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CALL BOARD  Oklahoma Festival Ballet • Contem porar y Dance Oklahoma
Volume 15 Number 1                                                                                                          Winter 2009
Ballets Russes                          Oklahoma Festival Ballet and
Archive Grows
                                        Contemporary Dance Oklahoma
                                        Perform in Shanghai,China
                                             University of Oklahoma dancers from both
                                        the resident ballet and modern dance companies
                                        were invited to perform in the prestigious Sixth
                                        Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts and
                                        Dance Festival last October.
                                             “It was a great honor and pleasure for our
                                        companies to be invited to perform as a part
      OU’s Ballets Russes Archive       of this festival,” said School of Dance director
continues to receive important          Mary Margaret Holt. “We received the invita-
donations from Ballets Russes           tion after a rigorous application process of
dancers and their families.             sending video record-
      Items recently acquired           ings, documentation
include photos, programs, notes,        on the excellence
itineraries, magazines, limited         of our dancers and
edition books and even a pair           descriptions of previ-
                                                                                                 Above: OFB and CDO dancers with poster
of specially made pointe shoes          ous tours. Our dancers                                   advertising their performances.
donated by Bernice (Nichska)            performed beautifully
                                        after the long journey,                                  Left: Alumnus Dennis Adams with senior modern
Rehner Barnes.                                                                                   dance major Jacquelyne Boe in Alvin Ailey’s
      Contributions also have           their first performance
                                                                                                 Escapades, performed in China
been received from Alex Burton          only two days later!”
Stanley on behalf of her late

                                        Violette Verdy Returns to OU
mother, Shirley Haynes, and
from the collection of Nathalia
Branitzka curtesy of her son
Andre Von Hoyer, Sr.                    2008 Susan E. Brackett Distinguished Visiting Artist Chair
  In This Issue:                        Spends Another Week with OU Students, Faculty
                                                                                                During early September, the School of
   OFB Production . . . . . . 2                                                            Dance was honored with another visit from
   Once Upon A Dream . . 3                                                                 renowned ballerina and teacher Violette Verdy.
   CDO Performances . . . 3                                                                     Verdy taught ballet classes and spoke to
   Seen Offstage . . . . . . 4                                                             students about the many facets of her extensive
   Dance Partners . . . . . . 5                                                            career and about being an artist, as well as being
   Tulsa Trip . . . . . . . . . . . 5                                                      a technically proficient dancer.
   Guest Nutritionist . . . . 5                                                                 Verdy’s distinguished career includes danc-
   Dudley Williams . . . . . 5                                                             ing more than 25 principal roles with the New
   Guest Artists Visit . . . . 6                                                           York City Ballet under the direction of George
   Seyan Hefner . . . . . . . 6                                                            Balanchine, who created many roles for her, as
   Alumni Profile . . . . . . . 7                                                          well as performing with American Ballet The-
   Faculty Spotlight . . . . . 7                                                           atre and London Festival Ballet.
   Director’s Letter . . . . . . 8

Violette                             OFB and CDO in China                                                          (Continued from page 1)

                                          OU dancers performed in Shanghai with an
                                     added gala performance in Ningbo, China. In
                                     addition, OFB dancers were invited to perform
(Continued from page 1)              excerpts from Holt’s Rhapsody in Blue at the
                                     opening ceremonies at the festival’s Shanghai
     Verdy also was the first             The program presented to appreciative
woman to become artistic             audiences included Rhapsody in Blue by Holt,
director of the Paris Opera          Pas de Deux from Le Corsaire, by Marius
Ballet. After her tenure in Paris,   Petipa and staged by Holt and Steve Brule, Les
she was appointed co-artistic        Patineurs by Bruce Wells, Elegie by Holt, Alvin
Director of the Boston Ballet.       Ailey’s Escapades staged by Derrick Minter
     Currently a member of the       along with Ritual and Beat by Mark Dendy.
dance faculty at Indiana                  “OU dancers surpassed all our expectations
University, Verdy is also widely                                                            OFB dancers rehearsing for the opening ceremonies
known for her excellence as a
teacher. She has taught at the                                                              and received one of three awards of excellence
New York City Ballet for many                                                               presented at the festival,” Holt said. “Partici-
years as well as for other dance                                                            pating in this prestigious festival illustrated
schools and ballet companies                                                                once again, to our dancers and artistic staff, the
around the world, including the                                                             beauty of the international language of dance
Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow.                                                                   surpassing time and cultures. Sharing the fes-
     OU student Kelsey                                                                      tival with companies from all over Europe and
Schwenker, junior ballet                                                                    Asia was an experience we will all remember
performance major from                                                                      with great joy, and representing our country and
Boulder, Colorado, especially        Rhapsody in Blue performed in Shanghai                 university was a true privilege.”
enjoyed the question and
answer session in her Ballet
Teaching Methods class.
                                     Oklahoma Festival Ballet to Present
                                     Tribute to the Ballets Russes
                                          In February, Oklahoma Festival Ballet will
                                     present a stunning Tribute to the Ballets Russes,
                                     a program that includes L’Apres Midi D’un
                                     Faune (Afternoon of a Faun), originally choreo-
                                     graphed by Vaslav Nijinsky in 1912, and School
                                     of Dance founder Miguel Terekhov’s beautifully
                                     dramatic Firebird.
                                          In addition, the School of Dance is thrilled
                                     to present Divertimento No. 15, a ballet by
                                     world-famous choreographer George
     “The most amazing thing         Balanchine. Danced to Mozart’s music of the
she told us was to ‘marinate         same name, this ballet is an exquisitely elegant
in the music.’ The idea of           and refined work for sixteen dancers.
submerging yourself and                   Dance lovers will surely enjoy Terekhov’s
being surrounded by the              Firebird with its vibrant color and magnifi-
melody and the beauty of the         cent Stravinsky score. “This is a ballet with a
music is something that should       worldwide historic past and a fabulous Russian
be cherished,” Schwenker said.       fantasy theme. It’s a ballet that transports us into
     “Miss Verdy is a ballet         a different world, a different era. Both Firebird
treasure,” Schwenker contin-         and Faune are treasures from the Ballets
ued. “She is so willing to give      Russes. It’s a pleasure to share these ballets with
her knowledge to her students.       new audiences and to bring an extraordinary
I feel privileged to have learned    balletic experience to the dancers,” Terekhov          OFB dancer Carmen Felder as the Firebird
and danced for her.”                 said. “It’s a delight to work with OFB dancers.”
                                                                                                                CALL BOARD 

OFB Performs Contemporary Dance Oklahoma
in Lakmé     Stages Spectacular Fall Production
     Have you ever imagined
the lush forests and bustling      First time Alvin Ailey’s work
cities of India? In October,
audiences were transported
                                   performed at School of Dance                                                           CDO
back in time to 19th century                                                                                              Dwayne
                                        Dance lovers knew they were in for a treat                                        Cook,
India. A collaboration of the      as they entered the beautifully refurbished                                            Chandler
School of Music’s OU Opera         Reynolds Performing Arts Center in December                                            Pace, Claire
Theatre and School of Dance        to see CDO’s exciting fall production. The show                                        Brunelli,
brought the extravagant and                                                                                               Tanya
                                   presented a collage of stunning contemporary                                           Chianese
tragic opera Lakmé to the stage.   dance, including works by CDO director Austin                                          and Lindsey
     School of Dance faculty       Hartel, faculty member Derrick Minter,                                                 Marchand
member and choreographer           graduate student Cheyla Clawson, legendary
Jeremy Lindberg, and School        choreogra-                                             From Hartel’s award-winning duet
of Music faculty members           pher Alvin                                        Earthbound to Minter’s poignant Poetry in 3D
Jonathan Shames, artistic direc-   Ailey and                                         the production offered an innovative and
tor and conductor, and William     former Ailey                                      passionate evening of dance.
Ferrara, stage director, joined    company                                                The program featured the works of two
                                   member                                            guest choreographers. Robert Battle’s athletic
                                   Robert                                            and powerful Battlefield swept audiences into
                                   Battle.                                           a whirl of emotion as the dancers moved to the
                                                                                     forceful percussion score.
                                                                                          Perhaps the highlight of the production was
                                    CDO dancers                                      Alvin Ailey’s Escapades, originally choreo-
                                        Adryan                                       graphed in 1983 to the music of Max Roach.
                                                                                     CDO dancers excelled at Ailey’s unique blend
                                       Nicolette                                     of jazz, modern and ballet techniques that were
                                          Battle                                     showcased in this work.

forces to create a wonderfully
                                   Once Upon a Dream Fête à la Russe
rich performance.                       In November 2008, the                                            includes dinner for eight
     Danced in the traditional     School of Dance hosted its                                            with performance tickets and
French style of opera ballet,      annual fundraising gala eve-                                          backstage passes.
the choreography was influ-        ning, Once Upon a Dream.                                                   Partygoers were enter-
enced by classical Indian dance    This year’s theme was a                                               tained by School of Dance
forms, especially the movement     celebration of Russian art                                            students performing excerpts
of the hands. Choreographer        and dance held in the Fred                                            from the Repertoire à la
Lindberg stated, “Collabora-       Jones Jr. Museum of Art.                                              Russe and by a remarkable
tion with the Opera Theatre             Smiling patrons were                                             Grand Promenade led by
is invigorating. The exchange      greeted in the foyer of the                                           Joanna Champlin and
of ideas allows one creative       museum by School of Dance                                             Shawnee Brittan.
concept to blossom into some-      students dressed in exquisite                                              While at the museum
thing new. It was a wonderful      costumes from the party                                               for this special “Dream”
production.”                       scene of The Nutcracker and                                           event, patrons also were able
                                   from The Firebird.                                                    to see an after-hours preview
                                        The evening began with                                           of the museum’s Russian
                                   a preview of auction items                                            Art and Photography exhibit.
                                   that included an Argo scooter,                                             Once Upon a Dream
                                   a hand-tailored                                                     2008 was the most success-
                                   Oxxford blazer, an OU-Texas weekend getaway       ful fundraiser ever for the School of Dance.
                                   and an exciting New York City Ballet trip.        All money raised from this spectacular event
                                        In addition, attendees were able to bid on   supports our students’ international touring and
                                   a special Russian evening at the ballet, which    scholarship programs.

Seen Offstage
Violette Returns ...

                                                                                          Above: Violette Verdy,
                                                                                          Weitzenhoffer Family
                                                                                          College of Fine Arts
                                                                                          Interim Dean Rich
                                                                                          Taylor, and Gail Beals

                                                                                          Right: Faculty member
                                                                                          Donn Edwards with
Faculty member Camille Hardy and guest artist Violette Verdy with School of Dance         patron Mary Nichols
students Eric Glenn, Brett Young, Dwayne Cook and Ernesto Aguilar

                                                                                                      Shanghai Sights
                                                                         Left: Mary and Riley
                                                                         Fitzhugh and Barbara
                                                                         and Stanton Young enjoy
                                                                         a lovely evening in the
                                                                         Fred Jones Jr. Museum
                                                                         of Art for Once Upon a
                                                                         Dream 2008

                                                                          Below: Rachel and
                                                                          Leon Zelby

                                                                                                           OFB dancers strike a pose outside the theatre

                                                                                                      CDO dancers perform Alvin Ailey’s Escapades in China
                                                                                                                         CALL BOARD 

Dudley                            Dance Partners Fall Meeting Features
Williams                          Shanghai Program
to Visit OU                            Dance Partners enjoyed a sneak peek at
                                  exquisite excerpts from the China program at
                                  their fall meeting in October. After performing,
    Dudley Williams,              the student dancers introduced themselves and
celebrated dancer with the        answered questions from attendees.
Martha Graham and Alvin                A reception featuring luscious desserts
Ailey companies, will be the      followed, giving Dance Partners, guests and
Susan E. Brackett                 dancers a chance to share a convivial evening         Yoshi and Koko Sasaki with ballet students at the Dance
Distinguished Visiting Artist     with other Oklahoma dance lovers.                     Partners fall event.
Chair for 2009.
    Williams will visit the
School of Dance in April to                                                             Dance Partners Enjoy
teach and share his vast
knowledge of modern dance
                                                                                        Tulsa Ballet’s Don Quixote
with OU students and faculty.                                                               In late September, Dance Partners trekked
                                                                                        to Tulsa by private motor coach to see the 19th
                                                                                        century classic ballet, Don Quixote.
                                                                                            After enjoying a delicious box lunch from
                                                                                        a Norman restaurant, participants saw the ballet
                                                                                        from their center orchestra seats and later went
                                                                                        backstage to meet Marcello Angelini and the
                                                                                        dancers of the Tulsa Ballet.
                                                                                            Proceeds from the trip benefitted the Dance
                                                                                        Partners Scholarship Fund.

                                  Nutritionist Speaks to Dance Students
                                       Take a minute to think of what you ate                Landers also made a “Tools for Body
                                  today. Was it a healthful, balanced diet day or       Awareness: Nutrition and Exercise Recommen-
                                  a spoil-yourself burger and ice cream day? For        dations for Dancers” handbook available for
     Born and raised in New       dancers, each workout requires wholesome,             each dancer. This booklet was written by Emily
York City, Williams attended      energy-packed meals.                                  Hawkins, a former School of Dance student
the prestigious High School for        In September, nutritionist and dietitian Patti   employee and current nutrition MA candidate at
the Performing Arts and then      Landers met with both ballet and modern dance         the University of California at Berkeley.
received a scholarship to study   majors to discuss proper eating habits. As it is           Especially helpful for freshmen, this hand-
at the Julliard School.           for most athletes, nutrition is an essential part     book assists with on-campus and off-campus
     Williams performed with      of every dancer’s education and health. Landers       meal choices. It also stresses the importance of
a variety of dance companies      began by discussing several food groups, their        supplemental exercise to dance classes. Dance
in New York including Donald      importance to fueling the body and necessary or       is categorized as anaerobic exercise (a shorter,
McKayle and Talley Beatty.        proper portion size.                                  high intensity workout) and therefore requires
He joined the Martha Graham            The weight-bearing exercise and intense          the complementary aerobic exercise of walk-
company in 1961 and left in       stretching that dancers engage in creates small       ing on a treadmill, working out on elliptical
1964 to become a member of                                      tears in muscle fi-     machine or swimming laps. Another helpful
Alvin Ailey American Dance                                      bers that protein can   exercise for dancers is Pilates, of which the
Theatre.                                                        help to repair.         School of Dance offers many classes.
     Some of his important                                           In addition,            Finally, Landers talked about the crucial
roles include a virtuosic per-                                  Landers emphasized      importance of proper hydration. The amount
formance in Ailey’s 16-minute                                   the importance of       that dancers perspire requires them to drink
solo “Love Songs” and the                                       eating fruits and       enough water to replace the lost moisture. In
moving solo “I Want to Be                                       vegetables, which       general, most people should drink at least four
Ready” in Ailey’s unforgettable                                 can be quick, easy      eight-ounce glasses of water per day.
“Revelations.”                                                  and healthy snacks           As much as dancers are performing artists,
     We welcome Dudley                                          between classes or      they are also elite athletes and must learn to take
Williams later this spring.                                     before rehearsals.      proper care of their bodies, minds and spirits.

Guest Artist Patron Profile: Seyan Hefner
Tyler Gilstrap A tremendous love of the arts ...
     Tyler Gilstrap brought to          “I love the arts and                                                   on local arts organiza-
the University of Oklahoma         have always especially                                                      tions. She attended both
her distinguished talents as a     loved dance,” said School                                                   OU and OCU as an art
dancer and teacher.                of Dance patron Seyan                                                       major, which helped her
     Gilstrap earned her bach-     Hefner. “In fact, I started                                                 to become an interior
elor of fine arts degree from      ballet classes when I was                                                   designer.
Southern Methodist University      five years old. I love the                                                       Hefner said that she
in Dallas and then performed       stories of ballet,” she                                                     was inspired to become
with several dance companies       continued, “as well as                                                      a supporter of the OU
in New York, as well as with       its precise technique and                                                   School of Dance by the
the Bavarian State Opera in        visual beauty.”                                                             illustrious history of its
Munich, Germany. She cur-               Seyan Hefner has                                                       founders, Miguel
rently is a member of Robert       been a supporter of OU’s                                                    Terekhov and Yvonne
Battle’s company, Battleworks      School of Dance for many                                                    Chouteau. “I’m so proud
Dance Co., in New York City.       years and, along with her                                                   of the high national
     Gilstrap also has appeared    husband, John, was co-                                                      standing of the School
as a featured dancer in such       chair of the 2008 Dream Committee in charge         of Dance and just love the fact that dancers
films as “Across the Universe”     of coordinating the School of Dance’s annual        can perfect their art and get a great education,”
directed by Julie Taymor and       fundraiser, Once Upon a Dream. Funds raised at      Hefner said.
“The Wackiness” directed by        Once Upon a Dream go to support scholarships             “Once Upon a Dream is such a fun party
Jonathan Levine.                   and the School of Dance’s international touring     that raises money for something I love and feel
     While at OU, Gilstrap         program.                                            impassioned to support. These young dancers
taught modern dance classes             Hefner grew up in Oklahoma City and is a       should be given every opportunity; they work
and set choreographer Battle’s     civic volunteer focusing much of her attention      very hard!”
work Battlefield for CDO
dancers. This forceful and
energetic work was performed       Renowned Dance Scholars Visit OU
                                   for Russian Arts Dream Course
during CDO’s recent produc-
     “The dancers here are
great; they’re eager and hungry
to learn,” Gilstrap said. “Dance
                                   Nancy Reynolds                                      Monica Moseley
students must discover a sense          Last November the Weitzenhoffer                     Renowned dance historian Monica Moseley
of artistry, which is such an      Family College of Fine Arts was graced with         recently visited OU as a guest lecturer for the
important thing for them to        a visit from celebrated dance historian Nancy       fall 2008 Russian Arts Dream Course. Recently
bring to their careers. OU is      Reynolds as a guest of the Russian Arts Dream       retired as associate curator of the Jerome
a perfect place for Robert’s       Course. Reynolds is director of research for        Robbins Dance Collection of the New York
work.”                             the George Balanchine Foundation and is the         Public Library at Lincoln Center, Moseley
     School of Dance students      leading expert on the choreographer’s work. Her     talked to students about De Basil’s Original Bal-
enjoyed working with Gilstrap      lecture was called “George Balanchine and the       let Russe and the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.
and appreciated the opportunity    Creation of an American Ballet Style.”                   Moseley was a part of the dance world for a
to perform Battle’s impres-             A former dancer with the New York City         long time. Before becoming a librarian, she also
sively powerful Battlefield.       Ballet, one of Reynolds’ most interesting           worked for Dance Magazine as assistant to the
                                   projects is a video archive that preserves          editor. In addition, Moseley was a dancer with
                                   Balanchine’s choreography as coached by             modern dancer Meridith Monk’s company in
                                   dancers for whom he created dances.                 New York City. She remarked that her back-
                                   Dancers coaching for the archive include Maria      ground as a dancer helped her immensely in
     The dancers here              Tallchief, Frederic Franklin, Violette Verdy,       her subsequent work with the Jerome Robbins
     are great; they’re            Edward Villella and Suzanne Farrell.                Dance Collection.
     eager and hungry                   “Sitting in St. Petersburg I had a notion to        “It’s seeing the photos, posters, journals
                                   get originators of Balanchine roles to coach. For   and scenic designs, for example, that was so
     to learn.                                                                         interesting. Learning about those day-to-day
                                   the coaches, working with Balanchine was a
                                   highlight of their life. They can speak about the   details, it was like working in treasure land,”
                                   work and demonstrate,” Reynolds said.               Moseley said.
                                                                                                                 CALL BOARD 

Alumni Update                   In Step With Alumnus Rubén Gerding
 Alumna Alyse Bradford is            Louisville, Kentucky native Rubén                backgrounds and offer the students a wide
 dancing with SYREN             Gerding graduated from OU with a degree in            variety of dance perspectives and knowledge.
                                ballet performance and has returned to                     “Even though I was a ballet performance
 Modern Dance in New
                                Oklahoma as both a guest artist for OFB’s             major, I loved learning contemporary dance;
 York.                                                                                                                  it has really
                                annual summer dance production and as a
                                faculty member for the School of Dance’s                                                helped me in
 Alumna Sarah Pautz is          highly successful youth dance camp,                                                     my career.
 performing with Ballet de      SummerWind. Since leaving OU, Gerding has                                               Contemporary
 Bordeaux in France.            performed with Eugene Ballet, Texas Ballet                                              dance excited
                                Theater and Metropolitan Classical Ballet. He                                           me, it was a
 Alumnus David Barocio is       has been a guest artist for companies around the                                        different way to
 dancing with Oklahoma          United States and has been teaching and sharing                                         move.
 City Ballet.                   his love of ballet with students for several years.                                          “I would
                                     CALL BOARD caught up with him during                                               like to tell
                                a recent visit to Norman to ask him what was                                            School of
 Alumna Charlotte Loyd is                                                                                               Dance students
                                best about his experiences at the university.
 performing as a freelance           “I always appreciated Mary Margaret. She                                           to remember
 artist with ballet compa-      guided and suggested, and also gave me space                                            that it’s work
 nies throughout the United     to figure things out for myself. Here at OU we                                          to be a dancer;
 States.                        perform a lot, which gave me invaluable experi-       you have to be self-motivated and to ask
                                ence on stage. It was also very beneficial that all   questions. Be curious, and always keep
 Alumna Christina Banacos       of the faculty come from diverse dance                learning, both in and out of the studio.”
 is teaching Pilates and per-
 forming as a belly dancer
 in the Boston area.            Faculty Spotlight: Rebecca Herrin
 Alumna Natalie Smith                “My favorite thing is when I can see             is coordinator of the Saturday Youth Classes
 Berry is teaching at           students understand the movement; that’s why          and SummerWind Youth Ballet program.
                                I teach.” Rebecca Herrin knew growing up that              Herrin says that one of her goals is “to
 Kennesaw State University
                                she wanted to be a teacher, but not necessarily       make ballet terminology relevant to actual body
 in Georgia.
                                a dance teacher. Born and raised                                     movement.” While in Kentucky,
                                in Olympia, Washington, she took                                     she suffered multiple stress frac-
 Alumnus Dennis Adams is        dance classes at local studios.                                      tures in both legs. This forced her
 dancing with ODC Dance         After spending a year at the                                         to rethink both her own technique
 in San Francisco.              University of Utah, Herrin began                                     and that which she was teaching.
                                dancing professionally at                                            By developing a body-friendly
                                Milwaukee Ballet, then with                                          way to dance, she helps her
                                Kentucky Ballet Theatre.                                             students see an efficient and safe

Did you know
                                     While there, she turned part                                    way to perform.
                                of her attention toward dance                                             Another remarkable thing
                                outreach in her community.                                           about Herrin is that the whole
    School of Dance             Working with a group called New                                      time that she has been dancing,
        director                Performing Arts in Louisville,                                       she also has been completing her
 Mary Margaret Holt             Herrin helped develop a program                                      “Plan B.” Realizing that dance
 danced the role of the         that brought classical ballet to rural areas of Ap-   careers certainly do not last forever, Herrin
                                palachia. Still operating today, the program has      decided to get a degree in marketing. While
  Firebird with faculty         reached more than 150,000 children.                   in Louisville, Herrin found herself as much a
        member                       Inspirations for her dance teaching career       dancer as a public relations manager. This
   Donn Edwards as              include Sallyann Mulcahy and Arnold Spohr of          fueled her desire to study marketing and public
  the male lead, Ivan           Artisan Dance, who gave her insight into teach-       relations. Herrin studied at several universi-
 Tsarevitch, in Miguel          ing methods. In New York, she also studied with       ties and completed her bachelor of business
  Terekhov’s original           Maggie Black, who taught strict technique, and        administration in May 2008 at the University of
                                Marjorie Mussman, who encouraged movement             Oklahoma.
       version of               and expression.                                            With her knowledge of dancing, teaching
      The Firebird.                  In addition to teaching ballet technique and     and marketing, Rebecca Herrin is a true asset to
                                stage makeup to OU dance students, Herrin also        the School of Dance.

Save the                                                                             Letter From the Director

                                                                  Dearest Friends and Alumni,

                                                                   With hopes that your year is off to an exciting start, I send you best wishes on behalf of the

Dance Partners Meeting
                                                              School of Dance! Our Young Choreographer’s Showcase closed only a week ago after three days
                                                              of the ice, sleet and snow that so often characterizes our Oklahoma winter. OU was closed for
                                                              those three days – the very days on which YCS dress rehearsals were scheduled. When classes
7 p.m. Feb. 19                                                resumed on January 29, our students proved their dedication, ran a quick dress rehearsal and walk-
Reynolds Performing Arts Center,                              through with cues in the afternoon and opened that very night with true success. You can imagine
Room 3002                                                     how proud we are of their professionalism and determination!
Oklahoma Festival Ballet                                           Those three snow days also took their toll on our Oklahoma Festival Ballet rehearsals, reduc-
                                                              ing our already tight schedule by 12 hours. We are just about back on track as I write, with some
Feb. 27, 28, March 1 and
                                                              Sunday rehearsals scheduled to make up for the days lost. Again, our students are meeting the
March 5 through 8
                                                              challenge with great enthusiasm and respect for the art they pursue. Miguel Terekhov’s stunning
Rupel Jones Theatre
                                                              production of THE FIREBIRD is a joy to teach, coach and bring back to our repertoire – what a
                                                              pleasure to work with Miguel in the studio and to coach with Donn Edwards the ballet we per-
March                                                         formed together for its premier production. Joysanne Sidimus has joined us to stage Balanchine’s
                                                              DIVERTIMENTO NO. 15 and has remarked repeatedly on the excellence of our dancers – a source
Oklahoma Festival Ballet                                      of pride to all of us. Having a bit of a break after the dramatic and challenging CDO performances
March 1 and                                                   in December, that company is preparing its public school performances for spring and we all
March 5 through 8
                                                              anticipate with great pleasure the arrival of Dudley Williams, our third Brackett Distinguished
Rupel Jones Theatre
                                                              Visiting Artist Chair, in late April. Dudley will bring his elegance, extensive career with the Ailey
                                                              and Graham companies and his renowned knowledge and artistry to our school – certainly a

April                                                         highlight of the late spring!
                                                                   News of the dangerous state of our economy permeates the information we all receive on a
April  and                                                  daily basis, and the School of Dance, like other units at the University of Oklahoma, is being asked
RPAC 00                                                     to make further budget cuts for the next fiscal year. This is highly disturbing news after many years
CDO performs for Irving Middle                                of effort on behalf of the school and your inspiring support of those efforts. Without diminishing
School                                                        the seriousness of our present fiscal condition, we are determined not to allow this condition to
April 1                                                      define the School of Dance. As this issue of CALL BOARD clearly indicates, we have much to
RPAC 00                                                     celebrate in the support of our friends and the accomplishments of our students and faculty. While
CDO performs for Classen School                               we reconfigure particular aspects of our work, our enthusiasm for the excellence of our students and
of Advanced Studies
                                                              our devotion to them and the art we love will remain undiminished. Our productions will continue
Guest Artist Dudley Williams                                  to touch your heart and spirit and the School of Dance will retain its position of respect in dance in
April 24 through May 2
                                                              higher education.
April                                                            On Saturday, January 31, about 100 young dancers from 27 states auditioned for admission to
                                                              the School of Dance next fall – a testament to the reputation of our programs, as is the fact that our
OFB performs for Classen School
of Advanced Studies                                           repertoire this season includes works by Alvin Ailey, Robert Battle, Miguel Terekhov, Vaslav
April 0
                                                              Nijinsky and George Balanchine. We will draw on the imagination and tenacity of our founders,
Awards Ceremony                                               the enthusiastic devotion of our friends and patrons, and the beauty of an art that transcends time,
7 p.m.                                                        culture and language to create, in spite of current fiscal restrictions, a future that is bright with the
University Club,                                              promise of opportunities.
Oklahoma Memorial Union                                            Thank you for your continued interest and support of the School of Dance. You are an
                                                              important part of all we do!

                                                                  Warmest regards,

June  through                                                 Mary Margaret Holt
                                                                  Regents’ Professor, Nichols Chair and Director
Reynolds Performing Arts Center,
Holmberg Hall                                                     University of Oklahoma School of Dance

For more information please call
the School of Dance at
(405) 325-4051.                                                               Call Board is published twice yearly by the University of Oklahoma School of Dance
                                                                     Editor: Kathleen Redwine, Executive Editor: Mary Margaret Holt, Assistant Editor: Kelsey Schwenker
The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity
institution. This publication, printed by University Print-
ing Services, is issued by the University of Oklahoma.                       For 24/7 information about the OU School of Dance, including events and activities,
1,900 copies have been prepared and distributed at
no cost to the taxpayers of the State of Oklahoma.                                         check out our Web site at www.ou.edu/finearts/dance/

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