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									     Yo Tube ?
     YouTube ?
     YouTube ?
     So do 123 million other people
             EVERY DAY

Marketing the YouTube Way
YouTube is a video sharing website

                  Time Line

February   Steve, Chad & Jawed begin developing YouTube in
           Chad’s garage

April      The first video is uploaded to YouTube; “Me at the

June       The YouTube site is revamped to add more social
           networking features

December   YouTube is officially launched

                   Time Line

February   NBC requests removal of hundreds of video clips
           from YouTube

April      C-Span requests removal of Stephen Colbert clips,
           then posts them to Google video

June       NBC decides to enter into a promotional partnership
              with YouTube (this was an attempt by YouTube to become
               a provider of mainstream entertainment).

July       YouTube has 16 million viewers daily

August     YouTube starts adding video ads to its home

                     Time Line

September YouTube announces a deal with Warner Brothers
          that would allow music videos from such artists as
          Madonna & Red Hot Chili Peppers
           YouTube announces a deal with Warner Music
              Group to distribute WMG’s music video
              catalog (including music videos, behind-the-
              scenes footage & artist interviews)
           (these deals were intended to attract more advertisers
                - big brands preferred to advertise next to professional
                content rather than amateur productions)

                 Time Line

October   YouTube is acquired by Google for
          $1.65 billion

          Google’s mission – to organize the
                 world’s information and make
                 it universally accessible and

          YouTube benefits from Google’s global reach

Time Line       COUNTRY
                                               Portuguese (Brazil) 
                                                                            LAUNCH DATE
                                                                            June-        2007
                 France                        French                       June-        2007
                 Ireland                       English (Ireland)            June-        2007
                 Italy                         Italian                      June-        2007
            9    Japan                         Japanese                     June-        2007
                 Netherlands                   Dutch                        June-        2007
                 Poland                        Polish                       June-        2007
                 Spain                         Spanish                      June-        2007

 goes            United Kingdom 
                                               English (United Kingdom) 
                                               Spanish (Mexico) 
                                                                            June-        2007
                                                                            October-   2007

global           Hong Kong                     Chinese (Traditional)        October-   2007
            5    Republic of China (Taiwan)    Chinese (Traditional)        October-   2007
                 Australia                     English (Australia)          October-   2007
                 New Zealand                   English (New Zealand)        October-   2007
                 Canada                        English & French (Canada)    November- 2007
            3    Germany                       German                       November- 2007
                 Russia                        Russian                      November- 2007

            1    South Korea                   Korean                       January-    2008
            1    India                         English (India)              May-         2008
            1    Israel                        English                      September-2008
                 Czech Republic                Czech                        October-    2008
                 Sweden                        Swedish                      October-    2008

       Slogan: Broadcast Yourself
                    (This reflects the basic intent of the sites owners)
 Strategy was
based around: User Generated Content (UGC)
                   - Users could join for free
                   - Users would create their own content and upload it
                   - Clips were limited to 10 minutes of playing time
                    (the reason was to keep bandwidth down)
                   (This was a cost effective model because it allowed the users
                   to create the content for the site)

 Initial target
    audience:        - Teenagers             - College students
                     - Hobbyists             - Amateur film-makers
                  To entice these people they came up with a contest which gave away one iPod
                  Nano to a random member each day, which ran for two months.            Contest
                  worked on a point-based system
                                          one point was rewarded for signing up
                                          one for inviting others               The more the
                                                                                points you gained,
                                          one for posting a video               the higher the
                                                                                   chance of winning

Videos: - YouTube videos are accompanied with a piece of HTML
          which can be used to embed the video on pages
          outside of YouTube (like social networking pages and blogs)

        - Most YouTube videos do not allow a download option
          and require the user to view them through the
          YouTube site.

        - June 2008 YouTube changes its policy to allow
          “long form content” to its partners but
          limits the content to 1 GB

Content ID: - Used to identify copyright material uploaded by
              users so companies can choose to either have it:
               a) removed immediately
               b) left on the site and the copyright holder could
                  make money via advertisements (this translates
                   into copyright holders making money from the piracy of their
            - Content ID has been a win-win for everyone
               - users don’t have their videos removed
               - viewers have more videos to watch & choose from
               - YouTube doesn’t have to worry about finding/
                  removing copyright material & lawsuits
               - The copyright holders make money

Revenue:   - Nearly all revenues are generated from ads
             sold to and uploaded by media partners known
             as PVAs (participatory video ads)
           - PVAs display on the side of the screen and can
             be rated, commented on & embedded in blogs
           - PVAs can earn “most viewed”, “most discussed”
             & “top favorite” status just like other videos
           - But only about 4% of videos uploaded to
             YouTube are from media partners

                Why Use YouTube?
— According to Hitwise, YouTube ranks #1 for all online video
  websites ranked by market share of U.S. visits.*

— As of March 2008, YouTube Market share stood at 73.18%.

— Market share was up 32% over March 2007.

— Use of Google to search text websites will also display results for
  videos on YouTube. Result is higher rankings for both - currently
  #1 in their fields!

                      *“Report: YouTube Dominates Video More Than Google Dominates Search”, March 2008
•Every MINUTE, 10 HOURS of video is uploaded to YouTube.
•51% of users go to YouTube weekly or more often.
•52% of 18-34 year olds often share videos with friends and
•YouTube can be uploaded onto other social networking sites such
as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Due to copyright issues,
YouTube cannot upload other social networking site onto its pages.
•YouTube is also a social networking site allowing public and private
•Provides forums for political, social and personal issues.
•Allows for space to convey messages, feedback and personal
opinions on a variety of topics.
•YouTubers act independently but yet collectively.
                                                     *”YouTube Fact Sheet”. June 2008
YouTube – User Engagement
 Visits – May 07 to May 08
                          How Is It Used?
                          When the Boss Is Looking!

                          % How Used for Work

To look at competitors'






                                           “YouTube Report 2009”
                           How to Use YouTube
                            Video Categories
                      Distribution of YouTube Video Categories
Percentage (%)


                            m e
                            Sp y
                          ai sic

                   op ma s


                            Po s

                  av eh s
                         & les

                P e to ces

                            ai s
                          Co ent

                          An IY
                Tr & V itic

                         a v al
                         & og

                        Re abl




                    U n im

                     ow Pla
                    te M


                  ew G
                 ge &
                P e ni

             Au s &

              ad le









                                         “Understanding the Characteristics of Internet Short Video Sharing: YouTube
                                         as a Case Study”. July 25, 2007 Cheng, Xu, et al, School for Computing
                                         Science, Simon Fraser University.
       Using YouTube Successfully
Benefits of YouTube:

•Allows users to create, build and shape the content to fit their
desired environment.

•Engaging Users - applications almost always require another
person to be successful – Social Networking.

•Provide value to the end user – What small problem did it solve?
What’s in it for them?

•Incorporates competitive element.

•Allows user to interact where ever they may be (online or offline).

•Launch connections – business, entertainment, social.
       Using YouTube Successfully
Benefits of YouTube (continued):

•Harness the power of the crowd.

•Data on an epic scale – moves the internet to another level.

•Inspires creativity - breaking traditional barriers in advertising
and awareness among users.

•Video is easier to consume than written text.

•Digital Natives – users spend more time creating and networking
than watching television or reading newspapers.

•Easy to upload, search, manage, interact.

•Name recognition.
             Barriers with YouTube
•Rapid changes in technology create difficulties in maintaining
copyright laws.

•Freedoms are limited in countries outside the U.S. – leaders,
religion, gender, speech content.

•YouTube’s Community Guidelines list cause for removal of videos –

        Sex and Nudity                  Privacy
        Copyright                       Harassment
        Shocking and Disgusting         Impersonation
        Dangerous Illegal Acts          Hate Speech
        Threats                         Children
             Barriers with YouTube
•Due to increased need for broadband width, some businesses,
universities, institutions and private usage have difficulty with
downloading video.

•YouTube’s popularity is also becoming its detriment. More
bandwidth decreases speed. Again, need for increased technology.

•Some popular domain    names do not belong to the corporations,
but to individuals.
         McDonald’s     David Bowie     Microsoft
         BMW            Coca Cola       Yahoo
         MTV            Volkswagon      IBM

43% of users click on a name to view the channel.
                Who Are YouTubers?
BIG Business * Small business * Artists * Actors * Students * Bands * Realtors *
Professionals * Car Manufacturers * Politicians * Senior Citizens * Teachers *
Corporations * Courts * Amateurs * Security * Attorneys * Kim Kardashian *
Doctors *Gardeners * Athletes * Investigators * Ministers * Parents * Landscapers
* Movie Trailers * Librarians * Dentists * Fireman * Museum Curators * Designers
* Rabbis * Choreographers * Housewives * Mailmen * Engineers * Shoppers *
Travelers * Scientists * Carpenters * Singers * Dancers * Teenagers * Salespeople *
Electricians * Travel Agents * Dog Groomers * Architects * Farmers * Accountants
* Restaurants * Photographers * Consignment Stores * Stylists * Churches *
Snowboarders * Supermarkets * Jewelers * Gymnasts * Department Stores *
Associations * Collectors * Animal Trainers * People Who Are Bored * Psychics *
Homeland Security * CDC * POTUS * Do It Yourselfers * Comedians * Musicians *
Truckers * Fairs * State Parks * Swimming Pool Dealers * Book Reviewers *
Surgeons * Counselors * Magazines *Jon Gosselin * Caterers * Furniture Sales * Al
Qaeda * Yellow Pages * Florists * Hotels * Maid Service * Insurance * Schools *
Magicians * Brokers * Tattoo Artists * Video Gamers * Banks * Service
Announcements * Consultants * Decorators * Apartment Managers * to be cont’d…
  YouTube – US Users Demographics
                Sales                                          Gender
      1st Qtr   2nd Qtr   3rd Qtr                            Male         Female
      4th Qtr



23%                             59%

                                       “YouTube U.S. Demographics.” Quantcast, May 2008.
           YouTube – US Household
   Household Income                                      Education
                                              No College                  College
  $0-30k                                      Grad School

 $30-60k                                        13%


 $100k+                            40%

           0   10   20   30   40
                                   “YouTube U.S. Demographics.” Quantcast, May 2008.
Who Are YouTubers?
      YouTube is currently available in 19
      regions across the globe and multiple

      Countries: United States, Japan,
      United Kingdom, Italy, Spain,
      Netherlands, Ireland, France, Poland,
      Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia,
      Hong Kong, Taiwan, New Zealand,
      Germany, Russia and Korea

      Languages: English (US and UK),
      Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian,
      French, Spanish, Dutch, Polish,
      Portuguese, Chinese (traditional),
             Where is YouTube
Uploads by Language      Uploads by Country

English          48.1%   USA                             34.5%
Spanish          13.6%   UK                              6.9%
Dutch            3.9%    Philippines                     3.9%
German           2.9%    Turkey                          3.4%
Portuguese       2.9%    Spain                           3.4%
                         Canada                          3.0%
                         Germany                         2.6%
                         France                          2.6%
                         Mexico                          2.6%
                         Australia                       2.6%

Competitors  Launch Date Ownership                  Services Provided                 Availability 
                          Privately held by Accel   Similar to other video sharing 
Metacafe                                            websites but what 
                   Jul-02 Parners, Benchmark Capital,                                 English and Spanish 
                         DAG Ventures, and          differentiates Metacafe from 
                         Highland Capital Partners  other competitors is its           
                                                    duplication elimination, 
                                                    community member review            
                                                    panel, VideoRank, and Wiki-
                                                    editing metadata                   
                                                    Used as an on-line video hosting  Arabic, Chinese (traditional), 
Flickr             Feb-04Owned by Yahoo!Inc.        website with a                    English (original), French, 
                                                    on-line community platform.       German, Italian, Korean, 
                                                    Service is recognized for         Portuguese, and Spanish 
                                                    its wide use of bloggers as a 
                                                    photo repository where             
                                                    users post photos from their 
                                                    cameras or PCs to their            

                                                    accounts for blogging purposes.  
                                                    Geared towards providing a       Localized for Australia, Canada, 
Google Video       Jan-05Owned by Google            large archive of free            Peoples Republic of 
                                                    searchable videos, aims to       China, France, Germany, Italy, 
                                                    distribute commercial and        Netherlands, Poland, 
                                                    professional media, educational 
                                                    discourses, as well              Spain, UK and USA
                                                    as media companies that 
                                                    provide content for purchase       
Competitors   Date  Ownership                        Services Provided              Availability 
                       Major Investors include Time Internet service that allows    Controversially made 
Veoh            Feb-07 Warner, Michael              users to find and view          services unavailable to most 
                       Eisner's Tornante Company,  major studio content from        markets (i.e. Africa, Asia, 
                       Spark Capital, Intel,        such providers as CBS, ABC,     Central and South America, 
                                                    the WB, US Weekly and TV        and Central and Eastern 
                       and Goldman Sachs            Guide, independent              Europe  
                                                    productions are available as 
                                                    well as user generated           
                       Owned by NBC Universal        Offers commercial supported  Content only available in US 
Hulu            Mar-07 (27%), Fox                    streaming video of              due to cited licensing 
                       Entertainment (27%), ABC      tv shows and movies from NBC, 
                       Inc (27%), and                Fox, ABC (including             reasons. 
                       Providence Equity Partners    the Disney Group), provides 
                       (19%)                         videos in Flash Video            
                                                     format and high definition 
                                                     format of 480p, provides         
                                                     web syndication of services for 
                                                     AOL, MSN, MySpace                
                                                     Facebook, Yahoo!, and 
     You Tube vs. Facebook
What is the wiser marketing venue?
                                               3 to 11
 25%                                           12 to 17
 20%                                           18 to 34
 15%                                           35 to 49
 10%                                           50+

                   Top 10 of the
              100 Best Global Brands
                                       2009 Brand     2008 Brand     Percent 
                                          value          value       change        Country of 
Rank 2009   Rank 2008      Employer     ($millions)    ($millions)     (%)         Ownership

   1           1        Coca-Cola           68,734         66,667     0.03            U.S.

   2           2        IBM                 60,211         59,031     0.02            U.S.

   3           3        Microsoft           56,647         59,007     -0.04           U.S.

   4           4        GE                  47,777         53,086     -0.1            U.S.

   5           5        Nokia               34,864         35,942     -0.03          Finland

   6           8        McDonald's          32,275         31,049     0.04            U.S.

   7           10       Google              31,980         25,590     0.25            U.S.

   8           6        Toyota              31,330         34,050     -0.08          Japan

   9           7        Intel               30,636         31,261     -0.02           U.S.

   10          9        Disney              28,447         29,251     -0.03           U.S.
                    The Virtue
                 Top Social Brands
— Established to help bring credibility and clarity to this emerging
  social media space
— The Vitrue 100 is the result of Vitrue’s daily analysis of over 2,000
  popular brands
— Each day, Vitrue analyzes the online conversations on a variety of
  social networking, blogging, microblogging, photo and video
  sharing sites
— The Vitrue SMI calculates scores about the brand’s social
— A series of algorithms are applied to reflect the frequency of usage,
  the size of the social media environment, and the magnitude of
  the conversation.
— The result is a single numeric score for each brand: the Vitrue
  Social Media Index (SMI).
— The two most common uses are:
  1. Tracking movement of a single brand over time
  2. Comparing a brand with its competitors, either at an
       individual point in time or over a period of weeks or months
— The changing world of online conversations results in significant
  movements up and down for brands
                 The Virtue
              Top Social Brands
CNN               Sharp                 Jeep                          Porche
Apple             Lincoln                                             Ebay
Disney            NBA                   Netflix                       Intel
Xbox              Pepsi                 Nascar                        IBM
Starbucks         General Motors        Suzuki                        VH1
iPod              McDonald’s                                          MLB
                                        Red Bull                      Cisco
MTV               General Electric      Wendy’s                       Oracle
Sony              Walmart               Burger King                   Saturn
Dell              NFL                   Volkswagen                    Sprite
Microsoft         Mercedes                                            Subaru
                                        REI                           Adidas
Ford              BMW                   Nissan                        BP
Nintendo          Samsung               T-Mobile                      AMC
Target            Nike                  Verizon                       Chili’s
PlayStation       Subway                                              The Gap
                                        Macy’s                        Capital One
Mac               Dodge                 AT&T                          Hyatt
Turner            Pandora               Guess                         Costco
Hewlett-Packard   CBS                   Victoria’s Secret             KFC
Fox News          Mercury                                             Adult Swim
                                        Walt Disney World             Jet Blue
BlackBerry        NBC                   Audi                          Taco Bell
ABC               Disneyland            TBS                           Converse
Coke                   Cartoon Network               Sirius
LG                Toyota                                              Puma
                                        IKEA                          Sears
Best Buy          Cadillac              SEGA
Honda             Chevy                 Kia
     Yo Tube ?
     YouTube ?
     YouTube ?
     So do 123 million other people
             EVERY DAY

Marketing the YouTube Way
— Local rock band from Frankfort, KY

— Interviewed Chad Hupp

— Target Market: young to old, poor to rich

— Do not use social media as a way to market the band, but more
  so as a way to keep in contact with fans.

— Secured fan base in Frankfort, Lexington, and Louisville

— Band still hand delivers demo cd’s for promotional purposes.

— Real Estate Industry
— RE/MAX International oversees a network of more than 100,000
  agents in more than 65 countries with more than 7,000 offices
— RE/MAX is a clear leader in the real estate markets in Europe, USA,
  Canada and most competitive markets worldwide
— RE/MAX target and motto is to “Enable Everyone to Win”
— RE/MAX is the only real estate company in the world that has had
  the privilege to be included in the book “50 Companies That
  Changed the World”.
        Kentucky State Government

— ‘About Kentucky’ Weekly Commentary

— Target Market: 4,269,245 Residents and 267,000 Employees of
  Kentucky 18+

— Service provides up to date information of political agendas,
  educational material, resources available, and hot topics within
  the state.

— Cost efficient mean of providing widespread continuous
The End

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