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					MINUTES OF A MEETING OF BOURTON PARISH COUNCIL HELD IN THE VILLAGE HALL AT 7.00 P.M. ON MONDAY, 27TH JUNE 2005. PRESENT: APOLOGIES: ATTENDING: S. Firbank (Chairman), K. Hallett, S. Haskell, D. Lawes, G. Miller, A. Miller Mrs V. Sturt, Mrs P. Suter, M. Withers. None B. Martin (Clerk), A. Cattaway, thirteen members of the public.

05.64 OPEN FORUM. Members of the public attended to express their concerns about the Change of Use planning application for Chaffeymoor Grange. The Chairman read to the meeting a letter, addressed to the Planning Department, in which the applicant explains his intentions. Various members of the public expressed concerns which may be summarised as follows: The application speaks of “small wedding parties” but a fifty car over-flow car park for 10 holiday lets leads inevitably to the inference that much larger events are planned in spite of the fact that the plans show no function room. Such events are likely to generate considerable noise, loud music, fireworks, traffic etc, into the small hours. The position of the site, which is on the side of a hill, will ensure that any noise pollution is spread over a wide area. There are serious concerns about this volume of traffic using Chaffeymoor Hill, which is very narrow, and its exit onto the Main Road. There are also concerns that if the application is successful the property could, in due course, be sold to a new owner who might increase the number and size of the functions being held. The Chairman promised to keep the public informed of progress with the planning application which is, of course, an item on the agenda of the current meeting. 05.65 MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING. The Clerk apologised for an error in the Supporting Statement to the Accounts. The list of Assets Held has been corrected and now matches the entries in the updated Asset Register. Copies of the corrected sheet were distributed. 05.66 MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES. 05.66.1 Tombstones. Allianz Cornhill, the Council’s insurer, has provided a document explaining the position regarding tombstones. In short, those who had the headstone erected are responsible for its safety. If they are not known then the Council is responsible, however for the Council to be found liable for damages would require that it was proved to have been negligent. It is suggested that regular inspections are carried out and recorded. KH/BM 05.66.2 Cemetery Deeds. The Land Registry cannot help, they only know land which has been registered, from the time at which it was first registered. M. Withers will talk to Ruth Hensell, who has experience with the Dorset Record Office, to see if she might undertake some research on behalf of the Council. MW 05.67 REPORT BY THE DISTRICT AND/OR COUNTY COUNCILLORS. 05.67.1 County Councillor. The surface of local lanes is being patched, they will not be left like this, it is the precursor to resurfacing. There is concern in the village regarding the withdrawal of the First bus service. Although D.C.C. said that they would arrange a replacement service they have so far been unable
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to do so. The Parish Council asked A. Cattaway to make every effort to ensure a successful outcome to the matter. PS 05.67.2 District Councillor. A delegation has presented North Dorset’s case against rate capping to the Minister, Jim Fitzpatrick M.P. Three options are under consideration: - Capping this year. - Giving notice of budget targets for next year, - Nominating a budget as a basis for future Government calculations. Key points of the North Dorset case are: - The total budget is very small in comparison with most district councils. - Council tax for is low - £98 at Band D compared with the national average of £145. - Local communities support council tax increases to maintain services. If capped average local tax bills will be reduced by £12 but sending out new bills and recalculating benefits will cost over £100,000. 05.68 CO-OPTION OF NEW COUNCILLORS TO FILL THREE CASUAL VACANCIES. There are now three casual vacancies and three people have requested to be considered for the vacant posts Proposed by K. Hallett and seconded by D. Lawes it was unanimously resolved to co-opt the following as Parish Councillors. Mr. S. Haskell 8D Breach Close Mrs. V. Sturt Adcroft House Mr. M. Withers Sandways Farm The new Councillors signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms. 05.69 PLANNING MATTERS AND APPLICATIONS RECEIVED. 05.69.1 Declarations of Interest. 2/2004/0716, Bourton Mill: S. Firbank Personal Interest K. Hallett Personal Interest 05.69.2 Applications received.
Chaffeymoor Grange 6 New Close Chaffeymoor Grange 2/2005/0575 Convert coach house & outbuildings to dwelling 2/2005/0598 Erect Porch 2/2005/0641 Change of use from residential to letting/functions

(neighbour). (neighbour).
Object * Approve

* only because it is outside the settlement boundary. 05.69.3 Permissions received.
2/2005/0087 Withdrawn Ladyfield Cottage

05.69.4 Bourton Mill. An informal briefing by the developer has been held to allow them to put forward their understanding of the situation as it stands. The following is a summary. Flooding – solutions proposed are acceptable. IOWA – this is not a stop item, the developer maintains anyway that more land is being given in the riverside walk and the “square” than would be taken from the IOWA. Surgery – it is now being suggested that development of the existing surgery be supported from the S.106 payments generated by the development. Affordable Housing – up to nine affordable houses could be made available, it is proposed that two would be for shared ownership and seven for rent. The intention would be to disperse them within the development. Ecology – a bat roost will be provided in the roof of the refurbished mill building and Slow Worms will be re-housed. There are no other problems.
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The Mill building – will now become partly offices and partly live/work units. Parking – a study has demonstrated that the number of cars which can be safely parked on the street effectively provides a second parking for each dwelling. Number of dwellings – the modifications implied by the above lead to a total of 52 dwellings. 05.69.5 Chaffeymoor Grange. See Open Forum above. The Chairman will invite Mr. Elvidge to talk to a Public Meeting in order to clarify his intentions regarding the magnitude and frequency of the functions that he proposes to host. In the meantime the Clerk will inform Penselwood PC of the situation and contact the Tree Officer at North Dorset to see if there are any issues requiring his intervention. SF/BM 05.69.6 The Bushes. Because the house that has been built is a different shape from that which was shown in the plans made available to the Parish Council and because the open ditch, which was an important element of the positive decision has not materialised, a letter has been sent to N.D.D.C. Development Control asking for an explanation or enforcement action. BM 05.69.7 Breach Close/Miller’s Close. It was pointed out that the sign at the top of Breach close should include the words “leading to Miller’s Close”. The clerk to pursue. BM 05.70 ACCOUNTS TO BE PAID. Proposed by K. Hallett and seconded by P. Suter it was resolved to pay the following accounts.
Planning Course Playground refurbishment Clerk’s Seminar £ £ £ 30.00 3,485.06 15.00


Sutcliffe Play Ltd DCTP

05.71 ADJUSTMENT TO CAR ALLOWANCES. The Consumer Prices Index, the September value of which is used to update Councillors allowances, has increased from 110.2 in September 2003 to 111.4 in September 2004. This is only 1% and given the small values involved (25p) can be considered as negligible. The allowances adopted on the 23 rd February 2004 will therefore not be updated. The Clerk, who is subject to allowances set by NALC, proposed to accept the same allowances as Councillors (which are lower). The only allowance usually claimed is mileage and that will accordingly remain at 25 pence per mile. 05.72 CORRESPONDENCE.
Ref 1. DAPTC 2. 3. DAPTC Sutcliffe Play NDDC NDDC, Lisa Curtiss Allianz Cornhill DAPTC HLB AV Audit DAPTC DCC, J Williamson NDDC Public Involvement in Health L. Daxter Mere Link, T. Taylor From Subject CEC 08-05 - Audit; Local Council Admin Cert; Highway maintenance prog; PPI forums; Car Allowances 2005/2006 Training - Roadshow Quality Councils 22/06/2005,14:30 & 19:30,County Hall; Emergency Planning 16/07/2005,10:00 County Hall; Clerk's Seminar 27/06/2005 10:00, Stratton Village Hall. Invoice Membership of Committees & Calendar of meetings June 2005 - May 2006 Web site publicity Updated insurance schedule adding 2 kissing gates. Newsletter, 10 copies Name change to BDO Stoy Hayward CEC 09-05 - Clean neighbourhoods & Environment Bill; High hedges; Coastal Forum; Cheque signatories; Unauthorised use of Footpaths; DCTP Response to our letter re Footpath 17 NDDC, Vacancy for Lodbourne Ward - Poster PPI Forum Playground Report Acknowledgement of cheque

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4. 5.

DAPTC BT, R. Thompson defra, R. Wallace Ashley Design

Informal meeting Agenda - 06/07/2005, 19:30, Manston Village Hall (for SF & DL) Consultation re telephone box on Silton Road Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act Bourton Mill - profile including existing buildings and report on road and ecology situation Headstones and memorials Lodbourne ward election nominations poster Rate capping report and presentation to ODPM Footpath 17, copy of letter to Dr Maggs insisting that the outstanding work be carried out Cheque for playground re-furbishment Confirm two casual vacancies Invitation to support Trafalgar Day celebrations


Allianz Cornhill NDDC, L. Coffin NDDC, L. Goodall DCC, P. Crowther NDDC

7. 8.

NDDC, L Coffin Bourton Churchwardens

Ref 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Subject Car Allowances Emergency Planning 16/07/2005 Sutcliffe Play, Invoice DAPTC, Informal meeting BT Consultation Headstones and memorials Casual Vacancies Trafalgar Day Celebrations

Action See Minute 05.71 above No one available See Minute 05.70 above Dl and SH to attend Approve the proposal See Minute 05.66.1 above See Minute 05.68 above PC will support, what can we do



05.73 A.O.B. 05.73.1 Roads. A. Miller should be informed of any minor road repairs for treatment by the Parish Road Team. AM A concrete manhole cover on the verge by the telephone exchange has been moved so that the manhole is partly uncovered. Clerk to report. BM 05.73.2 Village Hall Representative. S. Haskell will act as the Council Representative for six months. 05.74 DATE OF NEXT MEETING – MONDAY, 25TH JULY 2005.

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