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HEC ID_name.doc


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									 Hec-Old     HEC-   Name
 ID          New ID
 1                    Green Creek Basin
 2                    Muskegon Lake Basin
 3                    Four_Mile Creek Basin
 4                    Lower Bear Creek Basin
 5                    Upper Bear Creek Basin
 6                    Mosquito Creek Basin
 7                    South Estuary
 8                    North Estuary
 9                    Lower Cedar Creek Basin
 10                   Cedar Creek Basin
 12          11       Brooks Creek Basin
             12       Wastewater Treatment Plant(New HEC-ID)
 13                   Minnie Creek Basin
 14                   Sand Creek Basin
 15                   Bigelow Creek Basin
 16                   Brooks @ Newaygo
 17                   Penoyer Creek Basin
 18                   up_sb_lmusk Upper South Branch Little Muskegon Basin
 19                   lmusk_ms Main Stem Little Muskegon Basin
 20                   sb_lmusk South Branch Little Muskegon River Basin
 21                   up_nb_lmusk Upper North Branch Little Muskegon Basin
 22                   Hershey River Basin
 23                   Big Rapids Tributaries
 24                   Middle Branch River Basin
 25                   Lower East tributaries
 26                   Upper Clam River Basin (Outlet is USGS Gage)
 27                   Lower Clam River Basin
 28                   Upper East tributaries
 29                   Haymarsh Creek Basin
 30                   Dead Stream Basin
 31                   Houghton Lake Basin
 32                   Higgins Lake Basin
 33                   Dishwash Tributaris Miscellaneous Evart Tributaries
 34                   Ryan Creek Basin
 35                   Rodgers Tributaris Main Stem Basin between USGS Gage at Big
                      Rapids & Rogers Dam
 36                   Hardy Tributaries
 37                   Miscellaneous Croton Tributaries
 38                   Miscellaneous Newaygo Tributaries
 39                   Mapleton Tributaries B35 Miscellaneous Tributaries
 40                   B31 Miscellaneous Tributaries
 41                   Reedsburg Tributaries Miscellaneous Reedville Tributaries
** Note: Because of the mismatch up of HEC-ID in GIS & that in HEC-HMS, I
changed the HEC-ID in HEC-HMS in order to solve this problem. (Su-Ting
Cheng 6/12/2007)
** Words in blue are names used in Martha’s Version (musk4_v3).
ID         Name
reach1     North Branch Little Muskegon
reach 2    Main Stem Little Muskegon
reach 3    South Branch Little Muskegon
reach 4    Higgins to Houghton
reach 5    Houghton to Reedsburg Dam
reach 6    H Lake Gage to Clam River
reach 7    Clam River
reach 8    Clam J to Middle Branch J
reach 9    Middle Branch J to Evhart Gage
reach 10   Evhart Gage to Hershey J
reach 11   Hershey J to Big Rapids Gage
reach 12   Big Rapids Gage to Rodgers
reach 13   Rodgers to Hardy
reach 14   Hardy to Croton
reach 15   Croton to Newaygo
reach 16   Newaygo to Bridgeton
reach 17   Bridgeton to B31
reach 18   B31 to Treatment outlet
reach 19   Treatment outlet to Mill Iron
reach 21   North Channel

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