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									What is the History of the Bouquet and Garter Toss?
Weddings bring the greatest joy and memories a bride and groom could ask for. They are surrounded by
their friends and their family as they become legally, and lawfully married for the rest of their lives.

There are a strict set of rules that come with every wedding. Each “rule” is based in tradition, and
although many of the histories of these traditions are forgotten, people still valiantly keep to them.

Garter Toss at Every Wedding
For instance, did you ever wonder why the garter toss is such a prevalent tradition at every wedding. At
some point during the reception, the groom takes the garter off of the bride’s leg and shoots it into a
crowd of eager—or emotionally stagnant—men to fight over.

                                  The one who comes out victor is said to be the next to marry. But
                                  where did that tradition come from?

                                  Who decided it would be a good thing to do and why would anyone
                                  want the garter—of all things? Tradition has it that the practice began
                                  long ago, and was a much more violent affair than you’ve seen today.

                                  It was rumored in older time that getting a piece of the bride’s
                                  undergarments represented good luck for the future. Some would
                                  obtain it in hopes of good fortune throughout the year.

                                  Some would get it and put it on their bride to be to ensure fidelity.
                                  Whatever the reason, the men in the party wanted the good fortune
                                  and would go for the garter.

Tradition further dictates that the wedding party would take the couple to their wedding bed. As time
wore on, the men would try to seize any part of the women’s undergarments that they could in order to
secure good luck and fortune.

The practice became so intrusive and dangerous to the bride, that the bride and groom would shut the
others out and throw out the garter to the band of men looking for luck. This was all they would get
from the couple and hence, they left the 2 alone.

Why the Garter?
For one reason or another, this ceremony of “tossing out the garter” found its way to the wedding
ceremony and became a tradition for the ages. To this day, men still gather together for the garter toss
for good luck.

This good luck has everything to do with the ladies though as it is meant to help him get married. Like
the bouquet toss, the one to catch the garter is expected to be the next in the party to marry.
This is what legend and pop culture tell us of the origins of the garter toss. The truth of the origin may
be found in it, or it may be lost to time.

As for why the woman’s undergarments meant good luck in the first
place, it may never be found out. It could be a game that someone made
up for the fun of it.

The wedding has many traditions that are shrouded in history and
superstition. What else can you think of that doesn’t quite make sense?

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