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					Drinking Water Update
Presented To

North Central and Eastern KWWOA

October 23, 2008 Division of Water
Department for Environmental Protection Environmental & Public Protection Cabinet

To Protect and Enhance Kentucky’s Environment

Presentation Topics
• Division of Water reorganization and new office location • Drinking Water updates
– – – – – – Regulations Compliance Technical Assistance Capacity Development Plans Review Technical Advisory Committee

• Drought

DOW Reorganization
• Agency reorganization effective June 16, 2008 • Existing EPPC split up into three Cabinets:
– Energy and Environment (Secretary Len Peters) – Labor (Secretary J.R. Gray) – Public Protection (Secretary Robert Vance)

• DOW reduces from 9 branches to 6 branches and 36 sections to 33 sections; resulting in the creation of one new branch, the renaming of two branches, the creation of 10 new sections, and the renaming of 8 sections • Division of Environmental Services (Lab) is changed from a division to a branch within the new Division of Environmental Program Support (DEPS) resulting in the creation of one new branch and one new section • Environmental Response Team moved from the Commissioner’s office to a branch within the CO

Goals of DOW Reorganization
• Redirect resources to priorities and needs • Promote decision making on a watershed basis • Facilitate cross-program communication and cooperation • Develop a culture of mission focus versus program focus


Energy and Environment Cabinet
Energy and Environment Cabinet (Dr. Len Peters, Secretary)

Office of the Secretary

Environmental Quality Commission

Mine Safety Review Commission

KY Public Service Commission

KY State Nature Preserves Commission

Department for Energy Development and Independence

Department for Natural Resources

Department for Environmental Protection

Yellow fill==New Department
Red==New to Cabinet as relates to drinking water

DEP – Divisions
Department for Environmental Protection

Bruce Scott, Commissioner

Division of Water

Division for Air Quality

Division of Waste Management

Division of Enforcement

Division of Compliance Assistance

Division of Environmental Program Support

==relates to drinking water


DEP - Branches
Dept. for Environmental Protection Division of Compliance Assistance Division of Environmental Program Support Division of Water Division for Air Quality Division of Waste Management Division of Enforcement

Surface Water Permits Branch

Program Plan & Admin Branch

Recycling & Local Assist Branch

Civil Enforcement Branch

Environmental Assist Branch

Administrative Support Branch

Water Quality Branch

Permit Review Branch

Underground Storage Tank Branch

Compliance & Operations Branch

Certification & Licensing Branch

Environmental Response Branch

Water Infrastructure Branch

Field Operations Branch

Superfund Branch

Environmental Services Branch

Resource Planning & Program Support Branch

Technical Services Branch

Program Plan & Admin Branch

Compliance & Technical Assistance Branch

Hazardous Waste Branch

Yellow fill ==New Green type==Name change

Watershed Management Branch

Field Operations Branch

Solid Waste Branch


DOW – Branch Level
Division of Water Sandy Gruzesky (Director)

Surface Water Permits Branch
(formerly KPDES) Jory Becker

Water Quality Branch
Tom VanArsdale


Shafiq Amawi

Resource Planning & Program Support Branch
Ron Price

Compliance & Technical Assistance Branch
(formerly Field Operations Branch) Tom Gabbard

Watershed Management Branch
Pete Goodman


DOW – Section level
Division of Water Surface Water Permits Branch Construction & Compliance Section Water Quality Branch Water Infrastructure Branch
Resource Planning & Program Support Branch Compliance & Technical Assistance Branch Watershed Management Branch

Monitoring Section

Wastewater Municipal Planning Section

Program Support Section

Florence Section

Louisville Section

Nonpoint Source & Basin Team Section

Operational Permits Section

Water Quality Certification Section

Engineering Section

Resource Planning Section

Frankfort Section

Hazard Section

GIS & Data Analysis Section

Permit Support Section

TMDL Section

Drinking Water Capacity Development Section

Grant Management Section

London Section

Madisonville Section

Water Quantity Management Section

Wet Weather Section

SRF & SPAP Section

Data Entry & Management Section

Bowling Green Section

Columbia Section

Groundwater Section

Floodplain Management Section

Dam Safety & Floodplain Compliance Section

IT Support Section

Paducah Section

Morehead Section

Drinking Water Compliance & Technical Assistance Sect

Drinking water related areas


Where Did Drinking Water Program Go?
Water Infrastructure Branch (Shafiq Amawi, Acting Manager)

Wastewater Municipal Planning


Dam Safety and Floodplain Compliance

Engineering** (Mike Riley, Acting Supervisor)

Drinking Water Capacity Development (Leslie Harp, Supervisor)

**DW Engineers and WW Collections Engineers


Where Did Drinking Water Program Go?
Compliance and Technical Assistance Branch (Tom Gabbard, Manager)
Julie W. Roney
10 Regional Offices Frankfort Florence Morehead Hazard London Columbia Bowling Green Louisville Madisonville Paducah

Drinking Water Compliance And Technical Assistance (Frank Hall, Supervisor)

DOW and DW Logistics
• New DOW Address:
– 200 Fair Oaks Lane, 4th Floor Frankfort, KY 40601

• Phone number:
– 502/564-3410 – 502/564-8158 Back door number so can use phone extensions – New 4 digit extensions

• Fax number:
– 502/564-2741

DWCTA Section--Compliance
• Frank Hall, Supervisor (4959)
– – – – Jerry Pike (4982): Todd Ritter (4981): Kevin Stewart (4985): Vacant: SDWIS Administrator TCR, LCR, Inventory Stage 1 DBP GWR, NOVs, Enforcement liaison Amber Vaughn (4983): MORs Brian Chitti (4988): IOC, SOC. VOC, Rads Kellee’ Husband (4986): Stage 2 and LT2 Patrick Garrity (4968): Lab Certification Natalie Bruner (4987): CCR, PN

– – – – –

DWCTA Section—Technical Assistance
• Jim Hamon (4969): • Eric Sutton (4989): • Crystal Davis: (270/384-4734 Columbia) • Don DeKoster (502/429-7122—Louisville) • Madisonville Position: Vacant


Other Pertinent Info
• DOW Complaints Coordinator
– Sally Barclay (4955)

• CTAB Administrative Assistant
– Melissa Baughn (4966)

• Drinking Water Coordinator
– Julie Roney (4958)

• New Hazard Regional Office supervisor
– Damon White

Regulations Update

401 KAR Chapter 8 Revisions
• Ralph Schiefferle is assisting with revising Chapter 8 to incorporate the federal SDWA language from 40 CFR 141 • Benefits
– KY can adopt new federal rules more quickly – Can avoid issues with LRC and statutes – Still keeping ―KY‖ requirements

• Downside
– Regulated entities will need both a copy of Chapter 8 and 40 CFR 141 and get used to looking at a new format

401 KAR Chapter 8 Revisions
• Intent is to file all but 3 subchapters of Chapter 8 in November 2008 • In late winter of 2009 will begin on
– 8:040 Fees: Lab certification fees and operator fees will be increasing – 8:100: New engineering design criteria is being developed and will be incorporated – 8:030: Will be working with DCA on this one
• Will be split out: Plant/staffing in Chapter 8 and operator certification requirements in a new chapter

Pending SDWA Rules
• Still dealing with
– Stage 2 – LT2 – Groundwater Rule

• Recently begun dealing with
– Short Term Revisions to Lead and Copper

• On the horizon
– Full revision to Total Coliform Rule


Consumer Confidence Rule
• There is new mandatory language for the 2008 CCR
– Available as a handout


SOC/VOC Monitoring
• 2008 is the first year in this 3-year cycle
– Years 2008 – 2010 – Double check that your system has done the necessary annual monitoring

• For asbestos waivers
– Must be in prior to January 2011 – Only for strict purchasing systems with no asbestos lines

Lead and Copper
• Short Term Revisions are in effect
– Clarified
• Minimum monitoring requirements • Actions for Action Level Exceedances or reduced monitoring • Compliance and monitoring period definitions

– Requirement to inform the public
• Results of tap monitoring for lead
– Provide to customer as soon as practical but within 30 days of receiving the results – Within 3 months after the end of the monitoring period, certify to the state that met the delivery requirements plus an example of the notice

– Public education changes (if action level exceedances)

Stage 2 and LT2
• Stage 2:
– Schedule 1 IDSE reports due January 1, 2009 – Everyone affected should be monitoring now – EPA Region 4 will be handling any enforcement actions

• LT2:
– Schedule 1 bin determination due April 1, 2009 – All surface water systems should be monitoring now

Stage 2 Timeline
Population Category
Submit SMP, SSS, 40/30 Certification Request or receive VSS Waiver Complete Standard Monitoring or System Specific Study

IDSE Report Submitted By January 1, 2009 July 1, 2009

Comply with Stage 2 Locational MCLs April 1, 2012 October 1, 2012 October 1, 2013


October 1, 2006 April 1, 2007

September 30, 2008 March 31, 2009 September 30, 2009

50,00099,999 10,00049,999

October 1, 2007

January 1, 2010


April 1, 2008

March 31, 2010

July 1, 2010

October 1, 2014

LT2 Timeline
Population Category Source Water Sampling Plan Due July 1, 2006 Begin Crypto Monitoring October 1, 2006 April 1, 2007 April 1, 2008 October 1, 2008

Bin Determination

Comply with Toolbox April 1, 2012 October 1, 2012 October 1, 2013 October 1, 2014


April 2009

50,00099,999 10,00049,999 <10,000

January 1, 2007 January 1, 2008 July 1, 2008

October 2009 October 2010 April 2011

LT2 Timeline
• Must do a second round of source water monitoring per the following schedule
– >100K – 50,000 to 99,999 – 10,000 to 49,999 – < 10K April 1, 2015 October 1, 2015 October 1, 2016 October 1, 2017


Stage 2 and LT2
• Stage 2 IDSE Report
– Similar format to the IDSE Plan – Set method on choosing new compliance sites
• Refer to the reg: Combination of Stage 1 and IDSE sites • Can be found in the IDSE Guidance Manual
– Form 7: IDSE Report for Standard Monitoring (page 7-51)

• Will begin more in-depth training on this soon


Groundwater Rule
• The 2 staff that were to handle the GWR are no longer in the DW program
– Decisions pending on how to implement the rule, including the C-T determinations – Sanitary survey guidance is being reviewed pending development of KY’s GW SS


Laboratory Certification Program
• Oversight of the program has been refined
– Improved tracking of labs and methods – Lab accountability program begun


SDWIS Database
• Working on the conversion to Release 2 of the web-based SDWIS database • Drinking Water Watch
– Web address:


Significant Non-Compliance (SNC) List
• Historically SNC was defined for each rule • EPA has reworked SNCs based on severity of the violation (i.e. which PN tier), population and duration
– Systems have 6 months to come back into compliance to come off the SNC list

• States have issues with new concept
– Some new rules have annual running averages not 6 months – No good definition of ―return to compliance‖
• Is technical assistance still a good explanation

• KY list looks different now

Technical Assistance

Area-Wide Optimization Program
• Big Sandy watershed-based microbial PBT
– 5 participating water systems – Begun in September 2008

• Pilot disinfection by-product PBT begun with the EPA Technical Support Center (Cincinnati)
– 6 participating water systems – KY staff learning from EPA staff – To begin November 2008

AWOP—Infrastructure Benefits
• AWOP has contributed to water plants being ―re-rated‖ without added infrastructure
– Increase in design capacity of a process
• Sedimentation • Filtration

– Meeting AWOP goals becomes a condition of approval for the re-rate – 2 plants to-date


Technical Assistance
• Continuing to work with systems on Stage 2 and LT2 issues • Decision on how to complete GW C-Ts is still pending


Capacity Development

Capacity Development Strategy
• KY has revised the CD strategy
– More definitive – Includes a series of technical, financial and managerial assessment questions
• To be incorporated into the Sanitary Survey process

– Visit DW web site for more information or contact Leslie Harp (4822)


Engineering Plans Review

Engineering Plans Review
• Revising the 1984 General Design Criteria
– KY follows 10 States Standards with any exceptions to be outlined in this revision

• DW review engineers now in the same section with WW collections system review engineers
– Will be beneficial when reviewing plans that contain both DW distribution and WW collections work


Technical Advisory Committee

Technical Advisory Committee
• Committee continues to function
– Meets quarterly

• Sub-committees:
– Capacity Development (Jerry Wuetcher PSC) – Engineering (Mike Wilmouth, Bell Eng) – Compliance (Kim Padgett, RCAP) – Regulations (Stephanie Smith, Owensboro)


2008 Drought

2008 Drought
• Even though the winter and spring of 2008 was wet, KY is experiencing a drought again
– Extension of the 2007 drought – Different parts of the state affected
• 2007 drought impacted west and south central KY • 2008 drought is impacting southeast KY
– – – – Headwaters of the Licking River Headwaters of the KY River Tail waters of the KY River Small drinking water impoundments (small lakes and reservoirs)

• Critical in Magoffin County

To compare current drought conditions with last week’s map, click here.


USGS Stream Flow Web Page:
Most recent instantaneous value: 9.37 10-21-2008 07:30

Create presentation-quality graph

28 days of flow at Lock 10 at Boonesboro

KY DOW Drought Web Page:

Drought Mitigation and Response
• Work underway to develop a state drought response and mitigation plan (SJR 109)
– Develop a state plan to guide state and local response to drought – Provide direction to water systems on planning for and mitigating drought situations
• Vulnerability assessments • Water shortage plans

– Will involve a cross-section of state agencies affected
• DOW, Emergency Management, Public Health, Agriculture

Questions??? Comments???
Compliance and Technical Assistance Branch 200 Fair Oaks Drive, 4th Floor 502/564-3410