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									                                     C. Brad Crisp
Office: 254 Mabee Business Building                                            Phone: 325-674-2077
Mail: ACU Box 29353 Abilene, TX 79699-9353                                 Email: brad.crisp@acu.edu

   The University of Texas at Austin – Austin, Texas
   May 2003       Doctor of Philosophy
                  Major in information systems and minor in management.
   May 1998       Master of Business Administration
                  Emphasis in change management.
   Abilene Christian University – Abilene, Texas
   May 1993       Bachelor of Business Administration
                  Major in accounting.

Work Experience:
   Abilene Christian University – Abilene, Texas
   08/2006        Assistant Professor of Information Systems
   to present     Management Sciences Department and School of I.T. and Computing
   06/1998        Adjunct Professor
   to 07/1998     Management Sciences Department
   Indiana University – Bloomington, Indiana
   01/2003        Assistant Professor of Information Systems
   to 07/2006     Information Systems Department
   08/2001        Convertible Lecturer of Information Systems
   to 12/2002     Accounting and Information Systems Department
   The University of Texas at Austin – Austin, Texas
   08/1997        Teaching Assistant
   to 01/2001     Management Science and Information Systems Department
   06/1997        Research Assistant
   to 08/1997     Management Department
   Arthur Andersen, LLP – Washington, D.C.
   05/1995        Consultant, Office of Government Services
   to 07/1996     Reviewed the cost distribution system of a federal agency that was
                  implementing a new information system. Activities included: client
                  interviews, analysis of the existing system, design of the proposed system,
                  written and oral client briefings, project management, and staff supervision.
   09/1993        Staff Accountant, Audit & Business Advisory Services
   to 04/1995     Planned, administered, and performed financial statement audit
                  engagements for financial, governmental, and not-for-profit clients.

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                                    C. Brad Crisp
Work Experience (continued):
   Consulting and Auditing Clients:
         North Central Church of Christ – provided pro bono strategic consulting to church
          leadership, 2005-2006.
         Missions Resource Network – provided part-time and pro bono consulting services
          on strategic and operational topics during the creation of this non-profit ministry,
         United States Census Bureau – provided full-time consulting services as a
          subcontractor of Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting), 1995-1996.
         Audit clients included: Amtrak; Johnston, Lemon & Co.; Marine Spill Response
          Corporation; Martha’s Table; Mission Energy; National Organization on Disability;
          U.S. General Services Administration; U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum; United
          Way International; and UUNET Technologies, 1993-1995.

   Interests: Management Information Systems, Project Management, and
              Systems Analysis and Design

   Courses Taught:
         Abilene Christian University:
           IS 324: Management Information Systems (required for business majors, formerly
              ACCT/ISQS 324), 2006-present.
           IS 405: Systems Analysis and Design (required for IS and IT majors), 2007-
           MGMT 330: Management and Organizational Behavior (required for business
              majors), 1998.
           MGMT 459: Project Management (required for IT majors; elective for IS and
              management majors), 2007-present.
         Indiana University:
           S310: Systems Analysis and Design (required for IS majors), 2002-2006.
           S400: Integration of Systems and Business (required for accounting majors;
              elective for IS majors), 2006.
           S529: Business Systems Analysis (MSIS requirement, MBA elective), 2004-
           S530: System Design and Change Management (MSIS requirement, MBA
              elective), 2004-2005.

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                                    C. Brad Crisp
Teaching (continued):
   Other Teaching Activities:
         Abilene Christian University:
           Course developer for IS 405: Systems Analysis and Design, 2009.
           Supervised student teams on consulting projects, 2007-present.
              ACU clients: Adams Center for Teaching and Learning, College of Business
                 Administration (2), Enrollment Marketing, Information Services (4), and
              External clients: Abilene Hope Haven, Hope Network Ministries, and United
                 Services Automobile Association (USAA).
         The University of Texas at Austin:
           Coordinated three eight-week sessions of the Global Virtual Team Exercise with
             about 300 students from around the globe in each session, 1998-2000.
           Teaching assistant for Managing Information Intensive Change, 1997-2000.

         Use and impact of information technology in educational and workplace settings.
         Social processes in distributed work groups, including the formation of control and
          trust among peers in virtual teams.

   Journal Articles:
         Montoya, M.M., Massey, A.P., Hung, C. and Crisp, C.B., “Can You Hear Me Now?
          Communication in Virtual Product Development Teams,” The Journal of Product
          Innovation Management (26:2) 2009, pp. 139-155.
         Polzer, J.T., Crisp, C.B., Jarvenpaa, S.L. and Kim, J.W., “Extending the Faultline
          Model to Geographically Dispersed Teams: How Co-located Subgroups Can Impair
          Group Functioning,” Academy of Management Journal (49:4) 2006, pp. 679-692.
   Books and Book Chapters:
         Huber, G.P. and Crisp, C.B., “Organizations, Information Systems Impact on.” In H.
          Bidgoli (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Information Systems: Volume 3 (pp. 413-426). USA:
          Elsevier Science, 2003.
         Crisp, C.B., Control Enactment in Global Virtual Teams, dissertation at The
          University of Texas at Austin, 2003.

   Papers under Review:
         Crisp, C.B. and Williams, M.L., “Mobile Device Selection in Higher Education:
          iPhone versus iPod Touch,” conditionally accepted at the Handbook of Research on
          Mobility and Computing.
         Wilson, J., Crisp, C.B., and Mortensen, M., “Extending Construal Level Theory to
          Distributed Teams: Perception and Evaluation of Distant Others,” under revision for
          second review at Organization Science.

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                                    C. Brad Crisp
Research (continued):
   Refereed Conference Papers, Presentations, and Symposia:
         Perkins, S., Rankin, W., Crisp, C.B., Saltsman, G., and Dickson, K., “ACU
          Connected: Mobile Learning with the iPhone and iPod touch 1-year later,”
          presentation at EDUCAUSE, Denver, Colorado, 2009.
         Wilson, J., Crisp, C.B., and Mortensen, M., “Extending Construal Level Theory to
          Distributed Teams,” research paper at the Academy of Management Meeting,
          Chicago, Illinois, 2009.
         Milholland, T.A., Crisp, C.B., Perkins, S., Roberts, K. and Saltsman, G., “Involving
          Institutional Research in an Institution-wide Project: The Mobile Learning Initiative,”
          research-in-action presentation at the Association for Institutional Research Forum,
          Atlanta, Georgia, 2009.
         Crisp, C.B., “Control Enactment in Global Virtual Teams,” symposium paper at the
          Academy of Management Meeting, Denver, Colorado, 2002.
         Crisp, C.B., “Control and Trust in Global Virtual Teams,” doctoral consortium paper
          at the International Conference on Information Systems, Brisbane, Australia, 2000.
         Crisp, C.B. and Jarvenpaa, S.L., “Trust in Time: A Study of Global Virtual Teams,”
          research paper at the Academy of Management Meeting, Toronto, Canada, 2000.

   Invited Presentations, Seminars, and Workshops:
         “Biblical Perspectives on Business and Wealth” with R. Money, seminar hosted by
          Heritage Christian College, Accra, Ghana, 2009.
         “Case Study – ACU – iPhones in Education” with W. Rankin, Mobile Learning
          Conference, Washington, D.C., 2009. Preliminary results were also presented in the
          research track of the ConnectEd Summit at Abilene Christian University, 2009.
         “Creating a Research Agenda” with M. Lynn, workshop at Abilene Christian
          University, 2006.
         “Team Regulation and Trusting Beliefs in Virtual Teams,” William & Mary Batten
          Conference, William & Mary College, 2004. Revised versions also presented at
          workshops at Indiana University in 2005 and Abilene Christian University in 2006.
         “Virtual Teams: Social, Technical and Methodological Issues,” Big Ten I.S. Doctoral
          and Junior Faculty Research Symposium, Ohio State University, 2003.
         “Control Enactment in Virtual Teams,” workshop at Indiana University, 2003.
          “Geographical Diversity in Globally-Dispersed Teams: A Test of the Faultlines
          Hypothesis” with S. Jarvenpaa and J. Polzer, Virtual Teams Research Workshop
          (teleconference sponsored by Harvard Graduate School), 2002.
         “Control and Trust in Global Virtual Teams,” workshops at Arizona State University
          and Indiana University, 2001.

   Work in Progress:
         Crisp, C.B. and Jarvenpaa, S.L., “Active Trust Development in Temporary Global
          Virtual Teams.”
         Crisp, C.B., “Is it Work or Play? Utilitarian versus Hedonic Uses of Converged
          Mobile Devices in Higher Education.”

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                                    C. Brad Crisp
Service and Professional Activities:
   Service to Abilene Christian University:
         University:
           University Undergraduate Academic Council, 2007-2009.
           Interviewer for Missional University Project, 2009.
           Contributor to the Vision Leadership Team’s Strategic Plan for Leadership
             Development, 2008.
           Class Reunion Campaign, 2003, 2008.
         College of Business Administration and Department:
           Chair, COBA Business Academic Task Force, 2009-2010.
           Initiated and supervised a student who launched a blog on COBA faculty
             activities, 2009.
           Participant in COBA Academic Retreat, 2009.
           Assisted with the formation of the ACU chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon honor
             society for SITC students, 2009.
           Member, COBA Strategic Planning Committee, 2007-present.
           Member, COBA Faculty Development and Intellectual Contributions Committee,
           Organized guest speakers for Information Systems majors, 2008-present.
           Member, Springboard Challenge Planning Committee, 2008.
           Participant in curriculum creation of the Information Systems and Information
             Technology majors, 2006.
           Participant in curriculum revisions to the Management major, 2006.
   Service to Indiana University:
         Undergraduate program:
           Presentations to students to promote IS programs, 2003-2006.
           Course coordinator for Systems Analysis and Design, 2002-2006.
           Case editor for the Lilly Case Challenge, 2003-2005.
           Judge for case competitions: Accenture Security Competition (2005), Discover
             Case Competition (2002), and Lilly Case Challenge (2005).
         Graduate programs:
           Member of Lionel Robert’s dissertation committee, 2005-2006.
           Assisted with Ph.D. field exam preparation and grading, 2004-2005.
         Faculty coordinator for IS department workshop, 2005-2006.

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                                   C. Brad Crisp
Service and Professional Activities (continued):
   Service to Information Systems Profession:
         Associate Editor for 2008 Academy of Management Meeting (OCIS division)
         Discussant for 2008 Academy of Management Meeting session (OCIS division)
         Ad hoc reviewer for selected journals:
           Data Base for Advances in                Journal of Computer-Mediated
             Information Systems                      Communication
           Group Decision & Negotiation             Journal of Information Technology
           IEEE Transactions on                      Theory & Application (JITTA)
             Engineering Management                  MIS Quarterly
           Information & Organization               Organization Science
           Information Systems Research             Small Group Research
           Information Technology &
         Ad hoc reviewer for selected conferences:
           Academy of Management Meeting (OCIS division)
           Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)
           Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)
           International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)
           Minnesota Workshop on Knowledge Management

         Academy of Management, 2000-present.
         Association for Information Systems, 2000-present.
         Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society, 2007-present.
         Certified Public Accountant in the State of Maryland, 1997-2001.
         Christian Business Faculty Association, 2008-present.

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                                   C. Brad Crisp
Honors and Awards:
   Regional, National, and International:
         Academy of Management OCIS/TIM Junior Faculty Consortium, Seattle,
          Washington, 2003.
         Big Ten Information Systems Doctoral and Junior Faculty Research Symposium,
          Ohio State University, 2003.
         ICIS Doctoral Consortium, Brisbane, Australia, 2000.
         Texas Business Hall of Fame Foundation Scholarship, 1997.
         Arthur H. Carter Scholarship, American Accounting Association, 1992.
   Abilene Christian University:
         Mobile Learning Research Fellow, $2,500 competitive research grant, 2009-2010.
         Mobile Learning Research Fellow, $2,500 competitive research grant, 2008-2009.
         Valedictorian and University Scholar, 1993.
         Honor Man Award, 1993.

   The University of Texas at Austin:
         A.D. Hutchison Fellowship, university doctoral competition, 2000-2001.
         Dean's Award for Academic Excellence, MBA program, 1998.

Personal Interests and Activities:
   Family: Married and have two children.

         Highland Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas – Praise team (2006-present), Abundant
          Journey class curriculum planning team (2008-present), preacher search team (2009-
          2010), and Into All the World 2008 planning committee (2007-2008).
         North Central Church of Christ in Bloomington, Indiana – Deacon (2005-2006),
          worship ministry leader (2002-2006), small group leader (2002-2006), and minister
          search committee (2001).
         Westover Hills Church of Christ in Austin, Texas – Small group leader (1997-2001).
         New Life Church of Christ in Gaithersburg, Maryland – Treasurer (1994-1996) and
          small group leader (1994-1996).

   Other Activities:
         Board member of Missions Resource Network, 2007-present.
         Youth basketball and football coach, 2005-present.
         Hobbies include music, basketball, and golf.

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