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									     Advising Education Majors: An
       Academic Advisor’s Guide

College of Education
University of Central Florida
Presented By: Andrea Small
America’s top 100 Best Colleges of Education (2010)
        University of Central Florida – College of
             Program Approvals

 State Accreditation – Florida Department of
 NCATE Accreditation – National Council for
  Accreditation for Teacher Education
 Graduates of Early Childhood Education,
  Elementary, English Language Arts and
  Exceptional Education programs complete an
  ESOL endorsement.
 Bachelor of Science Programs in the
        College of Education

 Early Childhood Development & Education:
  Track 1- Education: Pre-K to Primary
  Track 2- Early Childhood Development (non-

 Elementary Education – Grades K-6
Bachelor of Science Programs in the
       College of Education
 K-12 Programs: Art Education, Foreign Language
  Education (French or Spanish), Exceptional

 Middle Grades/High School Programs (Grades 6-12):
  English Language Arts Education, Mathematics
  Education, Science Education (Biology, Chemistry,
  or Physics), Social Science Education
 Bachelor of Science Programs in the
        College of Education

 Sport and Fitness -Specializations in Children’s
   Physical Activity & Movement, Coaching, Fitness
   Training, Physical Human Performance and
   Recreation (non-certification)

 Technical Education and Industry Training (non-
                   What’s New
                      in the
               College of Education

Director of Undergraduate Services
     Ms. Sandra Bulger
                     What’s New
                        in the
                 College of Education

Coordinator, Minority Programs in Education
         Dr. Caroline Marrett
            What’s New
               in the
        College of Education

• Early Childhood Development & Education

• Reading Endorsement: Effective September
  15, 2009, majors in Early Childhood
  Education, Elementary Education and
  Exceptional Student Education graduate with
  a Reading Endorsement
                    What’s New
                       in the
                College of Education
The UCF College of Education has redesigned its organization to:
1. meet the changing environment of education in the United States
2. support challenges facing the education workforce; and
3. optimize resources in achieving its mission and that of the

The three academic units are:
       • School of Teaching, Learning and Leadership
       • Department of Educational and Human Sciences
       • Department of Child, Family and Community Sciences
The Morgridge International Reading
 College of Education
  Restricted Access
Admission Requirements
            Have a minimum 2.5 overall GPA
              (2.75 for Early Childhood Development & Education
              Majors/ 2.0 for Sport & Fitness Majors)

            Complete the University’s General Education
             Program requirements or its equivalent (i.e. an
             AA degree from an approved Florida community
             college or state university)

            Complete SUS Foreign Language Admission

            Complete the Education Common Program

            Pass all four parts of the General Knowledge Test

            Sport & Fitness and Technical Education &
             Industry Training may accept CLAS alternatives

            Fulfill the University CLAS Requirement

            Complete the Gordon Rule Requirement
     Advice for Education Majors

Students should complete the following prior to arriving at UCF:

•   Education Common Program Prerequisites
           •  EDF 2005 Introduction to the Teaching Profession
           •  EDF 2085 Introduction to Diversity for Educators
           •  EME 2040 Introduction to Technology for Educators

•   Take all four parts of the General Knowledge Test after completing
    English Composition and Mathematics courses.

•   Apply to UCF early (students can apply up to one year prior to the term
    they wish to enroll)

•   RSVP for an early orientation
    Florida Teacher Certification Exam
   The FTCE is a graduation requirement.
   Official scores must be received from students for all
    applicable sections of the FTCE in time for graduation
   Register to take the General Knowledge Test (GKT) prior
    to transferring to UCF at .
Minority Programs in Education and
 Other Scholarship Opportunities

●   MPIE was established to recruit, retain, and induct more culturally diverse
    students into the field of education.
●   Eligible groups: African American/Black, Asian American/Pacific Islander,
    Hispanic/Latino, or Native American/Alaskan
●   Two scholarships available: Minority Teacher Education Scholarship
    ($2,000) or Cracker Barrel Minority Teacher Education Scholarship (for
    Part-Time Students - $1000)

●   Deadlines: Fall – July 1st; Spring – November 15th
●   For more information, please visit
●   All other scholarship information for Education majors can be found at: or the
●    Office of Financial Assistance website
   Teacher Education Assistance for
College and Higher Education (TEACH)
            Grant Program
   Non-need-based grant which provides qualified undergraduate &
    graduate students up to $4,000 per year in grants (to a maximum
    of $16,000 awarded to undergraduate students and $8,000
    awarded to graduate students).

   Qualified students are those who are fully admitted to a College
    of Education high-need education major & agree to teach full
    time in a high-need school & high-need field for a minimum of
    four years within the eight years after finishing the program.

   For more information about the TEACH Grant Program, please
    visit :

Students should:
 Apply early to UCF online
 RSVP for an early
 Expect a group advising
   format at Orientation
 Bring copies of transcripts
   and GKT test scores to
 Be informed and ask
 RSVP for an Advising
   Session each semester
        Transfer Student Checklist

 Apply to UCF early         Take all four parts of the
 RSVP for an early
                              General Knowledge Test
  orientation                 (GKT)
                             Submit official
 Earn A.A degree at a
  Florida public              college/university & high
  institution or complete     school transcripts to UCF
  the UCF GEP                 Undergraduate Admissions
  requirement                Bring transcripts (official or
 Satisfy the Foreign
                              unofficial), proof of GPA &
  Language requirement        official GKT scores to
                              Transfer Orientation
                Office of Student Affairs
       Phone: (407)823-3723 . Email:

                      Located in the Education Complex, Room 110

The Office of Student Affairs consists of:
     Clinical Experiences
     Minority Programs in Education
     Student Services
     Academic Advising Center, ED 175

                     One-Stop Resource for Education Students

   Services Provided:
      Academic Advising
      Certification Information
      Graduation Certification
      Registration Information
      Internship Information
      Scholarship Information
      Transfer Orientation Advisement
      General Academic Information/Questions

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