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October 10, 2001 CSO Aker Maritime Houston, TX


Call to Order and Introductions

1.1 COPRI Board of Governors (CBG) President Jim Dailey called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 10. The meeting was held in the Energy Tower of CSO-Aker Maritime in Houston, TX. Special thanks to CSO-Aker Maritime for hosting the meeting in their second floor Conference Room. 1.2 CBG, ASCE staff, and COPRI committee chairs listed below participated in this meeting. COPRI Governing Board Members: ! ! ! ! ! ! James E. Dailey, President E. Douglas Sethness, Jr., Past-President (afternoon only) Charles C. Calhoun, Jr., Member Daniel T. Cox, News Correspondent (morning only) Bill Hall, Treasurer Michael J. Briggs, Secretary

ASCE/COPRI Staff Members: ! ! ! ! C. Gary Carroll, COPRI Executive Director Patricia Brown, COPRI Director Kelly Barnes, Program Coordinator Charlotte McNaughton, Publications Department

Visitors/Committee Chairs: ! ! ! ! Joe Bryant, Ports and Harbors Chair Billy Edge, Rubble Mound Structures Chair (morning only) Don Hayes, Waterways Chair Jun Zhang, Ocean and Offshore Engineering Chair


Previous Meetings and Agenda Review

Jim conducted reviews of the previous meeting minutes and this meeting agenda. 2.1 Minutes of the August 17-18, 2001 CBG meeting in Baltimore, MD were reviewed and approved. 2.2 The Agenda for today’s meeting was reviewed and adopted without additions.



ASCE Board of Direction

Jim and Gary reported on the ASCE Board of Direction (BOD) meetings that occurred the last two days in Houston. 3.1 COPRI will receive a $100K allotment this fiscal year. 3.2 The BOD is considering re-structuring the Society’s governance and decided to appoint a subcommittee to study. Until a revised structure is implemented, the BOD voted to allow two non-voting members to represent all Institutes on the BOD. 3.3 The BOD revised ASCE Policy Statement 465 to reflect their support of the Master’s degree or equivalent as a prerequisite for licensure and the practice of civil engineering at a professional level.


Staff Reports

Patty and Kelly reported on their activities. 4.1 Gary is leaving ASCE to return to his hometown. Brian Parsons will become Acting COPRI Executive Director on November 1, 2001. 4.2 The first COPRI Newsletter entitled Waterways has been mailed and it looks great! They are busy working on the next issue and request committee chairs to send information on their activities. ACTION: Staff should send copy of first Newsletter to Charlie and Don. 4.3 The new COPRI exhibit booth looks very good. It is being displayed during the ASCE Annual Convention in Houston this week. 4.4 The new ASCE Official Register goes to the publisher on November 12, 2001. Publication date is December. A special thanks to all committee chairs for providing updated information. 4.5 Each year ASCE has an orientation meeting for new members of the ASCE BOD and Institutes. Usually, each Institute sends its new member(s) and the President. The meeting is scheduled for November 30 through December 1 at ASCE World Headquarters. ACTION: Jim should contact Staff to make arrangements if interested in attending.


Treasurers Report

Bill reported on the status of the COPRI treasury. 5.1 Bill prepared templates for the FY01 and FY02 budgets. The FY01 budget for our first year showed that we did very well, netting a balance of over $71K that we can carry forward into the new year. A good portion of this revenue came from the very successful Ports ’01 and Waves ’01 conferences. Since these types of revenue are cyclical, it is necessary for us to save for a “rainy day.” 5.2 Projections for the FY02 budget show a potential shortfall of $43K. Although it looks like it may be a rainy year, these projections usually prove to be overly conservative, as we tend to spend less and earn more than projected. 5.3 The new 5-year plan templates were prepared and submitted by most of our committee chairs. Bill summarized this information so that we have a better idea of where we stand on finances and products for the next 5 years. This information will prove to be invaluable in our planning. Congratulations Committee Chairs for a job well done! 5.4 Since he travels to Washington frequently, Bill will meet with COPRI Staff to iteratively revise and correct the budget forecasts as new information becomes available.



Administrative Committee Reports

Administrative committees include the Awards, Moffatt-Nichol Panel of Judges, Coastal Engineering Research Council (CERC), Membership, Newsletter and Web, Planning and Coordinating, and Publications. 6.1 Coastal Engineering Research Council (CERC)

Billy presented the summary of CERC. 6.1.1 The 28th ICCE scheduled for Cardiff, Wales, anticipates a proceedings volume of 3,600 pages. They expect about 500 copies will be required. ACTION: COPRI Staff will follow-up with Charlotte McNaughton in Publications about costs for ASCE to publish ICCE 2002 proceedings. Also, check with ASCE Marketing on number of published proceedings in previous years and number still remaining to be sold. Make sure information is provided to Billy Edge. 6.2 Communications Committee

Dan reported on the activities of the Communications Committee. 6.2.1 Dan presented the changes he is making to the COPRI web page and they look great! It is a real asset to COPRI and its members. Congratulations to Dan, our master webmaker!!! 6.3 Publications Committee

Mike presented a summary of the Publications Committee activities. 6.3.1 Since he became Editor on August 1, 2000, Dr. Zeki Demirbilek reports that 276 papers have been submitted to the ASCE Waterways Journal. Only 84 have been accepted for publication, however. The Journal has enough papers in reserve for the next three issues. 6.3.2 Five new people have been added to the Editorial Board replacing members who are retiring. New members have been added from Japan and Europe. Zeki is still looking for members from industry. The goal is to have a total of 22 Associate Editors. 6.3.3 The cover for the Journal will change with the January issue. 6.3.4 Beginning August 1, 2001, direct submittals of manuscripts to the editor will not be allowed. All new papers must be sent to ASCE Publications Department for routing to the Editor. 6.3.5 Although he has been able to conduct most of his business via E-mail, an annual meeting would be beneficial. There should be enough funding to support at least a third of the associate editors (estimate about $5K per year). 6.3.6 Zeki is agreeable to having an annual Special Issue of the ASCE Waterways Journal to provide more exposure to practice-oriented papers. A Guest Editor needs to submit 7 to 8 papers for an issue. The Guest Editor is responsible for reviews, getting the papers in shape, and writing a Preface. The Preface should note that this is a Special Issue and the review process was different than the standard Journal procedure.


Technical Committees

Technical committees include the Coastal Engineering Practice, Coastal Zone Management, Ocean and Offshore Engineering, Ports and Harbors, Rubble Mound Structures, Waterways, and Wetlands and River Restoration. 5.1 Coastal Engineering Practice

Jim presented the summary for the Coastal Engineering Practice Committee (CEP).


5.1.1 The short course “Coastal Engineering Manual: A Highlight of Changes from the Shore Protection Manual.” was very successful at the Ports ’01 conference. Plans are underway to hold courses during (a) the Solutions to Coastal Disasters ’02 seminar in San Diego in 2002, (b) ASCE 150th Anniversary Conference, November 3, 2002, Washington DC, and (c) Boston Society of Civil Engineers, Spring 2002 Meeting, Boston, MA. 5.1.2 A conference call is planned for October 2002 among the CEM instructors to discuss the revised course content and handouts for the San Diego presentation. Instructors are Hall, Hughes, Cox, and Kriebel. Course coordinator is Ming. 5.1.3 The CEP is working on the manual, Special Report on Advances in Coastal Structure Design, with the Ocean and Offshore Engineering committee. 5.1.3 The CEP 5-year plan was presented and discussed. 5.2 Coastal Zone Management

Billy presented the report for the Coastal Zone Management Committee (CZM). 5.2.1 The CZM will conduct a conference call during the Symposium on Urban Shorelines on October 25, 2001. The next meeting is scheduled in San Diego, CA, in conjunction with the Solutions to Coastal Disasters ’02 conference. 5.2.2 The Solutions to Coastal Disasters ’02 conference is scheduled for February 24-27, 2002 in San Diego. Committee members include Leslie Ewing, Louise Wallendorf, Orville Magoon, and several others. The conference program will be mailed the week of October 22. They have accepted 128 papers in 31 technical sessions and expect 274 registrants including coastal planners, city and state government officials, and engineers and scientists. Three short courses and five field trips are planned. The conference hotel is the Catamaran Hotel in San Diego. Co-sponsors including NOAA, USGS, and FEMA have contributed significantly to the financial success. 5.2.3 The CZM purpose, 5-year plan, and committee roster were presented. As usual, they did a great job preparing these documents. 5.3 Ocean and Offshore Engineering

Jun presented the summary for the Ocean and Offshore Engineering Committee (OE). 5.3.1 The OEWWF met during the Waves’01 conference in San Francisco. Jun Zhang is the Chair, Tom Hudon the Vice-Chair, and M.H. Kim the Secretary. They have 15 active members. Jun plans to step down next spring after several years as Chair. 5.3.2 The name change to “Ocean and Offshore Engineering” was well received and is out for final approval by other committee members. 5.3.3 Plans are underway for the Dr. Mohan’s manual, Special Report on Advances in Coastal Structure Design. Most authors have already been contacted and agreed to write their chapters. The goal is to have a draft ready by next spring. Co-sponsors are OE and CEP committees. 5.3.4 The first meeting of the new Deepwater Infrastructure Forum (DIF) was held in Houston on September 27 at the Omni Westside Hotel. A total of 75 attendees heard a nice presentation and discussion by Ms. Susan Farrell and Mr. Michael Rodgers, Senior Directors, The Petroleum Finance Company, on Financial Forces Driving the Deepwater Offshore Industry. Drs. Bob Randall and M.H. Kim have offered to present shore courses at future DIF meetings. Congratulations to Jim Daily and the other organizing committee members for a great start! 5.3.5 A new symposium on tsunamis and long waves is being planned in conjunction with IAHR and their 30th Biennial Congress in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2003. Organizing committee members include Costas Synolakis, Philip Liu, Harry Yeh, Constantine Memos, and Mike Briggs. ACTION: Mike will submit proposal by spring 2002. 5.3.6 The Civil Engineering in the Oceans VI conference is ready to resume operation after a rather lengthy rest! New recruits for the organizing committee include M.H. Kim and Don Ward. ACTION: Mike will begin establishment of an Organizing Committee and submit a proposal for CEO6 by spring 2002.



Ports and Harbors

Joe gave the summary for the Ports and Harbors Committee (P&H). 5.4.1 The P&H is very busy. They have about 50 people on their committee roster. Typically, 35 attend each meeting. Every member is voted on before being accepted, and occasionally, some are voted off the island! Their goal is to produce a quality product every three years. 5.4.2 The next conference in the series, Ports 2004, is being planned for Houston, TX, possibly in conjunction with OTC. 5.4.3 They are organizing some new workshops and short courses. A possible topic is mooring line forces in exposed and sheltered locations. 5.4.4 The P&H presented their 5-year plan. They would like to see more lobbying by COPRI to the media to let them know that we have technical answers to many of their questions. 5.5 Rubble Mound Structures

Billy presented information about the Rubble Mound Structures Committee (RMS). 5.5.1 The RMS chair is Orville Magoon. They have had increases in membership for the last 5 years. They are contemplating a name change to “Coastal Structures”. 5.5.2 The Waves ’01 was held on September 2-6, 2001 in San Francisco, CA. It was very successful with 298 registrants, 230 papers and posters, 45 short course attendees, and 85 post-conference tour participants. A very special thanks from the conference organizers and COPRI to the exhibitors including Shell Global Systems, Rexroth, and ONR. Kelly thanked the organizers for the nice “plugs” for COPRI membership. 5.5.3 The next conference in this series, Waves ’05, is being planned for 2005 in Spain. This will be the first time this conference venue has been outside the United States. The Spanish delegation, led by CEDEX, will financially sponsor the conference and ASCE will publish the proceedings. A suggestion was made to move the COPRI oversight for this conference from the RMS to the CERC committee. 5.5.4 The subcommittee on the Honolulu Runway Project met in Honolulu in August. The original Dolos armor units on the Honolulu runway were constructed in 1972, repaired in 1998 and 2000. The “design” wave may or may not have occurred. The committee plans to investigate the condition of the Dolos in the long-term protection of the runway. 5.5.5 The Coastal Structures 2003 conference is being planned for San Francisco or Portland in September 2003. They anticipate 300 participants with 250 papers and posters. The ASCE Conference Department is organizing along with Committee Co-chairs Orville Magoon and Nobu Kobayashi, and members Billy Edge and Jeff Melby. The task committee and budget was officially approved by the CBG. 5.5.6 The 5-year plan was presented and discussed. It includes workshops, field inspections, conferences, and reports. Nice presentation! 5.6 Waterways

Charlie presented a summary of the Waterways Committee (WWC). 5.6.1 The WWC has a relatively small, but active membership. Their 5-year plan was presented and discussed. It includes workshops, field inspections, conferences, and reports. Their long-range plan has been in operation since 1998. As usual, they do a great job on the organization and productivity of their committee. 5.6.2 The WWC plans to revise and update some of their older manuals. Several new inland navigation manual ideas are being pursued. 5.6.3 COPRI has put forward the name of a nominee for the Einstein Award. ACTION: CBG should continue to work with EWRI to resolve any remaining issues. 5.6.4 The Dredging ’02 conference has received over 200 abstracts. Reviews are to begin soon.



Wetlands and River Restoration

Don summarized the activities and plans of the Wetlands and River Restoration Committee (WRR). 5.7.1 The Wetlands Engineering and River Restoration Conference was held on August 27-31, 2001, in Reno, NV. It was relatively successful considering they had a lot of organizational problems near the end of the conference. The conference had over 300 registrants, 65 participants in three short courses, and 166 in post-conference tours. The conference used a new format for some of their sessions with a moderator and facilitator leading discussions in “hot topic” areas. 5.7.2 The next conference in the 3-year cycle for this conference is being planned with EWRI. COPRI representatives include Don Hayes, Craig Fischenich, and Goodwin. A short organizational meeting was held following the 2001conference.

6 New Business
6.1 ASCE 150th Anniversary Conference

Jim reported for Louise on plans. 6.1.1 Tentative courses for Sunday are “Introduction to the Coastal Construction Manual” with Chris Jones and “Introduction to the CEM” with instructors TBD. 6.1.2 Planned courses for Monday are (a) a “Panel on Coastal Flooding” chaired by Charles Thornton (b) two afternoon sessions from the Solutions to Coastal Disasters ’02 Conference, and (c) an EWRI track from the Wetlands and River Restoration Conference. ACTION: Louise needs a chair for the EWRI track from Don Hayes. 6.1.3 Louise has volunteered to head up a Student Activities track. She is looking for ideas including field trips, museum tours, student sessions, etc. 6.2 CEM

Charlie and Gary reported on discussions about CEM. 6.2.1 The ASCE Publications Department is not sure of the market for publishing a hard copy. ASCE would need to get a substantial discount from Veri-Tech to make it worthwhile to handle. The goal would be to offer COPRI members a good discount as well. ACTION: Investigate potential for ASCE to market the Army Corps Coastal Engineering Manual (CEM). Work with Publications Department on costs for setup, publishing, and marketing. Talk directly with Mr. Lee Butler to get sufficient information to make presentation at next CBG meeting. Set up a plan and keep Charlie in loop. 6.3 Conference Schedule Conflict

6.3.1 The Waves ’05 and Coastal Dynamics conferences are both scheduled for Spain in 2005. There was some concern that having two conferences with similar themes might adversely impact attendance for both conferences. ACTION: Mike to discuss schedule conflict with Nick Kraus. 6.4 Waterways Newsletter

6.4.1 The new Waterways Newsletter will be a good forum for discussing COPRI services and philosophy. ACTION: Jim will write column for COPRI Newsletter and web site with opinions, ideas, and issues important to the COPRI Chair. First column can include things like value-added of COPRI compared to old Waterways EXCOM, what is our financial policy/philosophy, etc.



Special Recognition
7.1 The special recognitions are back! First one honored was

Billy E. Edge
Billy was honored with the new COPRI “Dinosaur” Award. This historic award honors those Coastal Engineering Research Committee (CERC) Secretaries who have been involved with ASCE and COPRI since the time of the dinosaurs! Billy has been the CERC Secretary in the ASCE Waterways Division and COPRI for over 28 years. Wow, that’s a lot of minutes and ICCE Proceedings! Jim presented Billy with his award and he promptly packed up to leave. I guess he figured that 28 years was enough and not a minute more!!! Actually, he will be back to continue serving COPRI on several other technical committees. Congratulations Billy for a wonderful job. 7.2 The next honoree was

E. Douglas Sethness, Jr.
Doug was honored for serving as COPRI’s first President during our inaugural year. Jim presented him with the newly prestigious COPRI “Guinea Pig” Award!! Doug managed to get us all through the first year in tact and even turned a profit. Because of his hard work, COPRI is well positioned to be a successful Institute. Doug will continue serving COPRI as our Past-President in the coming year. Thanks for a great year!


Next Meeting

8.1 The next meeting was tentatively scheduled for next spring in Vicksburg. Action: COPRI Staff will coordinate with Mike and/or Charlie.



The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.


COPRI Board of Governors Meeting October 11, 2001
Staff (Patty and Kelly) ACTIONS: 1. Awards. (a) Continue to search for suitable gift for Becky Edge. (b) Present award to Dr. Bill Marcuson during Houston Conference or send to Mike to present in Vicksburg. (c) Check into cost of new COPRI Lapel Pins. 2. Award funding. Find out track record and history of our three primary awards relative to funding. Transfer funds from “Income/Expense” to “Principal Balance” categories for the ICCE and Moffatt-Nichol Awards, leaving approximately $1,000. Make recommendation to EWRI to do same for Einstein Award. Work with Brian and Doug on this. 3. Newsletter. Send copy of first Newsletter to Charlie and Don. 4. CEM. Investigate potential for ASCE to market the Army Corps Coastal Engineering Manual (CEM). Work with Publications Department on costs for setup, publishing, and marketing. Talk directly with Mr. Lee Butler to get sufficient information to make presentation at next CBG meeting. Set up a plan and keep Charlie in loop. 5. ICCE Publication Costs. Follow-up with Charlotte about costs for ASCE to publish ICCE 2002 proceedings. Anticipate 500 copies @ 3600 pages. Also, check with ASCE Marketing on number of published proceedings in previous years and number still remaining to be sold. Make sure information is provided to Billy Edge. 6. Merchandise Sales. Provide update on publication/merchandise sales (in particular, Underwater Investigations). 7. Web page. (a) Get list of exhibitors from last couple of conferences. This list can be a start for possible advertising revenue on the web. Work with Louise. (b) Continue to provide updates to Dan for Web Calendar with postings of committee meetings, conferences, etc for one year in advance. 8. MOUs. Mail signed IAHR MOU to IAHR representatives. Coordinate with Mike. 9. Spring 2002 meeting. Investigate meeting locations and hotel for this meeting, tentatively scheduled for Vicksburg. Coordinate with Mike or Charlie. Jim ACTIONS: 1. Deepwater Infrastructure Forum (DIF). Summarize status and future of DIF. 2. Einstein Award. Send COPRI recommended procedure and list of representatives for joint Einstein Award Committee. Ask about next step from EWRI perspective. 3. Codgers Corner. Write column for COPRI Newsletter and web site with opinions, ideas, and issues important to the COPRI Chair. First column can include things like value-added of COPRI compared to old Waterways EXCOM, what is our financial policy/philosophy, etc. Doug ACTIONS: 1. Major Accomplishments and Future Concerns. Write letter describing COPRI’s major accomplishments and


most important future concerns for next year. Coordinate with Staff. 2. Committee officer succession plan. Send letter to all committee chairs alerting them to the minimum procedures for insuring committee continuity and efficient transfer of leadership. Coordinate with staff. Louise ACTIONS: 1. Abstract Form. Send copy of Excel file for creating database of speakers for conferences to Mike to create a macro. Send final version to Doug and Charlie for their use in upcoming conferences. 2. Membership grades. Investigate COPRI membership grades. Define policies and procedures for each one and whether we will have a “Fellow” grade. Are these the same as ASCE or independent? Dues vs. member benefits. Work with Tony. Tony ACTIONS: 1. CERC Coastal Research. Draft letter to NSF stating COPRI support of more tsunami and coastal engineering research dollars. We could conduct a workshop to map the benefits and need for greater research dollars in this vital area to our nation’s defense and financial well being. 2. Membership grades. Investigate COPRI membership grades. Define policies and procedures for each one and whether we will have a “Fellow” grade. Are these the same as ASCE or independent? Dues vs. member benefits. Work with Tony. Charlie ACTIONS: 1. CEM. Provide assistance to Staff in support of CEM publication.

Dan ACTIONS: 1. Code of Ethics. Add to ByLaws on web and in Newsletter. 2. ByLaw Changes. Place recommended changes on web pages and in Newsletter. Place ballot so members can vote on these changes. 3. CE World. Link new CE World web page to COPRI web page. Post 6 to 10 “selected” papers from recent COPRI conferences as “COPRI track”. Mike ACTIONS: 1. Tsunami Grant Funds. Investigate possibility of working with ASCE Grants Department about getting a grant through NSF to promote the COPRI/IAHR Tsunami seminar in Greece. 2. CEO6 Proposal. Submit proposal for CEO6 by spring 2002. IAHR Tsunami Symposium Proposal. Submit proposal for IAHR tsunami symposium by spring 2002. 3. Conference Overlap. Talk to Nick Kraus about potential conflict in scheduling between two conferences in Spain in 2005 (i.e., Waves 2005 and Coastal Dynamics 2005). Is he interested in working with COPRI now that we are can be more flexible than in the past with conference organizers. Could start as co-sponsor, share logos on programs, etc. He can discuss with COPRI President Jim Dailey.

Respectfully submitted, ASDF