: Public - Hammersmith and Fulham 2

               Candidates’ Election Statements
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                        Mrs Christine Blewett
                        I am seeking re-election to the Council of Governors for the constituency of Hammersmith and
                        Fulham 2. I joined the Foundation Trust Council at its inception and have a very good record of
                        commitment and attendance. The role of the Governors is to provide challenge to the board of
                        directors and collectively hold them to account for the Trust’s performance. In carrying out this
                        role I have fully participated in the work of the council and I am an active member of the Assurance
                        Committee and the Maternity Services Review Group.
                        I have lived in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham for thirty years and have a long association
                        with the Hospital. My family has received treatment and care at the Paediatric Accident and
                        Emergency Department, Outpatients and on the Paediatric wards. I also have experience of working
                        closely with the Hospital in the course of my work for the NHS, providing Contraception and Sexual
                        Health Services in the local community. Therefore,with my enduring affection for the Hospital I am in
                        a position to be a critical friend, giving valuable feedback to the Hospitaltowards improving services
                        topatients, carers and its many other users and stakeholders.
                        I wish to continue to support the Hospital in developing specialist services which are crucial to its
                        continuing success, whilst maintaining its focus as an important centre for the provision of excellent
                        health care for the local population.
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                        Mr Peter Bryant
                        For fifty years I have supported local NHS services and my family in Fulham for generations before
                        me. We have all benefited from great improvements in the increased quality and range of services
                        over these years. In recent times, with the creation of the Trust, the NHS as a service provider is
                        reaching out into the community to support prevention and Health issues. This helps to explain
                        more of the way that decisions are made and builds community involvement. I want to play a part in
                        building these better links to the community to show my commitment to the service and for the help
                        over all the years has been given to me and my family.
                        Going forward we need a better informed and engaged membership that feels as I do that they too
                        can be proud of the services that are provided. They feel that the Trust is their health partner and
                        not a cold institution. Better understanding and a service partnership with the constituency will bring
                        a larger membership as people want to be involved and involvement brings the commitment and
                        support of the local community.
                        Although retired now I have considerable marketing and management experience from working at a
                        News agency for 10 years and before that for various Investment companies for 20 years.
                        Please help me to help our area build a better understood service.

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