Parent Statement by t354gt


									                                                                          FA R M I N G T O N
                                             Office of Admission, 60 Main Street, Farmington, CT 06032
                                                              G                         G
                                            860-409-3530 (f)860-409-3531

                                                                  Parent Statement
Student’s name:
                    last                                                              first                         middle          current grade

           street                                                  city                        state or country                 zip or postal code

Current school:

To Parent(s) or Guardian(s):
The Porter’s Admission Committee welcomes any additional information that you feel may be important for us to know as we consider your
daughter for admission.

Is there any reason your daughter may not be able to fully participate in our program?

  Yes      No              If yes, please specify on an additional sheet of paper.

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