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					         Design and Access Statement

       Application for Planning Approval for
Proposed Retail Development, New Street, Pwllheli.

               Prepared by Munro Associates
              Building & Planning Consultants
                     Charlton House
                    Draytons Passage
                         SY1 1HF
                      October 2008
New Street, Pwllheli                                                   Munro Associates
Design and Access Statement                                               October 2008

The Site

The applicant site is situated at the junction between New Street and Penlan Street,
close to the Retail Centre of the town, opposite the site of the Cooperative

The site is bordered by highway footpaths to the South and West and the Taro Deg
Cafe to the East. To the North of the site, the ground levels rise behind retaining
walls to a higher level car park and buildings.

The site is not flat. The footpath levels around the site vary by approximately 2m
across the length of the site, sloping up from the East end of New Street towards the
North end of Penlan Street.

The applicant site is currently occupied by existing buildings which are to be
demolished prior to redevelopment of the site. The existing buildings consist of the
2No. domestic dwellings.      Two storey traditional constructions with slate pitched
roofs, grey rough cast render walls, white Upvc windows.
7No. retail units contained within two separate buildings; a traditionally constructed, 1
and 2 storey building with grey rough cast render walls and a mix of slate pitched
roofs and corrugated metal roofs.
And a more modern, 1 and 3 storey building constructed of brick, stone and smooth
render, with a flat roof and large aluminium windows.
At the west end of the site is a small car park which serves the retail units, accessed
via New Street and Penlan Street.

New Street, Pwllheli                                                  Munro Associates
Design and Access Statement                                              October 2008


The development aims to improve the provision of retail units on this site by replacing
the small mismatching retail units with a purpose built spacious development which
will attract the larger quality retailers.
The site is an existing retail use situated close to the retail centre and as such is a
most suitable location for new retail units.
The proposals will create 4No. new retail units spread over 2 floors of
accommodation, with all units being accessed at street level from either New Street
or Penlan Street.
The applicant has secured Wilkinson Hardware Stores Limited to occupy both floors
of Unit 4 (refer to drawings) and is in negotiations with other retail and leisure
operators to take the remaining units.

To the North of the site, the ground rises steeply and offers nothing to the site in
terms of views or retail opportunity. The building is therefore orientated to face New
Street and Penlan Street.
The proposed building footprint occupies 85% of the site area in order to maximise
the development potential of the site whilst retaining space around the building for
access, maintenance and means of escape.
The main entrance to each of the retail units is positioned at the prominent west end
of the building, which faces the retail centre and is close to the pedestrian crossing
over to the Coop Supermarket.
The “Goods Inwards” door to Unit 4 is located at the east end of the site and is
therefore separated from the customer entrance for reasons of safety, aesthetics and
the practicalities of processing deliveries within the Unit. The Goods Inwards door is
close to the loading bay which is easily accessed via New Street.
The loading bay and subsequent modifications to the highway and footpath have
been designed by a Civil Engineer (Thomas Consulting Limited). The design was
developed in consultation with the Local Authority Highways Department who have
approved the scheme in principal.

The scale of the proposed building is derived by the space and height requirements
of the end user (Wilkinson Hardware Stores Limited) who stipulated the necessary
floor to floor heights for retail and storage areas. The height of the proposed building

New Street, Pwllheli                                                     Munro Associates
Design and Access Statement                                                 October 2008

is comparable to the existing 3 storey building on the site and the Co-op supermarket
opposite the site.

The building has a clean modern aesthetic, consisting of smooth rendered walls,
facing brick and large areas of glazing. The render provides a robust, contemporary
aesthetic appropriate for a coastal location and is not dissimilar to the surrounding
buildings. Render colours are yet to be confirmed but will be selected to complement
the surrounding area.
The West end of the building is semi circular on plan. This curved elevation will
create a striking landmark feature at this prominent junction. The large areas of
glazing will maximise views into and out of units 01 and 02. The glazing will be set
back in the window reveals to accentuate the effect of the large openings.

The site is not flat and the footpath levels rises up around the site. To ensure
inclusive access to all retail units, the floor slab level of each unit will vary to enable
level access to be provided at the entrance to every unit.
The site is located close to the town centre and the public transport terminals. The
site does not offer any space for parking, but is served by 2 large public car parks
within a few minutes walk.