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									                                                                           TFA and IGA Funding Schedule - State and Commonwealth Governments

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Already     Available on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          provided/       passage of
                Item                                Commitment                                                          Purpose/Comments                                                         Total $M   C'wealth $M    State $M   allocated $M    legislation $M
Employment and Training Support          At least $14M and up to $25M       To provide immediate employment and training support for redundant forest workers through Job Services                   25.0           25.0                       25.0
ForestWorks Ltd                          State will provide funding of $15M Provide transition support payments to workers dierctly impacted by the industry restructuring, including                15.0                      15.0          15.0
                                                                            employees of contractors who are made redundant as a result of Gunns Ltd exit from native forest processing.

Rural Alive and Well                     $2M                                Mental health counselling and community wellbeing services for forest workers and contractors, families and               2.0            1.5        0.5            1.0              1.0
                                                                            associated businesses adversely affected by the current forestry industry changes.

Voluntary Exits for Native Forest Haulage, $45M                             For Commonwealth managed Voluntary Exits for Native Forest Haulage, Harvest and Silviculture Contractors.                45.0          45.0                      45.0
Harvest and Silviculture Contractors

Implementation                           $28M                               Commonwealth to provide to the State to implement IGA.                                                                   28.0          28.0                      28.0
High Quality Sawlog buyback              Up to $15M                         Voluntary buyback of contracted volumes of High Quallity Sawlogs to assist in transitioning the industry to a new        15.0          15.0                                       15.0
                                                                            legislated minimum aggregate supply quantity.

Reserve Management                       $7M pa indexed, plus additional    Management of additional reserves (funding is ongoing but only first four years is calculated).                          34.0          34.0                        7.0            27.0
                                         $2M pa from 2014
Economic Diversification Funds           $120M                              To fund regional development projects . $24M worth of projects have already been funded. $2M will be used               115.0         115.0                      24.0             91.0
                                                                            towards the specialty timber study and $3M towards regional sawmillers structural adjustment, with the
                                                                            remaining $91M available to support additional projects.

Regional Sawmillers Structural           UP to $10M                         To assist structural adjustment by regional sawmillers to changing market conditions ($7M of new funding and             10.0          10.0                                       10.0
Adjustment                                                                  $3M from existing economic diversification funding under the IGA).

Employees and Contractors                $20M                               To assist employees and contractors that might be affected by sawmill exits plus those who may have previously           20.0          20.0                                       20.0
                                                                            slipped through the net. This is in addition to ongoing support for workers under the IGA through Job Services
                                                                            Australia .
Manufacturing Innovation and Planation $22.6M                               To assist industry to transition to greater use of plantation timber in the longer term and to encourage                 22.6          16.0         6.6                           22.6
Management                                                                  investment in improved plantation management for sawlog production.

Special Species Timber Study             $2M                                To undertake a Special Species Timber Study (funded from Economic Diversification Funds).                                 2.0            2.0                       2.0
Residues                                 Up to $9M                          For immediate solutions agreed by both governments and examination of future commercial applications and to               9.0            9.0                       1.0              8.0
                                                                            assist investigation and facilitation of environmentally and economically sustainable medium to longer term
                                                                            residue solutions.

Signatory Council + communications +     $7M                                To suport these essential durability elements: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC); certification of Tasmanian public        7.0            3.5        3.5                             7.0
FSC certification + contractor                                              forests; the Special Council and its role in durability monitoring and reporting; a communications program to
accreditation                                                               promote the Agreement and Tasmanian forest products; and a contractor accreditation program.

Rescheduled harvesting                   $4.8M pa ongoing                   To enable harvesting of areas essential for wood supply for industry (funding provided for 3 years).                     14.4                      14.4                           14.4

Transitional funding                     Up to $15M                         For roading, forest practices plans etc related to rescheduling; plus funding for movement of residues from south        15.0                      15.0          15.0
                                                                            to north in short term to FT.

Community Service Obligations            Agreed to be met from              Existing provisions made in State Budget to FT that relate to identified non-commercial activities that
                                         Government revenues                Government funds FT to undertake.

TOTALS                                                                                                                                                                                              379.0         324.0        55.0         163.0            216.0

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