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Ginny Walia is an experienced trial attorney who will fight for your rights. She handles cases all over the San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay, including criminal cases in Oakland, Fremont, Hayward, Pleasanton and Livermore.

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									Choose the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer to Help You

As a criminal law firm, the Law Offices of Ginny Walia are committed at
defending those accused, of criminal offences in a manner that will relieve them of
false charges. The experience that the criminal defense lawyer Ms Ginny Walia,
and her team brings to the company makes it highly regarded and much sought
after firm.

Criminal lawyers are a set of lawyers who handle the very complicated form of
criminal law, often handling matters as diverse as sexual crimes, drug charges,
fraud and theft among other things. If you or a loved one has been arrested or
charged of any of these charges, you can visit our law firm and our team
comprising of the most experienced criminal defense attorney will be able to help
you out. In criminal cases, it is all the more necessary to make a wise choice
regarding who will be representing you, since a bad name may be crucial to your
career or future.

Why choose us?

Ms Ginny Walia, and her team have years of experience by which they will help
you deal with and come out of the charges whatever that might be. The firm deals
directly with clients, which helps us build a rapport with the client and
understanding the case well. In the past our criminal law firm has handled cases
dealing with domestic violence, drug charges, criminal charges, sex related crimes,
etc. When you contact us and set up a consultation with us, an attorney will take
charge of your case and can immediately start building on your defense, so that no
time is wasted in getting you acquitted. The firm believes in taking immediate
action for their clients.

The process

Once you have employed the Law Offices of Ginny Walia for your case, we start
building up on your case. This will be done with thorough co-ordination with you
while acquiring knowledge about your background and building up on it. The
client is also briefed on what exactly the charges would mean and how they can
affect him/her and under the circumstances, what are the best methods that can
help them. Keeping the client informed is very important as it can be a great asset
in court and also serve the cause of the defense strategy. It will also keep the client
from getting into further trouble and keep them from creating confusion in the

Choose the right criminal defense lawyer

A good choice could be the difference between being acquitted and not!

A good criminal lawyer, will not only have experience but must have a good
understanding of Federal, State and local rules in order to be able to help the client.
If you are in the Bay area, hiring Law Offices of Ginny Walia makes a lot of sense
because a local criminal defense lawyer will know about the local judges, laws and
thus will be able to navigate your case better.

If you are an immigrant and have committed any kind of crime that can have
repercussions on your record you might contact us. You need not feel threatened
about being deported. The firm will assign deportation lawyers for your case, so
that will handle your case efficiently.

The Law Offices of Ginny Walia provides you with legal options, in helping you
fight charges against yourself.

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