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					47 YEARS FOR A DOMESTIC INCIDENT, A CRIME THAT NEVER HAPPENED. I'm trying desperately to prove my son is innocent of a crime that never happened. A domestic incident with a girl he lived with for the past 3 years. No violence of any kind, not even a threat was made. Bobby Phelps, 32 years old, DISABLED, a hard working guy, with a good job, wanted a family life, without drugs, but that's not what he got. Instead he got a 21 year old, wild girl. Bobby started dating her early 1996. He transferred jobs and they moved to Kansas City, Kansas. A beautiful condo, she had life easy, but no drugs. Less than 3 weeks in Kansas, she was caught shoplifting, then she ask Bobby's supervisor to help her find drugs. At that point Bobby said I'm sending you back to St. Louis. She had no place to live and Bobby still hoping she'd change, ask his grandmother if she could stay with her. The girl (Amanda) took Bobby's car, came back to St. Louis, moved in with Bobby's grandmother, and started dating Bobby's best friend. Where plenty of drugs could be found. Bobby quit his job, came back to St. Louis, and they break up. Three months later, she called Bobby. She''s pregnant, the guy don't want her, and she has no place to go. Bobby say's mom I love her, and I want the baby. Back together, living at Bobby's grandmas, Bobby goes to all Lamaze classes, and in delivery room with her, and Bobby was a happy daddy. After the baby, Amanda had got 30,000. from a pending lawsuit, bought a small house, then broke again. She was the boss, Bobby only worked, and brought home the money. She was back on drugs and wanted Bobby gone. On September 1, 1998 Bobby Told her he couldn't take anymore, he was going back to an old girlfriend, then he left. On Sept. 3,98 Bobby was out with his friends, the police pulled him over, drug him out of the car, beat him, stomped his hand, (Bobby has a handicapped hand and hip) and said he was wanted for kidnapping, burglary 1st, and child endangerment. Amanda said he had a sawed off shot gun and threaten to kill HIMSELF. No gun was found, because there was no gun. The burglary was because she didn't invite him in, (he lived there). The kidnapping was because she was scared, (no threats to her, no violence, in fact nothing really happened), and child endangerment because the baby was in the house. Four attorneys, each saying "what the hell did the kid do, this was a domestic incident" a few weeks later they say "you should take a plea". Two trials, the first one was hung jury 6-6. The second was unreal. The Judge wouldn't allow a medical specialist with recent xrays of Bobby's hand to testify. Bobby is unable to hold the weight of a sawed off shot gun. He allowed the prosecutor to bring a 12 gauge pump shotgun from the sheriffs dept. in for the jury to see. (THERE WAS NO GUN). It was unbelievable the stuff that happened so they could take my sons life from him. (47 years for what?)

I'm trying to get this on a web site, but I'm new working with computers, and as simple as it sounds, I haven't yet figured it out. Very soon I'll have a web site for the world to read all about the Judge, the prosecutor, with the help of OUR attorneys, sent a guy to jail 47 years, for a crime that didn't happen. There was no Justice served. When this first happened I felt like I was the only mother in the world whose son was wrongfully convicted, but Dear God, the many thousands of mothers and wives fighting for the life of the wrongfully convicted, what is wrong with this Justice System? all that matters is a conviction. I'm trying to post my sons story anywhere I can, and contacting any and all web sites that is for wrongful convictions. If anyone has any suggestions I would be truly grateful. My name is Jean Phelps, Bobby is my only child, and I know with the helping hand of God, there's a way to prove my sons innocence. Sincerely, Jean Phelps God bless and be with each and everyone of you

DOC Id Offender Name Race Sex Date of Birth Height/Weight Hair/Eyes Assigned Location Address Assigned Officer Sentence Summary Active Offenses Moberly Correctional Center PO Box 7, Moberly, MO 65270 Phone Number

512849 Bobby Phelps White Male 09/04/1970 6'0" / 145 Brown /Hazel

(660) 263-3778

14 Years ((3, 6, 6 CC W/(7, 7 CS) W/5 CC) Registration Required (Current Cycle) THEFT-$500/MORE-LESS $25000;FELONIOUS RESTRAINT


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