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					March 2013

                             Knights of Columbus
                          L/Cpl Paul R. LeHoullier
                               Council 2078
 Volume 7                          Somersworth, New Hampshire                                                 Number 3

 GRAND KNIGHT                                     DISTRICT 2                                  FINANCIAL SECRETARY
   Paul Dubois                                    March 2013                                     Kenneth Boufford
  603-343-4533                           Editor: Andrew Zevetchin, Jr.                             603-742-1027

Grand Knights Message:

My Brother Knights:

As our fraternal year is about to enter its last quarter, we have examined and re-adjusted our budget to cover some
shortfalls and unexpected expenditures. We have been approached by Fr. Mike to help sponsor a portion of the expenses
to send some of our Parish youth to retreat in Steubenville this summer. Details at the meeting. We are at this time
proposing a Spring Shopping Spree raffle to be held in May using pre-paid shopping cards as prizes to the winners. We
currently have 2 proposals for prize structure and will put this to a vote at our business meeting. Your input is needed and
appreciated. There are 2 events we are participating in this month. We have the State Free Throw Championship in
Bedford on Sunday, Mar. 3, to which several Brothers will travel to cheer on those winners from our Council. We wish
them the best. On Saturday, Mar. 9, a number of us will attend the Granite Awards banquet in Hampton to support our
nominee, Ron Dorr. Please congratulate him on his nomination when you see him. We will let you know the results at a
later date. Please plan to attend Lenten and Holy Week activities this month. The stations at Mt Calvary on Good Friday
will be accompanied by our 4th Degree Color Guard and is a somber occasion deserving of your attention.

With the Glorious Resurrection of Christ on Easter Sunday,. I urge all to contemplate the path we follow during this
somber, yet joyous time leading to the commemoration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of our Lord,
Jesus Christ.

Wishing you all a Happy, Holy Easter.

Fraternally Yours,
Paul R. Dubois, GK

Chaplains Report:
                                         Keep the Faith and be Ever-Vigilant.

Deputy Grand Knight Message:

In my report this month, I'm happy to say we have found the Carlson family a good used vehicle. The vehicle is a 2005
Mercury Ford Sable, station wagon. The vehicle has 4 new all season tires, a new battery, new oil and filter, a new
inspection sticker. I can't remember the mileage, but I know it was under 100,000 miles. The vehicle looks and runs very
I would like to thank all my Brother Knights for making this project happen. Without all of you, I couldn't have made this
happen. The money from our Council 2078 Somersworth and Council 807 Dover is appreciated. Also I will be going to
our Assembly 633 meeting to see if they could help us pay for part of the vehicle. I paid the total amount for the vehicle
which was $2500.00 dollars. out of my own money. Once myself, and our Grand Knight Paul Dubois get together he will
March 2013
pay me the money from our council and any money from the 4th degree if they wish to help in this worthy cause. If
anyone has any questions please feel free to call me.
I asked all my Brothers to please keep Fr. Michael Taylor in your prayers. As we all know, Fr. Mike will be out on sick
leave for the next week or so. He's always praying for everyone. He needs our prays, so let’s take the time and assist him
anyway we can which is praying.
Please remember our Pope Benedict XVI also in our prays also.
My the Lord Bless you, and your family. Happy Easter.

Mike LaMontagne DGK

Membership Directors Message:

I will be attending a first Degree in Portsmouth on Wednesday Feb.27th. There will be six candidates joining the K of C.
Four will be from my District, but the sad news there will be non from council 2078.
As your Membership director and your District Deputy it is my responsibility to help grow my council and all councils in
my district.
Please; my brothers join with me to talk to potential new members. We need new life to grow our council.
I hope you will do your part. It is vital you join me.

Andy Zevetchin Jr.

Insurance Agents Report:

The Order introduced a Graded Premium Whole Life plan, which makes whole life coverage more “budget-friendly” than
ever before. We also made improvements to the Systematic Withdrawal Options on our annuity products. Ask your agent
how these additions to our portfolio can benefit you and your family.
The best way to learn about our products is by arranging a visit with a local field agent. Your agent can custom design an
insurance program to meet your current needs, help you plan for the future or simply explain the many fraternal benefits
that come with membership.

                          P. Dacre Bush, Knights of Columbus, 603-267-2059.
                          E-mail address is

District Deputies Message:

Brothers we are moving into the last months of this Columbian year. February is start of the Lenten season.
I hope each of us takes this time to reflect on our own journey in our spiritual lives.
I do have two events I want to bring to your attention and they are:
 Our Granite Award dinner. This is an important fundraiser for our State charities. It also is the time we recognize of one
of our community leaders and that is Ronald Dorr. Pray he is selected.
Also during the Month of March we will be gathering at Abortion clinics in the State for prayer. I ask each of you to
consider praying with me on the Saturdays which have been assigned to the Knights. Brother Ken B. will be the contact
Last our recruitment for new Brothers across the State has been minimal. We are not increasing membership and I have
been asked all to help add to our council’s rosters in a serious way. Our council has added None.
So the bottom line is why not our council? Brothers I need you to give me some prospects to interview??
Have a Solemn, Holy and rewarding Easter with your families.
Andy Zevetchin DD # 2
March 2013

                                       Minutes for the Meeting of February 3 -2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:12 PM. GK Paul Dubois led the opening prayer.
The flag salute was led by Brother Ken Boufford
The Worthy GK Paul Dubois asked for the acceptance of minutes for November. Motion made by Brother Walter Ross to
accept the minutes of the prior meeting and a second from Brother Ed Mc Nally. By voice vote the minutes were
The GK asked for a Roll Call of Officers by the Worthy Recorder and the roll was taken and listed below.
                                                    Officers Present:

             P   Grand Knight           Paul Dubois             P     Lecture                  Ed McNally
             P   Deputy GK              Mike LaMontagne         P     Advocate                 Fred Ouellette
             X   Chaplin                Rev. Mike Taylor        X    Inside Guard             Kevin Colford
             X   Chancellor             Eddie Kramer            X    Outside Guard             Donald Colford
             P   Recorder               Andy Zevetchin          X    Trustee Third Year       Mike Daigneault
             P   Financial Secretary    Kenneth Boufford        X    Trustee Second Year      Richard LaBonte
             P   Treasurer              Walter Ross             P    Trustee One Year         Clem Michaud
             P   Warden                 Shawn Mc Nally

Reading of Applications:         None
Grand Knight’s report:

The GK Paul reported that he had cards given in church for the parishioners to sign for support for pro-lie campaign.
He passed them to members to sign.
He read a communication from a Safe Place thanking us for our support.
He reported that he talked with our Pastor Fr. Mike requesting a couple of items for us to consider. One is helping at St.
Patrick’s Cemetery in Rollinsford in removing the Granite barriers and landscaping the area after for easier mowing at the
The second item was financial support from the council to support sending our parish confirmation youth to Steubenville
for a pilgrimage. A discussion followed.
Our GK read a letter from our HCEF thanking us for her support and telling us she was looking forward to Christmas.
He read a thank you from St. Charles home and also a thank you from one of our Seminarians.
Finally he reported that brother Clem Michaud was in the hospital for a serious blood clot in his lung..He said he came
home on Friday last and is resting.

Also a flier from the Birth Rite movement for their annual dinner on Jan .26th was read.
A flier for support of a Somersworth Little League team was read. The GK said he would address this request later in the
Finally he passed around a set of pictures from the children’s Christmas party. It was a good success. It will be refined and
hopefully made better for the coming Christmas.

Chaplains Report:                No Report

Treasurer’s Report:

The Worthy Treasurer Walter reported all bills presented to him were paid including those from Supreme, State and
Council. All transactions were made available for the Trustees to examine. Motion was made by Brother. and seconded
by Brother to accept the Treasurer’s report and was approved by voice vote.
The Grand reported that the council is considering moving our Bank account to another institution because of problems
with Citizens Bank.
Finally the Worthy GK presented our brother Walter with life membership card. All present acknowledged his service.

        Accrued Liabilities: $ 5,100      Working Capital: $2,700
March 2013
Financial Secretary Report:

The FS Ken Boufford reported he was looking for ways on line to find members phone numbers and addresses which
could be used to help collect dues. He passed around a list to update birthdays and anniversaries for a more accurate way
to keep up with member’s personal events.
He said the total member’s roster was 53 members. 35 associates and 18 insurance 1 disability.
25 members have paid with an income of $625 and he had a receipt collected at this meeting to add.
The second dues notice is going out the 15th of January. He said 17 have not paid their dues.
The worthy GK reported that a check for FS service was received for him and he forwarded it to the council treasury.

Bills & Communications:

Bills were presented from the GK from Supreme for supplies $22.47. Bills for $29.98 and $ 3.47 for envelopes
Bills were presented to the Trustees for approval.

Service Program Director/ Committees

A report was asked from Brother Mike L. for the support of purchasing an auto for a needy woman in our Parish.
He reported at his time he found another car and it has a price of $2,500. He made the down payment. He made an
agreement with Kristen Carlson from her to pay $50 dollars a week to make the moneys’ gathered of $1,100 from Mike,
$500 from the council and the rest from her and she agreed to make up the $2,500. So the satiation is ongoing till all the
money is collected.
Also Brother Mike LaMontagne was asked and also brother Richard LaBonte to get info for the name we submitted for
the Granite Award. They would give it o Brother Andy and he would submit the form to the State as a nominee.
Brother Andy asked for a table of 10 from our council and a motion for 10 people at $22 each was approved by a Motion.
Brother Andy that we donated several coats from the coats for kids program to our local school and received a thank you
at this point. Also he reported he is delivering 6 more coats to another school in Rollinsford.
Brother Andy reported that from our Wednesdays at UNO’s program we netted us $889.
Finally the Free Throw is set for Mar 3rd and we have 7 youths who can participate.

Membership Report:

Brother Andy had no formal report.
He did request all should know that our charge is One New member per month for the year which should be our focus.
Our Council is committed to four new Members for the year. We have none. He pleaded as DD and Membership director
that he hoped this council would be the leader for his four councils. Time is of the essence.

Old Business:

The budget was brought for a vote for the second half of the year. It was accepted.

New Business:

40 Days to Life will kick off on February 13th. We are asked to go to the facility on Saturdays. Brother Ken Boufford
will come up with dates and e-mail them to the council.

Fourth Degree Report:

Dinner meeting is February 28t All SK’s are invited. Also there was a call out for Fr. Aggi Gene for his installation as
Dean for the seacoast. 17 SK’s were present

Insurance Agent Report:
                                                 No Report
March 2013

District Deputy Report:

Good evening Worthy GK Paul, your officers and my brothers present. From our Supreme officers, our state officers and
myself, I am to glad to share in your council meeting this evening.
Brothers we are moving into the last months of this Columbian year. January being the right to life month there were few
memorable events. The March in Concord, which brought out over 500 people to express the need to honor all life from
conception to natural death?
Then there was the march in DC which brought out over a half million marchers to show the sanctity of life. In the crowd
was noted a very large number of Knights carrying signs of protecting life.
There also was the Birth Rite dinner in Suncook which had over 100 people present to show support for a culture of life. I
was fortunate to attend the dinner. There were several good speakers. One important point was that abortions are
decreasing and a big reason is the Sonogram machines. They said that 85% of women who see them elect to keep their
Another point I bring back and am asking you to pray daily is this sheet with two short prayers for the culture of life.
My Brothers starting on Ash Wednesday there will be the next 40 days for life. I ask you join me and go to the Abortion
clinic in Greenland and pray for the end of this terrible crime against the unborn one of the Saturdays it is going on.
We had our Quarterly meeting in January and many items were discussed.
First is a program from our state church director Paul McManus. It is called Our Lady of Guadalupe Silver Rose Program.
There will be four silver roses made and they will travel the USA for a year.

Next is our Granite Award dinner in Hampton on March 9th
Ticket Chairman Greg Taillon 111 Willard Way, Plaistow, NH 03865 Email:
Phone: 382-7239
Last our recruitment for new Brothers across the State has been minimal. We are not increasing membership and I have
been asked all to help add to our council’s rosters in a serious way. My District councils have added 6 to date and this
council has added None.
So the bottom line is when are my council Brothers going to give me some prospects to interview??
I a will read two letters I received from Membership and Insurance.
As we heard in the first degree, insurance is volunteer but if you don’t know what is being offered by Supreme you are
missing out on life changing opportunities. Please take time and talk to our agent.

As was stated this past year all reports will be handled electronically. There are new forms on line for the write ups and
for other material such as pictures. I have tried to review the form but it was not available to open today. It is under forms
on the state site. If you need help please let me know. The write ups should also be divided and given to brothers who
were involved in those projects.
Keep up your good work.

Good of the Order:

Knights of the Month- January Ken Boufford and Ed Jansen
Family of the Month – January Ed & Joan McNally and Shawn & Gigi McNally

Remember in your prayers: Fred Ouellette, Richard Plante, Sandy & Ed Jansen, Mike LaMontagne, Ed McNally, John
Dube, and Joe Caouette ,Fr. Mike, Clem Michaud.
 Please remember all Brothers in our Council who are confined at home or in a care facility especially
 Brother Marcel Houde at the Studley Home, 15 Eastern Ave. Rochester, Room 111 also Brother Dan Skammels who is
at Riverside home, Dover old wing. Keep in mind all those who are serving in the Military especially those in the worlds
troubled areas.

The 50/50 drawing was taken for February and the winner was Andy Z who forwarded his winnings to our
HCEF support child.
The final business for the meeting was drawing the winners for the Cash Calendar for February.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:20PM.
March 2013

Knights Korner:

Birthday wishes for the month of March :
Brothers Sylvio Theriault, Obi Imarah, Don Colford and Dan Skammels.

We currently show no anniversaries for the month of March,
If we do not list your anniversary, we simply do not have it. Please send
this information along to us so we can include you in our acknowledgements.

We send healthy wishes to Brother Richard Plante who has returned home after
a lengthy stay in rehab and to Brother Clem Michaud after a recent issue with a
blood clot. Keep them both in your prayers.

        Calendar winners for the month of February were:

Feb. 3 - Florence Theberge (#300)                        Feb. 10 - Doris Auclair (#164)
Feb. 17 - Yvette Gagnon (#314)                   Feb. 24 - Priscilla Boyle (#15)

Each was awarded the weekly prize of $100.
March 2013

                                         Council Officers for 2012-2013*

               Grand Knight                            Paul Dubois                              603-343-4533
               Deputy Grand Knight                     Mike LaMontagne                          207-698-4619
               Chaplin                                 Rev. Mike Taylor                         800-250-4658
               Chancellor                              Eddie Kramer                             603-343-4661
               Financial Secretary                     Kenneth Boufford                         603-749-4392
               Recorder                                Andy Zevetchin, Jr.                      603-343-5322
               Treasurer                               Walter Ross                              603-692-3097
               Warden                                  Shawn McNally                            603-332-8755
               Inside Guard                            Kevin Colford                            603-343-5831
               Outside Guard                           Donald Colford                           603-343-5831
               Trustee – 3 Year                        Mike Daigneault                          603-749-9182
               Trustee – 2 Year                        Dick Labonte                             603-740-8639
               Trustee – 1 Year                        Clem Michaud                             603-742-8120
               Advocate                                Fred Ouellette                           603-841-6112
               Lecture                                 Ed Mc Nally                              603-692-2130

                                         New Hampshire State Council
                      State Deputy Joel Plante                     (603) 755-2511
                      State Chaplain Rev. Aggie Jean, PSD          (603) 880-4689
                      State Secretary Rich McDermott               (603) 598-5450
                      State Treasurer Wayne Griffin                (603) 890-3824
                      State Advocate Jordan Ulery                  (603) 882-8979
                      State Warden Glen Camley                     (603) 796-2381
                      Immediate P S D Ed McCann                    (603) 424-7185
                      District Deputy 2 Andrew Zevetchin Jr.       (603) 343-5322

                                                  PRAYER for the POPE

      Father, we pray for your protection and guidance over our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.
      Give him strength and wisdom to stand as a prophet for our times. May he be a light in darkness
      around which we gather in hope. We ask you to bring about reconciliation through his faithful
      teaching of peace and justice. Let him follow in the path of Peter and Paul who, filled with the
      Holy Spirit, preached that the Lord saves all who call upon his name.
March 2013

                                    MARCH 2013
     SUNDAY          MONDAY         TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY   THURSDAY          FRIDAY     SATURDAY

                                                                                         1               2
                                                                                     First  40 Days vigil
                                                                                    Friday    10:00 am
                                                                                  Adoration   Greenland
                 3             4                5           6                 7          8               9
     Members                                                                                   Granite
     Mtg H T                                                                                    Award
      7:00 pm                                                                                   dinner
    Free Throw                                                                                 Hampton
                                                                                               6:00 pm
               10              11          12              13            14             15            16
               17              18          19              20            21             22            23
                                                                 St Georges
                                                                  7:00 pm
               24              25          26              27            28             29            30
                                                                                  Founders      Holy
  ____________                                                                      Day
                                                                   Holy                       Saturday
               31                                                Thursday          Good         Vigil
                                                                                   Friday     7:30 pm
                                                                                  3:00 pm

Please send your E-Mail addresses to our Financial Secretary at
Also please indicate if your Newsletter is being received correctly by mail or E-mail.

Knights of Columbus
L/Cpl Paul R. LeHoullier
Council #2078
404 High Street
Somersworth, NH 03878-1011
Address Correction Requested
March 2013

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