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Tossups by lonyoo


									AXD 2005
Tossups for Rochester Griffyndor and Rochester Slytherin by Fred Bush, Kaeti Stoss, Andrew Boardman, Brian Furniss, Ben Schmitt, Sid Parameswaran, Joyce Hora, Zak Feder, Jon Widawski with way too much editing than should have been needed by Mike Burger and Craig Barker FIRST PERIOD – Fifty-or-nothing bonuses in effect 1. After dropping out of high school, he lived out of a camper with his entire family while they worked as security guards. Rodney Dangerfield hired him at the Comedy Store in 1979, which led to roles in (*) Once Bitten, Peggy Sue Got Married, and Earth Girls Are Easy, which led to Damon Wayans bringing him into the In Living Color fold. For 10 points-name the rubber-faced comedian who starred in The Mask and Man in the Moon. Answer: Jim Carrey "You, You work all night. And when you work you don't feel all right. And when. When things stop feeling all right (*) (all right). And everything is all right 'Cos we will never listen to your rules. NO! We will never lose control. NO! Know what we want and we get it from you. Do what we like and we like what we do. So let's get a party going." For 10 points--name the title action advocated in this song by Andrew W. K. Answer: "Party Hard" 3. HillValley, the pharmaceutical capital of the world, has a glowing meteor, various toxins in the water and air, and unusual residents. Bob has no arms or legs. (*) Biff and Chip are conjoined twins who share three butt cheeks. Beth is completely normal other than the penis-like growth coming out of the top of her head. Voiced by the Sklar Brothers, Jean Smart, and Will Ferrell--for 10 points--what is the surname of this cartoon family and their creator, Angus? Answer: Oblong (Accept "The Oblongs" until question asks for the family name. After Joe Allen funded his education at the French Culinary Institute at the age of 17 (*), he became interested in indigenous southwest American food. Training at New York's Miracle Grill for three years, he opened his own restaurant in 1991 while his second restaurant, Bolo, opened in 1993. Currently, one of the three Iron Chef Americas--for 10 points--name this Mesa Grill executive chef also seen on Food Network's Hot off the Grill. Answer: Bobby Flay Drafted in the fifth round of the 1988 amateur draft by the Atlanta Braves, in 1997 the Chicago Cubs traded (*) him to the New York Mets, where he would see action in consecutive post-seasons . Spending most of 2004 with Colorado on the DL, his biggest news may have been his open implication that Barry Bonds was on steroids. For 10 points--name this right-handed reliever, best known for his dugout tooth brushing habit. Answer: [Steven John] "Turk" Wendell 6. The company's founder, Frank, was responsible for the creation of the city of Paramount, CA. The "Grasshopper" version lays down the turf at (*) football stadiums while the "Astro" sucks up water. The most famous version of this product first retailed for $5,000 in 1949, and is still hand-assembled at plants in Paramount and Zurich, Switzerland. The Squaw Valley Olympics, Sonja Henie, and the Ice Capades were--for 10 points--early adopters of what ice resurfacing machines? Answer: Zamboni
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He has nihilistic thoughts, believing that he is a murderer, liar, and thief; and shows little guilt or remorse. The diagnosis of multiple personality disorder (*) is unlikely since the two personalities occur together, and have conversations. Trauma stems from the death of a childhood friend, Deagol. Preoccupied by a single object. For 10 points--this is a psychiatric analysis of what pale, emaciated hobbit, with scanty hair and big eyes? Answer: Gollum (accept Smeagol, but feel free to say accch! It hurts ussss!) SECOND PERIOD – Unlimited guessing on completed tossups 8. Adopting a technique used by Chinese Communists, he chose illustrated pamphlets to spread his message. Although he suffered a stroke after "Where's Rabbi Waxman", works include "Dark Dungeons" (*) and "The Death Cookie". Still eagerly trying to persuade us that Hitler worked for the Pope--for 10 points--what man creates scads of small tracts with single color covers and simple line illustrations that warn of the dangers of Catholicism, Freemasonry, and Halloween? Answer: Jack T. Chick 9. At its end, it poses a sincere philosophical question on the logic of time's arrow and how certain events, like eating your meat, (*) have to precede other events, like having your pudding. Appearing in three separate parts on its 1979 album, a music class from Islington Green London comprehensive school was secretly record singing lines like "no dark sarcasm" and "thought control", but were never paid royalties, resulting in a lawsuit over--for 10 points--what Roger Waters-penned song from Pink Floyd's The Wall. Answer: "Another Brick in the Wall" 10. About ten tons of Chinese counterfeits were burned at a Finnish power plant in late 2004r; according to a spokesman, the fakes were "dangerous, since the plastic is softer, and the small parts, such as the (*) hands of the human figures, come off easily." The namesake company spends millions of Danish krona each year tracking down knockoff versions of their product. For 10 points--name these colorful interlocking blocks. Answer: Lego 11. Proponents take "a vow of chastity" which subsumes the artist's personal tastes and refrains from creating "work" by valuing the instant (*) over the whole, which will serve to force the truth out of the characters and settings. Consisting of just ten rules such as "Temporal and geographical alienation are forbidden" and "Shooting must be done on location" This is--for 10 points--what school of filmmaking headed by Lars von Trier? Answer: Dogme 95 or Dogma 95 12. This franchise began as a winner, taking the first Basketball Association of America title Departing for its current home in 1962, Rick Barry (*) returned from the ABA to lead them to an upset NBA title in 1975. After a brief rise near the top of the Western Conference with Run-TMC in the early 1990s, they missed the playoffs every season since 1994. For 10 points--name this NBA team, currently featuring Mike Dunleavy and Jason Richardson. Answer: Philadelphia-San Francisco-Golden State Warriors (accept either)

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Beginning his career as a professional break-dancer, he was influenced by D.J. Hollywood. After a 1980 self-titled album on Mercury, he then released and then 1981's Deuce and 1982's Tough.(*) Nas covered his "If I Ruled the World" while Bow Wow covered his "Basketball" for the Like Mike soundtrack. For 10 points--name this early hiphop legend, known for 1979's "The Breaks" and for his appearance on a Sprite Commercial. Answer: Kurtis Blow 14. Formerly a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies, he now heads Information USA. Twice honored with the "Best Reference Book of the Year" (*) award from the American Library Association, the New York Consumer Protection Board called many of his claims false or misleading. Possessed of tips on how to write grants and knowledge of little known programs--for 10 points--who is this Riddler wannabe who wants to help you get free government money. Answer: Matthew Lesko THIRD PERIOD – No special rules in effect 15. This film likely got a name change from its source material to avoid confusion and subsequent bad press experienced by a Ben Affleck film released two months prior. The name change, did not help, however, as critics did not see this as modern parable on suburban conformity but rather as a piece of crap. For 10 points--name this Joe Roth helmed film, based on a John Grisham novel, and starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis? Answer: Christmas with the Kranks 16. Frank Sinatra Jr. calls his father a son of a bitch. From a psychiatric hospital, Woody Guthrie asks the author to bring lyrics (*) for songs that didn't have music. These tangents have caused critics to accuse this 2004 work of focusing too much on the man and too little on the music. But the author does discuss how he hears his music – from Nashville Skyline through Basement Tapes and including 1989's Oh Mercy. For 10 points -- name this first installment of Bob Dylan's memoirs. Answer: Chronicles: Vol. 1 (prompt on Bob Dylan or Robert Zimmerman) 17. Assigned a new partner while working the daywatch out of Robbery Homicide Division, the straight-laced cop sees a succession of vehicles destroyed, including a LAPD(*) issue Yugo as he and Streebeck attempt to connect a series of strange robberies to an underground group PAGAN and the adult magazine Bait. For 10 points--this is the essential plot outline of what 1987 remake of a classic cop show starring Dan Aykroyd as Joe Friday. Answer: Dragnet 18. He appeared in 2001's Fast and the Furious as a character named Edwin. Born Jeffrey Atkins (*) in Queens in 1976, he has ongoing feuds with rappers 50 Cent and Eminem and worked with Metallica in their "We Did It Again" and remixed Jennifer Lopez's #1 hit, "I'm Real." His Mesmerize went to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 while his only #1 hit was 2001's "Always on Time." That track was--for 10 points--from what rapper's #1 debuting album, Pain is Love. Answer: Ja Rule (accept Jeffrey Atkins before mentioned)

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Pattaya, Thailand's Tier Three event usually garners little in the way of notice among tennis fans, but rumors that this player will attempt to begin her comeback there in January 2005 have put it on (*)must watch list. Forced into retirement at age 22 due to persistent foot problems rumored to have been caused by her own line of shoes, she had been the #1 player in the world at the age of 16. For 10 points--name this "Swiss Miss" of tennis, winner in 1997 at Wimbledon, the Australian and U.S. Opens. Answer: Martina Hingis 20. A native of Utica, NY, he graduated from Penn in 1963 and serves on their board of trustees. His father ran bingo parlors, and he negotiated with Howard Hughes to acquire land (*) in Las Vegas. First rebuilding the Golden Nugget he went on to construct the Mirage, Treasure Island, and the Bellagio. For 10 points--name this Vegas mogul, inspiration for Ocean's 11's Terry Benedict, whose namesake resort hotel is scheduled to open in 2005 on the Strip. Answer: Steve Wynn 21. In 1903 there were just 8. In 1949 40 were added, and in 1958 another 16 (*). Currently, 3 billion are produced each year including recent additions mango tango and inchworm. Name changes reflect an ever-changing world as Prussian blue becoming to midnight blue, flesh was changed to peach, and Indian red to chestnut. For 10 points--name this product, whose yellow box has been little altered in the hundred or so years since its creation. Answer: Crayola Crayons [Editor's Note: The 18th most recognized smell by adult Americans, according to Yale research.] EXTRAS 22. Pricing that fabulous armoire is tricky, since you must contact an authorized dealer to learn the cost of their products. This Virginia company features lines such as the PGA Tour Home Collection, Faith Popcorn's Cottage Cocoon(*), and Seven Seas Treasures. For 10 points -- name this home furnishings company seen almost daily on The Price is Right, with a name more likely to be found on the Las Vegas Strip than in middle American bedrooms. Answer: Hooker Furniture 23. The name's the same. One was written around 1902 with the time signature "not fast". The other was released in 1974 on the album Streetlife Serenade.(*) It describes a singer unsatisfied with the industry, having hits cut down to fit radio play time. Also in 1974, the first song received two Oscars after being cut down to fit a film. For 10 points, give the shared title of these works, one by Billy Joel, the other featured in The Sting and on ice cream trucks everywhere. Answer: The Entertainer 24. Fantagraphics has compiled the various series from this 20-year-old comic in "Palomar" and the recently released "Locas". Brothers Jaime, Gilbert and Mario(*) Hernandez used the Southern California barrios as the setting. Alan Moore introduced the comic to exmembers of Bauhaus, who used the name for their new band, which had the hit "So Alive". For 10 points -- name this alt-comics phenomenon. Answer: Love & Rockets

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AXD 2005
Bonuses for Rochester Griffyndor and Rochester Slytherin by Fred Bush, Kaeti Stoss, Andrew Boardman, Brian Furniss, Ben Schmitt, Sid Parameswaran, Joyce Hora, Zak Feder, Jon Widawski 1. Name these actors who got their big break on The Young and the Restless For 10 points each.

(10) He played Jed Andrews from 1974-75 before appearing as Thomas Magnum. Answer: Tom Selleck (10) He left his role as William "Snapper" Foster in 1982 to play Michael Knight. Answer: David Hasselhoff (10) Her 1999 role as Marnie Kowalski preceded 2000's Ice Angel, but not her 1998 Olympic gold medal. Answer: Tara Lipinski 2. Answer these questions about the tobacco belt's most popular sport, for the stated number of points.

(10) 2004 was the first year of new sponsorship for NASCAR's flagship series by which telecommunications company? Answer: Nextel (10) What is the 4-word term for the new system in which drivers race 26 races before the top ten drivers contend for the cup. Answer: Chase for the Championship (10) Which four-time Winston Cup winner was in first place when the 2004 Chase for the Championship began? Answer: Jeff Gordon (start) 3. CMT recently compiled their list of the 40 greatest drinking songs of all time. Answer these questions about that worthless ranking, for 10 points each.

(10) Topping the list was this Garth Brooks hit about a man who crashes an ex-lover's fancy party. Answer: "Friends in Low Places" (10) The artist with the most songs on the list is this son of a country music legend. He and his father "appeared" together in the video for "There's a Tear in My Beer." Answer: Hank Williams, Jr. (10) The special was hosted by this half – or more like three quarters – of a mother/daughter duo whose career began with the hit "Mama He's Crazy" Answer: Wynonna Judd or Wynonna Judd

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5-10-15, name these recent additions to the National Film Registry.

(5) This 1959 Charlton Heston biblical epic leads the films in Oscars won. Answer: Ben-Hur (10) This Jerry Lewis classic from 1963 is considered comic genius at its best. The recent remake, not so much. Answer: The Nutty Professor (15) Andy Warhol made the list with this 1964 film that lasts eight hours and shows a stationary shot of a New York City landmark. Answer: Empire 5. Name these Letterman bits for the stated number of points.

(10) This game, a Friday staple, was adapted from the UK show Is It Buoyant?. Answer: Will it Float? (5/5) Appearing on Will it Float? and Is This Anything? are these two pieces of eye candy who are also performing talents. Answer: Hula-Hoop Girl and Grinder Girl Accept: Anna Jack for Hula-Hoop Girl and Kiva Kahl for Grinder Girl (10) The announcer for the show, after spending the early part of 2004 getting beat up, he now dresses up as Elvis. Answer: Alan Kalter 6. Name these movies helmed by the incomparable "Savage" Steve Holland, for 10 points each.

(10) John Cusack is Lane Myer, who loses his girlfriend and takes consolation in plotting suicide and revenge with a French exchange student. Ski hijinks ensue. Answer: Better off Dead (10) John Cusack is Hoops McCann, a cartoonist who ends up in a boat race on Nantucket with Demi Moore. Nautical hijinks ensue. Answer: One Crazy Summer (10) Corey Parker is Marlon Browne, who decides to go to Ramsay because Lara Flynn Boyle is there and because Anthony Edwards is a recruiter. Undergraduate hijinks ensue. Answer: How I Got Into College [Editor's Note: Personally, I never understood why you wouldn't want to go to Michigan, but your mileage may vary.]

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Name these Olympic sports which were lamed out of existence, for 10 points each.

(10) This sport was dropped in1920 after the American team accused the Brits of using cleats, giving them an unfair traction advantage. Answer: Tug of War (10) Although it's the national sport of Canada, it wasn't popular in 75 countries, so was dropped in 1908. Answer: Lacrosse (10) A rare sport that was brought back to the Olympics is this superfast luge-like winter Olympic event that reappeared in 2002. Answer: Skeleton 8. You've been inundated by the coverage, so you should be able to answer these questions about the World Series of Poker, for 10 points each

(10) This hefty Connecticut patent attorney, nicknamed "Fossil Man," won the $5 million first prize behind an annoying pair of snake eyeglasses Answer: Greg Raymer (10) In early 2004, the WSOP's host venue, Binion's Horseshoe, was bought by this corporation, owners of the Rio, location of the 2005 World Series. Answer: Harrah's (10) This quiet poker pro finished 4th in 2004, his second straight year at the final table. Oh, he won over $1 million, so don't make fun of the green Red Sox hat. Answer: Dan Harrington 9. (5) "This is me in grade nine, baby. This is me in grade nine." Name these Canadian rock groups that the Barenaked Ladies were probably listening to in grade nine, 5-10-15.

For 5 points--Musically referenced in "Grade Nine" are "Tom Sawyer" and "The Spirit of Radio" by this trio fronted by Geddy Lee. Answer: Rush (10) For 10 points--Charting in the early eighties with hits like "Magic Power" and "Fight the Good Fight" was this other Ontario power trio. Answer: Triumph (15) For 15 points--Formed in Halifax by vocalist-guitarist Myles Goodwyn, this quintet charted with hits such as "Just Between You and Me" and "Sign of the Gypsy Queen." Answer: April Wine

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How closely are you watching the signals for fouls in football? For 10 points each--

(10) Pleased make the signal for holding?

(10) And now Intentional Grounding?

(10) And finally, Ineligible Downfield on Pass


You have only a short time to answer this movie question, and then it will be too late!

10) First, for 10 points, name the movie whose premise is that a desperate salesman has only 24 hours to find out who poisoned him. Answer: D.O.A. (20) Now, name the two actors who starred in the 1988 and 1950 versions of D.O.A. 1988's can be seen in 2004's Flight of the Phoenix, 1950's was the lead in Sam Benedict and The Long, Hot Summer. Answers: Dennis Quaid, Edmond O'Brien

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Name the following about a man known for his "pumpin piano", for 10 points each.

(10) Also known for marrying his pregnant13-year-old cousin was what Louisiana-born performer of "Crazy Arms"? Answer: Jerry Lee Lewis (10) Lewis got his first exposure through this record label, owned by Sam Phillips, which also handled Elvis Presley's early career. Answer: Sun (10) Many stations considered this 1957 Lewis tune too risqué to air, due to lyrics like "wiggle around just a little bit that's what you gotta do yeah" Answer: "Whole Lotta Shakin' (Going on)" 13. You know how Ken Jennings and Kevin Olmstead made their money, but how about these other game show winners?

(10 Michael Larsen, in a legendary one-day run in 1984 Answer: Press Your Luck (10) Tom McKee, for 9 weeks in 1980 Answer: Tic-Tac-Dough (10) Dr. Joyce Brothers, in 1955 Answer: The $64,000 Question


For 10 points each, name these things related to an early season college basketball event.

(10) All or nothing, which two major conferences face off in a nine game, made for ESPN "Challenge" Answer: ACC/Big Ten (10) In its five year history, the Big Ten has won the challenge this many times. Answer: 0 or never (10) The Big Ten did save a little face when this team rocked its own Assembly Hall with a rousing win over pre-season #1 Wake Forest. Answer: Illinois Fightin' Illini

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Fulfill your duty to your team's honor and name these movies, for 10 points each.

(10) Akira Kurosawa began his long obsession with medieval Japan in this 1954 movie. Answer: The Seven Samurai (10) This 2003 movie, directed by Edward Zwick, reminded viewers that "Life in every breath…That is Bushido" Answer: The Last Samurai (10) This film combines swords and rock n' roll as the hero Buddy makes his way to Vegas to be the King. It features the music of the "Red Elvises" Answer: Six-String Samurai 16. For a brief, glorious instant, He-Man was back! For 10 points each, name the character.

(10) His real name is Duncan, and he's King Randor's most loyal servant, Teela's father, and a mentor for Prince Adam. Answer: Man-at-Arms (10) Prince Adam's faithful companion, he transforms to become Battle Cat. Answer: Cringer (10) This nasty sorceress is Skeletor's chief strategist and lieutenant. Answer: Evil-Lyn 17. Save versus high dorkitude! For 10 points each, name the type of die you would need to roll in the following situations in a 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons game.

(10) Oh no! An orc! You try to hit it with your longsword! Answer: d20 or 20-sided die (stare at anyone who says "icosahedrons") (10)You hit the orc with your longsword! You roll damage! Answer: d8 or 8-sided die (10) You kill the orc! You get enough experience to gain a level! You are a barbarian and roll your new hit points. Answer: d12 or 12-sided die

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For 10 points each, given an ethnic group of people, name the instrument that Dave Chapelle and John Mayer's "research" indicated was needed to get them dancing.

(10) Whites Answer: Electric Guitar (10) Black Answer: Drums

(10) Latinos Answer: Electric Keyboard with some gibberish over it 19. Name the indie-rock darlings, for 10 points each.

(10) Their massive 69 Love Songs put them on the map, and this Stephin Merritt-led ensemble's most recent album is "I". Answer: Magnetic Fields (10) Elephant Six member Jeff Mangum performs with a rotating cast under this name in the albums On Avery Island and In The Aeroplane Over the Sea. Answer: Neutral Milk Hotel (10) Though they sold out long ago, for instance doing Powerpuff Girls songs, this group behind Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots inexplicably maintains street cred. Answer: The Flaming Lips 20. Given the network news anchor, name the anchor that preceded him for 10 each.

(10) Dan Rather Answer: Walter Cronkite (10) Tom Brokaw Answer: John Chancellor (10) Peter Jennings Answer: Frank Reynolds or Ron Cochran 21. Given the name of the character played the "Duke" himself, John Wayne and the year of the films release, name the movie for 10 each.

(10) Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Vandervoort, 1962 Answer: The Longest Day (10) Rooster Cogburn, 1969 Answer: True Grit (10) Col. Davy Crockett, 1960 Answer: The Alamo

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For 10 each, given the minor league sports team name and home city, state the name of the league that each these teams compete in:

(10) Arizona Rattlers Answer: Arena Football or AFL (10) Lowell Lock Monsters Answer: American Hockey League (10) Minnesota Swarm Answer: National Lacrosse League 23. Hey --- you ---- guys!!!!!!

(10) First, name the long-running children's TV show that opened with that cry. Answer: The Electric Company (10) The Electric Company featured the adventures of this costumed superhero; luckily, nobody knew who he was. Answer: Spider-Man (10) The Electric Company was produced by this children's entertainment behemoth. Answer: Children's Television Workshop 24. Name the following about a TV show lacking in atmosphere For 10 points each.

(10) Name the British show, which started as the radio sketch "Dave Hollins: Space Cadet." Writers, Rob Grant and Doug Naylor took their inspiration from "realistic" sci-fi. Answer: Red Dwarf (10) This fake swear word, affixed to the word -head, is a term used by Red Dwarf fans to refer to themselves. Answer: Smeg (10) Actor Norman Lovett originally tried out for Rimmer, but was given the role of this AI instead. Answer: Voice of Holly 25. Oi! Given the lyrics, name the Ramones song, for 10 points each. (10) "They're piling in the back seat; they're generating steam heat." Answer: "Blitzkrieg Bop" (10) "Just get me to the airport, put me on a plane, Hurry hurry hurry, before I go insane." Answer: "I wanna be sedated" (10) "Now I guess I'll have to tell 'em, That I got no cerebellum." Answer: "Teenage Lobotomy"
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