Global Adhesives _ Sealants Market Report- 2013 Edition

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					      Global Adhesives & Sealants Market Report: 2013 Edition
Aarkstore Enterprise (India), 5th June , 2013 : Adhesive is a broad term as it
incorporates various materials like cement, glue, mucilage, and paste among others.
Adhesives majorly comprise of polymers, which harden either in a physical manner or as a
result of a chemical reaction, and are generally classified on the basis of their curing, or
bonding, mechanism. On the other hand, a sealant is a soft, pliable material that changes
state to become solid after application, and is chiefly employed for the prevention of air,
noise, dust, fire, smoke, and liquid penetration, where structural strength is not required.
Sealants fall between the higher-strength adhesives and extremely low-strength putties and
caulks. Adhesives and sealants are categorized on the basis of whether the bonding involves
a physical or chemical mechanism.

Adhesives and sealants are utilized in several industries including packaging, automotive,
electronics, footwear, construction repair and remodeling, textiles, consumer goods,
shipbuilding. Among all the applications, construction industry and durable assembly
accounts for the maximum consumption of adhesives and sealants, followed by packaging
and transportation. North America and Europe have been the largest markets for adhesives
and sealants, together accounting for about two-thirds of the global market. The share of
the emerging economies like Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East is expected to increase
in the near future.

The end-use markets for the adhesives and sealants are highly correlated with the global
economic conditions and the GDP. The global adhesives and sealants market is likely to be
driven by the ameliorating the emerging economies, skewed trends in the US transportation
sector and increasing demand for more environment friendly products. In addition, the
growing application of adhesives in the medical applications is expected to bring new
opportunities to the market.

The current report analyzes the global adhesives and sealants market, with focus on regions
including North America, Japan and BRIC countries. Furthermore, market dynamics
including the industry trends and development, growth drivers and challenges are discussed
in detail. On the contention front, the respective market is quite fragmented and intensely
competitive. The leading market players are; Henkel, Sika, 3M and HB Fuller. These
companies are also profiled in the report.

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