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criminal complaint


									      State of Wisconsin                                           BR 6                                    Racine County
 State of Wisconsin,                                            plaintiff,
 Steven D Jansen, DOB: 06/13/1960
 3516 97th St                                                                  COMPLAINT
 Sturtevant, WI 53177
                                                                               Circuit Court File No: 2012CF000150
 M W Brown Blue Weight: 155 lbs Height: 5 ft 8 in

          DA Case No:         2012RA000910
          Status:             Prisoner on February 07, 2012 at 1:30 PM
          Prosecutor:         Randall L Schneider
          Agency:             Mt Pleasant Police Department          11-019479
          Officer(s)          Jayn Bowers # 20, of the Mt Pleasant Police Department

The defendant did:
        The above-named defendant on or about Thursday, October 13, 2011, in the Village of Mount
Pleasant, Racine County, Wisconsin, did intentionally engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific
person to wit: C.S. that caused that person and that would cause a reasonable person under the same
circumstances to suffer serious emotional distress or to fear bodily injury or death to themselves or to a
member of their family or household and where the defendant knew or should have known that at least
one of the acts that constituted the course of conduct caused C.S. to suffer serious emotional distress or
placed C.S. in reasonable fear of bodily injury or death to themselves or a member of their family or
household and where the defendant's acts caused C.S. to suffer serious emotional distress or induced fear
in C.S. of bodily injury or death to themselves or a member of their family of household, contrary to sec.
940.32(2), 939.50(3)(i) Wis. Stats., a Class I Felony, and upon conviction may be fined not more than
Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000), or imprisoned not more than three (3) years and six (6) months, or both.

The official records and files of the Racine County District Attorney's Office, the Wisconsin Department of Justice and/or
Department of Transportation reflect that the defendant has the following record of convictions:

          The complainant, being first duly sworn on oath, on information and belief, alleges and states that in the County of
Racine, State of Wisconsin, the defendant(s) did commit the above described offense(s) and prays that said defendant(s) be dealt
with according to the laws of the State of Wisconsin.
          The complainant states that he or she is an adult citizen and has reviewed the official law enforcement reports prepared
under the above mentioned complaint numbers by the above stated officer(s), whose reports your complainant relies upon as
truthful and accurate inasmuch as they were prepared during the course of an official law enforcement investigation. The
complainant relies upon the statements of the mentioned witnesses inasmuch as they are citizens and their statements are based
on personal knowledge or eyewitness observations; the complainant relies upon the statements of the defendant(s), if any,
inasmuch as they are contrary to the defendant's penal interests and are, therefore, to be believed.

          The complainant thereby informs the court that the basis for the above charge(s) is as follows:

         The victim herein, C.S., is an adult female who states that she has been stalked by Steven Jansen
and is in fear of bodily injury or death to herself or to a member of her family or household.

         C.S. described a course of conduct engaged in by Steven Jansen which caused her to fear bodily
injury to herself or death of herself or a member of her family or household. C.S. states that she had a
relationship with Steven Jansen until January of 2011. She stated that when she previously had tried to
break up with Steven Jansen, he would act as if he was thinking about suicide and ending his life. The
victim told him that she would no longer respond to suicide threats by him and broke up with him. After
breaking up with Steven Jansen in 2011, C.S. began to receive text messages and e-mails several times a
day as well as voicemails on her phone. C.S. stated that in January of 2011 she agreed to meet with
Steven Jansen one last time. C.S. states that in January of 2011 she met Steven Jansen and told him that
she did not want a relationship with him, that it was going nowhere and that there was no future for them.
She told him “I am done, you need to move on.” She states that text messages and letters continued to be
sent by Steven Jansen to her. C.S. stated that the e-mails and text messages were rambling containing
links to You Tube music videos. Some of the songs that he referenced had lyrics which were upsetting to
the victim referencing death or suicide. Some of the messages showed that Steven Jansen had found faith
in God and how awesome he was doing. Other times the ramblings were depressed rants where Steven
Jansen indicated how worthless he was and how he did not have much going for him. The victim states
there were also angry rants where Steven Jansen accused the victim of being a perfectionist or having too
high of standards.

         From mid-January 2011 to mid-February 2011 there were 10 or more messages per day. The
victim states at that point she ended all responses to any contact made by Steven Jansen and began
deleting the messages. C.S. states that her sister contacted Steven Jansen by e-mail and spoke to him in
person and asked Steven Jansen to leave the victim alone. At that point Steven Jansen stopped sending
text messages and phone calls. In late February 2011, the victim received a message from Steven Jansen
indicating that he had been fired from his job and had been very upset. She did not take any further calls
or answer any other contact attempts.

        Steven Jansen in March of 2011 began to write long e-mails to the victim and in mid-March of
2011 the victim contacted the Sturtevant Police Chief Sean Marschke. The victim states that the Chief
knew Steven Jansen through his work with the Village and the victim asked the Chief of Police to talk to
Steven Jansen and tell him that she wanted this to stop. Chief Marschke gave the victim instructions to
contact him if things started up again and offered to file a formal complaint against Steven Jansen. The
victim did not want to cause any trouble for Steven Jansen at this time by filing a complaint so she
indicated that she wanted the Chief to talk to him. The victim at that point thought that having a Chief of
Police talk to Steven Jansen would be enough of a wake up call and that the contact would stop. The
victim states that the contact stopped for a while, however started up again in May 2011.

        In May of 2011, C.S. received a text message of Steven Jansen suggesting that she should go to
her son’s grave. The victim did go to her son’s grave because she did not know why Steven Jansen had
asked her to do so. When she went to the grave, she caught a glimpse of a car driving slowly by. As the
car came near her, she saw that the person driving the car was Steven Jansen and he had his window
down and was watching her. At that point he waived at her or blew her a kiss.

        Following this incident, the victim again contacted Chief Marschke. This time Chief Marschke
advised the victim to file a restraining order. The victim stated she did not want to cause any trouble for
Steven Jansen however she wanted the Chief to talk to him and to tell him that she wanted nothing more
to do with him that she has moved on and there is no hope of ever even being her friend after the things
he had done. The victim states that contact then ended for approximately two months, although e-mails
were sent which the victim deleted.

        In September and October of 2011 around the anniversary of her son’s death, C.S. again began to
receive e-mails from Steve Jansen. From September 28, 2011 until October 13, 2011, thirteen e-mails
were sent to the victim. In these e-mails, the defendant expresses that he is in love with the victim and
sent poems, music and You Tube videos to the victim. During that same time, the victim found a package
on her porch which contained a meditation CD and candles. The victim found out that the items were
worth over $60 and that they had been sent by Steven Jansen. The victim again contacted Chief
Marschke. At this time Chief Marschke stated that his talks were not having any lasting effect on Steven
Jansen’s behavior and he referred the matter to the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

         On December 23, 2011, the victim again received an e-mail from the defendant stating “on the
risk of going to jail because I’m contacting you, well so be it”. The victim received another e-mail on
January 5, 2012 that has within it “PS, I know I know!!! I’ll be contrite with any further contact. Besides
I don’t look good in orange with numbers on the back.” These e-mails again express how much the
defendant is in love with the victim. The victim did not respond to the e-mails. On January 13, 2012, the
victim received an e-mail from the defendant indicating that he is now teaching Sunday school at the
church that the victim attends and is looking for her there on Sundays. The defendant told her that on
Sundays he saved a place in church next to him at the 10:30 service. The victim states this made her
uncomfortable to attend the services and was wondering whether or not the victim was watching her. The
victim stated because of this continued contact and the defendant’s continual professions of love to her
after a year and after several police contacts to stop, the victim is in fear for her safety and is not
comfortable and is always wondering whether or not he is around and following her.

        On January 27, 2012 the defendant sent C.S. an e-mail. The e-mail states “Check your paper
box! I’d hate to see the coyotes get it as they might stagger the neighborhood.” The victim stated that she
went to her paper box and found a handwritten letter from Steven Jansen, a CD of religious music, a
business card holder, a milk bone for her dog and a couple pieces of candy.

         On February 2, 2012, the defendant sent an e-mail to the victim which had a link to a You Tube
video and a statement that he is “insane”. The statement is “Am I insane? Yeah, maybe!! It’s okay
though. You define insanity as doing the same thing over and over and over again in hopes of a different
result! With that, I know I’m dully qualified! I feel special!” The victim states that she believes the
defendant is obsessed with her and she believes that the defendant is going to cause bodily harm to her or
someone in her family. The victim states that she is worried that the defendant’s behavior is getting
bolder and that he has no regard for the warnings that law enforcement has given him. The victim states
that she is afraid to walk her dog, work in her yard, leave her windows or doors open in the spring. She
states she feels that her house needs to be locked and she’s afraid to leave her house for fear the defendant
may be coming around. The victim states that the defendant took a job with a car dealer and he drives
demo cars so she doesn’t even know which car to watch for or some odd car on the street might be him
looking into her house.

        The defendant was interviewed on February 5, 2012. He admitted that he has been sending e-
mails, music, letters and rambling thoughts to the victim. He admitted that the victim never responded
and that he did not expect her to. Steven Jansen told officers “Do I look at it as being wrong. No, it’s
love. It’s just good.” Steven Jansen told investigators from the Mount Pleasant Police Department that
he could not stop contacting the victim, because that would be giving up.

        All contacts made by Steven Jansen were to the victim’s residence in the Village of Mount
Pleasant, County of Racine, State of Wisconsin.

Subscribed and sworn to before me and approved for filing on the 7th day of February, 2012.

_______________________________________             _______________________________________
COMPLAINANT                                         ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY

W. Richard Chiapete, Deputy District Attorney, State Bar No. 1017926
730 Wisconsin Ave., Racine, WI 53403 (262) 636-3172

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