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									                           PLYMOUTH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH
                                  UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST
                       232 East Onondaga Street  Syracuse, New York 13202
                                          (315) 474-4836
                        plymouthuccsyracuse.org  pcc-office@cnymail.com
                                        Rev. Quinn G. Caldwell, Pastor
                                    Dr. Joseph Downing, Director of Music
                            Ms. Judy Spencer, Interim Director of Christian Education
                                  Mrs. Doris A. Dorkof, Church Administrator

                                        SERVICE OF THE WORD
                                              February 24, 2013
                                            Second Sunday in Lent

                                            THE GATHERING
HYMN SING (seated)
  1. Lord, I want to be a Christian                         4. I heard my mother say (3x):
  in my heart, in my heart.                                 “Give me Jesus.”
  Lord, I want to be a Christian in my heart.               Refrain: Give me Jesus, give me Jesus,
  In my heart (2x)                                          You may have all this world, give me Jesus.
  Lord, I want to be a Christian in my heart.
                                                            In the morning when I rise (3x), give me
  2. Refrain: I want to be ready (3x)                       Refrain
  To walk in Jerusalem just like John.
  Oh, John, oh, John, what do you say
  (walk in Jerusalem just like John)
  That I’ll be there at the coming day                      5. Steal away (3x) to Jesus!
  (walk in Jerusalem just like John)                        Steal away, steal away home,
  Refrain                                                   I don’t have long to stay here!
  John said the city was just four-square                   I hear God calling,
  (walk in Jerusalem just like John)                        God calls me by the thunder;
  And he declared he’d meet me there                        the trumpet sounds within my soul,
  (walk in Jerusalem just like John)                        I don’t have long to stay here.

               3. Refrain: Ev’ry time I feel the Spirit moving in my heart, I will pray. (2x)
               Upon the mountain my God spoke; out of God’s mouth came fire and smoke.
               Looked all around me, looked so fine; I asked my God if all were mine.
               Oh Jordan river, chilly and cold, it chills the body, not the soul
               There’s only one train on this track; it runs to heaven then right back.

WELCOME AND JOYS AND CONCERNS                                                          Quinn G. Caldwell
*OPENING HYMN                           Praise to the Living God                                       No. 8

*PRAYER OF INVOCATION                                            Carola Shave
   One:   Father, Mother, God
          Thank you for your presence
          during the hard and mean days.
   Many: For then we have you to lean upon.
   One:   Thank you for your presence
          during the bright and sunny days,
   Many: For then we can share that which we have with those who have less.
   One:   And thank you for your presence during the Holy Days,
   Many: For then we are able to celebrate you
          and our families and our friends.

    One:         For those who have no voice,
    Many:        We ask you to speak.
    One:         For those who feel unworthy,
    Many:        We ask you to pour your love out
                 in waterfalls of tenderness.
    One:      For those who live in pain,
    Many:     We ask you to bathe them
              in the river of your healing.
    One:      For those who are lonely,
    Many:     We ask you to keep them company.
    One:      For those who are depressed,
    Many:     We ask you to shower upon them
              the light of hope.

    One:      Dear Creator, You, the borderless sea of substance,
    Many:     We ask you to give to all the world
              that which we need most—Peace. Amen.
                                                   -Maya Angelou


SUNG CONFESSION                                                       Joseph Downing
   Once through in unison, then watch your section leader for cues in singing the round.

                 Please share a sign of peace with those around you.


ANTHEM                             Calvary’s Mountain               Southern Folk Hymn
                             THE MINISTRY OF PRAYER
You are invited to pray this prayer in the language and tradition of your choice. There is a
suggested version on page 9 in the New Century Hymnal.


                      Children and leaders may depart for Worship Circle.

                               THE GIFT OF THE WORD
SCRIPTURE                             Luke 13:31-35                              Page 951

*HYMN                     O Jesus Christ, May Grateful Hymns                       No. 212



                        OFFERING OURSELVES AND OUR GIFTS


OFFERTORY SOLO                          Jerusalem!                     Felix Mendelssohn

*DOXOLOGY                                                                  Old Hundredth
  Praise God, from whom all blessings flow;
  Praise God, all creatures here below.
  Praise God for all that love has done
  Creator, Christ, and Spirit one! Amen.


*CLOSING HYMN          Standing at the Future’s Threshold, vv. 1-4                 No. 538


POSTLUDE                                  Elegy                  Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
                 Today’s Music for Sunday, February 24th, 2013

As we come to the last Sunday in Black History month, we begin the service with a hymn
sing of favorite spirituals, led by our own Plymouth members, Gert Danzy, Martha
Johnson, Mable Wilson and Eleanor Russell.

When we think of the music contributions of black people, we often limit our thoughts to
spirituals, jazz and blues, but often neglect the music of black composers who wrote
“classical” music. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912) was a prominent black English
composer who was one of the most successful composers of his day. His cantata
Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast was rivaled in popularity only by Handel’s Messiah and
Mendelssohn’s Elijah. Our postlude is a charming piece that shows his skill in writing
for the organ.

Our offertory solo comes from Felix Mendelssohn’s (1809-1847) oratorio St. Paul and is
a setting of our scripture passage for today.

The anthem is a Lenten folk hymn from the southern states:

      Jesus died on Calvary’s mountain, long time ago,
      And salvation’s rolling fountain now feely flows.
      Once his voice in tones of pity melted in woe,
      And he wept o’er Judah’s city, long time ago.

      On his head the dew of midnight fell long ago.
      Now a crown of dazzling sunlight rests on his brow.
      Jesus died, yet lives forever, no more to die.
      Holy Jesus, blessed savior, now reigns on high.

      Children, let your lights be burning in hope o heaven.
      Waiting for our Lord’s returning at dawn or ev’n.
      When he comes, a voice from heaven shall pierce the tomb.
      “Come, ye blessed of my Father. Children, come home.”
Hospitality Ministry – Please consider serving as a host for Community Time on Sunday morning,
offering some simple snacks, cold beverage, and making sure there is enough coffee. A sign-up sheet is
found at the back of the sanctuary.

Tina Goodall is the Greeter. Carola Shave is the Liturgist. Laine Wojcik is the Acolyte. Frank Leonard
and Gert Danzy are the Ushers. Ann Badger is the Welcome Ambassador. Charlottee Vallejo and Laura
Masuicca are hosting today’s Community Time.

The flowers are given by Jacqueline Manier in celebration of the gifts of our new members. They are
truly a blessing to Plymouth Church.

     10:00 am      Worship
     10:30 am      Children’s Worship Circle
     after worship Community Time
     11:15 am      Forum on Forgiveness Lenten series
     11:15 am      Welcome Ambassadors’ Orientation

      Mon. Feb. 25 Senior Conversation, 10:30 am, home of Polly Cadwell
      Tue. Feb. 26 Care Team, 3:00 pm, Parlor
      Wed. Feb. 27 Handbell Choir Rehearsal, 5:30 pm, Sanctuary
      Thur. Feb. 28 Food Pantry, 10:00 am to noon, Parlor
                    Choir Rehearsal, 7:00 pm, Memorial Hall

NEXT SUNDAY AT PLYMOUTH – March 3 – Third Sunday in Lent
      10:00 am      Worship - Communion
      10:30 am      Learning Community Classes
      after worship Community Time
      11:15 am      Forum: The Bible and Forgiveness: Hebrew Scriptures
      12:15 am      Youth Mission Trip Informational Meeting

Today in worship, we will continue our Lenten journey. During forum-time, Joe Steiner will lead the
second part of our five-part look at forgiveness, its nature and its power in our lives.

All youth (entering 7th grade or higher in September) and their parents are invited to an Informational
Meeting about the 2013 Youth Mission Trip. The gathering will take place next Sunday at 12:15 pm in
the Parlor. Christian Education Board members will present information and answer questions about
plans for this summer’s trip.

Love Notes from Plymouth: Sign up for Plymouth’s Friday email updates, which include information
about that weekend’s worship, service and learning opportunities, prayer requests, news about the wider
church, and most importantly, a weekly reminder that you are a beloved part of the Plymouth community.
Email George Bain at georgesbain@aol.com to be put on the list.

There is ample free street parking on the blocks around our church on Sundays. For those able to walk a
block or two, taking advantage of this excellent resource will allow those with mobility impairments or
small children to use the spots directly in front of the church. Please don’t park in the driveway leading to
the lot behind the Catholic Diocese building; this prevents others from exiting.

The Food Pantry requests your participation in its “toiletries of the month” collection. Contributions of
deodorant will be gathered during February. Warm gloves, scarves and hats (clean, gently used) are
being gathered to give away through the winter.

Calling all mission trip participants, friends and family! Do you have photos and/or special memories
from a mission trip you or someone you know has attended with Plymouth Church? We want to see and
hear! Where did you go? What did you do? What did you learn and how did the experience affect your
life? Send your thoughts, memories, and especially photos to Patty Tooley at ptooley1@gmail.com by
March 1.

God in your Inbox: The Stillspeaking Daily Devotional is written by UCC pastors and leaders,
including Plymouth’s own Quinn Caldwell. Subscribers are sent a daily email containing a Scripture
passage, short reflection, and a prayer. Sign up at http://www.ucc.org/feed-your-spirit/daily-devotional/

Soul Hungry? How to take care of your spirit the six days of each week you don’t go to worship? The
UCC has just launched a new area of its web site designed to support people in their individual spiritual
journeys: Feed Your Spirit. Daily prayers, a biblical personality test, advice column from God-lovers,
and a magic 8-ball await! Check it out at www.ucc.org/feed-your-spirit.

From the CNY Coalition for Immigration Reform:
Arely Orozco is
a mother who
has been
detained by
                                                             On Forgiveness:
ICE. She was a
passenger in a
                                                            A Lenten Journey
car her partner,                                          11:15 am TODAY in Memorial Hall
Hector                                      What is forgiveness? What makes it so hard? Why should we
Navarro, was                                do it? What does the Bible say about it? And most pressing of
driving and the                             all: how do you do it? Join us in Memorial Hall every Sunday
car was stopped                             in Lent for an examination of this most important of Christian
by NYS                                      disciplines.
troopers on
I-81 on January
8. They came        This week: “The Power of Forgiveness” Part II
to the US about     In this compelling movie, we will hear Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Muslims
nine years ago      telling of forgiveness in their lives, their struggles and successes with forgiveness,
searching for a     and its impact on themselves and others. We will examine the scientific research
better life and     into the effects that forgiveness and vengeance have on our brains. We will ponder
are                 forgiveness in our own lives.
They are from
Guatemala and       March 3          The Bible and Forgiveness: Hebrew Scriptures
they have three              Bible study with small group discussion
children - ages
                    March 10 The Bible and Forgiveness: Christian Scriptures I
3 yrs., 5 yrs.
                             Bible study with small group discussion
and 6 yrs. - who
are United
States citizens.    March 17 The Bible and Forgiveness: Christian Scriptures II
 The family                  Bible study with small group discussion
moved to
Central New
York in 2008 after Arizona enacted anti-immigration laws. Arely was released from the Wayne
County jail on January 16 (Hector remains in detention) after pressure from Catholic deacon
David Sweeny, a reporter and others. She got out under the condition that she had to prepare her
kids’ documents to leave the country (US passports for her kids, as they are US citizens). She
hopes and prays that they can stay in the country until their two older daughters finish the school
year. Up until now, the family has been living off the money they saved from Hector’s job doing
landscaping and painting. Due to the winter weather he has been laid-off, and the money for the
support of their family is running very low.
As a New Sanctuary church, Plymouth members are being asked to make donations – no amount
is too small – to help this family pay rent, buy food and survive during this very difficult time.
Also prayers from the congregation would be greatly appreciated, as would letters to Senator
Schumer asking him to look into the matter. The money is being collected by Paul Welch of
Catholic Charities and will be made available to the family for necessities. Please keep these
neighbors in your thoughts and prayers.

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