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					             AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY

      An initiative from AWEX – CENTRE OF MONS
                        Rue du Chapitre 1

                          B - 7000 MONS

Tel: 32-(0)65316378 - Email: - Website:

                                                                 January 2013
                                     TABLE OF CONTENTS


1) Metal

2) Plastic

3) Composite

4) Textile

5) Specific items

6) Measuring / Control instruments

7) Electrical equipment / Navigation


1) Professional

2) Individual customer



1) Metal items

2) Paintings - Coating

3) Oils and lubricants

4) Adhesive




1) Metal


2) Plastic


3) Composite


4) Textile


5) Specific items


6) Measuring / Control instruments


7) Electrical equipment / Navigation



1) Professional


2) Individual customer


                         RECONDITIONING / PREPARATION



1) Metal items


2) Paintings - coating


3) Oils and lubricants


4) Adhesive






                             WASTE TREATMENT

                               911 (9 ONE ONE) MOTORSPORT
                                Rue Alexandre-Louis Martin 19
                                       7141 CARNIERES

                       Tel: 32-(0)64215270 - Mobile: 32-(0)496210050

      Email: - Web:

                               Contact person: Mr Dany LHOIR

9 ONE ONE MOTORSPORT is involved in modifying Porsches, from both the design and the
aesthetic point of view. The car can be changed from A to Z, including tyres, rims, kit,
headlights, tinted windows, upholstery, carpet, engine, sports exhaust, etc.

Tuning, Classic car repair, new paintwork

All kits are modular between models. They are made to order and are unique. All bodywork
is carried out, even the strangest, to give the car the desired look.

9 ONE ONE MOTORSPORT is always on the lookout for new kit ideas or new looks. It works in
several fields where it has a specialist in each field so that it can always find the best
solutions. Its specialists are located in different countries. Various materials are used such as
polyester and carbon.

An advert appears each month in RS Magazine, the magazine most read by Porsche
enthusiasts. A special report is also published at the end of each project.

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                                      ACAPELA GROUP
                                     Boulevard Dolez 33
                                        7000 MONS

                         Tel: 32-(0)65374275 – Fax: 32-(0)65374276

              Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Lars-Eric LARSSON

ACAPELA GROUP gives a voice to all your products and services. With perfect command of its
technologies, ACAPELA invents voice solutions to give speech to content and enrich user
interfaces in a natural and intuitive way.

Navigation, interactive voice response systems, accessibility solutions, e-learning, talking
Web and audio-books are amongst the first applications to have benefited from the
advantages of speech synthesis. Every day, new applications are popping up and broadening
the scope of possibilities.

A key player with 25 years of experience, ACAPELA provides specific and proven solutions
and offers its range of products, services and expertise in 25 languages and over 50 voices.

ACAPELA GROUP develops its own voice technology solutions employing a research team of
experienced engineers and numerous language technicians. The company can respond
quickly to languages not yet covered by our technology through a network of linguists.
Developments range from language processing, to the creation of speech corpora to signal
processing. Voice solutions have become a natural way of managing content and building a
quality, user-friendly interface that ensures maximum user enjoyment. Access tools, audio
content management, call centres and contact management, e-learning, edutainment,
interactive voice systems, language learning, navigation, on-line help, podcasts, productivity
tools, public address systems, robotics, SMS and MMS to voice, telematics, translation tools,
unified communication, warehouse management, reading Web pages, etc. are part of the
long list of applications and services that take advantage of the benefits of voice solutions.

Customers in the car sector:

Over 10 years of activity in the automotive field have given the ACAPELA GROUP solid
experience and expertise in the automotive field and understanding its customers’ needs.
Over two million vehicles on the roads already use ACAPELA voices. ACAPELA’s multilingual
solutions have already been deployed throughout the world in 25 languages and over 50
voices to revolutionize drivers’ in-car experience. Take a look at our list of customers and
you will find many actors in the sector that already rely on our voice solutions.

Partners and customers:

Asahi Kasei, BMW, Bosch Blaupunkt, Citroën, Comroad, Daimler Chrysler, Harman Becker,
Magneti Marelli, Mp3Car, Navteq, OKI, PSA, Renesas, Siemens VDO, Tata, TeleAtlas, Telion,
Temic, Ulyces, Volkswagen, Yasssu.

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                                       ADVANCED COATING
                                        Rue de l'Avouerie 7
                                           4000 LIÈGE

                           Tel: 32-(0)42545011 – Fax: 32-(0)42545010

           Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Jean-Pierre JANSSEN

ADVANCED COATING designs, develops and applies arc, cold, plasma and supersonic
spraying of metals, alloys, ceramics and carbides.

It is also a specialist in flat and cylindrical surface grinding as well as super finishing of parts.

ADVANCED COATING also commercialises and ensures the after-sales service of exclusive
measuring systems: Penetrascope ® and Rollprof ® and Alpaga 500 Nano ®.

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                                     AGC GLASS EUROPE
                                   Chaussée de la Hulpe 166
                                       1170 BRUXELLES

                          Tel: 32-(0)26743111 – Fax: 32-(0)26724462

                Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mrs Kathy MEURANT

Based in Brussels, AGC GLASS EUROPE produces, processes and distributes flat glass for the
construction industry (external glazing and indoor decorative glass), the automotive
industry, the solar industry, and specialist industries. It is the European branch of AGC
GLASS, the world's largest producer of flat glass.

Its baseline "Glass Unlimited" reflects the possibilities offered by:

      glass as a material to meet a growing variety of needs (comfort, energy control,
       health & safety, aesthetics);
      innovation in products and processes, derived from sustained research in advanced
       glass technology;
      industrial facilities comprising 18 float plants, 6 automotive glass plants and more
       than 100 processing and distribution units throughout Europe, from Spain to Russia;
      a worldwide marketing network;
      the resources of its personnel motivated by operational excellence and innovation.

Go to for a comprehensive range of automotive glazing:
windshields, sidelights, backlights, panoramic sunroofs. With advanced features: heated
windshields, infrared and UV protection, head-up displays …

AGC Automotive mainly produces and sells automotive glass for new vehicles and
aftermarket replacement glass, and has top global market share with the new vehicle
market. With activities in Japan-Asia, Europe, and North America, AGC Automotive operates
in a multi-cultural environment with employees from all over the world. Through a globally
integrated management system, the head office in Tokyo, operations in Japan Asia, Europe,
& North America, and the ARG (Automotive Replacement Glass) sector work in unison to
support customers’ activities and meet their needs in the areas of development, production
and, sales in the ever-evolving global automotive industry.

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                                   Rue du Roton 57
                                  6240 FARCIENNES

                      Tel: 32-(0)71390768 – Fax: 32-(0)71391003

             Email: - Web:

                         Contact person: Mr Philippe BECKERS

• Industrial automation consultancy and producer
• Design and production of electrical boxes and controllers
• Programming of programmable robots (Siemens, Télémécanique, Omron, Hitachi)
• Process supervision (Axeda Wizcon, Siemens-Winncc)
• Installation of remote management systems (Tbox)
• Development of programmes for programmable robots

Main customer

Automotive sector: Volkswagen

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                                  ALKAR TECHNOLOGY
                                  Rue des Pastures 95
                                     7130 BINCHE

           Tel: 32-(0)64652082 - Fax: 32-(0)64341103 - Mobile: 32-(0)475624890

               Email: – Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Alain KINARD

StruXell is an innovative structural composite core material developed to meet demanding
architectural and structural applications.

Thanks to the huge variety of raw materials that can be processed, StruXell can be used in
any application where weight, strength, durability and design are the major constraints.

Ideally built around the hexagonal honeycomb structure, StruXell provides high mechanical
properties that merge with a design that is aimed to enhance the appearance of rough

Currently made of polyester resin reinforced with continuous strand mat, StruXell can also
be made of biaxial carbon fiber and epoxy resin.

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                                    Rue de la Culée 9 C
                                    5580 ROCHEFORT

                                 Mobile: 32-(0)479743773

                   Email: – Web:

                         Contact person: Mr Pierre-André PUGET

APPLUGS is the builder of charging stations for electric vehicle two and four wheels

APPLUGS has a single purpose: building charging stations most consensual and functional as
possible to satisfy all the users of a tool for electric mobility.

APPLUGS working 100 % for electric mobility

Our produce are developed and designed for the European market.

They are modular and scalable.

And most importantly, they will please you

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                                   ARCELORMITTAL LIEGE
                                     Rue de la Digue 22
                                      4400 FLEMALLE

                         Tel: 32-(0)42361111 - Fax: 32-(0)42362975

             Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Marc THEUNISSEN


ARCELORMITTAL supports car manufacturers through the different stages of a vehicle’s
lifecycle. ARCELORMITTAL is a technology leader in advanced high-strength, galvanised and
coated steels – products that are used in the manufacturing of cars, vans and trucks.

About one fifth of the global car production is made from ARCELORMITTAL steel, and we
have an industrial presence in 22 countries spanning four continents.

In 2010 ARCELORMITTAL’s automotive division generated US$12.3bn in revenues and
delivered 13.5 million tonnes of flat steel. We have a global reach, with a presence in South
Africa, Europe, North America and Latin America. We are also present in India, Turkey and
China via joint ventures and in Japan via an alliance with NSC.

With a global presence in steel production and a network of 11 research centres, we aim to
support our clients through different production stages, from a vehicle’s design phase
through to mass production and after-sales service. More than half of our investment in
product research and development (R&D) is allocated to the automotive industry, and we
have five laboratories that are dedicated fully or partly to R&D for the automotive market, in
East Chicago in the US, Hamilton in Canada, and Maizières, Montataire and Gandrange in
France. Our R&D engineers work with carmakers throughout the lifecycle of their products
to develop automotive steels that are stronger yet lighter than existing materials. We also
develop new, cost-effective coatings to improve corrosion resistance, paint appearance and
application processes.
Our presence in different regions also gives us valuable insight into new market trends. For
example, ARCELORMITTAL provides steel solutions for low-cost cars and engine powertrains
to meet changing customer and market needs.

Our automotive steel solutions cover all metallurgical ‘families’ of steels – distinguished by
their different properties and compositions.

We anticipate that regulatory and customer expectations for lightweight cars will rise in the
future. Working closely with our automotive partners, we have developed S-in motion, a set
of automotive steel solutions to make cars lighter – without compromising safety – and, in
turn, reduce their carbon emissions.

With our current catalogue of automotive products, we support carmakers in optimising
weight and cost, while reducing carbon emissions and, crucially, ensuring that stringent
safety standards are met.

ARCELORMITTAL also has a specialized business unit for tailored blanks – a manufacturing
technology that improves the performance of car parts in a vehicle.

These tailored blanks, also called laser-welded blanks, are made by welding together flat
steel sheets of different thicknesses, grades and coatings. These products offer an optimal
combination of strength and ductility. They also reduce the weight of vehicles and improve
safety by enhancing crash performance. And we are a leading producer of laser-welded
blanks, which also reduce the cost of vehicles.

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                                      ARMACELL BENELUX
                    Zoning Industriel Les Plénesses - Rue des Trois Entités 9
                                 4890 THIMISTER-CLERMONT

                          Tel: 32-(0)87325070 - Fax: 32-(0)87325071

          Email: - Web:

                               Contact person: Mr Bart JANSSEN

ARMACELL is a global innovator in foam technologies and the world leader in the market for
flexible technical insulation materials.

Apart from ARMAFLEX, the leading brand in the field of flexible technical insulation, we
produce thermoplastic insulation materials, covering systems, fire protection and noise
control products, special foams for a multitude of industrial applications and foam cores
which are used as composite materials.

Composites provide lightweight solutions for railway vehicles saving around 50 % of the
weight compared with traditional metal components. Lower overall weight translates into
less stress, faster acceleration and higher speeds, as well as reduced starting and stopping
inertia. Fire, smoke, and toxic fume (FST) are key safety criteria for interior components of
passenger railway carriages even more so when trains operate in tunnels or underground, or
without a crew.

Train body l Interior panelling in train’s l Buses l Trucks l Cars and camping trailers

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                                    ARPADIS GROUP
                      Zoning Industriel - Zone D - Rue Jean Perrin 5A
                                      7170 MANAGE

                        Tel: 32-(0)64517613 - Fax: 32-(0)64517614

                    Email: - Web:

                         Contact person: Mr Etienne WALRAVENS

The ARPADIS GROUP business consists of producing coatings and polymers for third parties.

Increasingly, customers’ requirements have extended to the field of services, leading
ARPADIS to develop an industrial custom processing. Custom processing consists of
processing products for the account of the customer. It may involve repackaging or re-
assembly and synthesis of chemical products, on the basis of technology provided by the
customer, and using raw materials provided by the customer or provided by ARPADIS.

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                              ASTA TECHNOLOGIES BELGIUM
                                   Place de Bronckart 7
                                        4000 LIEGE

                        Tel: 32-(0)42206600 - Fax: 32-(0)42370048

             Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Sofiane NENACH

With a single application, ASTA 3000 cleans and protects the whole engine by eliminating
carbon deposits and by limiting further clogging which are the main cause of the engine
wear and its decrease of performance.

ASTA 3000 segregates carbonized oil deposits during combustion and evacuates them during
the exhaust phase. The valves and the combustion chamber are thus cleaned, restoring an
optimal output level to the engine.

ASTA 3000 treats the surfaces with a friction modifier, that sticks the more easily as the
temperature of friction areas is higher.

The non-stick coating of ASTA 3000 limits the return of carbon deposits, particularly in the
bottom of the fire ring’s groove. This latter can smoothly retract in its housing, limiting
friction and improving the combustion chamber’s seal.

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                                   AUTO ELECTRONICS
                                Chaussée de Bruxelles 29 D
                                     7061 CASTEAU

            Tel: 32(0)65334862 - Fax: 32(0)65730070 - Mobile: 32-(0)498517913

             Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Luigi DONNIACUO

The company has developed an electronic chip, called Eprom, intended to be installed on
diesel engines and/or essence of all brand cars manufactured after 1986. This chip replaces
the original chip and contains a new ignition curve and a new injection program.

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                                    Avenue Lavoisier 2
                                      1300 WAVRE

                         Tel: 32(0)10476585 - Fax: 32(0)10476595

                  Email: - Web:

                       Contact person: Mr Mathieu de SAINT HUBERT

AUTOGRAPHE is the market leader in the fitting-out of commercial vehicles and emergency
services vehicles in Belgium. Since 1975 the company has offered the entire infrastructure
needed for standard vehicles to be converted into professional vehicles in all kinds of

AUTOGRAPHE is chiefly active in the following market segments:

   Fire fighting vehicles
   Police vehicles
   Medical vehicles and ambulances
   Special vehicles
   Vehicles for the transport of persons with reduced mobility and minibuses
   Workshop and commercial vehicles.

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                                      AW EUROPE
                                 Avenue de l'Industrie 19
                                 1420 BRAINE-L'ALLEUD

                        Tel: 32-(0)23891200 – Fax: 32-(0)23891210

                   Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Michel KNOP

AW Europe is a world leader among specialist suppliers of automatic gear boxes and car
navigation systems (GPS).

We operate from two sites in Belgium: Mons (production, logistics) and Braine-l’Alleud (R&D
and administration).

Control software for automatic gearboxes, vehicle navigation (GPS) software and vehicle
navigation systems.

Automatic gearboxes (dynamometer test benches)

Main references:

Toyota, Volvo, Saab, Opel, Renault, Fiat, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, PSA, Ford, Land Rover,
Jaguar, Vauxhall, BMW, Lamborghini, Alpine, Grundig.

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                                    Chaussée d'Anton 50
                                      5300 ANDENNE

           Tel: 32-(0)85842290 – Fax: 32-(0)85842298 - Mobile : 32-(0)497418494

               Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Benoît BEAUJEAN

Car interior design

Since 1990, the House BEAUJEAN was imperative in the very closed European circle by the
arrangements of automobile inside.

We propose our services to the interior designers of the restoration of cars, to the collectors
and to the private individuals. We dress dashboards, central consoles, wood panels from the
most beautiful wooden magnifying glasses (walnut, elm, amboine, lemon tree, maple). The
set can be even enhanced by a net of marquetry of box tree, sycamore or by a white charm

      We realize whole parts as knobs of gear, steering wheels or working tablets
      We oversee the work of saddlery and some leather to famous Belgian craftsmen,
       certified by the house
      We create and produce exclusively small series or complete kits for leading
       importers, coachbuilders, interior designers specialized in the restoration of car and
       independent garage owners
      We fit out people-carrier vehicles "mobile offices" having all the modern technology:
       from the WiMax to the satellite fax, from the refrigerator to the mobile Coach
      We also apply these techniques to the internal dressing of sailboats, yachts and
       planes as well as the woodwork of armorer's.

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                        BEAURAING STEPHANE - SBG CARCENTER
                            Rue des Anciens Combattants 1
                                     5032 MAZY

                        Tel: 32-(0)81738087 - Fax: 32-(0)81738075

              Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Eric CHARLIER

Situated between Namur and Gembloux and strong of an experience of more than ten years,
the SPRL BEAURAING specialized in the equipment of vehicles in the LPG and also in the
adaptation of vehicles for people with reduced mobility.

Our know-how and our experience in the field of the LPG make of the SPRL BEAURAING the
only center of assembly in province of Namur approved by the car manufacturers.

We also propose you a vast choice of adaptations of vehicles for people with reduced

      Systems of driving of the last generation
      Numerous systems of help to the transfer and to the load
      But also adaptations for the collective transport.

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                             BELGIAN FIBERS MANUFACTURING
                                  Boulevard Industriel 91
                                    7700 MOUSCRON

                         Tel: 32-(0)56856800 – Fax: 32-(0)56344276

                 Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Patrick BUSSCHAERT

BELGIAN FIBERS MANUFACTURING is one of the mayor independent Polyolefin fibre
producers in the world. For 2013 we expect production of about 24 000 tons. Flexibility and
efficiency are essential to meet the needs of our customers. The fully equipped laboratory
monitors the quality of our products. For a greater customer confidence BELGIAN FIBERS
MANUFACTURING produces and sells under the ISO-9001.


The polypropylene fibers are extruded to the specifications of the customer. Our fibers are
incorporated in parts built-in into the major automobile models. Such as:

      Audi
      BMW
      Mercedes
      PSA Group
      Seat
      Skoda
      Volkswagen

Through close cooperation with R&D departments of our customers we developed shrink-
free fiber, heat stabilized fiber, mixed cut lengths for ideal processing, use of different spin
finish, etc.
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                                BELGIUM TRUCK TECHNOLOGY
                                     Rue des Eperviers 1
                                       4040 HERSTAL

                         Tel: 32-(0)042636081 – Fax: 32-(0)42637728

                   Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Benjamin JOHSON

BELGIUM TRUCK TECHNOLOGY is one of the major and most experienced independent brake
caliper remanufacturer in Europe. Every member of our team has unique expertise acquired
over years of experience.

Quality, flexibility and service are our leitmotivs. Our highly skilled team is everyday available
to answer any technical, logistical or commercial questions you may have. With production
offices, we have clear visibility on workshop production and are able to inform about
delivery time in real time.

BELGIUM TRUCK TECHNOLOGY today sells to more than 45 countries and every day explores
new remanufacturing possibilities and repair kits for aftermarket.

We stock a massive range of heavy duty Meritor, Knorr-Bremse, Wabco brake calipers and
repair kits which allow us to offer a very competitive same day R/R (repair and return)
service over the whole Benelux and other bordering countries (France, Holland, Luxemburg,

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                               BLICQUY (LES ATELIERS DE)
                                   Rue du Couvent 38
                                     7903 BLICQUY

                       Tel: 32-(0)69669690 – Fax: 32-(0)69669699

                 Email: - Web:

                       Contact person: Mr Francis LORENZONETTO

Engineering and electrical sub-contracting, assembly of optical headlights, mechanical
welding (trolleys)

Research and development

Mechanical and electrical assembly, plastics, by machine or manually, metal construction,
mechanical welding and sheet metal work.

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                                       Rue Al'Fosse 7
                                       4681 OUPEYE

                      Tel: 32-(0)42269128 - Mobile: 32-(0)473450616

                     Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Benoit BOVEROUX

BODAIR is active in the development, the design and the production of carbon fiber rods.

• As a result of the R&D conducted by BODAIR, new technologies in carbon fiber rods are

• BODAIR is eager to offer high quality rods and advanced designs allowing significant weight
reduction that largely exceed the current designs & performance of aluminum and/or
stainless steel rods.

• Thanks to the combination of a completely new manufacturing process with a new carbon
fiber design, BODAIR has acquired a unique competitive advantage over traditional rod
technology & design.

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                                      Rue de Douvrain 13
                                         7011 GHLIN

           Tel: 32-(0)65312280 – Fax: 32-(0)65312406 – Mobile: 32-(0)475284663

               Email: - Web:

                              Contact person: Mr François BALLEZ

Filling-out of commercial vehicles - Industrial coach building

                 Coach building model                                   Brand

Ladder carrier construction
Ballez patent

Fitting-out of workshop vehicles
                                                         Prefabricated furniture

Special vehicles: Librarybus, medical care vehicles, PROCAR
technical vehicles…

Police and intervention vehicles

                                                         Home-made, CEV
Repairing trailers and equipment

Tipper and tri-tipper for 3.5 to 32 tons                 Cabreta

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                            BREUER TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT BTD
                                    Avenue de Norvège 6
                                      4960 MALMEDY

                           Tel: 32-(0)80791550 – Fax: 32-(0)80791569

                            Email: - Web:

                               Contact person: Mr Ernst BREUER

Realizing engine visions

Modern and innovative engine technology: automobile sector

BREUER TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT (BTD) is a development partner for single components,
engine subassemblies and alternative powertrains as well as complete, high-performance
and series-production engines.       From initial design development and mechanical
construction right through to testing and measurement for the highest requirements
(including motor racing and research projects).

We develop prototypes and components from A to Z, or, if required by the customer, will
provide targeted support in different phases of the development process.

One of the company’s key areas of expertise is the development of complete turbocharger
systems and single components such as turbine or compressor wheels, turbine scrolls and
compressor housings, from single prototypes to low-volume production. With the new
state-of-the-art turbocharger balancing equipment, BTD can now complete the process of
the moving parts of turbochargers. The new equipment even allows ball-bearing
turbochargers and components made of alternative materials to be balanced. BTD can help
to fulfil the highest standards in meeting the rising demand for turbocharged engines.

Main customers:
   Volkswagen AG (Wolfsburg, Germany)
   Audi AG (Germany)

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                                     BRITTE MUSTAD
                                    Rue de Cheratte 27
                                  4683 VIVEGNIS (OUPEYE)

                         Tel: 32-(0)42569069 - Fax: 32-(0)42640863

               Email: - Web: /

                             Contact person: Mr Giovanni SANNA

Multi-technologies for multiple applications

Assembly, Automation, Engineering, Interconnection technologies, Machining, Measuring
instruments, Metrology, Microelectronic packaging, Nanotechnologies, Plastics technology,
Processing, Stamping, Tools, Turning…

... for markets with high technological value

Aeronautics - space, Automotive, Biomedical - Medical, Data-Processing, Electromechanical,
Equipment, Luxury goods, Microelectronics, Nuclear industry, Railway, Telecommunications

MUSTAD, precision screw-cutting and machining since 1948

MUSTAD BELGIUM belongs to the mechanical division of family group MUSTAD
INTERNATIONAL GROUP founded in Norway in 1832.

Rather than concerns linked to short-term share price and profit targets, the main goal of
our company, which is not a quoted company, is to ensure its continuity in time:

   Through solid growth based on real technological know-how at the service of quality and
   Through reasonable long-term profit targets.
   By positioning itself as a veritable partner for its customers by providing expertise over
    nearly sixty years of machining existence.

To machine precision mechanical components and assemblies for the whole of the industrial
sector and in all materials, providing high added value in terms of technology,
competitiveness of price and service. Screw-cutting and machining on CNC production
centres constitute our basic tasks.

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                               BUREAU CONSEILS ET SERVICES
                                     Rue Folle France 8
                                 1325 CHAUMONT-GISTOUX

                          Tel: 32-(0)10687290 - Fax: 32-(0)10687299

                 Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Jean-Pierre RAVEZ

We are present on the market of the GMAO and the LIMS for more than 20 years.

Our teams of engineers possess a big knowledge of the ground, as well as an excellent
expertise of the problems of the business world. This peculiarity makes our strength,
because she allows us to propose software always friendly and particularly adapted to the
needs of our thousand users.

We are a family company possessing an unchanged shareholding for more than 20 years.
This stability allows a big coherence, as well as continuity in the development of our activity
and our products.

We know profitability and a positive growth of our activity for several years. This profitability
allows us to invest permanently in the development of innovative solutions, such our
application Web AQ manager full house.

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                                     CANDICAR EUROPE
                                      Parc Industriel 14
                                        5640 METTET

                          Tel: 32-(0)71726097 - Fax: 32-(0)71726096

                  Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Daniel NICOLETTI

Products of cleaning and automobile maintenance

Deodorizing car

Grease remover metallic parts

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                                     Industriestrasse 39
                                        4700 EUPEN

                         Tel: 32-(0)87595560 - Fax: 32-(0)87740468

                     Email: - Website:

                            Contact person: Mr Ludwig HENKES

For more than 140 years CAPAUL has been perfecting faultless machining of mechanical
components for aeronautics, medicine, the textile industry, the car industry, the railways,
the petrochemical industry, the manufacture of compressors and of armatures and in many
other fields.

Our high technology production plants turn, mill, grind, erode and control your pieces
according to specifications (CAD systems, plant with total CNC, air-conditioned
measurement compartment).

In order to provide the full service to our customers, we also offer the complete integration
of mechanical subassemblies (study, welding, machining, assembly and control).

CAPAUL technicians closely collaborate with our customers’ design offices. This interactive
development enables us to offer our customers our know-how and industrial advice with a
view to obtaining a perfect product under the best terms as regards quality, service and

The required quality is verified and certified by a highly qualified team. Our production is
monitored in accordance with the ISO 9001/2000 + EN 9100/2003 norm.

CAPAUL places its experience, its perfect mastery of a range of techniques and its human
potential at the service of its customers.

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                               CARACTERE AUTOMOBILE
                          Parc Artisanal - Allée de Wésomont 3
                                   4190 WERBOMONT

                       Tel: 32-(0)86430000 – Fax: 32-(0)86430001

                 Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Alain HURARD

CARACTERE AUTOMOBILE is a Belgian company specialized in the design of car accessories
for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.

The line of products offered by CARACTERE for these brands ranges from body styling kits
and wheel rims to sport exhausts, power add-on units and interior styling accessories.

Alain HURARD, the founder of the company and a designer by training, has been developing
and marketing the products in the ‘Caractère’ range, with the help of his dynamic team,
since 1992, with the aim of blending performance, quality and design.

Today, CARACTERE is one of the world’s best known car customisation companies.

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                                  CARAT DUCHATELET
                                Rue Winston Churchill 413
                                      4020 LIEGE

          Tel: 32-(0)43495562 – Fax: 32-(0)43495575 – Mobile: 32-(0)479850240

               Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Michael GHYSE

The Carat Security Group, including our world renowned brands CARAT DUCHATELET and
Centigon, represents over 130 years of luxury coach building experience and comprehensive
mobile armored solutions for Heads of State, Cash-in-Transit, Off-road and Defense
applications, delivered around the globe from each of our seven production facilities.

CARAT DUCHATELET is a world leader in head of state and exclusive VIP armored limousines,
buses and SUVs including solutions based on Rolls Royce, Bentley, Maybach and Mercedes

Centigon features world class, independently certified sedans, SUVs and cash in transit
vehicles designed for superior ballistic and blast protection both on and off road.

Carat Defense, a leader in nimble, well-protected defensive platforms for border protection,
riot control and reconnaissance missions worldwide including tactical and pursuit vehicles

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                           Parc Industriel - Rue Tout-y-Faut 91
                               7110 HOUDENG-GOEGNIES

                       Tel: 32-(0)64212335 – Fax: 32-(0)64238783

                   Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Peter CALO

CARDONE is the only remanufacturer in the world with long-standing expertise in
mechanical, hydraulic and electronic parts repair. Since late-model parts now blend these
disciplines, CARDONE has the advantage over other suppliers that specialize in only one

We refer to “mechatronic” products as “C-Tec” parts, because CARDONE is often the only
supplier option apart from the O.E. dealer – at a much lower price.

CARDONE’s C-Tec offering

      Electronic Power Steering Pumps
      Electro-Hydraulic Power Steering
      Electronic Rack and Pinion Units
      Electronic Throttle Body Assemblies
      Electronic Calipers
      Hot-Film Mass Air Flow Sensors
      Electric Smog Pumps
      Electric Vacuum Pump
      Interactive Vehicle Dynamic (IVD) Power Brake Boosters
      ABS Systems
      Controller Area Network (CAN) Window Lift Motors
      Speed Sensitive Wiper Motors

At CARDONE, every employee is dedicated to providing the best automotive products,
availability and services.
Supporting CARDONE products

      Rebuild & Return Service

          o   If a particular part is unavailable, we can take the driver's worn part and
              rebuild it to original form, fit and function.
          o   R&R is a great option for classic/antique vehicle enthusiasts who want to
              restore the original part from their vehicle back to when it was new.
          o   Typical turnaround is the 3-5 days from the time we receive it; then we ship it

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                                   CARLOR ENGINEERING
                                    Avenue Albert 1er 87
                                      4030 GRIVEGNEE

                         Tel: 32-(0)43840197 – Fax: 32-(0)43671666

                      Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Fabian KLAURENS

CARLOR: the leader in the field of preheating systems!

CARLOR ENGINEERING is a Belgian manufacturer of:

   -   Electric coolant heaters for all types of water-cooled engines

       •   private cars, emergency vehicles, vehicles on construction site
       •   vans, trucks, bus, civil engineering machineries
       •   marine engine
       •   generator sets

   -   Hydraulic oil preheater

       •   tanks
       •   engines

   -   Water preheating system

       •   drinking bowls

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                                      CELEAH GROUP
                                     Rue de Beclines 19
                                 1435 MONT SAINT GUIBERT

                          Tel: 32-(0)10650628 - Fax: 32-(0)10656188

                Email: – Web:

                              Contact person: Mr Eddy LENART

CELEAH GROUP was born from a combination of two companies: Mechanical Engineering
and Meca-Consult.

The one involved in the design of tools, special machine, control...

The other in the machine tool programming, operating range, training...

The products we offer are innovative. Complex trajectory programming, machining, robotics,
High Tech CAD software by direct modeling...

They are part of the evolution of machining today. Machines with many opportunities while
ensuring a limited budget.

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                                 Rue du Mont Gallois 54
                                     7700 LUINGNE

                        Tel: 32-(0)56842100 - Fax: 32-(0)56345868

                       Email: – Web:

                         Contact person: Mr Freddy VANMEENEN

Created in 1990, CERSA concentrates on innovation and improvement of floor mounted and
overhead handling systems in collaboration with car manufacturers. Each conveyor system
presents specific characteristics of speed, load, noise, lubrication, environment… The
application of polymeric to conveying procures significant advantages. CERSA developments
give solutions to conveyors and especially in specific environment such as car bodies’
treatment, cataphoresis, water-test, waxline…

CERSA components have for main objectives:

To reduce:

The noise level
Systems weight
Maintenance costs

Or avoid lubrication
Systems wear
Investment costs

From conception to production, CERSA is able to help you to manage your projects. Our job
is to respond to your objectives and needs with the most suitable solution.

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                           Zone Industrielle - Rue de la Baronnerie 3
                                         4920 HARZE

                          Tel: 32-(0)43882017 - Fax: 32-(0)43883192

                      Email: – Web:

                                Contact person: Mrs Estelle DONY

Jump starters for all sectors

CETEOR battery booster packs are professional jump starters for the recovery of all types of
breakdown vehicles with a partially or completely flat battery.

Our comprehensive range of battery boosters will allow you to make every 6, 12, 24 or 28V,
explosion or hybrid motor start. No matter if you face a battery breakdown on a car, truck,
boat, construction equipment, industrial generator, tractor or aircraft; you will always find a
CETEOR jump starter filling up your needs.

CETEOR'S professional battery boosters are designed to provide breakdown assistance for
cars, 4x4s, utility vehicles, mini vans, vans, etc. with a flat battery – petrol or diesel.

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                                      Rue Côte d’Or 279
                                         4000 LIEGE

                          Tel: 32-(0)42521741 - Fax: 32-(0)42521402

                     Email: Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Thierry KEUTER

Specialised in the cutting and manufacturing of gaskets from soft materials like rubber,
asbestos substitutes, felt, paper, cardboard, cork, industrial plastic and soft metals. O-rings,
V-rings, hydraulic gaskets according to many standards.

Sales of rope, braid and sealing for pump and valve. Active in the distribution of gear shafts
and supports, bearings, driving belts, pulley and chain, elastic coupling.

Delivery of tool kits and equipment, glue and grease.

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                                    Rue de la Maîtrise 3
                                      1400 NIVELLES

           Tel: 32-(0)67442454 - Fax: 32-(0)67333362 - Mobile: 32-(0)498572210

         Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Pascal WASTERLAIN

One of the latest remarkable acquisitions of the Group is DASCOTTE, located in Nivelles, the
nerve center of Brabant Wallon.

This workshop of fine machinery perfectly complements the activities of ATVE in Charleroi
while keeping its technical and commercial specificity.

With its own unique identity, on a human scale and fool proof dynamism, DASCOTTE
obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2008 and 2011 and with a view to investing in other areas
in light of its expertise and its policy strongly oriented towards total quality.

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                                       DAYCO SASIC
                                     Route de Wallonie
                                        7011 GHLIN

                       Phone: 32-(0)65761111 - Fax: 32-(0)65761100

                     Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Christian BERTA

DAYCO Products

DAYCO, a division of Mark IV Industries, is a leader in the research, design, manufacturing
and distribution of a broad range of belts, tensioners and pulleys for the automotive,
trucking, construction, agricultural and industrial markets.

Recognized by both original equipment manufacturers and the automotive aftermarket as
an innovative, technology-driven organization, DAYCO operates a fully integrated global
network of manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, technical centers and sales offices
employing a workforce of nearly 3,000 employees. DAYCO continues to be guided by the
same primary business strategy established over 100 years ago: to anticipate and satisfy the
needs of our customers by providing timely, quality products and services.

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                                    Rue de Wonck 57
                              4682 HOUTAIN-SAINT-SIMEON

         Phone: 32-(0)42864562 - Fax: 32-(0)42594784 - Mobile: 32-(0)476692395

                 Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Aimé DEHARD

DECOPREC is an industrial company highly specialised in machining of all manufacturing
parts in various materials such as copper, brass, steel, metal alloys, etc. It markets its
products to multiple applications and under various brands including LAMPiruna, LED lamp
used in the field of leisure and utility.

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                               DELTRIAN INTERNATIONAL
                 Zone Industrielle de Martinrou - Rue du Berlaimont 21 A
                                      6220 FLEURUS

                      Phone: 32-(0)71364030 - Fax: 32-(0)71438448

                Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Jürgen ALEXIUS

As a specialist OEM air filter manufacturer, DELTRIAN has developed 22 years ago Total
Filtration Management.

Providing clean air to automotive customers in Europe, Africa and Russia, DELTRIAN has
succeeded to reduce energy costs and improve process quality output. From our R&D
laboratory in Belgium, DELTRIAN continuous to develop low energy consuming high
efficiency filters adapted to specific automotive process.

With intensive analysis of process, maintenance and cleaning our Dirt in Paint experts
implement “low hanging fruit” recommendations to improve first run and reduce polishing
and rework.

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                                    DIMMA DESIGN
                               Avenue de l'Indépendance 41
                                     4020 WANDRE

                         Tel: 32-(0)43621062 – Fax: 32(0)43622801

            Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Baudouin MICHEL

DIMMA’s main activity is car repairing. Each year, more than 800 vehicles come to the repair
shop. Many companies such as, Interleasing, Firemen vehicles of Liège entrust DIMMA with
their damaged cars. Customers’ faithfulness gives a clear indication of the serious character
and the quality of DIMMA’s services.

Moreover, DIMMA is approved by most of the insurance companies such as: AG, AGF, AXA,

Body kits DIMMA Concept

DIMMA manufactures coachwork kits under the name of DIMMA Design for cars such as
Peugeot, Citroen and Renault. For the making of these kits, DIMMA uses two materials:
polyester and sheet metal.

If DIMMA sublets the pressing of sheet metal, every polyester pieces are manufactured by
DIMMA itself. Not a single machine is used in this step of manufacturing. Most of the
DIMMA’s design kits are manufactured with polyester, a mixing of fiberglass and resin. That
material is breakable but also repairable.

The DIMMA Design 306 Maxi kit is the one that gives the best transformation quality. Its
widened wings are, in fact, made of steel which gives a good painting quality and a better
inflexibility. Unfortunately, the setting is a bit longer and the heavy wings, made of steel,
appreciably reduce the car performances.
When DIMMA became well-known, thanks to its large kit, it decided to extend its range of
products. Moreover, the company realised that the demand for coachwork kits was
increasing constantly. These products are manufactured thanks to new technologies such as

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                                    DRADIN V. & FILS
                                Chaussée de Waremme 162
                                        4500 HUY

                         Tel: 32-(0)85211478 - Fax: 32-(0)85211403

                     Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Serge DRADIN

Our family business has been active for over 40 years.

DRADIN is located in Huy, close to major highways and not far from Bierset airport.

We produce articles made of aluminium and their finishes.

Our expertise also allows us to cast anodizable aluminium alloys (Al-Mg).

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                             DSI DELTA SERVICES INDUSTRIELS
                                   Rue du Mont d'Orcq 3
                                     7503 FROYENNES

           Tel: 32-(0)69640604 – Fax: 32-(0)69780079 – Mobile: 32-(0)479765796

                  Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Till SCHAEFER

Located in Belgium, DSI provides custom radio-tracing services and equipment intended for
optimizing internal combustion engines and lubricants, such as permanent measurement of
wear of engine parts, oil consumption and its impact on emissions, measuring oil dilution
and the rate of aeration of lubricants, etc.

DSI has a testing and inspection centre for mechanical parts and lubricants. Our services are
intended for the engineering industry: automotive, heavy goods, aircraft industry, etc.

DSI is involved as an R&D partner or sub-contractor in the context of developing lubricants
and new engineering solutions, in particular with a view to adapting engines to new
environmental standards.

Main customers:

Services offered by DSI: hire and sale of measuring equipment, custom measuring services
including on-site, measuring services on internal testing equipment (test benches for engines
and lubricants), R&D partnerships.

Renault SAS (France), Renault F1 Team (France and United Kingdom); Total France, PSA-
Peugeot S.A., Volvo Trucks, I.F.P. (French Oil Institute), Le Moteur Moderne (A.V.L.), Sodemo
Racing, Case New Holland, Federal Mogul (France), E.D.F. (Electricité de France), C.E.A.
(Atomic Energy Commission), Ricardo Consulting Engineers (United Kingdom), BP Castrol
(United Kingdom), Cosworth (United Kingdom), Bentley (United Kingdom), Prodrive-Tickford
(United Kingdom), Land Rover/Jaguar (United Kingdom), M.I.T. (United States), Magna
(United States), GM (United States), SK Corp (South Korea), Maruti-Suzuki Group (India), etc.

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                                   D-TECH ELECTRONIC
                                   Rue Jean Jaurès 176
                                        4430 ANS

                        Tel: 32-(0)43720716 – Fax: 32-(0)43720719

                    Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Dany TOUSSAINT

D-TECH develops solutions for its own brand, Domestia, in the home automation sector.

In addition, we develop custom solutions for different customers in the following sectors:
automotive, bread slicing machines, advertising hoardings, complex heating regulation and a
host of other sectors.

D-TECH Electronic designs turnkey projects in the fields of printed circuit boards, the
production of embedded software as well as management software running on PCs.

Main customer:

Car industry: Carat-Duchatelet

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                                           Ruthier 1
                                      4950 FAYMONVILLE

             Tel: 32-(0)80672163 – Fax: 32-(0)80678604 – Mobile: 32-(0)475835110

        Email: - Web:

                                Contact person: Mr Bernard WATY

Sale of IT files for vehicles

Company of automobile mechanics specialized in:

        The reprogramming of electronic cases for cars;
        The preparation of engines for competition cars;
        Equipment’s for the new technologies of biofuel (R&D for decrease of consumption).

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                                    Rue de Maestricht 84
                                      4607 BERNEAU

                         Tel: 32-(0)43793585 – Fax: 32-(0)43795519

                      Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Eugène DECKERS

ECO-DEC has been working in the solvent waste-processing sector for 25 years.

We have developed a new distillation system, which produces a purer solvent ready for
reuse in many applications. The system is suitable for a wide range of solvents such as
trichloroethylene, aromatic solvents, perchloroethylene and chlorous solvents.

The new system uses a heating element sandwiched in an aluminium plate and placed at the
bottom of the recycler. This allows an efficient and even transfer of heat to the solvent
throughout the distillation process. The ECO-DEC recycler is capable of recycling all solvents
within a mix in one cycle. The ECO-DEC recyclers are water-cooled and virtually maintenance

As well as the advantages above, recycling your solvent waste cuts out the need to store
waste which has associated risks and also the cost of waste removal.

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                                  ECOPLAST TECHNOLOGY
                                    Rue Louis Blériot 37
                                     6041 CHARLEROI

           Tel: 32-(0)71560020 - Fax: 32-(0)71560290 - Mobile: 32-(0)476900550

      Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Bernard GONSETTE

A technological step ahead in the world of plastics

Inventor of the ECOPLAST system and world leader, ECOPLAST TECHNOLOGY provides clients
with a service range unique in Europe.

From study to mass production, through design and development phases, the entire process
is supported from A to Z by the same entity.

More than 10 years of expertise and continuously updated state-of-the-art technology are
our assets to develop products at a lower cost in all sectors.

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                                    Rue de la Vallée 13
                             4681 HERMALLE-SOUS-ARGENTEAU

                         Tel: 32-(0)43799610 - Fax: 32-(0)43740603

                 Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Frédéric TALBOT

For more than sixty years ELCOMETER has been a world leader in the design, manufacture
and supply of inspection equipment to the coatings industry.

Ever since the first ELCOMETER gauge was manufactured in 1947, our philosophy has been
to provide ‘best in class’ design, quality and service at a competitive price. By concentrating
on these core values, ELCOMETER has grown into a global network with representation in
over 70 countries.

With a range of products specifically developed to meet the needs of the coatings industry,
ELCOMETER is well positioned to provide you the solution to your inspection requirements -
whatever and wherever they might be.

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                                      ELOY & BECKER
                                   Boulevard d'Avroy 292
                                        4000 LIEGE

                          Tel: 32-(0)42249690 - Fax: 32-(0)43719326

                  Email: - Web:

                               Contact person: Mr David ELOY

Sales Engineering and Global Sourcing

Sales Engineering

We represent our Asian partner producers to major accounts all over Europe offering low
cost products that meet the highest quality requirements. Via our offices in Asia and Europe,
we are responsible for sales promotion, monitoring development and technical support, as
well as for production and logistics arrangements for supplying sub-assemblies that are used
in the assembly of vehicle equipment and vehicles the world over: switches, magnetic
sensors, electric actuators, control units...

Global Sourcing

For particular products not in our current range, we work as purchasing consultants and
analyze the Asian markets in order to identify the best suppliers in the low cost countries
that meet our customers’ specifications.

Research and development

We are involved at all stages of the product life-cycle, from design to production. By relying
on our basic expertise and experience of existing products, we provide custom solutions
tailored to our customers’ specific technical and operational demands. We are considered as
integrators, exercising all the skills required to develop and manufacture an operational
mechatronic system.
Our approach to Global Sourcing comprises four stages:

1. Product analysis:

• Material analysis and identification of the potential of sourcing from a low cost country.
• Analysis of the supply chain and potential savings.
• Definition of a specification in agreement with the customer.

2. Market analysis:

• Analysis of the market and supplier pre-selection.
• RFQ based on customers’ specifications and objectives.
• Audit of preselected suppliers: quality, technology, finances.
• Comparison and summary of the best suppliers (incl. company profiles).

3. Execution:

• Visit to and audit of suppliers chosen with the customer.
• Negotiations with the supplier.
• Start-up of development and industrialization.

4. Project management:

• Communication link between the customer and supplier if necessary.
• Technical support during development or change of product specification.
• Start-up of production and permanent quality control
• Full logistics services including warehousing and just in time delivery.

Main customers:

PSA, VW/Audi, Porsche, TRW, Plastic Omnium, Continental Automotive Systems, MGI
Coutier, Trelleborg

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                                     Rue de la Fontaine 8
                                      6600 BASTOGNE

                          Tel: 32-(0)61212261 – Fax: 32-(0)61212265

           Email: -

                 Contact persons: Mr Daniel CERON - Mr Stephan WILMOTTE

LOWE AND FLETCHER/EURO-LOCKS GROUP is one of the largest lock manufacturers and lock
suppliers with factories in UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, USA and China. We specialise
in the design and manufacture of a wide range of locking systems for industry. We are part of an
international group, supplying more than 50 million products each year. Alongside the
production of our traditional locks and locking component range, we specialise in co-operative
customer projects, designed to meet the needs of our customers across a broad range of
markets in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Established in 1889, we are still a privately owned
and controlled group, which gives us a strong family ethos and a long term commitment to our
business and our customers.

We manufacture our products in six factories and supply globally under the banner LOWE &
FLETCHER in UK and under the name EURO-LOCKS outside UK.

Our locks are used in numerous accessories for automotive applications such as: racks for ski and
bicycle, roof boxes, locking tow bars, petrol and ADBLUE filler caps, etc.
We produce locks and handles that are used in: industrial and earthmoving machines, electrical
enclosures, lockers, steel and wood furniture for office and factory, letter boxes, parcel boxes,
fitness centers, etc.

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                               EUTOMATION & SCANSYS
                                 Industriestrasse 28B
                                     4700 EUPEN

                        Tel: 32-(0)87561008 – Fax: 32-(0)87561009

                  Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Philippe BREUER

EUTOMATION & SCANSYS provides innovative solutions in the following sectors: assembly,
robotics, computer integrated materials handling, vibrating feeders, the production of
prototypes, dynamic test beds, special test beds, measuring equipment and automated
control systems, data acquisition and processing, modernizing testing equipment.

Main customers:

Bosch, Daimler, Tenneco Automotive, Delphi, Jtekt, Punch Powertrain

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                                 EVOLVE POWERTRAINS
                                   Rue Bouquette 78
                                     4802 HEUSY

                                Mobile: 32-(0)479461116

            Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Pierre DETRE

EVOLVE POWERTRAINS is an engine engineering company based in the east side of Belgium,
close to Germany, The Netherlands and France, specialized in internal combustion engine,
alternative fuels and alternative powertrains development for vehicles and industry.

It has capitalized a strong experience in engine engineering through 20 years in Formula 1
engine departments of Renault Sport and Toyota Motorsport.

EVOLVE POWERTRAINS is partner in the group of experts in engine engineering A3E.

Core business:

      engineering consultancy
      design and development of engines, engine parts and systems
      design and development of electric powertrains
      expertise in alternative fuels
      racing components designer and distributor

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                            Parc Artisanal - Allée des Sorbiers 1
                                    4190 WERBOMONT

           Tel: 32-(0)86345620 - Fax: 32-(0)86345630 - Mobile: 32-(0)475785938

                   Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Daniel KNUBBEN

Tuning for Mercedes-Benz cars

EXPRESSION S.A. is in no way affiliated with Daimler Chrysler or Mercedes Benz AG.

"Mercedes", "Mercedes-Benz", the three points star and various model numbers are register
trademarks of Daimler Chrysler.

These terms are used for identification purposes only.

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                                 E-XSTREAM ENGINEERING
                                     Rue du Bosquet 7
                                 1348 LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE
                        Tel: 32-(0)10866425 – Fax: 32-(0)10840767

             Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Roger ASSAKER


E-XSTREAM offers the automotive industry the technology and industry expertise they need
to reduce the cost and time needed to develop innovative and higher quality products.

Process description

DIGIMAT is used across the automotive industry as a predictive software platform aimed at
modeling the behavior of reinforced plastics parts, rubber parts, thermoplastic, elastomer
parts and composite sandwich structures.

OEMs and 1st Tier Suppliers use Digimat to CAE interfaces to model the behavior of
reinforced plastics used in exterior, interior and under the hood parts as a function of the
local fiber orientation induced by the injection molding of the part.

DIGIMAT is strongly coupled to major nonlinear FEA software (Abaqus, ANSYS, LS-DYNA,
PAM-CRASH and SAMCEF) and to Injection Molding software (Moldflow, SigmaSoft,
Moldex3, REM3D).

Material Suppliers use DIGIMAT to develop new material grade, to optimize the
performance of their material offer and to support their end customers in choosing the
optimal material for the target application performance.

Reference customers
Integrated crash pads allow weight and cost reductions. Setting the absorption behavior is
only possible through a rigorous composite modeling. An integrated structural analysis with
DIGIMAT clearly reveals those benefits. Sandro Wartzack, Head of Simulation, Brose

Targeted materials and applications

Plastics:                                              Rubber:

   Technical front end carrier                             Run on flat tires
   Radiator tanks                                          Truck tires
   Safety equipment’s                                      Anti-vibration systems
   Air intake manifolds                                    Fluid transfer hoses
   Door panels                                             Seals
   Clutch pedals                                           Etc.
   Airbag containers
   Tire pressure monitoring systems
   Etc.

Targeted performances

   Shape stability (part war page induced by             Failure under quasi-static loading
    temperature variation)                                Failure under crash loading
   Structural stiffness                                  Long     term     behavior     (stress
   Vibration frequencies and modes                        relaxation and creep)
   Damage under cyclic loading                           Weight reduction
                                                          Etc.

Related materials and products

Engineering Plastics Digimat-CAE/3DTimon
Hard Metals          Digimat-CAE/Abaqus
Nano Composites Digimat-CAE/Ansys
Rubber               Digimat-CAE/LS-Dyna
Sandwich Panels Digimat-CAE/MSC.Marc

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                                     FEDERAL - MOGUL
                                     Avenue Champion
                                      6790 AUBANGE

                         Tel: 32-(0)63382211 - Fax 32-(0)63382279

         Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Daniel DELATTRE

FEDERAL-MOGUL Corporation is an innovative and diversified $6.9 billion global supplier of
quality products, trusted brands and creative solutions to manufacturers of automotive, light
commercial, heavy-duty and off-highway vehicles, as well as in power generation, aerospace,
marine, rail and industrial. The 45,000 people of FEDERAL-MOGUL located in 34 countries
drive excellence in all they do.

Our globally-networked engineering and technical centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia
enable us to bring to our customers breakthroughs in advanced technology and innovation.

We are a premier supplier of products, services and solutions to original equipment
manufacturers that use our quality components in their vehicles and automotive systems,
and to aftermarket customers who sell our world renowned brand-name replacement parts
through repair shops and retail outlets. We partner with a global network of suppliers whose
commitment to excellence and on-time delivery is crucial to our success.

For more than a century, we have developed the innovative products our customers need to
produce the next generation of vehicles. Now, as we write the history of our next 100 years,
we continue to build on our position status as a market leader in product and service
solutions to set ever higher standards and continually exceed customer, shareholder and
employee expectations.

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                                 Boulevard Industriel 101
                                    7700 MOUSCRON

                        Tel: 32-(0)56857530 - Fax 32-(0)56857538

                  Email: - Web:

                         Contact person: Mr Geoffrey DUCROCQ

Company specializing in the injection moulding of technical parts in plastic and composite
materials since 1950

Research and development:

Robotization, automation, new injected technical materials, complex duplicate moulding,
thin-wall injection moulding

Main customers:

Valeo, Volvo, Recare, Delphi, Hydac…

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                                      FILAME BRUSSELS
              Zoning Industriel de Nivelles Nord - Avenue Robert Schuman 121
                                        1400 NIVELLES

                         Tel: 32-(0)67550600 - Fax 32-(0)67550601

                      Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Nicolas HODJEFF

Specialised in the fabrication of wire and sheet metal parts, FILAME is your ideal industrial
partner for the production of precision springs and cut, stamped and bended parts in small,
middle or big batches.

From the design through to the manufacturing, not less than our 50 qualified staff members
are at your disposal. Thanks to the quality of the team and machinery, over 500 million parts
a year’s leave the FILAME workshops.

On our Swiss, German, Italian and Japanese CNC machines, the control systems guarantee
flawless fabrication. Their flexibility gives unrivalled assembly options and extraordinary
production speeds and allows us to offer highly competitive prices.

Equipped with sophisticated CAD machines, FILAME can design, simulate and fabricate the
most suitable tools for your production runs. The manufactured pieces are stored and can be
delivered to any Europe location within 24 hours.

FILAME is ISO 9001:2000 certified and works with SPC.
Material: our materials relies on proven expertise and an undeniable experience which
guarantees that the selected material suits your needs best: Carbon steel, Inox, Galvanised,
Bezinal, Pet Coated, copper, bronze, aluminium, Nimonic, Inconel, Oteva...

Surface treatments: deburring, polishing, epoxy paintwork, galvanizing, platings (white or
black zinc, nickel, copper, chrome / bi-chrome…) phosphatation, Delta Tone, Delta Seal, Shot

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                              FREE FIELD TECHNOLOGIES FFT
                     Axis Park Louvain-la-Neuve - Rue Emile Francqui 1
                                1435 MONT-SAINT-GUIBERT

                         Tel: 32-(0)10451226 - Fax 32-(0)10454626

                            Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Jean-Louis MIGEOT

Free Field Technologies (FFT) develops and supports the Actran family of acoustic CAE
products. The company proudly serves customers as diverse as car manufacturers and their
suppliers, civil and military aircraft and aircraft engine manufacturers, loudspeakers and
other audio device producers, consultants, universities and research centres.

FFT also provides related services: acoustic CAE consultancy (on-site or off-site), training,
specific developments, contract research and provides a range of services in the field of
acoustic design. Free Field Technologies is also involved in multiple research programs in
acoustics, aero-acoustics, vibro-acoustics, high-performance computing etc.

Free Field Technologies operates from its Belgian headquarters and from branch offices in
Toulouse (France), Tokyo (Japan) and Troy (Detroit, Michigan).

In September 2011 FFT joined MSC Software Corporation, leading provider in Virtual Product
Development technology, including simulation software and professional services.

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                                     Rue de la Royenne 78
                                      7700 MOUSCRON

                          Tel: 32-(0)56852085 - Fax: 32-(0)56845822

               Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Jan VANDEWIELE

Plastic injection molding: a leader in plastic bins and crates

GAMMA WOPLA works as a designer and producer of industrial plastic bins and crates:
pharmaceutical, automotive, logistics and retail.

Plastic crates display unique characteristics:

      Advanced technology
      They comply with the highest international, sanitary and environmental standards
      Ratio quality, price
      Produced with high precision moulds on modern machines equipped with Robots
      The crates are 100 % recyclable

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                                     GILLET VERTIGO
                                      Rue Saucin 84
                                       5032 ISNES

                        Tel: 32-(0)81568444 – Fax: 32-(0)81568746

               Email: – Web:

                              Contact person: Mr Tony GILLET

Conception and construction of automobiles, the VERTIGO, the only sports car of Belgian

Renovation of cars

Activities of Racing

Construction, assembly and trade of motor vehicles

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                         GLOBAL DESIGN TECHNOLOGY - GDTECH
                             Rue des Chasseurs Ardennais 7
                                    4031 ANGLEUR

                        Tel: 32-(0)43678711 – Fax: 32-(0)43766822

                       Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Guy JANSSEN

Engineering company, GDTECH offers his expertise to industrial projects spanning across all
necessary stages for Design, Simulation and Industrialisation.

In our own offices or on customer site, as provider of services, project manager or
consultant, in the aeronautical, space, transport, defence and energy industries ...

                 Design : development phase, dedicated to analysis
                 Numerical simulation : structures and fluids
                 Tools design and control of manufacturing
                 Hydromechanics : certification, development, technical support
                 Support to Validation : Management, Following and Analysis
                 Support to In service product : engineering department, production, after-
                 Support to Production : methods, process cert
                 Technical documentation

GDTECH has been developing its skills in crash simulation in the transport field since 2005.
The objectives covered by this new focus are many and varied: modelling and optimization
of guardrails and the improvement of vehicle digital models. GDTECH is also involved in the
safety of motorcyclists and vehicle occupants.

Thanks to our knowledge of the most advanced industrial technologies and our expertise,
we provide you with a customized solution.
Our assets... our expertise, our CAE complete offer and our quality commitment (EN9100

Localisations: Belgium (HQ), France (Pau and Massy)

Main customers

Techspace Aero, Turbomeca, Messier Dowty, Snecma Moteurs, SONACA, SABCA, Centre
Spatial de Liège, FN Herstal, CMI, Renault, Valeo, Caterpillar, Arcelor, IBA…

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                                    Rue du Parc Industriel 27
                                           7822 ATH

                          Tel: 32-(0)68250250 – Fax: 32-(0)68551576

                   Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Philippe VINCENT

Outbound automotive logistics

Towards multimodal logistics solutions

As a subsidiary of the PSA group, GEFCO has been serving the automotive industry for 60
years. The European leader in automotive logistics, the group has developed considerable
expertise in vehicle distribution. From assembly plants to dealerships, GEFCO provides
reliable, competitive logistics solutions on behalf of distributors. With 4 million vehicles
distributed in 2010, GEFCO is positioned as a key logistics provider in this sector.

A recognised logistics integrator

An expert in automotive logistics, GEFCO designs, optimises and implements logistics plans
from production plants or ports to dealerships. The group offers high added-value services
for all players involved in automotive distribution, including storage, PDI (Pre-Delivery
Inspection), PPO (Post-Production Operations) and vehicle customisation for dealers.

These logistics solutions include three activities:

      Multimodal transport from the factory: logistics engineering, transport plans,
       scheduling, supervision, tracking, reporting
      Added-value operations at the GEFCO site:
       -   Vehicle customisation (Post-Production Operations): based on rigorous
           specifications, GEFCO carries out added-value operations for car
           manufacturers: windscreen engraving, installation of fog lamps, alarm
           systems etc.
       -   Vehicle preparation before distribution to the sales network (Pre-Delivery
           Inspection): dynamic testing, removing protective covers, washing, cleaning,
           interior preparation, mechanical and electrical tests, final quality control.

   Capillary distribution: from the GEFCO site to the sales outlet, our teams distribute
    vehicles to every marketing area and every dealer

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                          Parc Industriel - Rue du Commerce 14
                                     1400 NIVELLES

                        Tel: 32-(0)67894848 – Fax: 32-(0)67894845

                    Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Yves CHARLIER

GRANDO is a Belgian Company that designs, manufactures and commercialises technical
articles in foam and rubber (elastomers) since 1946. Throughout the years, GRANDO has
attracted a growing number of customers with high-quality products, competitive prices and
very short fabrication time. With their unique experience and knowledge of cellular
materials and elastomers, our engineers guide you towards the optimum solution in
response to your technical issue in a wide range of applications:

GRANDO it's in brief:

More than 300 different cellular materials and elastomers in stock
Tailor-made articles in any size and shape according to your specifications
Tailor-made moulding of rubber articles (with or without metal insert)
Laminating of various materials (foam, rubber, cork, felt, plastic films…)
Thermo compression of cellular materials such as foams of, PE, EVA, PP with or without
laminated textile on one our both sides
Assembly with pressure-sensitive adhesive, contact glue, cold vulcanisation, hot-melt…
High-pressure water-jet cutting of many materials (stainless steel, glass, wood, plastic,

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                                   GREEN PROPULSION
                          Liège Science Park - Avenue Pré-Aily 20
                                        4031 LIEGE

                        Tel: 32-(0)42397040 - Fax: 32-(0)42397049

                 Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Yves CHARLIER

GREEN PROPULSION was founded in 2001 as a spinoff of the University of Liege (Belgium). It
has since become an independent specialist in ever cleaner motorisations:

     Expertise for decision-makers based on practical experience with alternative fuels,
      battery electrics, hybrids, fuel cells and an overall “Well to Wheel” vision

     Simulations and optimisation of virtual vehicles for cost effectiveness before

     Evaluation of state-of-the-art technologies on our test benches

     Full development of prototype vehicles by a multidisciplinary team

Thanks to the 15 years of experience of its founders and the more than 15 unique
prototypes it has built, GREEN PROPULSION now works closely - not just as a subcontractor -
with several European manufacturers, primarily in the fields of urban transport and motor

In the field of plug-in hybrids, in particular, GREEN PROPULSION is without a doubt one of
the leading independent R&D centres in Europe, with no fewer than seven topologies and
innovative management strategies to its credit.

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                                 Avenue Alexander Fleming 10
                                   1348 LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE

            Tel: 32-(0)10889700 - Fax: 32-(0)10458560 - Mobile: 32-(0)476474645

                   Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Gaétan DETROZ

Since 2006, G-tech2 develops and distributes various tools to monitor, train and evaluate
drivers of all kinds of vehicles.

Our knowledge in this very specific business field is based on many years of experience of
the Gentleman Driver School.

Our tools are utterly helpful to various users:

      Professional Training Centres
      Professional examiners
      Insurance companies
      Companies and authorities managing a fleet
      Transportation companies in general

Besides distributing these tools, G-tech2 has also developed a network of trainers who
actively use our systems in Belgium and abroad.

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                                     Rodter Straße 102
                                       4780 ST-VITH

                         Tel: 32-(0)80226870 - Fax: 32-(0)80226247

                        Email: - Web:

                              Contact person: Mr Henri WARNY

Since 1986, your professional partner for stamping light metal for:

              Tools Production
              Prototypes and samples
              Small, medium and large series
              Transformation in thicknesses of 0.05 to 1 mm
              Unwind - punch - rewind

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                                     Rue de la Station 13
                                        1300 WAVRE

                          Tel: 32-(0)10420385 - Fax: 32-(0)10420380

                   Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Georges HUBINONT

HUBINONT S.A. was established in 1976 to import and distribute professional diagnostic
equipment and tools for the motor trade in Europe.

We have for 25 years developed a very strong relation with our suppliers and customers. Our
logistics and the impeccable quality of our service allow us to bring to the European market
an always improved choice of carefully selected innovative tools.

Our strategic location in the centre of Europe and our knowledge of the major European
languages allow us to be close to our customer with easy communication and fast deliveries.

Our services to the OEM customers also include the logistics, the adaptation of the products
and packaging to customers’ needs and the sourcing of specific products from all over the

HU42018 - In-Line Flaring Tool

This new double flaring tool allows the user to simply and easily flare thin walled steel tubing
or copper tubing. It works with a ratchet, wrench or air wrench and is low profile to allow
the user to work in tight spaces, on or off of the vehicle.

STE97215 - Wireless Electronic Stethoscope

An electronic device that quickly pinpoints source and location of noise during a road test,
even on long vehicles (such as trucks, buses...) thanks to clamps that can be fixed onto
springs, shocks, body mounts, brakes, engine blocks, etc.
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                                    Avenue Lavoisier 37
                                       1300 WAVRE

                         Tel: 32-(0)10239520 – Fax: 32-(0)10881901

                    Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Patrick COLLIGNON

Company specializing in the development, production and distribution of weather stripping
for windows and other bodywork parts for all types of vehicles. A company that also
concentrates on selling laminated glass repair systems and tooling used in the installation of
automotive glass

Research and development

A company able to develop all types of profiles on the basis of customer demand, and/or
extruded and/or injected piping in EPDM, plastic, TPE, TPV, etc. with single or multi
components, used in the automotive, personal or goods transport sector, as well as in any
other weather sealing application.

Main references

Saint-Gobain Autover, AGC Automotive, Pilkington, Guardian Glass, Rioglass, Belron, PG
Glass Group, Aston Martin, Prodrive.

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              Zone Industrielle de Noville-les-Bois - Rue Léopold Génicot 19 A
                                    5380 FERNELMONT

                        Tel: 32-(0)81420010 – Fax: 32-(0)81579170

                      Email: - Web:

                         Contact person: Mrs Pauline JACQUEMIN

IDEATEC creates and produces consoles for use in controlling any equipment added to
emergency service and utility vehicles. Based on a single and independent connection,
IDEATEC systems greatly simplify the installation of this equipment.

Research and development

IDEATEC is constantly developing its products in order to provide the optimum response to
the needs of the various markets as quickly as possible. Several consoles are currently being
developed, responding to user demands according to their formats. Existing products are
constantly being improved.

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                                 IMPERIA AUTOMOBILES
                          Liège Science Park - Avenue Pré-Aily 20
                                        4031 LIEGE
          Tel: +32-(0)42476010 - Fax +32-(0)42476019 – Mobile: 32-(0)473570207

                 Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Sacha PETROVIC

Specialising in the development of cleaner prototypes, Green Propulsion is reviving the last
Belgian make of car: Imperia.

Imperia Automobiles is preparing a world first: thanks to its sports hybrid motorisation
PowerHybrid®, the Imperia GP model is innovative for its extremely low consumption and
CO2 emissions, whilst still offering quite outstanding sports performance!

Opening the way to new vehicle design

The Imperia Automobiles project is clearly ambitious.

It involves nothing less than creating a new vehicle concept, implementing new
technologies, and at the same time introducing a new approach to driving and the pleasure
it brings.

It is ambitious too because this vehicle aims to join a stubbornly exclusive segment where
quality standards are very high.

And it is even more ambitious because Imperia Automobiles is proposing a world 1st in the
sector, both a small revolution and an incredible evolution.

The design of this vehicle hinges on three remarkable requirements:
      Environmental concern, through motorisation based on Plug-in hybrid engine
       technology supplemented by path-breaking autonomy in electric mode.
      The pleasure of sport driving, obtained through high-level performance.
      Attention to design conveyed through its neo-retro lines inspired from Imperia
       history that will seduce the most demanding amateur.

3 parameters, 1 solution

There are vehicles that at present offer one, or even two, of these characteristics. The
originality and relevance of the Imperia Automobiles concept rest in the fact that it is the
only one able to meet all three of these requirements at the same time. The Imperia is
indeed a world first.

In keeping with the times, the Imperia project is part of a major trend in today’s world
which, quite rightly, is concerned more and more with the environment and sustainable
development. It also enables its potential purchasers to satisfy their taste for technology
oriented towards pleasure and aesthetic refinement whilst still making a socially-responsible

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                                INNOVATIVE PRODUCTION
                                Rue du Bout de Là-Haut 256
                                    7390 QUAREGNON

                      Tel: 32-(0)65760190 - Mobile: 32-(0)491491413

                    Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Dovindo SIBAU

The “3P Magic ®” is an innovative design object mainly intended for the automotive world
which allows combining the smell of a car air-freshener like the “Arbre Magique” with a
private picture and finally a passion symbol of an enterprise/association logo.

The “3P Magic ®” can be used as a personal or professional gift.

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                                         IPIC PLASTIC
                                   Rue du Haut Vinâve 63 Bis
                                 4682 HOUTAIN-SAINT-SIMEON

                         Tel: 32-(0)42864885 – Fax: 32-(0)42865243

                    Email: - Web:

                              Contact person: Mr Joseph ROUSSEAUX

IPIC PLASTIC was established more than 20 years ago, of the encounter between a
mechanical workshop and a plastic injector. That is what makes its particularity: from the
conception to the final production and to the assembly, IPIC PLASTIC offers a real one-step
counter that integrates the various manufacture stages.

Regular investments have enabled to increase not only the production capacity but also the
types of realised products. Therefore the new markets have opened.

A dozen machines

Regularly renewed, the Machinery Park of IPIC is composed of a dozen machines from 15 to
270 tons for an injection volume up to 800 cm3, together with the device in line with the
production constraints. The material thus treated are: PE, PP, PS, PoM, ABS, PA, TPE with or
without load.

The set-up service and our way of proceeding have enabled to express ourselves in different
sectors of activities:

         Aerospace
         Automotive
         Defence
         Medical
         Electric Industry
   Mechanical Industry

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                       Scientific Park Crealys - Rue Camille Hubert 29
                                 5032 GEMBLOUX (LES ISNES)

                        Tel: 32-(0)81728686 – Fax: 32-(0)81728689

                   Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Tigran VARTANIAN

The company ISOMATEX is the global leader in manufacturing enhanced volcanic rock
filaments (trademark: FILAVATM).

The production of FILAVA is unique thanks to a genuine and innovative treatment of the raw
material, basalt, which is enriched with various mineral additives to increase and guarantee
its original mechanical and chemical properties.

ISOMATEX has developed a unique production system which combines various leading edge
technologies for an accurate control of quality from raw materials to the end product.

In particular, the production equipment’s have been carefully selected and configured in
order to assure a tight control of temperatures at all stages of the process, from melting,
refining and drawing of the lava up to the production of the enhanced volcanic rock filament
FILAVATM, which has a diameter of less than 10 microns

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                                  JTEKT TORSEN EUROPE
                                   Rue Grand Peuplier 11
                                7110 STREPY-BRACQUEGNIES

                         Tel: 32-(0)64672211 – Fax: 32-(0)64677142

                      Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Jean-Louis DAM

Manufacturer of limited slip differentials for cars (TORSEN differential)

Main customers: Audi, VW, Toyota, Range Rover, Hummer, Alfa Roméo, BMW.

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                                   KLÜBER LUBRICATION
                                  Rue Cardinal Mercier 100
                                     7711 DOTTIGNIES

                         Tel: 32-(0)56483333 - Fax: 32-(0)56486252

                   Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Rudy VANLOOCKE

Our passion: innovative tribological solutions

Through personal relationships and consultation, we help our customers be successful. With
our ambitious technical concepts and experienced, competent staff we develop advanced,
efficient high-performance lubricants

Speciality lubricants for initial fill are at the core of our business. We offer our customers
expert tribological solutions by supplying tailor-made speciality lubricants directly to
customers in almost all branches of industry and regional markets. Our customers include
producers of components, modules, machines and systems as well as companies using this
equipment for their own production or processing activities.

KLÜBER LUBRICATION offers approximately 2000 different speciality lubricants, many of
them developed and manufactured to specific customer requirements. With competent and
customer-oriented consulting and wide-ranging services, our employees have established
KLÜBER LUBRICATION's excellent reputation as a partner to industry and trade.

With more than 80 years of experience, ample expertise in the industry, numerous
certifications, some 140 research and development engineers and other technical specialists
as well as high-performance testing facilities, we are one of the leading speciality lubricants
suppliers worldwide.

KLÜBER LUBRICATION was founded by Theodor KLÜBER in Munich in 1929, and to this day
our headquarters is located there. Our approximately 1900 employees, however, work for
our customers in more than 30 countries. More than 900 of them are sales specialists,
working in close contact with customers to develop ideas for new, even more efficient and
eco-friendly speciality lubricants.

We focus on systematic expansion of our business, extending our presence worldwide and
meeting the demands of our customers – no matter what the business of our customers is.
More than 80 % of our turnover is attained outside Germany.

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                                Rue des Pieds d'Alouette 37
                                      5100 NAMUR

                         Tel: 32-(0)81401639 - Fax: 32-(0)81401725

               Email: - Web:

                        Contact person: Mr Jean-Pierre MONDRON

Operation and development of race cars

Sports marketing consultancy

Incentive and event organisation

Technical works on old and new cars

Wholesale of vehicles, parts and accessories

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                                     LAMBIOTTE ET CIE
                                       Grand-Rue 79
                                       6724 RULLES

           Tel: 32-(0)63410080 - Fax: 32-(0)63411698 - Mobile: 32-(0)496562526

               Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Luc MEULDERS

LAMBIOTTE & CIE started its activities in 1860 with forestry and sawmill exploitation,
producing railway sleepers. In a desire to increase the value of its wood waste production,
the company adopted an innovative carbonization process to convert wood to charcoal. One
of the chemical by-products of this distillation technology was methanol.

From 1901, Lambiotte’s interest in chemicals grew with the production of formaldehyde
from wood methanol. By 1970, Lambiotte’s passion for chemistry led to the use of
formaldehyde as a reagent in the production of acetals and hemicetals, known as solvents.
Since then, the company has continued to develop its expertise in production technologies,
making it a leader in the highly specialised field of acetals synthesis.

Acetals belong to a specific chemical family, resumed in the generally term solvent, distinct
from ethers. Lambiotte’s acetals are produced by reactions between alcohols and aldehydes.
The acetal molecule can be either linear or cyclic. With regard to their toxicity and
ecotoxicity, Lambiotte’s acetals show very good profiles for health and environment.

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                                 Rue Chasseurs-Ardennais 10
                                       4031 ANGLEUR

                         Tel: 32-(0)43650243 – Fax: 32-(0)43843755

                         Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Axel KUPISIEWICZ

Laser systems and solutions for industry:

• Marking systems for parts tracking, vision and data management.
• Plastics welding systems.
• Surface texturing systems (decoating, patterning).
• Micro-machining systems.
• Components and accessories (CO2 sources, YAG, laser to fibre, diodes, optical engineering,
laser safety…).

Research and development

Partner to the idea of integration on production lines:

Laser expertise: preliminary studies, feasibility studies, return on investment calculations,
validation, development of complete processes and prototypes.

Sectors of application: laser marking and tracking, laser plastic welding, decoating, micro-
machining, surface treatment…

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                               Rue de la Croix du Maïeur 17
                                7110 STRÉPY-BRACQUEGNIES

            Tel: 32-(0)64841412 – Fax: 32-(0)64261454 – Mobile: 32-(0)477918054

                 Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Hugues DESMECHT


Protect your metal parts against wear with « laser cladding »


To develop and apply customised laser claddings resisting to:

        Abrasion
        Corrosion
        Erosion
        Cavitation
        Shocks
        Chemical products (acids, bases, chlorides, etc.)


Are you looking for new applications? We can help you create new kinds of cladding.
Diamonds, ceramics, metals and inert substances can all be used in our cladding


You would like to improve the reliability of your anti-wear surfaces and their lifespan,
enhance the availability of your installations and reduce production loss: these are our
development goals.

Laser cladding can improve your performance.


Just tell us what your metal parts have to endure, the atmosphere in which they work (heat,
humidity, etc.), what surface finish is required, and we will conceive the cladding to suit your


If you want to personalise the cladding for your surfaces, we can realise it, using the latest
laser technology


• Custom made

We will adapt our cladding process to your application

• Before and after laser cladding

We will descale the old surface and finish off the part once the cladding has been applied.

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                  Zone Industrielle de Ghlin - Baudour - Rue des Roseaux 2
                                       7331 BAUDOUR

                         Tel: 32-(0)65430235 – Fax: 32-(0)65430237

                     Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Thierry LAZZERINI

Founded in 1963 by Giulio LAZZERINI who had a strong belief in the coming success of
composite materials, our company specialised at first in the manufacturing of roof making-
up lengths and tombstones

In 1967, our company got the status of limited company and moved to a bigger industrial
site. We then manufactured upholstery elements for wagons and employed 5 workers.

In 1990, Thierry LAZZERINI, in charge of the marketing support, enhances the growth of the
company, inducing the appointment of 5 new workers and the extension of the workshop
area to 1500 m².

In September 2003, we undergo a terrible fire which devastates our buildings in Ecaussinnes.
We put ourselves following the search for new establishments which we find in the zoning of
Ghlin - Baudour or we take a building of 1500m² on a ground of 1,5ha with very new
installations of treatment of foul air (dust and gas).

We are very active in the bathroom equipment field for which we make polyester
components for nursery, paediatric and maternity furniture.

We have developed complete bathroom cubicles comprising: shower, wash basin and toilet,
suitable for hotels, communities and public welfare services (C.P.A.S).

We also make other items in various other fields such as:
Car bodywork: Fun Cup bodywork, seats, ambulance parts, cornice covering for the interior
bodywork of the Glutton street cleaner.
Construction: isolated industrial gutter troughs, roofing connectors, various types of
waterproofing, balconies, terraces, swimming pools.
Bathroom equipment: bathroom components, kitchen sinks, shower cubicles, complete
bathroom cubicles.
Technical industrial components: isolated industrial gutter troughs, saline sprays, Poinver
(glass crusher containers)
Scenery / Theme Parks: theatre and advertising scenery, Eurodisney, Parc d'Aventures
Scientifiques, Walibi, etc.

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                                      LECLERCQ ETS
                       Zone Industrielle n° 3 - Rue Prés-Champs 10
                                     4671 BARCHON

                       Tel: 32-(0)43879595 - Fax: 32-(0)43879598

        Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Albert PAGGEN

Repair of starter motors and alternators, sale of complete machines and spare parts for

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                               LISMONDE DANIEL - HIGH TECH
                                   Rue Joseph Wauters 37
                                     4350 REMICOURT

                        Mobile: 32-(0)495208290 - Fax: 32-(0)19544705

                        Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Daniel LISMONDE

Tuning and Racing

      Body kits and body parts for car and motorbike
      Light brows
      Races and adjustable spoilers
      Air intakes
      DTM splitters


      CFK –Polyester
      Carbon
      Kevlar
      Polyurethane
      ABS
      Aluminium

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                                     MACTAC EUROPE
                                    Boulevard Kennedy
                                      7060 SOIGNIES

                         Tel: 32-(0)67346211 - Fax: 32-(0)67330574

                Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Philippe LOUWETTE

A reputation for innovation

Through the years, highly skilled research & development teams at MACTAC have helped the
company pioneer many industry firsts.

MACTAC was the first company to offer the world the following innovations:

      patented "non-ooze" adhesive sheet products with scored liners for the offset
       printing industry;
      mounting and overlaminating films with optically clear adhesives and UV inhibitors
       for the photographic industry;
      exclusive hot melt adhesive constructions for freezer labelling applications for the
       packaging industry.
      unique      tyre    labelling  products     for     the     automotive      industry

          1. Acrylic Foam Tapes


       MACTAC Acrylic Foam Tapes are ideal for applications where high tack and extremely
       high bond are required: e.g. heavy POS displays, demanding indoor or outdoor
       applications in Building applications, cladding, fixation of structural windows, in the
       automotive industry and many other applications.
          2. Stone Chip Protection


      The smart choice to win the battle against stone chip damage!

      Stone Chip Protection 200 and CrystalProtect 150 consist of a Polyurethane (PU) film
      coated on one side with a permanent acrylic adhesive.

      Automotive and aerospace industry: specially designed to reduce stone chipping and
      insect damage on painted surfaces. Excellent for protecting car underbodies and side
      mirrors, spoilers, rocker panels, etc.

          3. CPF


      Short term prevention against damage and scratches during assembly, storage, show
      room demonstration or transportation

      •Short term resistant to abrasion and weathering
      •No impact on the protected surface (no contamination with adhesive)
      •No adhesive transfer when peeling off
      •Good compatibility with painted surfaces
      •Easy to laminate smoothly at ambient temperature without wrinkles or air bubbles

      « Personalize your car with TuningFilms ! »

This commitment to R & D has positioned MACTAC as a leading innovator in the pressure
sensitive industry.

Manufacturing Capabilities: Achieving New Heights

MACTAC is not only focused on new products. High performance and quality consistency
become the key words in today's industrial world.
It is why MACTAC EUROPE SA has implemented in its manufacturing facility a continuous
quality improvement system certified to the ISO 9001 standard. This enables employees to
deliver top quality products and top quality services to our Customers.

But quality is also a question of manufacturing equipment. Here too MACTAC has to be
considered as an industry leader with the latest investment in manufacturing and finishing
equipment on its European site. This new fully automated plant is to be considered as the
jewel of the self-adhesive industry which guarantees quality consistency to satisfy customer

Ultimately, satisfied and successful customers are the measure of MACTAC quality. And
pursuing this value will continue to drive MACTAC into the future.

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                                        Grand’Route 562
                                        4400 FLEMALLE

                          Tel: 32-(0)42339620 – Fax: 32-(0)42332130

                    Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Antonio AQUILINA

Pipes, fittings, hydraulic adapters and accessories

Industrial hoses and couplings

Flexible hoses and stainless steel fittings

Tubes, joins with rings – rapids, compensators, valves, accessories

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                                    MATHONET MARCEL
                                     Haut de Treme 3
                                     4801 STEMBERT

                         Tel: 32-(0)87331183 – Fax: 32-(0)87336135

            Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Marcel MATHONET

The company’s business is the repair of petrol and diesel engines, turning, grinding, garage
work and engineering in general, purchase, sales, import, export and manufacture of parts
relating to these activities.

Sectors: automotive, transport, agriculture, civil engineering, industry and marine.

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                                       MATRIO GROUP
                Zone Industrielle des Hauts Sarts - Zone 3 - Rue des Alouettes 1
                                          4042 LIERS

                          Tel: 32-(0)42789160 – Fax: 32-(0)42789690

                       Email: - Web:

                               Contact person: Mr Joseph ROSEN

MATRIO GROUP is a specialist for high-tech metal plating. The group develops efficient and
innovative solutions for a demanding and ambitious group of customers: automotive
industry, telecommunication, electronics, aerospace industry, military, etc.

In working with MATRIO, the customer has access to the know-how of three specialist
companies under one umbrella: EX TECLYSE and MECADIGIT are specialized in electro
deposition on metals, while NANOXID develops new surface functionalities based on
organic-inorganic hybrid nano-coatings.

Reel-to-reel plating of carrier stripes

Reel-to-reel plating is the answer to the demands coming from the automotive industry, the
electronics sector and in the general from areas of connector engineering.

MATRIO GROUP possesses multiple continuous lines offering a wide array of specifications
for a broad plating spectrum.

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                              MECANIQUE RESSORT BELGIUM
                               Prolongement de l’Abbaye 86
                                      4040 HERSTAL

                         Tel: 32-(0)42405570 – Fax: 32-(0)42405579

                 Email: - Web:

                               Contact person: Mr Jos BODEN

MÉCANIQUE RESSORT BELGIUM S.A. is a renowned company for its production of:

      Precision springs in wire and strip steel
      Compression, traction, torsion and form springs
      Stamping and bending operations according to customer needs
      Assemblies and sub-assemblies - mechanic precision welding

in small, medium and large series.

We put at your profit a dynamic team of technical professionals and a long experience in
very stringent customer specific markets. We dispose of a well-adapted machine shop which
was the result of intelligent investments towards customer target markets over a period of
more than 70 years in spring business. This makes us your competitive partner for a quick
and reliable solution.

We are located in a modern building complex in the industrial site of the Hauts-Sarts, near to
a favourable network of road and air transport facilities. We work in creative cooperation
with our customers of various market segments. Our principal customer sectors are:
aeronautics and aerospace, automotive, armament, nuclear, electric household appliances,
light and building application industry.

In order to satisfy customer needs in a worldwide competition, we established several
partnership agreements with highly qualified partners inside and outside Europe.
In order to serve you and your increasing stringent needs, every day you can count on our
professional and dynamic solutions.

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                              Avenue Albert Einstein 12
                              1348 LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE

                      Tel: 32-(0)10452056 - Fax: 32-(0)10454062

                    Email: - Web:

                       Contact person: Mr Bernard STEENHOUT

Internal arrangement of priority vehicles (ambulances, police, army, minibus) with a
department "marking" of vehicles

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                             MEISTER COORDINATION CENTER
                                 Rue de la Légende 32 D
                                    4141 SPRIMONT

                         Tel: 32-(0)43600270 - Fax: 32-(0)43600292

                   Email: - Web: www.poppe-

                         Contact person: Mr Ruediger FAUSTMANN

The P + P Group develops and produces technically sophisticated tubes, turned parts and
components for the automobile and utility vehicle sector, as well as for the shipping and
general industries. Poppe + Potthoff is well-known as a specialist for high-pressure tubes and
precision components, in particular for common rail systems – consisting of the common rail
accumulator and –sensors – as well as high-pressure pipes. High precision parts for ABS, ESP
and other applications complete the offerings for the automobile industry.

Ensuring the strictest cleanliness standards

The Meister Coordination Center S.A. is considered the leading international manufacturer
of highly precise turned parts with the full spectrum of modern production technology.
These complex products are developed and tested in part in the company’s own Technology
Center. The range of offerings includes prototypes, pilot production lines, small and
medium-sized production lines.

The Meister Coordination Center has extensive facilities for surface processing with curve or
CNC-controlled turning machines, as well as CNC-controlled automatic production and
testing systems. The highly specialized chain of production and services includes more than
400 machines.

The complex precision components are used, for example, in driving assistance and brake
systems, which are delivered from Belgium to locations across Europe as well as to the USA.

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                                  Rue de la Tayette 93
                                  6730 SAINT-VINCENT

                        Tel: 32-(0)63444647 – Fax: 32-(0)63445024

              Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Etienne D’HOEDT

SPRL MICRONEXT, a public limited company set up in 1982, specializes in the design and
manufacture of measuring and control equipment. It has an in-house design office and a
production unit for prototypes and small series production. This flexible structure has
allowed a network of partners to be developed, enabling the company to adapt in very short
time periods, with a quality standard guaranteed to match its clients’ requests.

SPRL MICRONEXT is involved in the automotive sector, with its windscreen wiper control
apparatus (load gauge and angle measurement device) and in the process automation field,
MICRONEXT carries out design studies and produces tailor-made equipment providing
solutions to its customers’ specific problems.

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                                      Place de la Station 5
                                        6041 GOSSELIES

            Tel: 32-(0)89510350 - Fax: 32-(0)89418509 - Mobile: 32-(0)494507666

                   Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Jean-Jacques PETIT

MITRACOWALL specializes in surface treatments relating to specific applications, particularly
those recommended for productions that create additional value, such as: aeronautic
aluminium, carbon composite, honeycomb panels and special metals.

Today we find that the aeronautics, automotive, leisure and other industries show a “nano”
tendency directed towards surfaces that may or may not be from metal, have a coating
which may or may not be organic, but that are, for the most part, highly sophisticated.

This tendency has several reasons which are specific to the various sectors of activity; for
example, in the automotive industry, to embellish chromed surfaces or surfaces of another
nature; in the aeronautics industry, to increase corrosion resistance; in the printing industry,
to protect plates from the laser stings. Thus, in case of a problem, it proves necessary to
reprocess this state of the high-end surface, while preserving not only the configuration of
the part, but also the various layers inherent to very expensive pre-treatments already
applied to the surface. If you are confronted with this problem, keep in mind that
MITRACOWALL has state-of-the-art technology and extensive process know-how to
intervene, using highly ecological methods such as BIOCARB® and BIOCORN®, thus enabling
you to recover your object and the investment of its added value.

These methods have been developed with the support of the Walloon aeronautics industry.
After more than a year of research, we obtained certification for our various processes. The
recognition by this high-tech industry has led us to offer our services to other sectors as well,
while carrying on our research aimed at improving and developing new technologies, which
continues to be the main focus of MITRACOWALL’s strategy.

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                            MONO BELGIUM CORPORATION
                   Parc Industriel des Hauts Sarts - Première Avenue 24
                                       4040 HERSTAL

           Tel: 32-(0)42569292 - Fax: 32-(0)42569999 - Mobile: 32-(0)475448196

           Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Pierre BRISSA

MONO is a group of passionate and highly skilled people devoted to perfection of art and
excellence of service to our customers. Spread in Europe but also in China and in the USA,
Mono Group is a worldwide supplier of state-of-the art car interior decorations.

Noble decors processed with up-to-date technologies are our daily companion. Our car
interior decorations are not only filling our customers with enthusiasm but also with full

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                       Zone Industrielle de Martinrou - Rue du Progrès 2
                                         6220 FLEURUS

            Tel: 32-(0)71800705 - Fax: 32-(0)71800305 - Mobile: 32-(0)474329055

                    Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Harold O’CONNOR

How did the twin headlights come about?

In 1977 Mr Morette purchased a Citroën CX, he was at that time a car electrician. The CX was
very well known for its poor lighting and, after smashing the headlights whilst driving during
the night (couldn't see the bend), decided to modify the replacements, using a similar type
of light as the DS (his previous car). On the next service, his local dealer asked him if he could
supply other customers with the modification, as by that time the much more powerful GTI
was on the road, which still had the same lighting problem. So on the 1st of November 1979
the company SAFRI was created (trading as Morette®).

Are there performance advantages or disadvantages with them?

The lighting from our products increases vision at least 30 % compared with the original
equipment lights. The efficiency of a round optic is and always will be better than an Original
Equipment optic that needs to follow the curve of a car BUT the full effect of a twin head
lamp conversion comes when you are driving in full beam, you take the day into the night.

Can it still be legal if you turn one of the holes into a port to get air into the engine?

This is a practice that is used a lot in rallying, but not for the purpose of getting air into the
engine, they use it as an air intake for cooling the break disk. The lights are still road legal.

Is there anything amazing, people should know about Morette? i.e. what they're made of
People should know that to make a kit to our standard takes around 650 working hours
(3months) in design and development, and all our kits are TUV approved (German standard,
recognised by every country in Europe) and also shortly they will be DOT (standard for the
USA) which explains the price (you get what you pay for). You must have seen our products
on a lot of rally cars, from Citroen Visa, Ford Sierra Cosworth, Escort Cossie, Focus WRC,
Impreza Wrx, etc... Our best seller is still the Peugeot 504, supplied to Africa to be fitted to
the Pick-up, still in production there (good test bench for the resistance). We are supplying
China, even if they are copying our designs (beware of the copies sold under our name or
Morette style), and supply all spare parts for every kit we have produced from day one.


      Body kits
      Headlights
      Mirror covers
      Misc
      Rear lights
      Styling deco

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                                      MOSA FREIN
                                Chaussée de Waterloo 490
                                  5002 SAINT-SERVAIS

                        Tel: 32-(0)81733273 - Fax: 32-(0)81738010

                  Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Marc RAWAY

Brakes, servo-brakes and accessories

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                                      Rue Haute 9 Bte 3
                                        1300 WAVRE

            Tel: 32-(0)10238580 - Fax: 32-(0)10238589 - Mobile: 32-(0)475701461

                      Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Philippe VAN DAMME

In today's world, violence is anywhere and it is MOVENA's objective to provide security
solutions to organizations like Police forces, Fire brigades and Ambulances.

MOVENA security glass and ballistic panels are commonly used by many Police and Fire
brigade forces across Europe in order to improve the safety of their passengers against all
kinds of threats: riots, urban violence, ammunitions... but they also provide significant sound
attenuation inside the vehicle offering a quieter environment when sirens are on.

In summary: MOVENA provides:

Security glass for automotive and architectural applications:

          Impact resistant glass against urban violence.
          Armored glass.

Opaque protection :

          Ballistic panels made of composite fibers.

Acoustical insulation:
   A full package that will insulate the cabin from intensive sirens noise for health

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                                      Rue de l'Essor 4
                                      5060 AUVELAIS

                        Tel: 32-(0)71750380 – Fax: 32-(0)71750390

                    Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Francis MASSIN

NANOCYL is a company founded in 2002.

With a staff of over 45 people, 6 inventions including 51 patents and a constantly increasing
production capacity, NANOCYL has become a leading company in Wallonia and can be proud
to be among the three main world actors in the field of carbon nanotubes. NANOCYL has in
fact become a leading industrial actor following the commissioning in 2010 of a reactor with
a capacity of 400 tonnes per year.

In addition to its carbon nanotubes (NANOCYL 7000), NANOCYL has also developed a range
of new high added value products in polymers, silicones, water, containing predispersed
carbon nanotubes which are sold under the PlastiCyl, EpoCyl, AquaCyl, BioCyl and ThermoCyl

NANOCYL products are today used in car parts and in the electronics industry where
antistatic properties are required. Fuel lines systems, fuel tanks; body cars fenders are
increasingly qualified by OEM’s to impart electrical conductivity to the part for safety
reasons or to decrease the weight and improve the surface quality of e-painted parts.

Research and development

NANOCYL’s vision is to constantly provide its industrial and university partners with
innovative solutions; this is why the company is involved in very significant R&D activity.
Research has to do with preparing new nanotubes as well as making custom
“improvements” according to the various needs and applications (coatings, functions,
variations in length or diameter, etc.). Development is based on the creation of new
nanotube based products and on existing products optimisation to fit the industry needs.

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                                   NEW ABRACO SERVICES
                                 Rue de la Croix du Maïeur 17
                                 7110 STREPY-BRACQUEGNIES

                          Tel: 32-(0)64263309 – Fax: 32-(0)64261454

                        Email: - Web:

                              Contact person: Mr Philippe FIEVEZ

NEW ABRACO SERVICES, a company built on the joint expertise of Abraco and Sodiabel, built
a new operation site in 2005.

ABRACO specialises in contract custom manufacturing of industrial diamond and CBN tools
by galvanic deposition (electrodeposit) and diamond segment welding (sintered products).


Our extensive experience designing diamond electrodeposited and sintered tools opens the
door to use of a variety of industrial diamonds (natural, synthetic, borazon) in a wide range
of applications.


An infinite variety of shapes, sizes, and applications


Our staff is dedicated to providing clients the highest level of quality and designing an
effective solution for each application.

NEW ABRACO SERVICES is a Belgian company based in Strépy-Bracquegnies (province of
Hainaut), in the heart of Europe… and close to our clients.
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                                     NEXANS BENELUX
                                   Rue Vital Françoisse 218
                                     6001 MARCINELLE

                          Tel: 32-(0)71440440 – Fax: 32-(0)71440563

                 Email: - Web:

                              Contact person: Mr Alain DE DIER

Worldwide leading expert in the cable industry

With energy as the basis of its development, NEXANS is a global player in the infrastructure,
industry, building and Local Area Network (LAN) markets.

As a worldwide leader in the cable industry, it offers an extensive range of cables and cabling
systems to raise industrial productivity, improve business performance, enhance security,
enrich the quality of life, and assures long-term network reliability.

With an industrial presence in 40 countries and commercial activities worldwide, NEXANS
employs 24,500 people and had sales in 2011 of 7 billion euros. NEXANS is listed on Nyse
Euronext Paris, compartment A.


NEXANS provides complete cables and cabling solutions for power production, transmission
and distribution. New technologies significantly increase capacity and reduce the danger of

To reinforce rail safety and efficiency, we have products especially designed tor the
demanding railroad environment.

And to meet diverse needs of incumbent and new telecom operators, NEXANS has
customized solutions aimed at lowering capital expenditure and operating costs.
For the world’s busy airports, we offer cables and cabling systems for energy and
communication networks, terminals, baggage handling systems, runway lights, control
towers, etc.


NEXANS offers a complete portfolio of cables and solutions for market segments as diverse
as the automotive, rolling stock and aerospace industries, shipbuilding, nuclear power, oil &
gas and petrochemicals, material handling and automation.

We add value through advanced technologies and durable high-performance products.


NEXANS supplies cables and network solutions for structures of all types: from small
residences to public and office buildings and big industrial complexes.

NEXANS pioneered fire-performance cables for public safety, created industrial Ethernet
solutions to unite the office and the factory floor platform, and ensured easy recyclability.

From standard products to renewable energy solutions, these products contribute to the
sustainable buildings of the future.

Local Area Networks

NEXANS provides copper and optical fiber cabling systems for new resource-intensive
applications, like Data Centers, Security services, and Storage Area Networks.

NEXANS’ advanced solutions are handling core business data, protecting operations in
sensitive conditions, and giving organizations high-speed transmission and the ability to
protect and retrieve vital information.

NEXANS Benelux

NEXANS Benelux is one of the biggest manufacturers of cables in Belgium. Indeed, it
possesses wide, specialist know-how and is heavily represented in the industrial market.
Besides cables and components, the company also offers turnkey solutions.

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                                  NGK CERAMICS EUROPE
                                    Rue des Azalées 1
                                     7331 BAUDOUR

                         Tel: 32-(0)65760210 – Fax: 32-(0)65600689

                     Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr André WAUTERS

Catalytic converter for purifying automotive exhaust for cars

HONEYCERAM® has been developed by NGK through extensive experience with ceramics
technology – experience that represents a positive approach in the fight against pollution.

HONEYCERAM® is a porous ceramic with high thermal and impact resistance. It is
manufactured using the latest techniques of precision extrusion to give a honeycomb
structure and superlative strength. It is designed to give a large surface area, facilitating
effective catalytic conversion within a compact design.

HONEYCERAM® is used in catalytic converters all over the globe. More than 300 million
substrates have been manufactured over the past 25 years.

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                                  Rue Chasseurs-Ardennais 4
                                       4031 ANGLEUR

                          Tel: 32-(0)43615962 - Fax 32-(0)43515968

                 Email: - Web:

                              Contact person: Mr Daniel SIMON

A company involved in high resolution metrology based on a holographic camera intended
for measuring micro-movements (down to 8nm) of parts and structures (over 1m²):
contactless, full field, vibration analysis, non-destructive testing (internal defects),
characterization (coefficient of thermal expansion, resetting models by finite elements,
stress studies, ...). Strengths of the system: high resolution, fast, works in real time, ease of
use, overall view. Company strengths: responsiveness, short deadlines, R&D possibilities,

Research and development

R&D capability

The company has been a partner in 6 European projects. Its speciality is the prototyping of
optical measuring instruments as well as complicated measurement services with regard to
the geometry of complex parts.

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                                   PEGARD PRODUCTICS
                                 Avenue Reine Elisabeth 59
                                      5300 ANDENNE

                         Tel: 32-(0)85849811 - Fax 32-(0)85849952

      Email: Web: -

                          Contact person: Mr Jacques BAGUETTE

PEGARD is active in the machine-tool business for more than 50 years and became well-
known in the whole industrial world for its large and precise horizontal boring and milling
machines. Created in 1937 and now a subsidiary company of the group OGEPAR, PEGARD
engineers and delivers tailored solutions for the flexible machining of large precision parts
offered to the customer in a turnkey solution. PEGARD is specialised in the manufacturing of
large horizontal boring and milling machines and machining centres, committed to quality
and performance, for the automated machining of large mechanical parts, such as turbine
rotors, valves, pumps, engine blocks, compressor housings and components for earth
moving equipment… for users demanding ultimate levels of precision.

PEGARD extended since 2008 his production range to vertical turning lathes and more
recently to sharpening machines for hobs, broach tools, slabmills ... (brand name Haro


Besides its boring and milling machines and vertical lathes, PEGARD offers of course a well-
known after-sales service (works on site, spare parts, preventive maintenance…), the retrofit
of existing machines as well as a machine shop and an electric department able to realize
complex sub-contracting works.

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                                  Rue des Trois Entités 15
                                4890 THIMISTER-CLERMONT

                         Tel: 32-(0)87560274 – Fax: 32-(0)87560273

                      Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Hubert PINCKAERS

Heavy goods electricity, tachographs installation and repair, speed limiters, GPS, telephones,
radios and satellites, downloading systems for digital tachographs, roller test bench for
tachographs and speed limiters, training for installers of analogue and digital tachographs
and speed limiters.

Research and development

Development of its own roller test bed for tachographs and speed limiters.

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                                      Rue d’Artagnan 14
                                          4600 VISE

                         Tel: 32-(0)43791371 – Fax: 32-(0)43797000

                  Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Daniel POLMANS

For more than 35 years, the company POLMANS is active in the field of precision
engineering, especially in the fields of aeronautics, nuclear, defense, medical, steel...

It has been nearly 15 years since the company has also turned in the field of plastic injection.

The company is specialized in the prototypes, single pieces, in small and medium series.

We have about 40 machines on a site covered over 3,000 square meters and a staff of 40

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                                   Rue Melville Wilson 2
                                      5330 ASSESSE

                        Tel: 32-(0)83660211 – Fax: 32-(0)83660360

                 Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Jean-Michel RENKIN

POLYONE is a global supplier of colour and additive master mix based solutions. Our
solutions improve the yield of processes used to finish plastic products in order to meet our
customers’ quality requirements.

Research and development

POLYONE has design centres intended for serving the European market. Its design centres
and specialist laboratories have the latest equipment developed with a view to reproducing
manufacturing conditions. Its design centres enable new products to be launched more
quickly and more effectively.

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                                   Rue du Tilleul 33
                           4681 HERMALLE-SOUS-ARGENTEAU

                       Tel: 32-(0)43749370 – Fax: 32-(0)43749374

                   Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Alain TROUPIN

Thanks to its integrated conception and design department, PRECICAL can offer a
personalized production process.

The whole process is under the responsibility of one and only person, from conception and
design to the testing of your mould in working conditions.

The mastering of the most recent CAD/CAM software’s allows us to produce high quality,
detailed and accurate plans.

Very high speed electronic links make possible the dynamic exchange of information and
data between PRECICAL and your company.

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                            PRECIMETAL PRECISION CASTINGS
                                 Chaussée de Mons 89
                                    7180 SENEFFE

                        Tel: 32-(0)64522000 – Fax: 32-(0)64522010

                 Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Edward RABENDZKI

Parts from 1 gr to 50 kg, produced by the lost wax process, in all the grades of steel,
including the stainless and various alloys of copper, nickel and cobalt
Besides the automotive and railway transport sectors, PRECIMETAL PRECISION CASTINGS
supplies the following markets:

      Aeronautical
      Defence industry
      Medical material
      General mechanics,
      Food processing equipment
      Transport and treatment of fluids
      Building

Research and development

Development of the manufacture of critical parts for aeronautical, medical and general
engineering applications using high-alloy steels

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                                   PRECISION LIEGEOISE
                                   Rue Désiré Janson 59
                                      4040 HERSTAL

                        Tel: 32-(0)42405760 – Fax: 32-(0)42481179

                    Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Pierre DUMONT

The PRECISION LIEGEOISE is a sub-contractor in precision mechanics (turning, milling 4 / 5
axes, grinding, deep drilling, welding...) which ensures the production of parts in small to
medium-runs and the design - manufacturing - installation of mechanical sub-assemblies,
production and/or control tools.

You have a drawing, a sketch, an idea? Based on the information you provide us, we design
with you complete mechanical machines, mechanical sub-assemblies, tools. When
necessary, we purchase, cut, deep drill the raw material.

Our workshop can meet your needs in:

      precision turning digital, conventional, vertical, Mastercam network CAM
      precision milling on CNC 3, 4, 5-axis continuous machines Mastercam network CAM
      plane and cylindrical grinding
      deep drilling, stellitage, welding, honing, polishing
      mechanical sub-assemblies and special tools mounting
      metrology in air-conditioned room, 3D CNC measuring, reports, certificates according
       to your specifications, integration into your quality system
In addition, we manage the majority of heat treatments, chemical spray..., and we assure
ourselves the pickup and delivery of your rush orders.

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                                     PRECIS SELECT
                                    Parc Industriel 1
                                     7170 MANAGE

                       Tel: 32-(0)64521220 – Fax: 32-(0)64521221

           Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Thierry PLOTTON

Combining an innovative conception together with a unique to the world process, we offer
you customized solutions for your projects in calibration and separation of all kind of
powders and ultrafine materials.

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                                     Schnellewindgasse 17
                                         4700 EUPEN

                          Tel: 32-(0)87595090 – Fax: 32-(0)87595099

                Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Geoffroy BOONEN

PROCOPLAST is a plastic injection company. Its core business is based around tool
manufacture and the production of complex parts in long runs (2 component injection and
over-moulding of metal/electrical parts) on automated production lines. PROCOPLAST
operates in the automotive, electrical and electronics sectors as a main Tier One Supplier.

PROCOPLAST can help you with all aspects of an injection project (complex parts with fine
tolerances or ones that require automated production). We have CAD programs and use a
sophisticated quality management system. PROCOPLAST is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS16949
certified. Constant innovation is all-pervasive and offers the best return to our customers.

We specialize in the following types of products:

• Over-moulding injection of contacts:

       - Sensor boxes (airbags), electrical connectors.
       - Housing for locks.

• Connection of various components:

       - Brush holders for electric motors.
       - Electronic boxes for accelerator pedals.

• Injection of plastic parts with extremely fine tolerances.
• Parts assembly.

Main customers: Bosch group, Kiekert, Hella…

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                                    Rue Théodor Kluber 8
                                     7711 MOUSCRON

                         Tel: 32-(0)56483838 – Fax: 32-(0)56484351

                   Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Bruno DOUCHY

One thing is sure, Belgium is well known for two famous industries:

1. It's the world centre of the highest standard quality linen fibres for more than 3.000
   years. PROCOTEX is geographically situated at the heart of the linen growning area,
   where it is active in :

    Trading of flax fibres for all industries all over the world: long scutched flax, rescutched
    tow and hackled tow for traditional textile industry, paper industry, automotive
    industry, etc...

    Producing of prepared flax fibres for the spinning industry, produced in the delocalised
    unit of Linolitas in Lithuania:

    • Combed sliver for traditional half-wet flax spinning mills
    • Combed sliver for the blending market (with PES, wool, etc...)
    • Carded sliver
    • Cotonised fibres for the blending market (with Coton, Rayon, etc...)

2. Belgium is the second biggest carpet producer in the world. PROCOTEX is the innovative
   recycler company of all fiber wastes related to that industry such as PP, jute, PES, PA
   wastes... Besides that, PROCOTEX is also serving the same carpet industry by helping it
   to sell its second-hand equipment and stocklot yarns.

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                             PRODUCT ENGINEERING SERVICES
                             Zone Industrielle de la Rivierette 65
                                    7330 SAINT-GHISLAIN

                         Tel: 32-(0)65764040 – Fax: 32-(0)65764049

                      Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr René DEMARBRE

PRODUCT ENGINEERING SERVICES S.A. provides complete robotics related services to equip
most industrial robots. Its activities are mainly directed to the automotive sector, but also to
industry in general.

In order to produce these robotics solutions, PRODUCT ENGINEERING SERVICES relies on the
skills of its international partners and incorporates the following products:

           •   Machining, de-burring spindles. Partner: AMTRU.
           •   Tool changers (grippers, welding clamps). Partner: Applied Robotics.
           •   Collision sensors. Partner: Applied Robotics.
           •   Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric rotary joints. Partner: DSTI
           •   Grippers, rotating units, pneumatic components for robots. Partners:
               Tecnomors, NKE, Zaytran.

Research and development

PRODUCT ENGINEERING SERVICES S.A. relies on a team of 10 staff, all concentrating on
supplying customers with the solutions best suited to their needs in terms of robotics related

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                      Zoning Industriel de Fleurus - Avenue du Marquis
                                        6220 FLEURUS

                         Tel: 32-(0)71489252 – Fax: 32-(0)71489351

              Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Claudio STRAZZANTE

The automotive business line includes the following two activities:

Recticel Automotive which develops, produces and commercialises interior solutions
(dashboard skins and door panel trim) on the basis of the unique, certified Colo-Fast® spray

Proseat (a 51/49 joint venture between RECTICEL and Woodbridge) which produces seating
pads in cold moulded foam

In addition, there is still the small Exteriors division which mainly concentrates on the
production of the light-stable polyurethane raw material Colo-Fast® (compounds) that is
primarily used in the automotive division today.


RECTICEL car interiors are extremely long-lasting and resilient, and an inspiration during the
whole life of a vehicle. Many years of experience and confirmation in serial production are
reflected in our components visible in the finest details. Even smalles radii or light-coloured
surfaces can be produced with a high level of quality, thus setting the base for sophisticated
interiors of perceptible perfection and functional durability.
Colo-Fast® is the base material for all interior components manufactured by RECTICEL
Automotive. As a result of a continuously improved production process and for the need to
respond to the permanently increasing demands in the automotive market, Colo-Fast® as
patented material has proven its excellence over many years, always setting standards for
high quality automotive components and thus gaining a leading position in the market. Colo-
Fast® delivers an optimal performance for sophisticated interiors in terms of color, grain,
function and dimensional stability. The advancement of Colo-Fast® provides a weight
reduction of 25 % compared to thermoplastic slush skin. With Colo-Sense® Lite weight
reduction will be even more than 35%. The current status of development is the creation of
comfort foam with low density and partially thinner foam layers maintaining its material

The various components require dedicated production processes:

      Spray technology in monotone and multi-tone
      Reaction injection molding (RIM)
      Reaction injection overmolding (ROM)


INTERIORS: Stabilisation and improving cost-effectiveness

Over the last fifteen years, Recticel Automotive (previously known as Recticel Interior
Solutions) has made an important contribution to the growth of the automotive business
line with its unique patented Colo-Fast® spray technology.

As a consequence of the current, serious economic crisis which hit the automotive industry
hard, RECTICEL has had to adapt its ambitions for this sector. The revision of the original
plans was dictated by the considerable structural degree of risk of the Automotive business
line in the long term on the one hand and the extremely capital intensive character of these
activities on the other. Therefore the Group further modified its position with regard to the
automotive business line in the strategic practice of last year.
Unlike in the past, the focus will no longer be on growth. In the short term, attention will be
focused on maintaining existing market positions, expansion to China and improving global
cost-effectiveness as priorities.


The seating division which runs via the joint venture Proseat is also heavily exposed to the
new developments of the market. One of the most important challenges for this division
involves coming up with a suitable response to the increasing trend for insourcing among
suppliers in the automotive industry.

The production and commercialisation of pre-moulded solid foam seating for the
automotive industry has already been assured by the joint venture Proseat for a number of
years. RECTICEL has 51% control of Proseat and the Woodbridge (Canada) group has 49%.

Today it can be stated that Proseat, with its nine production plants spread over seven
countries, is one of the biggest independent producers of seating for the European
automotive industry. In addition to seating, Proseat also manufactures other seating
components such as headrests, armrests and side panels for car seats.

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                                       Grand’Rue 103
                                      6724 MARBEHAN

                         Tel: 32-(0)63411115 – Fax: 32-(0)63411000

                       Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mrs Françoise ANTOINE

Rectification of any engines gasoline and diesel

- All the engines
- Jacketing, bore and honing
- Brace rectification
- Cylinder head
- Works in connecting rods, line of shaft of bearings and camshaft
- Injection gasoline and diesel
- Turbo
- Brakes and clutches

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                                    Rivage de Boubier 25
                                       6200 Châtelet

                         Tel: 32-(0)71243850 - Fax: 32-(0)71394281

                 Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Philippe GROSJEAN

The wide variety of activities undertaken by the Comet Group make it a centre for
environmental excellence on its reference markets: ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals,
end-of-life vehicles, electrical and electronic equipment waste, household and industrial
packaging, tyres, plastic, shredding waste, etc.

End-of-life vehicles – or scrap vehicles – need environmental processing to avoid
environmental contamination or harm to human health caused by their various components.
With this in mind, the authorities have developed a network of accredited companies which
carry out the environmental processing of end-of-life vehicles.

These operations consist of three stages:

      Depollution of the end-of-life vehicle: removal of any harmful components and fluids
       from the vehicle: fuel, oils, oil filters, batteries, etc.
      Dismantling of the end-of-life vehicle: operation aimed at dismantling certain parts
       either for subsequent usage (as a part in its own right – door, engine, gearbox, etc.)
       or for its recycling (tyres, exhaust, etc.).
      Shredding of the end-of-life vehicle: shredding releases the various remaining
       components in the vehicle for subsequent recycling as a secondary raw material:
       iron, metals, plastics, minerals, etc.

Only the successful completion of these stages in the processing of scrap vehicles guarantees
effective and environmentally-friendly recycling.
RECYCAR and the COMET Group offer a comprehensive solution for processing end-of-life

      For partners responsible for the management of a range of end-of-life vehicles.
      For accredited demolition companies seeking to legally continue their parts reselling
       business, which can clean up end-of-life vehicles prior to dismantling and any parts
      For depollution and dismantling centres seeking a recycler enabling greater
       processing of end-of-life vehicles than they would be able to deal with
      For shredders seeking to process their shredding waste (COMET TRAITEMENTS).

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                   Zone Industrielle des Hauts-Sarts - Rue de l'Abbaye 140
                                        4040 HERSTAL

                         Tel: 32-(0)42483417 – Fax: 32-(0)42482541

                       Email: - Web:

                              Contact person: Mr Thierry GAUDE

Cooling and air-conditioning of utility and other types of vehicle

Modifications and customization

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                                      RESSORTS RENSON
                                        Rue Sabaré 120
                                       4602 CHERATTE

                           Tel: 32-(0)43456770 – Fax: 32-(0)43622454

              Email: - Web:

                                Contact person: Mr Jos BODEN

RESSORTS RENSON SA has been in operation since 1932.

Our field of activity is the production, in small, medium and large series of:

      Compression springs
      Traction springs
      Torsion springs
      Parts with cut-out and cambered shapes
      Flat or rounded diaphragms
      Cutting washers and shaped parts

Efficient and responsive

Our stock of machines is one of the largest and most effective in the sector. Combined with a
know-how based on incomparable experience, this technical infrastructure enables us to
provide fast, creative and competitive solutions.

RESSORTS RENSON is located in Cheratte (nr Liege, Belgium), in buildings with a surface area
of over 3,000 m². With a direct link to motorway and flight networks, this location gives us
unequalled logistical flexibility.

Constancy in diversity

Our clients operate in a wide variety of fields: automotive, domestic electrical appliances,
lighting, telephony, hatches, gas, hydrogen…
Whatever their activity, we work closely with every client in an atmosphere of mutual trust.
Every order is monitored closely, from initial inquiry and quote submission to final delivery.
The ERP IT system at RESSORTS RENSON enables us to optimise traceability.

Our core business

Our core business involves cold working with 0.10 mm to 14 mm wire made from Steel,
Stainless Steel, Bronze, Beryllium Copper, Inconel, Monel, etc., mainly with round section
but also with square or rectangular sections.

RESSORTS RENSON is constantly striving to meet your most specialist requirements. The
demanding nature of your requirements guarantees a continually updated know-how on our
part, honed by cutting-edge technologies.

At the client’s request, we make prototypes to validate project development.

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                                   RIOGLASS BELGIUM
                                 Avenue de l’Espérance 58
                                      6220 FLEURUS

                         Tel: 32-(0)71822555 – Fax: 32-(0)71822550

              Email: - Web:

                               Contact person: Mrs BUSCEMI

Created in 1992 in Spain, RIOGLASS is a private-owned glass maker, independent from any
large glass groups.

After initially having supplied short and medium run vehicle manufacturers, RIOGLASS has
become a significant player in the European automotive glass market. We are certificated by
major car manufacturers and have ISO TS 16949 and other automotive standards. By
developing our own products, tools and even some manufacturing equipment, we can
service the automotive industry with great flexibility in glass manufacturing from our plants
in Spain and France.

Among the RIOGLASS facilities, Mieres and Bagneaux-sur-Loing sites are especially dedicated
to automotive industry and are capable of providing car manufacturers with a large
production capacity in tempered and laminated glass.

The Bagneaux-sur-Loing plant, installed in 2006, is equipped with fully automatic production
lines for backlights and sidelights. Additionally, an “added value unit” enables us to “dress”
glass parts by fitting a large variety of accessories, in order to provide complete subsets
which can be directly integrated onto car bodies, as requested by car manufacturers for their
present or future projects. This line is made up of independent workshops that utilize
technologically advanced equipment and tools for applications such as extruded rings for
waterproof seals, attachments of stop light brackets, moisture and light sensors, as well as
locator pins, spacers and other fittings.
The first RIOGLASS Plant was built close to La Rioja capital city (Spain) and was dedicated
from the very beginning to supply specialty glasses for a variety of vehicles such as buses, rail
and tram cars, construction plant, micro cars, and many other types of small series vehicles.
RIOGLASS is the world leader in short runs product development.

RIOGLASS professionals are fully committed to ensuring Quality and Service to customers at
all levels of development, production and marketing. Plants are equipped with
technologically up-to-date tools that allow sophisticated measurements of all aesthetic,
optical and physical criteria. Beyond this equipment, Quality commitment is strongly
supported by RIOGLASS staff skills, throughout the Group. Daily, they contribute to provide
our customers with products that fully meet their requirements and demands.

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                Zone Industrielle d’Heppignies - Zone II - Rue de Capilône 1
                                     6220 HEPPIGNIES

                        Tel: 32-(0)71377707 – Fax: 32-(0)71377708

                         Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Fabio LAZZERINI

      Design, fabrication development and rebuild of Shock absorbers for special vehicle

          o armoured vehicles and jeep
          o Circuit, rally, raid motorsport vehicle suspension
          o Reinforced vehicle suspension

      Manufacture of prototype vehicles (special and competition cars)
      Engine testing and calibration

      Research and development

          o Shock absorbers
          o Prototype vehicles
          o Engine development

Main customers: Carat Duchatelet, Centigon, Gilet Automobile, Fiat Auto Corse (Abarth, N
technology), Overdrive, WR Audi, Peugeot Sport, Citroën Sport, Renault Sport

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                               Rue du Mont des Carliers 3
                                    7522 BLANDAIN

                        Tel: 32-(0)69590360 – Fax: 32-(0)69590361

              Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Dominique LEPLAT

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company specialising in chemical and oil products for the
motor industry, industry, DIY and the motorbike industry such as: additives, oils, fuels and
cooling systems, special lubricants, maintenance products for industrial and car workshops,
windscreen washer fluids, coolants, maintenance and air-conditioning products.

Research and development

          •    Laboratory with 3 chemists.
          •    Products developed: windscreen washer fluids, oil and fuel additives, car
               maintenance products.

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                              SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS BENELUX
                               Rue des Glaces Nationales 169
                                      5060 AUVELAIS

                         Tel: 32-(0)71261211 – Fax: 32-(0)71261293

       Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Claude DENIET

Saint-Gobain Vitrage manufactures, processes and sells glass products for many different
markets: the car and transports industries, the building trade, the furnishing, the electrical
goods and the electronics industries.

Saint-Gobain Vitrage is the designation of the Flat Glass Division of the Saint-Gobain Group.
The Flat Glass Division manufactures, processes and sells glass products. Our markets and
our customers have governed the organisation of the Group into four units:

Saint-Gobain Glass, specialising in the manufacture of basic glass products: from float glass
to high-performance products also including mirrors, printed glass and laminated glass.

Saint-Gobain Glass Solutions, a network of companies dedicated to the building trade,
processing, distributing and installing glass for numerous applications.

Saint-Gobain Sekurit, a leader in the car and transports industry sectors, whom they supply
with functional glass (visual, thermal and acoustic comfort; anti-ejection and anti-burglary
security) assembled on the automotive constructors lines.

Saint-Gobain Specialities covers the electronics and electrical goods industries, from
commercial refrigeration to fire protection and nuclear safety.

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                                 Rue du Marché Couvert 42
                                      6600 BASTOGNE

           Tel: 32-(0)61240670 – Fax: 32-(0)61240671 – Mobile: 32-(0)495246092

                     Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Philippe MARTIN

SERVIPLAST: plastic injection and assembly

Today SERVIPLAST is a cooperative company with a social purpose, essentially active in
assembly and plastic injection.

In this sector, SERVIPLAST is positioned as a main partner for any company that is developing
an idea or project for which the production of a plastic part is essential.

SERVIPLAST becomes the project manager for the application under development and
actively participates in the design and production of the desired product. Its services
therefore cover various upstream and downstream phases, such as preliminary studies and
project validation, parts design, the design and manufacture of the injection mould, injection
and pre-production, finishing (painting, printing, hot marking...), not forgetting assembly and

Motivated by the desire to create a product that meets the customer’s expectations,
SERVIPLAST is involved in all types of project. Each stage is validated and discussed in close
collaboration with the various participants. Adaptation to technological developments
through constant and targeted investment means that the company is able to ensure a high
degree of rigour under the control of a total quality process (the company is certified by
Veritas - ISO 9001 and ISO 14001).

Research and development
SERVIPLAST works in close collaboration with tool consultants as well as with SIRIS and
competence centres specializing in special techniques.

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                        Zone Industrielle - Allée Centrale 36
                                   6040 JUMET

                        Tel: 32-(0)71919210 – Fax: 32-(0)71345611

               Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Axel LUCKOW

DONCASTERS Group Ltd is a leading international engineering group that manufactures
precision components and assemblies for the aerospace, industrial gas turbines, specialist
automotive, petrochemical, construction, industrial, transportation and recreation markets.
The group excels in working with alloys and metals that are difficult to shape and form.

DONCASTERS possesses many unique industry leading technological and manufacturing skills
that are very highly regarded by our customer base. We are in virtually every respect global
leaders in aerospace, industrial gas turbines, automotive turbochargers, fasteners and super
alloys. All are household names within their respective industries and highly demanding as
regards problem solving, time to market delivery, costs and through life support.

Leveraging the synergies of our super alloy manufacturing, casting, forging, fabrication,
machining and assembly capabilities, DONCASTERS is in a unique position of being able to
offer an in-house, vertically-integrated Supply Chain solution for our customers.

In automotive the company is a leading supplier of turbocharger components to
BorgWarner, Holset, Honeywell and IHI as well as fasteners and stampings to the likes of
General Motors, Volkswagen and Audi. We also supply a range of specialist fasteners, gear
components and assemblies to civil, military and commercial customers across the
transportation field.

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                                 SHUR-LOK INTERNATIONAL
                                       Parc Industriel
                                    4800 PETIT-RECHAIN

                          Tel: 32-(0)87320775 – Fax: 32-(0)87320712

                   Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Bertrand FORET

SHUR-LOK INTERNATIONAL S.A. was founded in 1965 to design and manufacture fasteners
for the European market. Built in 1988, the present 43,000 sq. ft. (4,000 sq. meters) facility is
in Petit-Rechain, Belgium. Centrally located to satisfy the requirements of the dynamic
European aerospace community, SHUR-LOK INTERNATIONAL is fully staffed and equipped to
design, manufacture and support the sale of SHUR-LOK products

Innovative fasteners for special applications

When ordinary fasteners won't do, SHUR-LOK is an extraordinary resource. An experienced
engineering team specializes in advanced technologies, consistently exploring new structural
materials and solving the toughest application problems. SHUR-LOK has numerous firsts and
patents to its credit, and many of its products have gone on to become industry standards.
SHUR-LOK welcomes custom design challenges as an opportunity to push the envelope and
create the standards of tomorrow.

SHUR-LOK fasteners and components are designed to satisfy customer requirements in two
general application ideas: secondary structures, such as interior stow bins, lavatories and
galleys, and primary structures, such as aircraft engines, engine pylons, landing gears, wings,
gearboxes, transmissions and helicopter rotors--all critical applications.

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                                   Boulevard Industriel 99
                                     7700 MOUSCRON

                         Tel: 32-(0)56856200 - Fax: 32-(0)56856201

                         Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Kurt HAVEGEER

The SIMA-SACA group produces a variety of products connected with paint processing and
surface treatment.

SIMA is a leading manufacturer, at an international level, of spray- and drying booths for
body shops and industrial painting lines.

Quality and reliability are the major features of the SIMA spray booths. SIMA products are CE
and TUV approved as well as recommended by prestigious automobile manufacturers and
paint companies.

The purpose of this catalogue is to give you a visual impression of SIMA's expertise offered in
different applications.

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                                    SIMONIS PLASTIC
                                  Rue Bonne Fortune 102
                                        4430 ANS

                        Tel: 32-(0)42398833 - Fax: 32-(0)42398831

               Email: - Web:

                              Contact person: Mr Luc SIMON

SIMONIS PLASTIC is an industrial partner

      Project manager specialising in the transformation of polymers by injection
      Equipped with an efficient injection shop, complementary activities and purpose-
       built environment for the manufacture of engineering products and microsystems
      With a multi-disciplinary team for research on innovative solutions customized to the
       client's requirements
      Contributing a great competence and added value to projects developed in
       partnership with the client

SIMONIS operates in the field of plastics processing, and works for the automotive industry.
It makes specific products such as trim panels or inflatable seals in small and medium-size
production run. The speed of action and the responsiveness of the personnel enable it to
provide quality products. In addition, its twenty years’ experience in the field of civil
engineering enables SIMONIS Group to work for the largest companies in this sector. The
Group is thoroughly familiar with all the materials it uses, and handles the conversion of
metal to plastic. It is capable of producing in very small series, providing a high-quality
service corresponding to the specific requirements of the sector.

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                                Rue de la Grande Couture 14
                                     7503 FROYENNES

                         Tel: 32-(0)69889670 - Fax: 32-(0)69889677

                 Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mrs Pascale MALICE

For you, Racecar manufacturers, SIMTECH designs, manufactures & supplies custom-made
flexible fuel tanks (FIA approved) & comprehensive accessories around the fuel cells.

Our flexcell® range of products include flexible cells for the storage of any kind of liquids
(water, potable water, fuels, etc.). Our fuel cells can be designed for the most aggressive
fuels; we also offer turnkey solutions with integrated accessories: fuel pumps, level sensors,
filters, inner catch-tanks, wiring, filler caps, vent valves, filler hoses, etc.

We offer a special confection integrated into composite body shell for volume optimization,
light weight & ease of use.

For you, Defence Vehicle manufacturers, SIMTECH manufactures complete fuel tanks with
fuel-leakage tank protection on OEM tanks with self-sealing properties in case of bullet
perforations. The complex self-sealing sandwich can be applied on various tank materials:
PE, aluminium, glass fibre or other composite materials...

For you, Automotive Glass manufacturers, SIMTECH also designs & manufactures
comprehensive custom-made laminating solutions within its flexlam® range of products
including reusable vacuum bags for the laminating process of windshields & other
automotive glass (sidelights, panoramic sunroofs...), our products are designed to suit your
laminating process.
Should you require any custom designed fuel cells or reusable vacuum bags for your
laminating process, we will be pleased to receive your requirements.

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                              Rue des Anciens Combattants 1
                                       5032 MAZY

                         Tel: 32-(0)81408689 – Fax: 32-(0)81408683

                    Email: - Web:

                         Contact person: Mr Stéphane BEAURAING

Electronic technology for the car and transport sector, an SPRL with capital of 50,000 euros,
8 staff, 20 years of R&D and manufacturing, technical support and after sales service

Activity: design, prototyping and manufacture of electronic microprocessor boards,
development of operating software for these systems and PC software for configuring and
managing these systems.

Private clientele, replacement and manufacturers parts

Research and development

• Petrol and diesel engine Electronic Control Units (production and competition).
• Hybrid traction supervisors.
• Electronic exhaust management, particle filters and pollution control.
• Data recording.
• Fleet management and control.
• Custom developments.

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                               Avenue des Châteaux 7
                             7780 COMINES-WARNETON

                          Tel: 32-(0)56561200 - Fax: 32-(0)56556121

             Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mrs Laurence VANHOVE

SOCOMAILLE had been knitting jersey and interlock as supports for coating. Most of these
coated fabrics are destined for the automobile industry (lining of seats and inside body
roofs) but also for the luggage and garment industries.

As time went by, SOCOMAILLE added ranges of jersey fitted sheets to its product range,
directing itself towards the household linen market. In this area, the company’s annual
capacity is well over one million fitted sheets.

From cotton, polyester/cotton, 100% polyester and polyamide, the supports are knitted on
circular knitting machines. The company, which is fully integrated, carries out all the finishing
work such as dyeing, heat setting, compaction, the different forms of stentering, etc. With
respect to supports for industry, SOCOMAILLE makes over 100 tonnes of finished pieces of
knitted fabric per month.

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                                 SPEED-UP – P-TRONIC
                                    Préfayhai 33 D
                                      4900 SPA

          Tel: 32-(0)87305670 - Fax: 32-(0)87305671 – Mobile: 32-(0)487528358

                  Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Philippe HEEREN

P-Tronic manufactures and markets additional electronic performance chip which improve
the performance of all types of diesel-engined and petrol vehicles equipped with a turbo:

These plug-in power engine tuning enable power to be increased by 25 % and torque by 35%
on average, in perfect safety, while also decreasing fuel consumption by around 15% and
lengthening the life of the engine.

Equipped as standard with connectors identical to those of the car manufacturers, the
additional P-Tronic box-units engine tuning are fitted in just a few minutes without any
experience at all being required. Recognised for their quality, P-Tronic box-units are
guaranteed 5 years and have received European TÜV certification.

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                                 Avenue de la Résistance 188
                                     4630 SOUMAGNE

                         Tel: 32-(0)43771052 – Fax: 32-(0)43776933

                       Email: - Web:

                               Contact person: Mr Eric COLLAS

SYREG’s basic product is SYRMGC. This is a versatile and multi-function module for
measuring temperature, acceleration and has a 0-10V input. It manages digital I/O controls
and outputs an analogue 0-10 V voltage and a current of 0-20 mA that can be programmed
according to the sensors. Overall supervision is via an application integrated into the

SYREG has developed the following derivative products:

• GERAF which provides centralized management of heating depending on the occupation of
the premises with remote supervision via the Internet.
• TGMAC which controls the real time operation of industrial machines (drills, cutters, etc.).
In this way, it offers a management tool for improving productivity.
• GEDIR which optimizes boiler regulation circuits controlling the three-position valve.

Settings can be configured via a graphical interface.

All the products developed can be connected via a cabled network or by radio frequency.
They send and recover data via a LAN network or WIFI.

SYREG has developed the following graphical products:
• Graphical programme for displaying the configuration of the SYRMGC module with a
summary of measurements and digital controls via the network.
• A programme to configure time slots depending on occupation of the premises.
• A programme to give details of the heating of a building with a graphical display showing
temperature changes, window opening, heating times, fuel consumption, etc.
• A programme displaying machine tool production via a histogram with preventive
maintenance and management of workers depending on the machine.
• A programme to display a graph of boiler room regulation.

Research and development

R&D is a permanent feature at SYREG, meaning that products can be developed rapidly
according to needs. SYREG is developing specific application programmes for its products. In
the case of the SYRMGC, GERAF, TGMAC and GEDIR products, the application is incorporated
into the module and run from a web browser.

Main references

The electricity companies use SYRMGC modules for sending and recovering data concerning
the management of electrical control consoles.

GERAF modules equip several local authority buildings, hotels and retirement homes and are
used for centralized management of central heating and air-conditioning systems according
to the occupation of the premises.

TGMAC modules equip several engineering companies and are used for monitoring
production in order to improve productivity.

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                             T&B CARBON MANUFACTURING
                   Parc Industriel des Cahottes - Chemin des Moissons 12
                                 4400 HORION-HOZEMONT

           Tel: 32-(0)43689460 – Fax: 32-(0)43689560 – Mobile: 32-(0)475858255

                  Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Georges TONET

T&B CARBON MANUFACTURING is a leader in the creation and production of high quality
carbon and wooden laminated parts for car interiors.

The quality of our products satisfies the demanding owners of the world’s most exclusive
motorcars. T&B has developed extensive product lines for the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini
and Porsche. We also produce products for non-automotive fields including computer
accessories, cigar lighters and household goods.

T&B is a wholesale and retail manufacturer that can handle any size job from small, single
item custom work to large production (20 cars per week) runs. Our computerized ordering
and production process ensure smooth communication and on-time delivery of all orders.
Please contact T&B's European sales office in Belgium.

All logos (ie: Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini) used are for information purposes only, and
T&B is in no way affiliated with the respective companies.

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                                  Rue de l’Avouerie 7
                                      4000 LIEGE

                         Tel: 32-(0)42545050 – Fax: 32-(0)42545060

                         Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr David MAERTENS

Active in cutting shaped, rectangular and trapezoids blanks for structural or visible parts of

A 1.250 T mechanical press and Fimi line, with a maximum width of 1.850 mm for high grade

Fagor 2.500 T hydraulic press for hot rolled steel

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                                      Rue de la Station 25
                                         4340 AWANS

                           Tel: 32-(0)42634558 – Fax: 32-(0)42638115

                      Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Francesco LIPAROTI

General mechanical construction and precision construction

Finishing: lathe work, milling, grinding, boring, threading...

Study and production of:

      Industrial machines and equipment’s.
      Mechanical and welded units.
      Hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Manufacturing of injection moulds.

Surface treatments:

      Exothermic projection.
      Ultrasonic projection.
      Electric welding.
      Plasma welding.

Preventive assisted industrial maintenance.

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                                      TECNOLON WORKS
                                        Rue du Forest 5
                                       7700 MOUSCRON

            Tel: 32-(0)56857548 – Fax: 32-(0)56857549 – Mobile: 32-(0)476992366

                 Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Geoffrey DUCROCQ

Know-how in precision

Since several decades, TECNOLON WORKS controls the perfect machining of various
mechanical tools and components for all kind of industries. In order to achieve this goal,
TECNOLON WORKS makes use of machines of the last generation.

Production of injection moulds

Production of injection moulds for plastics for more than 40 years, very competitive
machines and equipment’s, all kinds of production or modifications of injection moulds are
possible thanks to our engineering department, equipped with the most modern soft- and

First out-of-tool series can be provided.

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                                 Zur Kaiserbaracke, Recht 4
                                      4780 SAINT-VITH

           Tel: 32-(0)80679559 - Fax: 32-(0)80678346 - Mobile: 32-(0)475620539

              Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mr Jean-Marc BRICTEUX

Are you searching for a specialist in industrial lubricants and high-performance solutions for
micro-lubrication and/or processing of metal turnings?

TECNOLUB is a company specialising in consulting, analysis, design, construction and
implementation in the following fields:

      Industrial lubricants
      micro-lubrication
      treatment of metal turnings

Since 1988, TECNOLUB has been developing global concepts both for and with its clients,
always with respect for mankind and the environment.

TECNOLUB offers durable solutions with state of the art technology.

TECNOLUB proposes a range of micro pulverising systems, adapted to different applications.

A number of specialised press articles showing case studies where TECNOLUB’s micro-
pulverising systems have proved their high level of performance.

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                            Zoning Industriel - Pavé du Roeulx
                              7110 STRÉPY-BRACQUEGNIES

                        Tel: 32-(0)64671500 – Fax: 32-(0)64671512

                   Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Raymond MARIN

THERMIBEL... a high quality degree

THERMIBEL has been manufacturing electronic temperature sensors (thermocouples,
Pt100...) since 1983.

The factory has a surface area of 1800 square meters located in Strépy-Bracquegnies 50 kms
south of Brussels. It employs 21 people. Click here to view the map.

In the last few years, THERMIBEL has been working with several European partners (Beamex,
Isotech, Inor, ASCON, OMET) and is now benefiting from this experience in the European

THERMIBEL is well known in Belgium as well as in Cuba; in both countries we are the main
producer. We are currently expanding our activities in different parts of the world.

THERMIBEL has ISO 9001:2008 and ATEX certification.

We also have our own calibration lab for temperature sensors from -80°C to +1300°C. This
lab has got its ISO 17025 certification by BELAC under the number 139-CAL

Our on-going investment strategy allows us it to remain very competitive, particularly
regarding quality and price.
We are present in miscellaneous industry segments (aeronautical maintenance, chemistry,
engineering turnkey solutions, foundries, glassworks, incinerators, iron and steel works,
nuclear, petrochemical, railway, automotive, pharmaceutical, etc.) and we can offer
solutions to most problems of temperature.

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                                      Rue Neuville 17
                                        4690 BOIRS

                        Tel: 32-(0)42861470 – Fax: 32-(0)42864889

                  Email: - Web:

                          Contact person: Mrs Martine MARCHAL

Since two generations, we endeavour to meet the requirements of our customers by
improving our quality unceasingly. Personnel highly qualified, conscientious and tested as
well as equipment with the ridge of technical progress guarantee to us a honourable place
within the market of the mechanics of precision.

Our products result from our knowledge to make in milling, turning, correction, metrology
and sawing for parts of mechanics of precision or tools end. We work primarily on unit parts
or small series.

We work all types of materials on our various machines with numerical controls for small
series or single parts. In addition to the realization of parts, we take very precise
measurements thanks to our very powerful material of metrology.

Efollows to the installation of one followed quality, we are certified AECMA EASE (European
Aerospace Supplier Evaluation). This standard, much more strict than the ISO approval, is an
international recognition to know to make and of quality, guaranteed for you of a neat and
precise work.

Having initially acquired great experience in the field of the armament, a sector which
occupied an important place of industry inhabitant of Liège, our company was brought with
the passing of years to widen considerably its sphere of activity, parallel to the request of
increasingly diversified and specialized customers, seeking an effective and sure
subcontracting with which to entrust work increasingly more pointed.
From now on, our sphere of activity extends to the following sectors:

      Equipment of machines.
      Special cutters and tool holders for throwaway pads.
      Standard tool holders.
      Aeronautics (components for the program ARIANE 5).
      Car (equipment of assembly lines).

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                             TI GROUP AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS
                                     Au Wérihet 63
                                     4020 WANDRE

           Tel: 32-(0)43459555 - Fax: 32-(0)43629857 - Mobile: 32-(0)479910354

               Email: - Web:

                         Contact person: Mr Jean-Philippe LEONARD

Fluid thinking™ shapes the mindset of TI Automotive. Global automotive manufacturers turn
to TI Automotive for insight and focus to develop industry-changing, award-winning fluid
storage, carrying and delivery technology. With 18,500 employees at 130 locations in 28
countries, our strength lies in our ability to creatively meet and exceed the increasing fuel
economy and emissions regulations of tomorrow’s auto industry.

Fluid Carrying Systems

Building on nearly 100 years of experience, the TI Automotive Fluid Carrying Systems
Division designs and manufactures fluid-carrying systems that meet the complex assembly,
design and performance challenges of the automotive industry, including:

      Fuel lines
      Brake lines
      Tank top lines
      ABS/ESP Bundles
      Heated SCR Lines
      Vacuum booster lines
      Brake and fuel bundles
      Exhaust treatment lines

Our expertise embraces the development and manufacture of multilayer low-permeation
plastic tubes, high-pressure steel double-wall and single-wall tubes, quick connectors and
flexible lines. To meet the demanding requirements of the modern automotive industry, TI
Automotive has developed specialty internal and external coatings designed to withstand
corrosion, abrasion and other environmental hazards.

Our global manufacturing presence serves all the established markets as well as the newly
developing markets around the world. This global manufacturing presence combined with
our global technical development centers enables us to provide an unrivaled level of service
to the global automotive industry from design to manufacture to just-in-time delivery.

Product Highlights

Systems that combine and integrate high-performance materials and components such as:

      Double-wall steel tubing that can be combined with an extensive range of
       anticorrosion/antiabrasion coatings such as NyAl (aluminum and polyamide coating)
       NyZinc (Zinc and polyamide coating), NyGal (Galfan and polyamide coating), PVF and
       many others. These tubes can be provided with a polypropylene jacket to provide
       outstanding abrasion resistance.
      Single-wall steel tubing with the same coating range as double-wall tubing but with
       the addition of a nickel-coated internal diameter to withstand the corrosive
       environment provided by modern-day fuels.
      Multi-layer nylon tubing with a range of permeation barriers and high-temperature
      Easy-to-assemble Quick Connectors that form an integral part of the overall fuel
       system through the use of spin-welding joints.
      Heated nylon tubes for use in Selective Catalytic Reduction systems for NOx

Powertrain Components

The TI Automotive Powertrain Components Division develops products that contribute to
the improvement of fuel economy, performance and emissions. Our growing product
portfolio includes a range of innovative, cost-effective components for fluid storage and
transfer in engine, transmission, turbocharger and oil systems, including:

      Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) lines and rails
      High-Pressure Diesel (HPD) lines and rails
      Exhaust treatment tubes and pipes
      Engine oil feed and return lines
      Vacuum and ventilation tubes
      Heating and cooling lines
      Power steering tubes
      Transmission tubes
      Turbocharger lines
      Engine oil screens
      Engine oil gauges
      Airbag tubes

Tank Systems

TI AUTOMOTIVE’s Fuel Tank Systems Division develops and manufactures innovative, award-
winning fuel tank systems for diesel, gasoline and flex-fuel applications. TI Automotive fuel
tanks improve fuel system performance and are engineered for a wide range of packaging
options, reduced evaporative emissions and low weight.

Products include:

      Plastic fuel tanks for gasoline, diesel and flex-fuel vehicles
      Plastic fuel tanks for Low Emission Vehicles (LEV)
      Plastic fuel tanks for Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEV)
      Fuel tank systems for hybrid applications
      Delivery and return components
      Fuel filler tubes

Product highlights

Plastic fuel tanks from TI Automotive are setting new standards in lightweight, advanced
packaging technology with emissions levels at, or better, than steel. They are also corrosion
free and incorporate unique slosh noise-prevention technology, added durability and
reliability capabilities. Leveraging our global supply footprint, TI Automotive has been a
leader in integrating designs and manufacturing processes for zero-emission vehicles.

Integrated construction with fuel system components sealed inside, feature the lowest
permeation levels of any plastic tank on the market today.

Pump & Module Systems

TI AUTOMOTIVE’s award-winning pumps and modules for gasoline, diesel and flex-fuel
vehicles are designed for quiet, efficient, low-voltage performance and unsurpassed
durability. We offer a comprehensive line of reliable pumps and modules designed to handle
economy-enhancing high-pressure fuel systems.

Products include:
      Pumps
      Modules
      Electronics
      Contact resistive, noncontact piezo and sealed level sensors
      Additive dosing systems

HVAC Fluid Systems

TI AUTOMOTIVE’s HVAC Fluid Systems Division provides a complete portfolio of fluid-
carrying products designed for lightweight, cost-effective, durable performance.

Our complete line of HVAC carrying systems includes:

      Air-conditioning tube and hose assemblies
      Accumulators and receiver dryers
      Coaxial or tube-in-tube assemblies
      Heater and radiator hoses

Through the use of innovative materials and size options, TI Automotive HVAC Fluid Systems
products reduce noise, boost efficiency and provide innovative solutions to meet the latest
refrigerant regulations.


TI Automotive brings the same level of innovation, quality and performance to its
aftermarket products that it does for original-equipment product. That’s why the
aftermarket industry’s leading brands turn to TI Automotive for the most complete offering
of true, OE-quality fuel system replacement parts.

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                                    Fond Jean Pâques 6D
                             1348 OTTIGNIES-LOUVAIN-LA-NEUVE

                          Tel: 32-(0)10455425 – Fax: 32-(0)10816366

               Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Gaétan PEETERS

TRAXXEO develops and sells geo-location software based on GPS technologies, making it
possible to locate, monitor and control various designated vehicles and plant, to record this
data, and subsequently to preserve it, look it up and print it. The purpose of this is to
improve profitability and reduce operating costs for our customers.

Sectors of activity: specialization in “site” businesses (public works, construction, electricity
companies, installations, others...), transport (sub-contractors, own fleet, coach

Research and development

           •   Specially developed for the construction sector.
           •   Day to day management of vehicles, plant and people on sites.
           •   High performance management of mobility of workers/employees and
               analysis of the CO2 tax applicable to the whole vehicle fleet.
           •   Interface with all types of GPS hardware.
           •   Real time display of the fleet on a map.
           •   Summary reports on demand.
           •   Mobile 2 Work: PDA application for creating and managing.

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                                      TREVIRA BELGIUM
                                    Rue Georges Mauroy 10
                                     7970 QUEVAUCAMPS

                          Tel: 32-(0)69590307 - Fax: 32-(0)71347399

                   Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Jean-Marie NAMUR

From the fibre and flat filament yarn through to dyed textured yarns, TREVIRA is the only
supplier in the world that offers the complete range of textile polyester products from the
one source.

We offer high-value staple fibres and filament yarns for all textile applications, from home
and contract textiles, automotive textiles and apparel, to hygiene products and technical


A comprehensive range of special fibre types for ring yarn, woollen yarn, worsted and cotton
spinning, as well as for nonwovens


A comprehensive range of filament yarns, from 22 to 4000 dtex.

Our products are noted for their permanent functional properties. Our numerous specialities
form one of the most comprehensive product ranges for fibre and filament yarns.

        TREVIRA fibres and yarns are low-pill, microfine, elastic, breathable, flame retardant
         or antimicrobial, depending on the requirements of the end product. In many
         instances several additional functions are combined in the one fibre/yarn.
        We offer special fibres for all textile applications, for use 100% or in blends with
         wool, cotton and other materials, as well as for nonwovens and technical
   These are accompanied by a brand that is internationally known and by quality that is
    tested, both underpinned by the security of our trademark contracts.
   Our raw material polyester is not only friendly to the environment in its manufacture,
    but in all downstream stages of processing. All TREVIRA fibres and filaments bear the
    Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certificate.

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                                  Faubourg de Bruxelles 320
                                      6041 GOSSELIES

            Tel: 32-(0)71347490 - Fax: 32-(0)71347399 - Mobile: 32-(0)475520114

                          Email: - Web:

                       Contact person: Mr Jean-Christophe SPRIMONT

The GPS for memorable trips

Tarmac-burning bikers, off-road addicts and lovers of stylish classic cars, put your trust in the
TRIPY II GPS and experience the rides of your dreams. With TRIPY, the route always takes
priority over the destination.

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                                         Ruthier 1
                                    4950 FAYMONVILLE

           Tel: 32-(0)80678372 - Fax: 32-(0)80678766 – Mobile: 32-(0)495528372

                  Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Didier HERMANN

Original TUNINGBOX: innovative since 1996

Power and economy for your engine

The TUNINGBOX ® unit enhances the performance of your turbo diesel engine, from 25% to
30% (power and torque) and also reduces consumption by up to 10%.
The installation is very easy; you connect a little module between the original calculator and
the injection system of your car.

TUNINGBOX ® is equipped with connectors identical to those used by the
manufacturers. This allows a fast and efficient connection without cables cutting and
resoldering. So, if you wish to take out the additional unit, you can do so by using simple
plugs. It leaves no trace on the engine, or in the computer memory of the vehicle.

By operating within the manufacturers’ tolerance limits, TUNINGBOX ® does not in any way
reduce the life span of the engine or other organs of your car.

TUNINGBOX ® is developed in a high-performance development centre and distributed in
over 30 countries.

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                               Chemin des Chevreuils 1
                                     4000 LIEGE

                         Tel: 32-(0)43669194 - Fax: 32-(0)43669159

              Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Pierre DUYSINX

The Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Liege conducts
research in the areas of Computational and Experimental Mechanics and more particularly in
the fields of Solid Mechanics and Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Biomechanics, Energetics and
Applied Thermodynamics.

The Department is composed of 23 Faculty members and more than 100 research engineers,
doctoral and postdoctoral fellows. Its mission is threefold: Education, Research and Service.

The Department offers accredited undergraduate and graduate programs leading to
Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degrees in Aerospace, Mechanical, Electromechanical and
Physics engineering.

Research activities encompass the broad areas of Aerospace, Aeronautics and Mechanics
with close ties with industry and international research centers.

On the service side, the facilities include a large subsonic wind-tunnel, a machine shop for
manufacturing in-house equipment and several state-of-the-art laboratories for advanced
computation, combustion, fabrication, metrology of mechanical systems, vehicle dynamics,
vibration testing, metallic and composite materials, packaging, thermodynamics and
Studies on the recycling of the out-of-service vehicles (VHU); characterization and treatment
of the residues of automobile grinding (RBA)

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                                   Drève Gustave Fache 17
                                       7700 LUINGNE

                         Tel: 32-(0)56863300 - Fax: 32-(0)56842470

                      Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Olivier FRANCOIS

VALCOLOR SPRL is a specialist manufacturer of industrial and house painting/coating,
protection varnish, RAL aerosol paint, signal and road-line paint. The products offered by
VALCOLOR are dedicated to professionals from the Industry and Building sectors.

Here comes a non-exhaustive list of the fields of application where VALCOLOR intervenes:

Car accessories, Farm-produce industry, Food industry, Anticorrosion, Anti-graffiti, Film
applicator, Buckets, Car and truck bodies, Frameworks, Sheet metal works, Modular
structures, Containers, Tanks/cisterns/bottles, Advertising signs, Maintenance (factory),
Industrial equipment, Railway industry, Chemical industries, Industrial premises/Siding,
Machine tool and handling industry, Plastics, Office furniture, Street furniture, Engines and
pumps, Floors, Industrial sheet metal working.

VALCOLOR is a service above all:

One of VALCOLOR's strongest asset is its rapid completion time of client orders. Indeed, any
order placed before noon can be picked-up within the afternoon in reasonable quantities
(Max. 400 L).

VALCOLOR is also famous for its flexibility to meet the customer's specific needs, a
personalized service according to their technical and logistic requirements.
Thanks to this flexible structure VALCOLOR can easily meet the quantitative requirements of
the clientele and deliver from 5 liters to thousands of liters within a short lead time.

As for the delivery, you can pick up your goods at the counter (fastest way) or you may
prefer to be delivered within 24H everywhere in Belgium.

Finally, VALCOLOR offers quality insurance for all its products by choosing the best raw
materials and by its manufacturing experience.

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                                 VALEO VISION BELGIQUE
                         Parc Industriel - Rue du Parc Industriel 31
                                  7822 MESLIN-L'EVEQUE

                         Tel: 32-(0)68265211 - Fax: 32-(0)68265499

                  Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Alain MARLIER

An independent industrial Group fully focused on the design, production and sale of
components, integrated systems and modules for the automotive industry, mainly for CO2
emissions reduction, VALEO ranks among the world's top automotive suppliers.

Four Business Groups and a VALEO Service aftermarket activity offer customers innovative
global solutions, in particular in their drive to reduce CO2 emissions.

VALEO has 4 Business Groups, comprising 16 Product Groups, supplying the original
equipment market and the aftermarket.

      For original equipment segment, VALEO supplies all major automakers worldwide
      For replacement parts and services, VALEO supplies the original equipment spares
       (OES) and independent aftermarket (IAM) through its dedicated VALEO SERVICE

The 4 Business Groups are: Powertrain Systems, Thermal Systems, Comfort and Driving
Assistance Systems, and Visibility Systems.

      Powertrain Systems

This Business Group develops innovative solutions to reduce fuel consumption and CO 2
emissions, while maintaining driving pleasure. These solutions include a complete range of
products for the electrification and hybridization of vehicles.

The Powertrain Systems Business Group comprises five Product Groups: Electrical Systems,
Transmission Systems, Engine Management Systems, Air Management Systems, and Hybrid
and Electric Vehicle Systems.
      Thermal Systems

These systems ensure greater efficiency and autonomy, longer-lasting components, as well
as greater comfort, whatever the outside temperature. The technologies developed by this
Business Group contribute to optimizing cabin comfort and to reducing energy consumption.

The Thermal Systems Business Group comprises four Product Groups: Climate Control,
Powertrain Thermal Systems, Compressors, and Front-End Modules.

      Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems

These systems improve safety and driving comfort by offering easy access and enhanced
360° visibility around the vehicle, while creating an ergonomic, intuitive relationship with
one’s environment.

The Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems Business Group comprises four Product Groups:
Driving Assistance, Interior Controls, Interior Electronics, and Access Mechanisms.

      Visibility Systems

These systems offer solutions for all weather and driving conditions in order to see and be
seen. The systems developed by this Business Group contribute to safety by improving
visibility of the vehicle and the driver’s visibility, while saving energy.

The Visibility Systems Business Group comprises three Product Groups: Lighting Systems,
Wiper Systems, and Wiper Motors.

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                          VANHULEN HIGH PRECISION SPRINGS
               Zoning Industriel des Hauts-Sarts - Zone 2 - Rue Haute Claire 3
                                       4040 HERSTAL

           Tel: 32-(0)42899999 - Fax: 32-(0)42890009 – Mobile: 32-(0)476708084

                    Email: - Web:

                            Contact person: Mr Pierre SCHAAPS

Compression springs, traction springs, form springs, torsion springs, and double torsion

Induction coils, locking rings, stamping of items in single or combined toolings, by electro
erosion, laser and chemical components for prototype building and small series.

Assembling of mechanical, plastic or electronic parts in using conventional or specific
processes (tig and ion-beam welding ...).

The quality of the VANHULEN products is officially certified by standards such as ISO
9001:2008, EN 9100, and ISO/TS 16949:2009.

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                              VANWERS (ATELIERS FERNAND)
                                Rue Jean-Baptiste Cools 35
                                       4000 LIEGE

                         Tel: 32-(0)42272684 - Fax: 32-(0)42276813

              Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Robert BOUILLON

The ATELIERS F. VANWERS is a typical family company developed thanks to the hard work of
one independent. The history of the company goes back to 1946, at a moment when
FERNAND VANWERS starts to make pieces in series with only a few turning and milling
machines in premises in Wandre. In 1950, the company buys grinding machines and tools for
the construction of dies. From that moment on, the company will continue to progress on a
regular basis and this thanks to experience but also a permanent desire to closely follow the
evolution from a technical and industrial point of view.

In 1972, the company will take a decisive turn. A neighbour of ATELIERS VANWERS, who
makes rings retires. FERNAND VANWERS buys the company and in one time doubles the
production surface. And so here he is, well settled in the neighbourhood with adjacent
premises and an important production surface that goes from one street to another.

Even if ATELIERS F. VANWERS continues to make rings, the main activity of the company
remains the production of precision tools and more precisely cutting and folding dies. The
production of such pieces requires the appropriate machinery capable of grinding to the
micron. This is the reason why the company obtained the label: « Precision mechanical

The important machine park has been replaced several times. Evolution progresses fast and
in order to continue to improve the performances, a more and more advanced technology
has to be used. The actual numeric machines that are used today mainly come from
Switzerland, Germany and England.
Today ATELIERS FERNAND VANWERS occupies a covered surface of 1837 m² and a non-
covered surface of 360 m² and employs around thirty workers.

The main activities of the company are:

      High precision mechanic pieces in all kinds of materials, light alloy, alloyed steel with
       high resistance, titanium alloys, pieces going to diameters of 2000 mm and lengths of
       4000 mm.
      Precision tools and calibers.
      Dies, moulds, pliers, milling machines, axes de pistons, rings and special washers
      Pieces made by electro erosion, wire-cut and ploughing systems.
      Pieces made in small series destined for space shuttle Ariane as well as airplane

In addition, the company has ISO9001 (ed.2000), OTAN, EN 9100 (EASE, QUALIFAS)
certifications and also takes part in aeronautics and aerospace programs like CFM56, ARIANE
5, VULCAIN, GE90, AIRBUS A380 and the aerospace project Vinci.

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                                  VISIO ING CONSULT
                                   Rue de Wavre 17
                                     4280 HANNUT

                       Tel: 32-(0)19636448 – Fax: 32-(0)19636448

            Email: - Web:

                           Contact person: Mr Frédéric GERARD

Industrial vision Vic-control®: Turnkey system integrator for product quality control and
compliance checks in production lines by means of optical and sensors systems.

Inventory management, logistics: SGW - Stock Get Way® WMS developed for medium to
large companies, with the aim to offer full traceability of products from supplier to
customer. It is a ready-made solution for stock management, order handling, shipping of
parcels and pallets and the logistic.

Research and development

Engineering and consultancy

Analysis, development and technical implementation of IT projects. Feasibility studies,
follow-up, co-ordination and final implementation of IT projects.

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                                  Avenue de l'Eau Vive 2
                                    7700 MOUSCRON

                        Tel: 32-(0)56554966 – Fax: 32-(0)56348662

                          Email: - Web:

                         Contact person: Mr Jean-Louis MATTON

Make fit out your commercial vehicle by VTC will spare you costs, will give you more space
and time, and will optimize your professionalism to your customers. A perfect arrangement
of vehicles is the reflection of your image. Your business card on the road.

Active since 1996, VTC was ceaselessly outlined through years in the developments of
commercial vehicles. By the modular character and the compatibility with all the brands, we
have a solution as well for the little as for the big vehicles.

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                                       WARNY & CIE
                             Zone Industrielle I - Talstrasse 16-18
                                      4780 SAINT-VITH

                          Tel: 32-(0)80221480 – Fax: 32-(0)80221482

                       Email: - Web:

                             Contact person: Mr Michael WARNY

From design to production: WARNY, a team to realize your projects.

WARNY produces about 4000 different parts, for the most common car types.

All kind of metal forming, steel and high-grade steel: deep-drawing, punch-pressing, cutting,
stamping, welding.

Our machinery:

      mechanical and hydraulic presses up to 630 t
      max size of the table 3200 mm x 2000 mm
      coiling machine max width 1530 mm
      welding robot - ROMAT - A310 (CLOOS)
      sheet metal folding presses
      guillotine shear
      spot welding machines

Development and manufacture of welding and controlling gauges

Production of half-shells for silencers, catalysts and head shields

Manufacture of punch-pressing, deep-drawing and stamping tools.

2 copy frasers (max 1200 x 900)
2 CNC controlled milling machines

We work with the programs CAD Solid Works and MASTERCAM and we can read nearly all

Our development department looks forward to realize your future projects.

Development, design and manufacture of tools by using newest construction technologies:

Cad Solid Works

Development and manufacture of welding and controlling gauges

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                                       Rue Pépin 33-35
                                        4040 HERSTAL

           Tel: 32-(0)42641522 – Fax: 32-(0)42481121 – Mobile: 32-(0)497411717

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                             Contact person: Mr Didier MEUNIER

WOIT is a foundry that specializes in the casting of non-ferrous metals, aluminium, bronze,
copper-aluminium alloys, zamak and brass.

The company produces its own die casts and sand and shell moulds, and provides a
machining and assembling service for all metal parts.

We also provide digitally-controlled finishing services

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