Wuthering Heights Tasks.doc by cuiliqing


									                              Wuthering Heights
                                Emily Bronte


   1. Read the information on Emily Bronte. Write down points that you think
      are relevant.
   2. Research the historical period of Wuthering Heights. What were the
      significant events taking place at this time? (scientific, philosophical,
      economic, religious paradigms). Focus on the Industrial Revolution and
      its impacts on society.
   3. Revise the what ‘Gothic’ means. What are the elements of a Gothic
   4. As you are reading, keep a summary of the events that occur in each
      chapter. This will assist you in remembering key events.
   5. We will focus our study of the text on
          a. Characters
          b. Themes
          c. Setting
          d. Language techniques
          e. The text’s relationship to Romanticism.

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