Everyone Benefits When You Maximize Transfer Credits__ by pptfiles


									    Everyone Benefits When You
    Maximize Transfer Credits!!
How Admissions, Registrar and Financial Services can work together to give transfer
                        students the best possible start.
Who do we think we are?
               n Jill Wheeland MTh
                 – Oxford University.

               n Jamila Yousif All
                 but Thesis for MA
                 in Global History –
                 Iona College.
                 Assistant Registrar
 Nyack College
n Small Private Christian College

n 15 miles north of Manhattan

n Tuition Driven

n Residential Campus in Rockland County

n Commuter Campus in Manhattan

n One of the most culturally diverse colleges in the
  world – 40% African American/Caribbean, 40%
  Latino, 30% Caucasian, and 10% Asian or other.
                 Session Goal 1
n How to foster essential interdepartmental
  collaboration and the ways in which it benefits
Marvin Gardens (Fake Name,
 you’re welcome FERPA!!)
n Why is he transferring?

n What was his major at previous school?

n What is his desired major here at Nyack?
After the application…
 n Marvin is coming for a visit

 n Jill Calls Jamila

 n Jamila looks at the transcript GLADLY!!

 n Her gladness is KEY!!

 n Let us tell you why!!
Ten years ago everything
    n Ten years ago we didn’t all like each other….

    n Game ON!! Strangers became friends 

    n Friendships were fostered and intentional

    n Suddenly the things we did at work were being done
      for a FRIEND!!

    n This can change everything and ultimately greatly
      benefit YOUR STUDENTS!!
This can change everything!
   n Because relationships were fostered and encouraged
     we found that the way in which we interacted with
     student changed!

   n We were working together for a common goal with
     people who we WANTED TO WORK WITH!

   n Team work at it’s best!

   n It creates a culture of service for our students and we
     find this manifesting often with our transfers!!
                                  Back to Marvin!!
n Jamila did the initial evaluation and got our hero Marvin to 28 credits, 2 credits shy of
  Sophomore status.


n Jamila contacts the Dean of the School of Education to petition for 2 more credits to satisfy a
  Freshman Sem for Ed majors. The Dean looks over his transfer credits and finds two credits
  that could work!!

n MARVIN IS NOW A SOPHOMORE!!!! This means a change in his loans, grants,
  scholarships and ultimately, can help him get out faster! (Not to mention he can now have
  his car on campus!! )

n Marvin was thrilled and deeply grateful!

n Registrar has successfully found maximum credits to be applied

n Fin Aid is now working with a grateful incoming student with access to federal aid

n Admission is now communicating with a well served student, influencing his decision in
n Serving student can be done without having
  interdepartmental relationships, but we have
  found that the environment of our institution
  has changed as a result of working with a

n Fostering intentional interdepartmental
  relationships can ultimately result in serving
  students more effectively which can effect

   -The student is happier with the service they
   get and this can possibly impact their decision
   to stay thus impacting retention rates.
   -Staff and Faculty find themselves working in
   an environment they enjoy more
    What’s your story?
n Talk amongst yourselves!

n What are interdepartmental relationships like at your
  school? Do you think you can foster better ones?
       Session Goal 2
n Learn ways to audit and revise institutional
  policy for a more equitable transfer
Let’s meet Sunshine Sara
             Sunshine’s Story
n Sunshine had 88 transferable credit in Early
  Childhood Education.

n With our old transfer policy Sunshine would have
  only gotten 72 credits requiring her to stay an extra

n Sunshine and others like her were becoming the
  norm and we realized there needed to be an overhaul
  in our transfer credit policies in order to better serve
  our students!!
Where we were before the
    n Nyack is a faith based liberal arts college
    n We have a mandatory minor in Bible and Christian
      ministries incorporated into almost every degree.
    n Our transfer policy before was very specific with exact
      class for class acceptance of credits.
    n The only lenience was found in what we call the “45 credit
      rule.” If a student had more than 39 credits transferable
      and they hadn’t used them all we would grant 6 credits
      towards the Bible and Christian ministries minor.
    n But with the restrictions we had, that was a far as we could
 What we did to bring
about a change in policy
    n We first looked at the curriculum of other NY state
      accredited institutions.

    n We noticed that we had specific core classes where
      they had core electives (ie- We had World Civ I & II
      only and they had a World History elective, we had
      a specific American Diversity course only, and they
      had a sociology elective or American history class)

    n We decided the we could serve our students better by
      adopting similar practices!!
     Who was involved?
n The effort was a collaboration between:
  - Undergraduate Registrar
  - VP for Enrollment Services
  - Provost
  - Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
n The Provost also asked for “buy in” from the heads of all
  the respective departments
n The summer we implemented this change we reevaluated
  all the incoming transfer students and gave an extra 6
  credits on average!!!
n More students decided to come as a result of the new
  policy and again we saw the benefits of good
  interdepartmental relationships working for the common
  goal of serving our students!
Sunshine’s Benefits with
   the new policy!!
    n Sunshine is an excellent example of how this new
      policy helped to serve our students. Instead of the
      original number of 72 we were able to bring in all 88
      of her transferable credits!!!

    n This means that were able to bring her and get her
      out in two semesters instead of three.

More policy changes!!
n Along with this change, we recently changed our
  database system.

n As a result of this change we were given the
  opportunity to collectively discuss our processes with
  regards to bringing in students.
   Changes are GOOD
n In the past, no transfer credits would be applied to a
  students account until they were fully enrolled and the
  semester was in full swing
n This often meant that students couldn’t determine if
  transferring in was a good option for them.
n Now we input the transfer credits before they even get a
  grant proposal! They can see online where all their credits
  are applying in their degree before they even move in!
n The new system also allows for department heads to see
  transfer credits and possibly assist in granting more or in
  academic advisement.
   Shifts in Enrollment
n For years, the responsibility to make schedules for
  incoming students. That was shifted to registrar one
  summer and never got moved back.

n Registrar is curriculum. Eat sleep and breath
  curriculum! It was the logical choice.

n This means that incoming transfers deal almost
  exclusively with me as there academic advisor for
  their first semester.
n Auditing and revising our transfer policy was only
  possible because of an institutional commitment to
  change the culture to meet the needs of the growing
  transfer student population.
                        Chat Time!!!
n Turn to you’re new friends and ask each other if
  there are ways in which their institution could
  reevaluate their transfer credit policy to allow for
  more credits to come in.

n Rules keepers beware!!

n With ever growing transfer student populations, do
  you think there is anything more you can do to bring
  them more support in the area of transfer credits?
                 Session Goal 3
n Learn effective methods to holistically advise student
The future can look bleak
           n We have heard that transfer
             student policies are a social
             justice issue. With the rising cost
             of Education, we are only going
             to see more of these students
             come through our doors.

           n Our goal is to help students
             graduate as quickly as possible
             by maximizing their transfer
n The fastest way to get some of our students out is to
  meet with them face to face and have what can
  sometimes be very hard conversations.

n In reality, for many of our transfer students, the
  degree that will get them out the fastest is sometimes
  not the degree they initially choose.

n How do we do this?
     Meet face to face 
n Admissions counselors will regularly call on Jamila (me)
  and ask to have a face to face meeting with one of their
  incoming students.
n We will look at future desire like Masters degree pursuit or
  going directly into a professional field.
n These discussions will often be personal in nature. They
  may be painful at times (bad GPA, bad degree choice etc.)
  but at the end of the day, we MUST begin to proactively
  get our students through our programs as quickly as possible.
n We are in NYC and that population has very specific needs.
               Give the students the
                     bigger picture!
n We will explain to them their options and the financial ramifications of
  staying too long as well as graduate school options.
n Example – student “X” wants to be a teacher but they have an Associates
  in General Education and only half their credits fit towards their degree.
  We will advise them to declare the Interdisciplinary studies degree and
  immediately put them in contact with our Graduate School of Education
  to maximize their remaining time in undergrad.
n We take into consideration pre-reqs for their possible next degrees.
  YOLO 
n And this is so important because THEY DON’T KNOW THIS! It’s our
  job to know it and tell them!!
Some don’t listen 
 n Some students simply want what they want no
   matter what it takes. If this is the case, we make sure
   that they understand the ramifications of the choices
   they are making. This happens in ALL of
   Enrollment Services!

 n This sometimes breaks my heart, because debt is
                       Not yet ours
n We often deal with students who are not yet ours,
  but they know they want to be.

n We bring them in and advise them as though they
  are already our students. We take ownership of
  them and walk them through step by step so they
  don’t waste any time or money.

n This is also the responsibility of the student to initiate.
  We don’t advertise this, but we do support it whole
 Honesty is ALWAYS the
best policy for the student!
     n Another painful conversation we will have with
       students is those who do not have solid GPA’s. We
       may advise them to go elsewhere to work on their
       College abilities before coming to us.

     n Sometimes the best way we can help a student is to
       tell them that we are simply not the best choice for
       them. There may be another school out there that
       can offer them more transfer credits and they should
       go with that.
n In working with transfer students, their best interest
  should be our goal. Regardless of their final
  enrollment, you can know that you were successful
  in putting the students needs first.

n The students don’t forget these experiences. They
  remember them and carry them with them wherever
  they go. They know that when they think back on
  Nyack College, there was a friendly person who
  genuinely wanted to help.
                   Hablo Hablo!!
n Do you feel like you holistically advise your
  incoming transfer students?

n If not, what do you think you can do to incorporate
  change in your institution?
                Final Summary
n We work hard to make sure that the student is as
  informed as possible, gets the maximum amount of
  credits, all the while helping them move forward in
  their goals.

n When students know we are for them and that their
  success is our priority, they will get off on the right
  foot and know that as they work toward their goals,
  we are their allies.

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