O'Brien Statement on Cook County Tax Decision

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					Statement from Terrence J. O’Brien Regarding Todd Stroger’s Veto of the Tax Rollback:

“This veto proves that President Todd Stroger is out of touch. Every day commercial and
industrial enterprises are moving out of Cook County to Indiana and Wisconsin. In
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin where they have only a 5.5% sales tax, they just built a new
industrial park occupied by companies who were previously located in Cook County. The
tax increase is not necessary. What Cook County is lacking is accountability and
streamlining of government practices. President Stroger is not listening to the
constituents, and it’s hurting everyone. I’m disappointed by the decision made today.
There is a lot of bickering on the Cook County Board, and I think that stems from a lack
of leadership. I have successfully worked with the legislature, members of congress and
other government agencies on both sides of the aisle. I have been accountable and
accessible to the taxpayers I represent. I’m not seeing the leadership we need on the
Cook County Board, and the burden is falling back on the homeowners and the business
owners of Cook County. It’s time to change that.”