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									What Region of Georgia is
shown on the map below?
              A.   Costal Plain
              B.   Piedmont
              C.   Valley and Ridge
              D.   Appalachian
What is the main reason an
entrepreneur would start
their own business?

A. Make a profit
B. Increase interest rates
C. Increase their income tax
D. Create additional revenue sources for
   state and federal governments
What effect did Mary
Musgrove have on the early
development of Georgia?
A. She wrote letters to the colonists to
   keep their spirits up
B. She worked in a factory that made
   clothing for the colonists
C. She served as an interpreter
   between Oglethorpe and Tomochichi
D. She waged a war against the early
   Georgia colonists
Who was the FIRST explorer to
enter present-day Georgia?

A. Ferdinand Magellan
B. Ponce de Leon
C. Hernando de Soto
D. Francisco Pizarro
Georgia’s first settlement was
made near the present city of..

A. Athens.
B. Atlanta.
C. Macon.
D. Savannah.
 The first step in the juvenile
 justice process is…

A. a probable cause hearing.
B. an adjudicatory hearing.
C. a dispositional hearing.
D. the juvenile is taken into custody (intake).
Georgia was NOT settled in
order to provide……
A. a defensive border between British
   Carolina (South Carolina) and Spanish
B. more land and power for Great
C. a place to offer religious freedom.
D. a short route to the West Indies.
The removal of the
Cherokee from Georgia is
remembered as the
A.   Long Journey Home
B.   Trail of Tears
C.   Trail to the West
D.   Indian Trail Journey
Why were people from
Africa brought to Georgia?

A.   To   help fight off enemies
B.   To   produce silk
C.   To   start a colony
D.   To   perform labor on plantations
What was the name of
Roosevelt’s program to fight
the Depression?

A.   The   TVA
B.   The   CCC
C.   The   Economic Stimulus Plan
D.   The   New Deal
Which Amendment
outlawed slavery?

A.   12th
B.   13th
C.   14th
D.   15th
What happened to Leo Frank after
his trial?

  A. He was sentenced and put to death.
  B. He was taken from jail and lynched.
  C. He spent the rest of his life in prison.
  D. He was found guilty, but was later
The infamous Confederate prisoner of
war camp during the Civil War was
located near what Georgia city

   A. Savannah
   B. Atlanta
   C. Louisville
   D. Andersonville
Which statement BEST describes a “land grant
university,” such as the University of

     A. The college was established as an
        agricultural college to improve farming.
     B. The college was a public university with
        free tuition to state residents.
     C. The land for the college was donated by
        the federal government.
     D. The land could not be used for any
        purpose other than a college.
Who was credited with taking
the first steps toward helping
the Cherokee to read by
developing a written

  A. Elias Boudinot
  B. Sequoyah
  C. John Ross
  D. Alexander McGillivray
Between 1789 and 1840, which
two large church denominations
spread across Georgia?

A. Methodist and Baptist.
B. Baptist and Jewish.
C. Episcopal and Methodist.
D. Episcopal and Catholic.
All the records from the Yazoo land
fraud were burned in public in
Georgia’s capital city of

  A. Savannah.
  B. Louisville.
  C. Atlanta.
  D. Athens.
Who was one of the two first
African Americans to be admitted
to the University of Georgia?

  A. Charlayne Hunter
  B. Maynard Jackson
  C. Rosa Parks
  D. Andrew Young
What is the main goal of special-
purpose governments?

A. to bring government closer to the
B. to provide a single (special) service to
   the citizens of an area
C. to save taxpayers money
D. to consolidate services
Which Union general led the “March
to the Sea,” which devastated much
of Georgia on a path from
Atlanta to Savannah?

   A. William T. Sherman
   B. John M. Schofield
   C. William S. Rosecrans
   D. Ulysses S. Grant
What was the main agricultural
product grown in Georgia
throughout the 1800’s?
A. Rice
B. Tobacco
C. Cotton
D. Corn
What effect did the
development of Eli
Whitney’s cotton gin have
on Georgia?
A.   There was growing dependence on
B.   There was growing dependence on
C.   Distinct social classes formed
D.   All of the above
Many local governments need
funds in order to operate. How
do states generate that
A.   They require monthly donations to certain
B.   They impose taxes and fees on local residents
C.   They look to the federal government for
D.   They hold fundraisers to raise money for
     different government sectors
What is the primary function of Georgia’s
Legislative Branch, known as the General

   A. Make laws for the state of Georgia
   B. Interpret laws for the state of Georgia
   C. Enforce Laws for the state of Georgia
   D. Veto proposed laws
     What effect did the 1996
     Olympic Games have on
A.   Generated large amounts of money for the city
     of Atlanta and the state of Georgia and
     showed the rest of the world that the city had
     a first class transportation system and facilities
     to accommodate such an important event
B.   It proved that the economy in the South had
C.   It showed that even though it was the smallest
     Olympics in history, it gave the city an
     economic boost
D.   Atlanta was widely considered to be the worst
     host city for the Olympics
Most of Georgia’s revenue
goes to provide

A. interest.
B. new roads.
C. services for its citizens.
D. salaries for government employees.
Georgia is divided into five
regions. Which region is an
area of gently rolling hills,
usually located near the base
of a nearby mountain range?
  A.   The   Coastal Plain
  B.   The   Piedmont
  C.   The   Appalachian Mountains
  D.   The   outer Coastal Plain
Which power of Georgia’s
governor is NOT included in
the state constitution?

A. signing bills from the legislature into law
B. serving as commander-in-chief of the
   Georgia National Guard
C. preparing an annual budget for
   consideration by the General Assembly
D. representing Georgia in meetings with
   federal officials or other state’s governors
What river forms the
boundary between Georgia
and South Carolina and is
shown on the map below?
             A.   Chattahoochee River
             B.   Savannah River
             C.   Mississippi River
             D.   Blue Ridge River
Which voting qualification was designed
to prevent African Americans from

   A. literacy test
   B. party affiliation
   C. identification number
   D. residency requirement
What did de Soto’s soldiers bring
to the Americans that proved
disastrous to Native Americans

A.   Horses
B.   European diseases, such as small pox
     and malaria, that Native Americans
     had no immunity
C.   Exotic foods
D.   A new monetary system
What impact did the boll
weevil beetle have on
Georgia’s farmers?
A.   Cotton crops dropped by almost 75
B.   Many farmers moved to nearby
     towns to work in textile mills
C.   Some farmers moved north to look
     for work in the industrial cities there
D.   All of the Above
The term separation of powers refers to the
designation of certain powers to

   A. the federal government and certain
      powers to the state government.
   B. each of the three branches of the
   C. state and municipal government.
   D. the people.
Which statement does NOT explain
how a good transportation
network provides jobs?

   A. It creates markets outside the area.
   B. It makes it easier to travel to work.
   C. It increases the need for truck
   D. It increases the number of local
Which issue did Eugene Talmadge

  A. integration
  B. states’ rights
  C. the New Deal
  D. white supremacy
How old must a person be to
vote in Georgia today?

A. 16
B. 18
C. 21
D. 25
Which statement does NOT describe the
North’s position on states’ rights?

 A. States should obey the laws passed by
 B. All political decisions should be made to
    benefit the entire country.
 C. The interests of the national government
    should take precedence over the states.
 D. Politicians from states like Maine or New
    York cannot relate to the needs of states
    like Georgia and South Carolina.
If someone asked you what
region of the United States
you lived in, what would be
your response?

A.   Southwestern
B.   Northeastern
C.   Southeastern
D.   Northwestern
Prior to European contact, the
correct order of the evolution of
Native American cultures is:

  A.   Archaic, Woodland, Paleo, Mississippian
  B.   Woodland, Mississippian, Paleo, Archaic
  C.   Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, Mississippian
  D.   Mississippian, Woodland, Archaic, Paleo
What items, which Great Britain
had to import from France, Russia,
and Spain, did Oglethorpe promise
to produce in Georgia

  A.   White potatoes, yams, and corn
  B.   Wheat, rice, and wine
  C.   Tropical fruit and spices
  D.   Cotton, dyes, and silk
What effect did the end of the
French and Indian War have on

A.   It had no effect on Georgia
B.   It allowed Georgia to grow
C.   It established peace with Spanish
D.   It gave Britain all of North America
     west of the Mississippi River
When fighting broke out in
Georgia in March 1776 it
marked the end of what?

A.   The 2nd Continental Congress
B.   The Patriot’s Control
C.   Royal Period of Georgia’s Government
D.   The Council of Safety and
Three delegates from Georgia
signed the Declaration of
Independence. They included all
the following Except:

A.   Button Gwinnett
B.   Austin Dabney
C.   George Walton
D.   Lyman Hall
What city became Georgia’s
capital after Augusta?

A. Atlanta
B. Albany
C. Savannah
D. Louisville
     What did President Lincoln do
     after the Union’s success at the
     Battle of Antietam?
A.   He declared the war was over and the
     North had won
B.   He signed the Emancipation Proclamation
     that made all slaves in rebellious states
     forever free
C.   He stated that slaves everywhere were
D.   He allowed the South back into the Union
In order to keep freedmen from
participating in the political system
and society, secret organizations of
whites formed. Which of the
following organizations was
considered the most dangerous to
African Americans?

A.   The Ku Klux Klan
B.   The White League
C.   Union Leagues
D.   Nights of Mary Phagan
     Georgia's Constitution of 1877 put
     the county unit system in place.
     What effect did this new system
     have on Georgia’s counties?

A.   It gave rural counties an advantage in
     elections to the state legislative because now
     counties with the greatest population would
     not control the legislature
B.   It gave urban counties an advantage I
     elections to the state legislature
C.   It ensured that counties with the population
     would be in control of the legislature
D.   It did not favor one county over the other
What decision was reached n
Plessy v. Ferguson?

A.   Separate but equal facilities were illegal
B.   Public places must be open to all races
C.   Separate but equal facilities were
D.   The Supreme Court would not tolerate
     Three systems of beliefs
     contributed to WWI. Which of the
     three belief systems defines the
     strong sense of pride or loyalty
     Europeans felt toward their

A.   Imperialism
B.   Nationalism
C.   Militarism
D.   Isolationism
How did the rural electrification
help families in the rural areas of
Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and
North Carolina?

A.   It provided them with electricity, by giving
     loans to build power lines
B.   It formed a partnership with the private
     power companies to provide them with
C.   It put an end to privately owned electric
D.   It regulated the price of electricity
     How did the restaurant owner,
     Lester Maddox respond to the
     passing of the Civil Rights Act?
A.   He complied with the act and served all
B.   He complied somewhat with the act, he
     served African Americans but only at the
C.   He publicly accepted the act, but
     privately refused to serve AA
D.   He publicly refused to served AA and
     later closed his restaurant rather than
Which term describes a city
with its own government?

A. megalopolis
B. municipality
C. town
D. village
Use the chart below to answer the
following question: The largest source
of Georgia’s income comes from?
                   A. fees.
                   B. sales taxes.
                   C. the lottery.
                   D. state income taxes.
Use the chart below to answer the following
question: What percent of Georgia’s revenue
comes from sources other than income or
sales taxes?

                       A. 10 percent
                       B. 15 percent
                       C. 20 percent
                       D. 25 percent
What are the dominant political
parties in Georgia today?

A. Independent, Democratic, and
B. Federalist and Democratic-Republican
C. Republican and Independent
D. Democratic and Republican
What right is NOT given to United
States citizens in the U.S.

  A. freedom of religion
  B. the right to a fair trial
  C. the right to bear arms
  D. the right to an education
Which is NOT a legal
responsibility of citizenship?

A. paying taxes to the state and national
B. serving on a jury to determine guilt or
C. mandatory service in one of the
   branches of the US military
D. obeying the laws and paying fines
What is the process by which a person from
another country can become
an American citizen?

A. emigration
B. immigration
C. naturalization
D. nationalization
Which person CANNOT
vote in Georgia?

A. a naturalized citizen
B. a person who is blind
C. a person over the age of 90
D. a person serving a sentence for a
Which requirement is NOT
necessary to vote in Georgia?

A. a resident of Georgia and the county
   in which you are voting
B. a registered member of a political
C. 18 years of age before the election
D. a citizen of the United States
The geography theme that describes how
humans use, affect, and
are affected by their environment
is known as

   A. regions
   B. location
   C. movement
   D. human/environmental interaction
Which is NOT a type of
account offered by banks?

A. checking
B. stock market
C. money market
D. savings
What is an advantage of a
savings account over a checking

A. Savings accounts provide more protection
   for your money.
B. Savings accounts can be used to guarantee
C. Savings accounts pay a higher rate of
D. Savings accounts are easier to acquire.
What did the 14th
amendment guarantee?

A.   The right for ex-slaves to vote
B.   Citizenship to all persons
C.   Citizenship and equal rights to all
     persons born in the US, except Native
D.   Citizenship and equal rights to all
     persons born in the US
How long is the term of a member
of the Georgia state supreme

A. 2 years
B. 4 years
C. 6 years
D. 8 years
What is NOT part of due

A. the right to a speedy public trial
B. the right to be free on bail before a
C. the right to have a lawyer present
   during questioning
D. the right to remain silent so as not to
   incriminate oneself
How many justices serve on the
Georgia state supreme court?

A. 5
B. 7
C. 9
D. 11
Besides the boll weevil, Georgia
cotton farmers have been hurt
primarily by

A. tornadoes.
B. droughts.
C. frosts.
D. fires.
What are the most serious
criminal crimes called?

A. misdemeanors
B. insurrections
C. felonies
D. tort
Delinquent juveniles are
those who
A. commit traffic offenses.
B. are neglected or abused by parents or
C. are under seventeen years of age and who
    commit acts that would be crimes if they
    were committed by adults.
D. are under eighteen years of age and who
    commit acts that would not be considered
    crimes if they were committed by adults
In a dispositional hearing, the

  A. determines the punishment.
  B. determines guilt or innocence.
  C. advises the juvenile of his/her rights.
  D. hears the charges against the
What is NOT a method of
solving conflicts peacefully?

A. collaboration
B. compromise
C. mediation
D. war
What is the maximum number of consecutive
years that a Georgia
governor may serve as the state’s
chief executive officer

A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 10
The purpose of the Georgia
constitution is to

A. ensure freedom, liberty, justice, peace, and
   happiness for all of the citizens of Georgia.
B. administer those rights assigned to the
   states by the U.S. Constitution.
C. make laws, enforce laws, and collect
   revenue for Georgia’s citizens.
D. protect and benefit all the people of
How many articles are in
Georgia’s state constitution?

A. 8
B. 11
C. 13
D. 15
To whom does the Georgia constitution give
the right to control the government?

   A. politicians
   B. legislature
   C. governor
   D. voters
Which qualification is NOT a
requirement to be elected governor of
A. A governor must be at least 30 years old
   before taking office in Georgia.
B. A governor must be a resident of Georgia
   for at least 6 years prior to taking office.
C. A governor must have an advanced degree
   or advanced education prior to taking
D. A governor must have been a citizen of the
   U.S. for at least 15 years prior to taking
What are two ways the Georgia constitution
and the United States Constitution are

   A. They are the same length.
   B. They both have preambles and a bill
      of rights.
   C. They both focus on city and county
   D. They have been amended the same
      number of times.
According to the system of checks and
balances, the judicial branch does NOT have
the power to

   A. appoint state judges.
   B. declare a law unconstitutional.
   C. declare acts of the governor
   D. prevent executive acts through
      issuing injunctions
Which is NOT a requirement to
serve in the Georgia senate?

  A. must be at least 30 years old
  B. must be a citizen of the United States
  C. must be a citizen of Georgia for at
     least two years
  D. must be a resident of the district you
Which is NOT a requirement to serve in
the Georgia house of representatives?

A. must be at least 21 years old
B. must be a citizen of the United States
C. must be a natural born citizen of
D. must be a resident of the district from
   which elected for one year
How many legislators serve in Georgia’s
house of representatives?

  A. 100
  B. 145
  C. 180
  D. 200
How many people serve in the
Georgia’s state senate?

  A. 56
  B. 60
  C. 65
  D. 70
What is the correct sequence for a
bill to become a law?
  1. The bill is assigned to a committee.
  2. Copies of bills are given to the
  3. The governor may sign the bill.
  4. The bill is sent to full chamber.

A. 2-1-4-3
B. 1-2-4-3
C. 2-4-1-3
D. 4-2-1-3
Which statement BEST describes
Georgia’s transportation
infrastructure today?
A. Georgia has a strong transportation infrastructure
   including over 1,200 miles of interstate highways, over
   5,000 miles of railroad track, and over 260 airports.
B. Georgia has been held back because it has less than
   1,000 miles of interstate, 12,000 miles of federal and
   state high ways, and only 8 regional airports.
C. Georgia has a weak transportation structure because
   there are limited interstate highways, federal and state
   highways, and less than 2,500 miles of railroad tracks.
D. Georgia has an outstanding transportation infrastructure
   involving over 25,000 miles of state and federal
   highways, over 1,500 miles of interstate, and over 320
The term that means to “redraw
the boundaries of election districts”

  A. realignment.
  B. reapportionment.
  C. reconstruction.
  D. redistricting.
Which international business did
NOT have its beginnings in

  A. Coca-Cola
  B. Delta Airlines
  C. Home Depot
  D. Microsoft
What was the ruling of the U.S.
Supreme Court in Brown v. Board of

A. Schools would be segregated and kept
B. The separate-but-equal policy was
C. Black schools would get more money for
   books and teachers.
D. Blacks could only attend white schools if
   there was space available.
Which term best describes Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr.’s methods for bringing
about social change?

   A. unity.
   B. democracy.
   C. compromise.
   D. nonviolence.
Which was NOT given as a reason
for changing the Georgia state flag
of 1956 by those who opposed it?

   A. It represented the past instead of
      looking toward the future.
   B. It damaged Georgia’s tourist industry.
   C. It was hard for students to draw.
   D. It was a symbol of slavery
In what area did Herman Talmadge
make his greatest contributions as

A. attracting new business
B. voting rights
C. tax reform
D. education
The purpose of the Sibley
Commission was to

A. study the problem of school integration.
B. develop a plan for securing jobs for blacks.
C. set up a series of meetings to bring blacks
    and whites together.
D. make recommendations for desegregation
    in public transportation
Who was the first black
mayor of Atlanta?

A. Hamilton Holmes
B. Maynard Jackson
C. Sam Massell
D. Andrew Young
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a
Dream” speech is associated with

A. the Montgomery bus boycott.
B. the march on Washington, D.C.
C. his “Letter from the Birmingham Jail.”
D. a eulogy given at the funeral of
   Martin Luther King, Sr.
Andrew Young helped establish
“citizenship schools,” which taught

A. young blacks their rights of citizenship.
B. nonviolent organizing strategies to potential
C. the art of campaigning to black potential
    political leaders.
D. the basic principles found in the U.S.
    Constitution to high school students.
Which was NOT a cause of the
Great Depression?

  A. borrowing more money than could be
  B. speculating in the stock market
  C. overproducing farm products
  D. failing to save money
How did laissez-faire cause the
depression to be worst in American
  A. The United States gave businesses too
     many loans.
  B. The United States overextended its trade
  C. The United States government encouraged
     people to invest in the stock market.
  D. The United States government did not do
     anything to help solve the country’s
     economic problems.
Which New Deal program was responsible
for such projects in Georgia as Roosevelt
State Park in Pine Mountain, Tybee Island’s
seawall, Augusta’s Savannah River Levee,
and Macon’s airport?

The racial unrest brought about by the Leo
Frank case resulted in the creation of a
chapter of the Ku Klux Klan who called
themselves the Knights of

  A. Columbus.
  B. Leo Frank.
  C. Mary Phagan.
  D. Stone Mountain.
The immediate cause of the riot
that occurred in Atlanta in 1906
was the
A. the killing of a black family.
B. blacks being denied the right to vote.
C. the election of Hoke Smith as governor.
D. stories of black violence against whites in
   the Atlanta newspapers.

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