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Posting Information on Humber's Wiki.pdf


									         Posting Content on Humber’s Wiki
Preamble: A ‘wiki’ is a Web-enabled collaboration tool. Wikis are founded
on the wisdom of masses. Subscribers are invited to view, add, modify, and
delete content as they see fit. Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, is an ex-
ample of a very successful wiki. Humber mounted its own wiki in 2008. It is
currently in BETA. This document details how Humber’s wiki works.

Logging into the Wiki:

  Step 1:    Launch an instance of Internet Explorer.          Navigate to Click the Log In link in the upper-right corner.

  Step 2: Log into the wiki using your HCnet username and password, the
  same credentials used to access FirstClass and on-campus workstations.

Viewing Content:

  Content is organized (posted) by School/Department. Content is also
  searchable by ‘keywords’. Subscribers can only view the content (pages)
  to which authors have granted them access. Everything else is hidden.

                 (416) 675-6622 X8888 (X4786 from Residence)
Browsing Content by Group

  Click the Dashboard link in the upper-left corner. Then, click on the
  name of a group (School/Department) in the Spaces pane. All the
  content posted by that group that you are authorized to view will then
  appear in a list. Click on a content (child) link to open it.

                                                  Content authored by Purchasing
                                                  Services & Sustainability (view-
                                                      able by all subscribers)

Searching for Content

  Key what you are looking for into the Search box (upper right corner
  of the screen) and press the Enter key. The wiki will then present you
  with a list of possibilities. Click on a content (result) link to open it.

                                            Search Box

             (416) 675-6622 X8888 (X4786 from Residence)

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Adding Content:

  Step 1: Click on the Dashboard link in the upper-left corner of the
  screen. Then, click on the name of your School/Department.

  Note: You can only add content to areas in which you are a member.

  Step 2: Point to the Add button in the upper-right corner and click the
  Page item. Alternatively, you can also click the Add Child Page link.

               (416) 675-6622 X8888 (X4786 from Residence)

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  Step 3: Key in a title for the content. Then, key in the content’s body.
  Format the content as you see fit. Click the Save button when finished.

                                                      Formatting Tools


  Note: You can also copy text (CTRL+C) from another application (Word,
  PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) and paste it (CTRL +V) into the content’s body.

  Note: Click the Preview button to review content before Saving it.

Editing Content:

  Step1: Open the content you would like to edit. If you are authorized to
  edit it, there will be an Edit button at the top of the window. Click it.

   Content’s Author

  Note: If you lack authorization to edit content, consider contacting the
  content’s author. It is likely he or she can set you up with access.

                 (416) 675-6622 X8888 (X4786 from Residence)

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  Step 2: Edit the content as deemed necessary. When finished editing,
  click the Save button. Clicking the Cancel button discards all changes.

  Note: Click the Preview button to review changes before saving them.

Managing Access to Content:

  By default, all subscribers (staff) can view posted content. Also by de-
  fault, only those subscribers within a group (School/Department) can
  modify posted content. If these defaults do not meet your needs, you
  can override them. It is simply a matter of specifying (at the individual
  and/or group level) who CAN view and/or edit each posting.

  Note that no one can delete content EXCEPT for the wiki administrators.

  Step 1: Open the content you need to modify. Click its Edit button. If
  you do not see the Edit button, it is because you lack edit authority. Con-
  tact the content’s author. After clicking the Edit button, scroll down to
  the very bottom of the window. Click on Edit next to Restrictions.

                (416) 675-6622 X8888 (X4786 from Residence)

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Step 2: Select the restriction (Viewing or Editing) you need to override.
Then, click the Choose Me link. This is a very important step! Failure to
complete this step could result in you being locked out of the content.

CAUTION: Be very careful when modifying restrictions. It is possible to
 take your own rights away and lock yourself out of content. It is also
 possible to lock out the wiki administrators. Double-check your work!

Step 3: Again, select the restriction (Viewing or Editing) you would like
to modify. Then, click either Choose Users or Choose Groups. Click the
Choose Users link to grant access to specific subscribers. To grant access
to a specific School or Department, click the Choose Groups link.

              (416) 675-6622 X8888 (X4786 from Residence)

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Step 4: Key in the subscriber (Example 1) or the group (Example 2) to
whom you would like to grant access privileges. Click the Search button.
Select the appropriate user/group and click the Select button.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Step 5: Repeat Step #3 and Step #4 until all subscribers and/or groups
have been added. To delete something, click its Remove link. When you
are finished editing, click the Done link next to the Restrictions label.
Then, click the content’s Save button to commit all the changes.

              (416) 675-6622 X8888 (X4786 from Residence)

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Linking to Content:

  All content posted on the wiki has a unique Web address. The address
  can be used as a hypertext link in e-mails, posters, and Web sites.

  Step 1: Open the wiki content to which you would like to link. Continue
  by pointing to the Tools menu and clicking the Info menu item.

  Step 2: Note the Tiny Link field in the upper-left frame. It details the
  content’s unique Web address. Click the View button to go back.

  Note: When following a link to content hosted on the wiki, subscribers
  are prompted to log in using their HCnet username and password, the
  same credentials used to access FirstClass and on-campus workstations.

                (416) 675-6622 X8888 (X4786 from Residence)

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Logging Out:

  To log out of the wiki, point to your name and click the Log Out item.

                                          Developed by the Technical Service Desk
                                          Last Revised on Friday, October 17, 2008

                (416) 675-6622 X8888 (X4786 from Residence)

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