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					                                                                West Vancouver, Howe Sound to Anderson Lake

Rob Bell-Irving, Community Advisor                           Bev Bowler, Education Coordinator                         Veronica Woodruff - Education Coordinator
PO Box 2360, 1120 Hunter Place, Squamish, V0N 3G0            Squamish, West Vancouver, Bowen Island                    Darcy, Pemberton and Whistler area
Tel: 604-892-6395 or 1-800-863-2116, Fax: 604-892-2378       1132 Maplewood Crescent, North Vancouver, V7P 1H9         604-894-0008                                 Tel: 604-980-7602                               
Major Enhancement Facilities
Tenderfoot Hatchery                                          Capilano Salmon Hatchery
Box 477, Brackendale, V0N 1H0                                4500 Capilano Park Road,
Tel: 604-898-3657, Fax: 604-898-5692                         North Vancouver, B.C. V7R 4L3
Initiated 1981                                               Tel: 604-666-1790

                                                                             Lower Fraser Education Activity
School Districts              School Incubators              Instruction Workshops          Dissection workshops       Students Involved             Partner Funded School
West Vancouver                                           9                                   2                     1                             270 Bev Bowler, DFO
Squamish                                                 5                                   0                     0                             150
Pemberton/Whistler                                       8                                   0                     0                             225 Veronica Woodruff, DFO

Name of Group or School       Main Contact                 Mailing Address                    Telephone               Email/Web Address             Members/Students
Brackendale Art Gallery -     Thor Froslev                 PO Box 100, 41950 Government 604-898-3333        
Eagle Watch                                                Road, Brackendale, V0N 1H0
Bowen Island Fish and         Mike Von Zuben               RR#1 - AL 36, Bowen Island, V0N 604-947-0630                    20
Wildlife Club                                              1G0
                              Iniated in 1984. Fish ladders, hatchery, habitat improvement, public awareness. Land and watershed management planning, water-use planning, oceans
Britannia Beach               foreshore, restoration in Terminal, Davies Creeks.
                              Pam Tattersfield                                                604-896-2434          6
                              Watershed planning, mining and contaminated site reclaimation, habitat restoration, oceans stewardship, enhancement.
District of Squamish,         Peter Woods,                                                                   
Environment                   Environmental Coordinator
District of West Vancouver,   Steve Jenkins                 750 17th Street, West Vancouver,                 
Enivironment                                                V7V 3T3
Furry Creek Streamkeepers     Dave Rittberg                                                                              20
                                                                                              604-896-2212 (Dave)
                              Initiated 2001. Habitat restoration, watershed planning, assessment, education.
Mt. Currie First Nations       Lucinda Phillips & Maxine                                      604-894-6145    -      30
                              Watershed planning, habitat restoration, salmon inventories and education
Northshore Wetland            Paul Berlinguette                                               604-929-2756           20
Rob Bell-Irving
                              Wetland keeping and planning, water and land management                                                                                              1
Name of Group or School   Main Contact              Mailing Address                    Telephone               Email/Web Address        Members/Students
North Vancouver Outdoor   Victor Elderton           Box 250, Brackendale, V0N 1H0      604-898-5422                School staff
                          Initiated 1981. Hatchery, education, spawning channel, watershed and water-use planning on Cheakamus River.

Rob Bell-Irving                                                                                                                                            2
Name of Group or School       Main Contact                Mailing Address                    Telephone                Email/Web Address                Members/Students
N'Quatqua First Nations -     Rebecca Barley                                                 604-452-3221                                              15
D'Arcy/Anderson Lake
                              Watershed planning, education, enhancement and habitat restoration
Pemberton - Lillooet          Veronica Woodruff                                            604 - 894 - 0008            10
Agricultural Stewardship
Society                       Agricultural stewardship
Pemberton Sportsmen's         Hugh Naylor                 Box 221, Pemberton, V0N 2L0        604-894-6402 (Hugh)               10
Wildlife Association
                         Initiated 1985. Hatchery, habitat improvement, youth education, assessment, watershed planning on Birkenhead, Upper Lillooet rivers.
Sewell's Landing Marina  Eric & Megan Sewell         6695 Nelson Avenue, West               604-921-3474    -
                                                     Vancouver, V7W 2B2                                    
                         Initiated 1984. Ocean Stewardship Activities on Horseshoe Bay and Howe Sound.
Squamish Environmental   Meg Fellowes                PO Box 2676, Squamish, V8B             604-898-5093   
Conseration Society                                  0B8                                                   
Squamish First Nations   Randall Lewis               PO Box 86131, North Vancouver,                        
                                                     V7L 4J5
Squamish River Watershed Edith Tobe                  Box 1791, Garibaldi Heights, V0N 604-898-9171                                 20
Society                                              3G0
                         Initiated 1998. Coordination, training, habitat and biological inventory, assessment, monitoring, habitat restoration and public awareness; watershed and water-
                         use planning, oceans stewardship on Squamish River.
Squamish Sea to Sky      Jack Cooley/Dr. Jonn                                               604-898-5196                       25
Corridor Streamkeepers   Matsen                                                                            
                         Initiated 2000. Streamkeepers, spawner assessments, habitat restoration, watershed planning, ocean shorekeepers, activities and enhancement in Squamish.

Stewardship Pemberton         Veronica Woodruff                                              604-894-0008   
Upper Birkenhead              Rhonda Johnson                                                 604-590-5470               20
Watershed Stewardship
Group                         Watershed planning, habitat restoration, education and monitoring
West Vancouver Shoreline      Ray Richards                  PO Box 91166, West Vancouver, 604-926-6354       
Preservation Society                                        V7N 3N6
West Vancouver                Hugh Hamilton                 PO Box 91166, West Vancouver, 604-922-7828                       20 volunteers
Streamkeepers                                               V7V 3N6
                              Initiated 1995. Habitat inventory and improvement, hatchery, water-use, land and watershed planning, oceans-urban foreshore, stewardship-shorekeeper
                              activities, adult and youth education on West Vancouver streams.
Whistler Fisheries            Heather Beresford             4325 Blackcomb Way, Whistler, 604-935-8323                  30
Stewardship                                                 V0N 1B4
                              Watershed planning, habitat restoration, education and assessment.

Rob Bell-Irving                                                                                                                                                                             3
Name of Group or School      Main Contact   Mailing Address             Telephone   Email/Web Address           Members/Students

Squamish - Lillooet Sports   John Wright                                  
Fish Advisory Council

Village of Pemberton,        Liz Jones      PO Box 100, 7400 Prospect     
Environment                                 Place, Pemberton, V0N 2L0

Rob Bell-Irving                                                                                                                    4

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