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No 103 April 2013

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					                          NEWSLETTER No 103 – APRIL 2013
If you are receiving this Newsletter for the first time, but do not wish to receive it in the future please simply reply to the email it came
with and let me know. If you know someone who would like to be added to the Mailing List, please let me know at the same email

                                                  Our office address and location
                                            at the Fisherman’s Village end of Bangrak
                                   58/11 Moo 4, Bangrak, Bophut, Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84320
                                              Telephone: 077 770-1 Fax 077 447 777

Apart from selling real estate I frequently carry out inspections of property for the purpose of advising as to value and or
condition. Official valuations are usually for the UK, Australian or Hong Kong Courts all of which recognise the RICS
qualification. I have also carried out valuations for Probate for use with the Internal Revenue Dept. in the UK.

                                                                        Surveys of condition are becoming more frequent.
                                                                        We rarely find inherent structural weaknesses as
                                                                        the reinforced concrete column and beam structure
                                                                        is quite strong but it does need good ground
                                                                        support. This is not usually a problem except
                                                                        where water courses have not been taken into
                                                                        account and heavy rain has affected the footings or
                                                                        sea front properties exposed to the waves. Water
                                                                        probably causes more damage to buildings than
                                                                        anything else, although termites come a close
second! Water from the sky, from the ground or from the sea can be extremely destructive especially when accompanied
by high winds. There has been a great effort by the Municipality to improve drainage around the island so we have not
experienced any severe or sustained flooding for some time, but that is really confined to the main roads and hillside and
sea front properties can still be affected.

To the inexperienced eye cracks in walls can be very off putting but are rarely more than shrinkage and minor settlement.
Provided the crack does not run through the columns or beams this is generally nothing alarming and can usually be dealt
with during repainting.

Roofs, particularly in older properties, need careful attention. You need to look at the quality of the materials used for the
roof covering, whether there is a water proof membrane, what is the roof construction etc. Poor quality tiles will constantly
need replacing and even glazed concrete tiles will eventually lose the glaze due to the weather. However, I have yet to find
a problem like this on Samui! Watch this video -

The other problems we generally find relate to the technical installation. Again the older properties are the worst as poor
quality electrical installations with inadequate wiring and lack of grounding are frequently found. The fluctuating electrical
supply on Samui has also caused many problems with power surges burning out motors in appliances. Air conditioning
units do not react kindly to the peaks and troughs of supply. We rarely find surge protection. The new undersea cable
about to be connected to the transformer station in Maenam will we hope provide a more stable supply.

Water supply is another issue. Availability, quality and pressure need to be looked at.

I mentioned termites earlier in this Newsletter and I have written about them in a previous Newsletter (December 2012).
They can be particularly voracious and I have seen whole kitchens destroyed in weeks once they get inside. They seem to
have a special affinity to the compressed boards used in many kitchens. The hardwoods such as Teak and Mai Daeng are
too hard for them which is why so many of the really old Thai timber houses still exist.

There are rarely any problems we find that cannot be solved. In the final analysis it is a matter of cost and how far you want
to go and what you are prepared to live with.

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There are certainly buyers around and sales are happening which is a good sign but buyers are very price conscious and
deals are taking a long time to conclude. There are still more properties entering the market than being sold so do not
expect prices to start increasing any time soon.
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We are fortunate in being allowed to offer what is probably the best sea-view land with full infrastructure in Samui.
Situated on a ridge on the south-west of the island, these individual plots of land have magnificent sea views across to the
mainland and also to the Five Islands. Some plots have the benefit of views to both the east and west. All services are
installed including a concrete road, underground three phase electricity, filtered water supply from the estates own
reservoir and high speed Broadband fibre optic cabling for internet, telephone and television services. Whilst you are free
to design your own villa within certain reasonable parameters, there is a range of designs available for inspiration.

 Ko Samui Properties have been fortunate in being involved with this land for some time as Project Managers of two of the
  recently completed villas and can therefore guide you through the acquisition and planning of your dream home on this
                magnificent land. Please see further details on our web page here – or contact us direct at

See also in particular the following New Listings and Price Reductions – CTRL + click to follow the link:

                               NEW LISTING
                               2 Bedroom Villa with pool in Bangrak
                               Available at Baht 15,900,000

                                NEW LISTING
                                “Villa Décor”, 3 Bedroom Villa with pool in Maenam
                                Available at Baht 12,500,000

                                NEW LISTING
                                New 3 Bedroom Ocean View House in Chaweng Noi.
                                Sold off plan - open to reasonable offers around Baht 8 million.

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2 Bedroom Bungalow with pool in Taling Ngam.
Available at Baht 5,000,000 or reasonable offer.

 “The Ridge” Plai Laem – 12 Ocean View Villas
 Available from Baht 15,000,000 to Baht 27,000,000
 Special discount on Plots 6 & 7.

Unique Sea View Property in Plai Laem
Available at Baht 37,000,000

18 plots of unique sea view hillside land in Plai Laem
Available from Baht 3,180,000

One Plot of hillside land with unique sea view in Bang Rak
Available at Baht 10,942,000

4 Plots of flat land in managed estate in Bang Rak
Available from Baht 2,650,000

3 Bedroom pool bungalow in Namuang
Previously offered at Baht 7,000,000
Now available at Baht 5,000,000

4 Bed house in Bang Po
Previously available at Baht 4,500,000
Now available at Baht 3,800,000

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                                   PRICE REDUCTION
                                   3 Bedroom Villa with pool – partial sea view from roof terrace
                                   Previously available at Baht 6,000,000
                                   Now available at Baht 4,950,000

                                     PRICE REDUCTION
                                     22.5 Rai Sea View land in Maenam
                                     Previously offered at Baht 33,750,000
                                     Now available at Baht 20,250,000
                                      = Baht 900,000 per Rai

                                     PRICE REDUCTION
                                     Just over 1 Rai Hillside Land in Lamai
                                     Previously offered at Baht 3,500,000
                                     Now available at Baht 3,000,000

           For Festivals around Thailand visit the Tourist Authority of Thailand website.

April 13th - April 15th: Songkran Festival
Water, water everywhere…..etc.
Remember to put your phone and wallet in plastic bags if you go out.
Samui is pretty lucky in that the main water throwing is just on the first day unlike other parts of Thailand where it can last for days!

Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa Koh Samui to temporarily close for renovations                                      6 March 2013
Hospitality Magazine
Thailand’s Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa Koh Samui will soon undergo a $5.5 million facelift, as its 106 rooms, restaurant, bar,
lobby, library and meeting and event rooms are revamped.
The renovation will see the resort close for a period of seven months, from 16 April to 15 November 2013, and reservations for stays
during this period will subsequently not be accepted.
Manish Jha, general manager, Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa Koh Samui said “Anantara Bophut is renowned for blending island
magic with truly Thai charm and signature Anantara style, and this year’s extensive renovations are designed to reinforce these
hallmarks beautifully.”
The resort’s 106 rooms will be changed and upgraded, and two new room and suite types will be added, bringing the resort’s total
number of room options to eight.
The two new deluxe room options will increase in size, from 32 to 36 square metres, allowing for the possibility of an extra bed upon
The resort will offer five rather than three suite categories, and the two new suite categories will be 70 and 75 square metres in size.
The private pool of Anantara Beachfront Pool Suites will also undergo some construction and will be expanded.
The High Tide Restaurant, Eclipse Bar and the Library are key public areas of the hotel to be renovated.
The only areas of the resort not to receive any makeovers are the spa, the Full Moon restaurant, the lily pond garden, shoreline
swimming pool and the newly built Kid’s Club Baan Ling Noi.
Jha said the renovations will improve the overall guest experience.

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“Guests will benefit from a wider choice of luxury accommodation, as well as thoughtfully enhanced restaurant, bar, relaxation and
event facilities, culminating in an impressive improvement to the overall guest experience.”

Koh Samui Hotel Occupancy Rates Soar To Historic Highs, Reveals Industry
The tide has turned positively for tourism in Koh Samui as the Thailand resort destination racked up an all-time high island-wide occupancy of 68% for the
full year 2012. As to what exactly is driving the trend? New direct international routes and aircraft upgrades saw year-on-year growth in occupied hotel room
nights rise by 9%, according to a new market update released by consulting firm C9 Hotelworks.
C9's Managing Director Bill Barnett said: "Hot on the heels of a rising Asian middle class and the resurgence of a prolific group travel segment is the trend
of Thailand's resort markets becoming urbanized playgrounds. It's not just about the beach anymore as shopping and attractions are gaining momentum as
strong demand catalysts."

A key catalyst of change in trading conditions has been Bangkok Airways' ongoing upgrade of its fleet which has had a domino effect in providing more
than 189,000 additional airline seats for Koh Samui travellers.

One leading economic indicator which C9's Managing Director Bill Barnett singles out as "transformational" is the 48,000 square meter land parcel which is
being developed by the Thai-listed Central Group for a massive retail shopping complex in the tourism area of Chaweng.

While a gradual shift of demand is seeing more Asian visitors and families, the top three source markets were Germany, the U.K. and Thailand which
contribute a combined 27% share. Rising fast on the horizon are Russian travellers. Using nearby Phuket as a trend of things to come, last year 15% of
total visitor arrivals were from the emerging nation.

While the near term outlook for Koh Samui is boosted by a relatively small forward hotel pipeline of only 459 new rooms which will be added into the
island's present total inventory of 17,479 over the next two years. Local industry leaders remained tuned into Bangkok Airways' efforts to raise the
environmental restriction on the daily flights to 50.
Together with the report, C9 Hotelworks have also released an innovative YouTube video "Samui Tourism Update 2013", which combines visits to some of
the island's leading hotels including the Four Seasons Samui, W Retreat Koh Samui, InterContinential Baan Taling Ngam, Conrad and The Library, along
with an analysis of trends by C9's Mr Barnett.


Commenting on the report's findings Mr Barnett added: "As Koh Samui's primary air carrier is continuing to modernise its fleet with new Airbuses, and
phase out older ATR 72 propeller planes which are helping hotels fill beds, the ominous restriction on total daily flights at 36 is a non-moving ceiling which
even Bruce Lee could not punch through. Authorities simply must come face-to-face with the inevitable decision to reach a practical solution for sustainable
growth for the destination's rice bowl."

Find the full report here -

                                                                       PR2013 / 013

                                    Bangkok Airways introduces Airline Mascots to tackle young target

Bangkok / 21 March 2013 - Bangkok Airways introduces the airline's 5 cartoon mascots to tackle young target group of kids and
teens. These 5 mascots will further be developed as products and later created as cartoon animated series to air in Bangkok
Airways' in-flight entertainment and lounges.
Capt. Puttipong Prasarttong-Osoth, Bangkok Airways' president said "We came up with an idea to have the mascots because we
want to expand our target base focusing at younger target group. These 5 characters of the mascots are designed from our actual
aircrafts in service using colors and designs that please children"

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    Each mascot will have his and her unique characters; "SKY" is active, confident, lively and fast. "SUNSHINE" is joyful, humble and
    cute, "ROCKY" is reserved, strong and warm, "WINDY" is playful, courteous and talkative and "DAISY" is naughty and playful.
    Get to know more about Bangkok Airways' 5 mascots now at

    Samui fine dining festival                                                         Bangkok Post                   1 March 2013
    Koh Samui is once again showing its credentials as a top gourmet destinations with the launch today of the 3rd Samui Fine Dining
    Festival, a two-month-long event that will showcase a selection of the island's finest restaurants run both by international brands and
    a growing number of high-end, independent operators.
    Organised by the Cool Genie Group, the annual event brings together hotels, resorts, stand-alone restaurants and suppliers to offer
    a selection of special menus. Participating restaurants this year include the Banyan Tree, Beach Republic, Chef's Table, Dining on
    the Rocks, Le Jaroen, Nikki Beach, Ochos at Akaryn Samui Resort, Orgasmic, Rockpool, Sala Samui, Sui Kin Pan Asian, The
    Barge Fine Dining, The Edge, The Five Islands, The Terrace, Tree Tops and Zazen.
    "It is a dining extravaganza with the participation of 18 top Samui restaurants and each restaurant offers a six-course fine-dining
    menu," said festival organiser Horst Hornung. "Consequently, every day there are 18 options for a six-course dinner at some of the
    most spectacular locations on the island."
    To open the festival in style there will be a gala dinner this evening at the Banyan Tree featuring a menu paired with five different
    champagne vintages. Another highlight promises to be a fine-dining dinner at Nikki Beach on March 22 with free-flow champagne
    courtesy of Lombard.
    "Diners get value, exclusivity and originality, as every evening the restaurants and an elite of international chefs present the best
    they have to offer," Hornung added.
    "A menu consists of a cold starter, hot starter, fish course, sorbet, meat course and dessert. They are priced from 2,800 to 3,500
    baht and there are no extra costs for service charge or government tax. For wine lovers, the menus are offered with matching wines
    for each course. But you can also just order dishes from a particular menu and beverages from that restaurant's wine or drink lists."

    Samui Triathlon
    The first one took place on April 22nd 2012, the next one will be on April 21st 2013

    The Bicycle zone which is the central point of the event will be located in Nathon. The finish zone of the race, the merchandising zone,
    the VIP zone, the Organisation and Animation zone shall be fitted out next to the Bicycle zone.

    The Swimming course will consist of 2 laps of 2 km with Australian exit at the end of the first lap in Bophut The Cycling course is a total
    distance of 122 KM 650 M (one and half laps around Island). The Running course is one lap of 30 km between Nathon and the south of

    The Swimming course shall necessitate the setting up of buoys located at the corners and water lines with assistance, race control and
    journalists boats. Divers will be present too. A medical assistance post will be located at the end of the swimming race as well as a
    supply post for competitors.

    The Cycling Course and Running Course will be marked out with vertical and horizontal arrows. The race will be protected by Policemen
    or volunteers at each crossroads intersection. It is hoped that the road will be closed totally or on the racing side.

    The assistance, control and supply posts will be arranged all along the course.

    The merchandising zone will include tents intended to welcome the Sponsors and Companies selling products.

    The VIP zone will be located at the finish line and will be fitted out to welcome Sponsors, VIP and Media.

    The Organisation area Zone will be divided in 4 parts :

            The Triathletes, Officials, Sponsors and Media welcome zone.
            The Medical zone.
            The Organisation management, Radio communication and Refereeing zone.
            The Media zone.
    Copy, Fax, Phone, Computer, Timing equipment and Electrical and water feeding are absolutely necessary. Bathrooms and shower
    equipment as well.

    The animation zone comprises a platform animator, an English speaking announcer, a sound system covering the animation zone,
    tribunes for spectators, and if possible entertainment shows.

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The Arrival, Bicycle, VIP and Organisation Zones must be protected by fences.

Finish post or inflated arches shall be placed on star and finish Zones.

Stands to support bicycles and chairs shall be placed in the Bicycle Zone.

Motorcycles, cars and assistance helicopters are necessary for Referees, Media and Organisation Team.

Ambulances, ressusitation equipment and first aid emergency kits, as well as doctors, physiotherapists and nurses are absolutely

Organisation, Bicycle, VIP, Departure and Arrival Zones must be controlled and secured.

A car park has to be provided nearby for VIP, Media, Organisation Team, and Triathletes.

Supplies consist of mineral water, fresh fruits, energy drinks, Coca Cola, dry fruits etc…. A list of Lodging and transportation shall be
proposed to competitors, Media, Organisation Team at competitive prices. The provision of a swim cap, an identification plate for the
bicycle, two race numbers and one T-shirt is obligatory. A Finisher T-shirt shall be given to all finishers.
No outside assistance of any kind will be permitted, unless otherwise authorised by the Organisation Team.

All above mentioned obligations and those non-written but required for an international event organisation whom Organisation Team is
ITU are supported by the Operator. He is in charge of finding necessary local helps according to ITU Rules. Additional details shall be
given when event organisation is setting.

April may touch 43 degrees                                                                  The Nation      30 March 2013
The temperature will rise to as high as 43 degrees Celsius next month, the Meteorological Department said. The cause for this is the
unusually low number of clouds and less humidity, plus a heat mass moving to the Kingdom, posing the risk of more frequent tropical
The average temperature in Bangkok will be 37-39 degrees.
Somchai Bai-muang, director general of the Meteorological Department, said the temperature has been steadily rising from mid-
February and will probably prevail until mid-May, becoming particularly severe until April 3.
The North, Northeast and East will be more prone to thunderstorms, which could be more frequent and stronger than previous years.
Temperatures in many provinces has already hit the 40-degree mark, though it should not climb above 44.5 degrees Celsius.

There has been a great deal of talk, speculation and rumour about oil and gas exploration and drilling around the islands. Next
month I will be taking a closer look at what is happening and where.


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