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									Fire Sprinklers – The building is protected throughout by automatic
sprinklers. The Lower Level South and North Loading Docks, Level 1A
            parking garage and Sky Deck entrance are protected by dry-
            pipe sprinkler systems.

Fire Pumps – The sprinkler and standpipe systems are supplied by ten
fire pumps. The fire pumps, manufactured by Peerless, have capacities
of 500, 1,000, or 1,500 gallons per minute.

Fire Extinguishers – Fire extinguishers are
installed throughout the Property.
 March     St. Patrick's Day      Green

  May       Mother's Day           Pink

  July       4th of July       Red and Blue

October      Halloween           Orange

December      Holidays         Red & Green
He received the Wason Medal (1971)
The Thomas Middlebrooks Award (1972)
The Oscar Faber medal (1973)
Alfred Lindau Award (1973)
The Kimbrough Medal (1973)
The Ernest Howard Award (1977)
The John Parmer Award (1987)

The International Award of Merit in Structural
Engineering (1983)
Khan was honored by President Barak Obama during his
speech at Cairo University in 2009, referring to how he
"built one of the tallest buildings," the Sears Tower.
A Bangladesh postal stamp
honors Fazlur Rahman Khan.

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