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Fall 2012

Alisher Akhmedjonov, PhD (

Course Number:        BA 551

Course Prerequisite: None

Course Title:         Marketing Management Theory

Course Description: This course will begin with a review of marketing basics and is designed
                    to be a comprehensive study of marketing theory and current marketing
                    practices. It will provide the student with an understanding of new
                    marketing strategies in the Internet age, and how to plan, implement and
                    control the marketing process. A major focus of this course will be an
                    understanding of how the marketing function is tied to the structure and
                    operation of the organization as a whole. In addition, case studies will be
                    extensively used to give students an understanding of the practical
                    application of these concepts.

Course Credit:        4 Quarter Units                Course Length:         10 weeks

Contact Hours:        Lecture: 40     Lab: 0 Practicum/Internship: 0        Total: 40

Learning Objectives: By the successful completion of this course, the student shall be able to:

                      1.    Analyze the changes in the marketing function.
                      2.    Explain marketing as a business strategy.
                      3.   Identify the specifics of marketing mix in relation to marketing theory.
                      4.   Describe the application of marketing concepts.
                      5.   Discuss market analysis and marketing research.
                      6.   Identify different marketing strategies and their benefits.
                      7.   Explain marketing as an integrated strategic function of the

Required Textbook: Marketing Management, Fourth Edition, Russ Winer and Ravi Dhar,
                   Prentice Hall, 2011. ISBN-10: 0136074898

Reference:            Marketing Metrics, First Edition, Paul Farris, et. al., Wharton
                      School Publishing, 2006.
                      Marketing ROI, First Edition, James Lenskold, McGraw-Hill,
Teaching Strategies: lecture, PowerPoint, small group presentations, case studies.

Evaluation Methods: Quizzes                                40%
                    Attendance/Assignments                 10%
                    Mid-Term Exam                          25%
                    Final Exam                             25%

Weekly Outline:       Week 1         Marketing Philosophy and Strategy
                                     A Strategic Marketing Framework
                      Week 2         Marketing Research
                                     Analyzing Consumer Behavior
                      Week 3         Organizational Buying Behavior
                                     Market Structure and Competitor Analysis
                      Week 4         Product Decisions
                                     New Product Development
                      Week 5         Pricing
                                     Communications and Advertising Strategy
                      Week 6         Mid-term exam
                      Week 7         Sales Promotion
                      Week 8         Channels of Distribution
                                     Direct Channels of Distribution: Personal Selling and
                                     Direct Marketing
                      Week 9         Customer Relationship Management
                                     Strategies for Service Markets
                      Week 10        Final Exam

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