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Dear Editor, I think we should not have single gender schools for a couple of reasons. We have kept the schools good enough with both genders. It would break what we have had for the past years. When single gender schools existed only, it would have been fine. Now we have both gender schools and most of us would like to keep it that way. I have more reasons to support my point. There is no evidence at all that singe gender schools are better. Saying single gender schools are better is an opinion. The average grades in both gender schools are good enough. Personally I think schools would be overcrowded with either boys or girls. It might confuse some children to move from a both gender school to a single one. Too much of us, there would be so much less fun. Both girls and boys are friends. We socialize a lot in school and that is one way we make friends. If both were separated it would be taking part of their life from them. If not it would add a less wanted part. I’m not saying they wouldn’t like it, but it would take something they already had. My final reason includes teachers like it or not. We all know fun and strict teachers, but mostly strict. When a teacher is strict, not many people like that teacher. Then that leads to the strict ones possibly getting angry at students which are not good. I myself would feel uncomfortable in that situation. Then there’s the way that they teach. If they teach something different than the kids already know then that would confuse them. So to conclude this, I would rather not have single gender schools.

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