Heel prick techniques for collecting blood sample on Guthrie Card

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					                   Sample Collection Procedure

1.    Samples should be collected between 24 and 72 hours.

2.    Choose the appropriate puncture site. Refer to the shaded areas in the picture
      shown. Avoid previous puncture sites and curvature of the heel. N.B.
      Warming the site can help to increase blood flow.

3.    Cleanse the puncture site and the whole heel with 70% isopropyl alcohol in a
      circular motion, from the site outwards. Allow heel to air dry thoroughly.

4.    Puncture the plantar surface of the heel with a sterile lancet no longer than
      2.0mm depth.

5.    Apply gentle pressure with thumb and ‘massage’ intermittently as drop of blood

6.    Wipe away the first drop of blood with a sterile gauze pad. The initial drop
      contains tissue fluids that may interfere with the results.

7.    Allow a large drop of blood to form.

8.    Gently touch the droplet to the centre of the circle on the filter paper and allow
      sufficient blood to soak through. Do NOT press the filter paper against the
      heel. Do NOT layer the blood or apply more than one drop of blood to the
      same collection circle.

9.    Fill up 3 to 5 circles. Ensuring the blood spots does not touch each other.

10.   Wipe the puncture site with alcohol prep. Apply compression to the puncture
      site with sterile gauze for a few seconds and apply spot plaster to the puncture
      site once bleeding has stopped.

11.   Discard all used items safely.

12.   Allow blood specimen to AIR DRY THOROUGHLY – approximately 3 hours.
      Do not stack, expose to heat, blow dry, or allow touching any other surfaces.

13.   Send to the NENS laboratory within 24 hours of collection. Delay in dispatch may
      result in a delay in the possible diagnosis and therefore treatment of a metabolic

                                                             Sample Collection Procedure V1 May2010

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