Township Annexation

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					Township Annexation
Committee Investigation

Cities We Contacted • Salt Lake City • Holladay • Murray • Taylorsville • South Salt Lake City

Determine Current Annexation Plans

Learn More About City Services And Taxes
• Which Cities Self Provide Which Services? • Which Cities Contract Services? • Costs Involved • The Role Of Franchise And Energy Taxes

Who We Contacted
Mayors, Mayor’s Staff, City Managers, Councilman

• • • • • •

Mayor Gray Mayor Wall Mayor Snarr Randy Fitts CM Councilman Pace Ben McAdams, Staff

South Salt Lake Taylorsville Murray Holladay Holladay Salt Lake City

Annexation Plans
• Two City Plans Include Whole Township. The Balance of City Plans Are Piecemeal Annexations.

South Salt Lake Annexation Plan
• Includes Entire Township • Will Rename The City To Millcreek

Salt Lake City Annexation Plan
• Includes Entire Township • Or Includes Any Part Of The Township

Holladay Annexation Plan
• Will Accept Petitions From Contiguous Areas • Current Interests: • The Parcel Bounded by 27th East To Wasatch Blvd.39th South To 45th South. • The Parcel Bounded by 45th South To Murray Holladay Rd And Highland Drive To 13th East.

Murray Annexation Plan
• The Portion Of Millcreek Community Council Area That Is: • South of 39th South And West of 13th East

Taylorsville Annexation Plan
• Taylorsville Is Not Interested In Annexing Any Part Of Millcreek Township. • Taylorsville Is Willing To Annex Kearns In Its Entirety.

Annexation Committee Conclusions

Annexation Of The Whole Township
• It Became Evident Early That Piece Meal Annexation Of The Township Would Be Detrimental. • How Important Millcreek Community Council Is To The Millcreek Township. • A Piece Meal Annexation Of, Or Part Of Millcreek Community Council, Would Be Detrimental To Millcreek Township.

Annexation And Representation
• Millcreek Township Has One Representative On The County Council. • City Council Seats Are Districted By Population • When Annexing Into A Larger City: Representation Increases Based On Population But Remains A Minority Position. • When Annexing Into A Smaller City: • Representation Based On Population, Becomes Equivalent To An Incorporation.

Self Provided and Contracted Municipal Services
• Surrounding Cities Have A Mixture Of Contracted And Self Provided Services. • Cities That Self Provided Fire, Police And Public Works Services Did So At A Significant Savings And Had More Control. • Cities That Contracted Services With The County Or Other Entities Also Reduced Costs While Gaining Control Through The Contract Process.

Franchise And Energy Taxes
• Franchise Taxes Used By Cities To Spread Costs Across The Population Not Just Property Owners. • Franchise And Energy Taxes As A Result Delay And Reduce Property Tax Increases.

Salt Lake City Annexation Of Millcreek Township
• Advantages: • More Representation For Tax Dollars Than County Government. • More Representation In The Legislature • More Money Spent On Services • Disadvantages: • Not As Much Representation As Incorporation Or Annexing To A Smaller City • Property tax increase

South Salt Lake Annexation
• A Larger Incorporation Of A New Millcreek But Via An Annexation Process. • Population Based City Council Districts Would Represent Millcreek Township Community Council Areas And South Salt Lake. • South Salt Lake Self Provides Municipal Services(Police, Fire, Public Works) At A Lower Cost And Better Coverage Than Salt Lake County.

South Salt Lake Annexation
• No Real Disadvantages, Rather Obstacles: • Public Misconception Of The Annexation: • People Unaware Of City Name Change To Millcreek. • The Petition Process.