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					VLA Council Meeting, Northside Branch Library, Charlottesville, Virginia June 3, 2005
President Ruth Kifer called the meeting to order in due form. Members present were: Ruth Arnold, Sam Clay, Donna Cote, Linda Hahne, Steve Preston, Lydia Williams, Beverly Abdus-Sabur, Alyssa Altshuler, Wendell Barbour, Candice Benjes-Small, Cynthia Bentley, Amy Bond, Sue Burton, Wilma Dotson, Bill Fleming, Jim Gwin, Steve Helm, Terry Long, Jerry McKenna, John Moorman, Andy Morton, Susan Paddock, Dora Rowe, Jessica Schwab, James Sanderson, Sandra Shell, Laura Speer, Alan Zoellner. Guests present: Becky Day, Julie Ramsay ; Legislative Liaison Phil Abrahams; Candidates running for a VLA office – Jean Cooper, Pat Howe, and Karim Khan The minutes from the April 15, 2005, VLA Council meeting, which had been previously distributed electronically, were approved as corrected. Agenda Change: Ruth Kifer opened the meeting by announcing changes in the agenda. The Legislative and Intellectual Committees would be given the floor following the introduction of candidates running for VLA offices. Introduction of Candidates: Sam Clay, Chair of the Nominating Committee, announced the names of those running for offices and introduced the candidates who were in attendance. A list of the slate of candidates is attached to the minutes. Bios for the candidates will be published in the upcoming VLA Newsletter. Election ballots will be mailed out to members in August with the return date being in mid-September. Legislative and Intellectual Freedom Committees - Internet Filtering Issue: Ruth Kifer opened with a summary of the issue and turned the floor over to VLA Legislative Liaison Phil Abrahams. Phil explained how close VLA came to loosing the battle against Internet Filtering during the 2005 session of the General Assembly. Because this issue required the majority of his time during this session, and because it is so closely tied to funding for public libraries, he felt that we needed to begin planning a strategy for 2006. Jerry McKenna and John Moorman, co-chairs of the Legislative Committee, gave an update regarding what occurred during the General Assembly session and the outcome of the joint meeting of the Legislative Committee and the Intellectual Freedom Committee on May 20 (information sheet attached). Intellectual Committee Co-Chair Jim Sanderson stated the concerns of his committee whose members do not wish to make any deals with groups advocating Internet Filtering. After Phil Abrahams answered questions, discussion of this issue was put on hold to allow time for other agenda items to be addressed. Treasurer’s Report: Steve Preston reviewed the Statement of Activities dated 5/31/05 (copy attached). Steve highlighted the following items:  Income from the paraprofessional conference totals $7,500.  Legislative donations have increased to $21,975

 

The scholarship money has increased from $1,288, which was the 2004 carry over figure, to $2,152 since the beginning of the year. Investments have continued increase since the April meeting.

VLA Membership Dues Study: On behalf of the Finance Committee, Steve Preston submitted a written report and recommendations (copy attached). Steve explained that prior to drafting the attached recommendations the committee examined the dues structures for nine library associations in the east, as well as the projected financial income for VLA, and the membership salary range statistics. The Committee’s recommendations are as follows: It is the recommendation of the Finance Committee that effective January 1, 2006, the following changes be made.  Students will become a separate category with annual dues of $15.00.  Dues for institutions and organizations will increase by $25.00 to $100.00 annually. The committee further recommends that no additional dues increase be considered again until after the conference in 2005 at which time the financial stability of VLA will once again be reviewed. It was moved and passed that VLA adopt the recommendations of the Finance Committee as stated in the previous paragraph. The motion carried. VLA Executive Director’s Report: Linda Hahne reported that membership currently stands at 980 members with 156 being new members. There are 274 former members who have not renewed their memberships. Linda reported on the paraprofessional conference stating that there were 406 attendees of which 36 were speakers/presenters. She also provided statistics from the conference profile of which a copy is attached to the minutes. VLA Foundation – Update: Ruth Kifer thanked those who have made donations and encouraged those who had not made a donation to do so. Steve Preston took the floor and reminded members of the purpose of the Foundation. He also explained the distinction between the Foundation and the Association. He asked council members to educate colleagues about the distinction. Steve reported that $15,780 has been pledged to date. VLA Academic Section Name Change: Co-Chairs of the Academic Section, Wendell Barbour and Candice Benjes-Small, in an effort to make members aware of the fact that the Forum is a chapter of ACRL, have requested that the name of the Section be changed to College and Research Libraries Forum (VLACRL). This request was accepted as presented and the name change will be incorporated into the revisions of the VLA Manual. Web Site Survey, Review and Update: Sam Clay reported that he and Steve Helm have collaborated on a survey about the current VLA website which members will receive in the next few weeks. The survey will also include a section for comments. The results of

the survey will be used redesigning the current website. Members were encouraged to complete the survey and to share their opinions and ideas. Awards Nominations: Laura Speer reminded members that June 30 is the deadline for submitting nominations for awards. She also encouraged members to read the text of the awards and to then nominate deserving individuals or organizations for these awards. VLA Exhibit at The Library of Virginia, on the Web and on the Road: Ruth Kifer reminded Council of the VLA exhibit will be on display at The Library of Virginia until the fall when it will be moved to the conference site. After the VLA conference, it will become a traveling exhibit. Ruth reported that she expects to receive word from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities in the coming weeks regarding the $2500 grant she submitted. If received, this grant money will cover expenses associated with the traveling exhibit which will be traveling around the state for up to two years depending on the interest. 100th Anniversary Steering Committee: Committee Chair Pat Howe reported on plans for the Thursday evening gala which will include a banquet and a performance by members of the Virginia Opera. The evening will conclude with a social that will include music provided by a DJ and a birthday cake. The Committee is planning to put together a slide presentation of past VLA events and personalities that will run in a loop during the social. The Steering Committee has requested a P. Buckley Moss print, and if received it will be raffled off with proceeds to go to the VLA Foundation. 2005 Conference Report: Ruth Kifer reported that three pre-conferences will be offered with topics for them being serials, youth services, and administration. The Academic Section will be offering a conference within the conference. Concurrent sessions have been selected. Coke Roberts will be Thursday’s opening speaker; Friday’s closing speaker had not been confirmed. NPR personality Alan Cheuse has agreed to be a presenter on Friday. Thirty-six vendors have purchased a space in the exhibit hall. ADDITIONAL REPORTS FROM FORUMS, SECTIONS AND COMMITTEES: Academic Library Section: Candice Benjes-Small reported that the Forum had met in April. The Section will sponsor a workshop during the conference that deals with statistics for librarians. Intellectual Freedom Committee: Jerry Sanderson reported that the Committee has information posted on the VLA website about Banned Books Week and the award given for the most outstanding display regarding the event. He encouraged everyone to go to the website and check out this information. Multicultural Forum: Beverly Abdus-Sabur reported that she is working on a program for the fall conference.

Paraprofessional Forum: Cynthia Bentley reported on the success of the conference held in May which had 406 attendees. She also reported that 13 baskets were donated by VLAPF Board members for the scholarship raffle. Cynthia said that a program to be held in Region V in the fall is in the planning stages. Public Documents Forum: Alan Zoellner reported that on June 10 the Forum will sponsor a program, Experts on Exports: Federal and State Foreign Trade Information Resources, at William and Mary. Publications Committee: Alyssa Altshuler reported that the deadline for submissions for the commemorative 100th anniversary issue of Virginia Libraries is July 15. She mentioned that Becky Day is helping with this issue. School Library Section: Wilma Dotson reported that in October she plans to attend the conference of American Association of School Librarians to be held in Pittsburg. She reported that the VEMA conference will be held in Williamsburg on November 10-12. Scholarship Committee: Sandra Shell reported that the three recipients of this year’s scholarships are Maria Alliende, Heather Blicher, and Rachel Kirland. Sandra reminded members that scholarship raffle baskets are needed for the fall conference. Virginia Association of Law Libraries: Terry Long reported that she is in the process of planning a fall program. Youth Services Forum: Julie Ramsay reported that members of the Forum presented several sessions at the VLAPF Conference, and that they are working on a program for the fall conference. Region I: Amy Bond reported that Region I and the Virginia Council of Health Sciences Librarians would be co-sponsoring a program on June 7 titled Prescription for Success: Consumer Health Information on the Internet. Region II: Dora Rowe reported that the program which was to be held in June has been cancelled. She is working on a program that will be held in the fall. Region IV: Jim Gwin mentioned that he is planning a program to be held at Virginia State University in September. Region V: Bill Fleming reported that Region V will be co-sponsoring a program with the Virginia Council of Health Sciences Librarians, and the program to be held in August is titled Prescription for Success: Consumer Health Information on the Internet.

Internet Filtering Issue – Continuation of Discussion: With the items of business listed on the agenda completed, the discussion of the Internet Filtering issue continued. Following the discussion, four options were presented on how to proceed in 2006. The options are as follows: Option 1 – to oppose the filtering issue for as long as possible with the intent being to win/prevail; Option 2 – to work with the Family Foundation in adding an amendment to the bill that states that filters can be turned off and that filters on staff computers will not be required; Option 3 – to work with the Legislators, as we have done in the past, in getting a bill passed that will allow filters to be turned off and that states no filters will be required on staff computers; Option 4 –to put up no opposition to the Internet filtering bill -- step back from the issue since we have done all we can and focus on other issues. Ruth Kifer suggested that we discuss this issue with colleagues in order to educate them about the possibility of this bill passing in next year’s General Assembly and of the serious impact it may have on funding for public libraries. In September, a decision will be made from the four options stated above on how to approach this issue during the upcoming session of the General Assembly. The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m. Minutes submitted by Lydia C. Williams, VLA Secretary