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252 Basics Family Experience                                                         April 24, 2011 – Week 4

                                                          Note – For this week’s FX you will need to have a
                                                          set piece that represents the empty tomb. It will
                                                          stay on the stage throughout the production. You
                                                          will need a microphone/speaker combo. The
                                                          speaker will be in the tomb and the mic will be
                                                          backstage. Some lighting effects will also help.

                                                          Credible Host enters.

                                              CREDIBLE HOST
                   Welcome to a very special day here at [name of your FX]. And I’m probably not
                   the first, but it doesn’t make it any less sincere when I say happy Easter,
                   everyone! I know we celebrate a lot of things here, but this is one of the most
                   special days we set aside. It’s the day each year we remember what God did for
                   us and what He has promised us. The colored eggs are great. The Easter bunny
                   is fun. The Peeps are® … well … they don’t spoil. But the reason that we
                   celebrate Easter is right here.

                                                          Credible Host refers to the empty tomb.

                                              CREDIBLE HOST
                   This may look kinda like a cave, but it’s here to remind us of Jesus’ tomb. We’ll
                   talk a lot more about this later, but right now let’s reveal the virtue. Everybody
                   start a drum roll on your legs. Now, when I count down from three everybody say
                   the virtue definition with me. Ready? Three, two, one …

                                                          Credible Host reveals the virtue and leads the
                                                          audience in saying the definition.

                                              CREDIBLE HOST
                   And now it’s just the guys. (Says the definition with the guys.) And let’s hear it
                   from all the girls. (Says the definition with the girls.) Sounds great.

SFX – Music – “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” by your choice of artists.

                                                          Comic Host enters wearing a bunny costume (his
                                                          face needs to be clearly visible).

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252 Basics Family Experience                                                   April 24, 2011 – Week 4

                                                     COMIC HOST
                   Happy Easter!

                                                          Audience responds.

                                            CREDIBLE HOST
                   What is all this? You’re a little late, you know.

                                                COMIC HOST
                   I’m late; I’m late for a very important date …

                                                   CREDIBLE HOST
                   Where have you been?

                                            COMIC HOST
                   Do you know how long it takes to get this look together?

                                                   CREDIBLE HOST
                   I’m happy to say … no.

                                                COMIC HOST
                   Well, it takes a while. But I always say never let a good bunny suit go to waste. I
                   mean, I had the rental for two weeks and … (notices the tomb) … good grief!

                                                   CREDIBLE HOST
                   What’s wrong?

                                             COMIC HOST
                   This! I thought we stopped talking about this stuff last week. You said this week
                   was party time. You said we could not think about … you know.

                                                   CREDIBLE HOST
                   You know?

                                                     COMIC HOST
                   Yeah … you know.

                                                   CREDIBLE HOST

                                                     COMIC HOST

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252 Basics Family Experience                                                  April 24, 2011 – Week 4

                                                   CREDIBLE HOST
                   But this tomb is empty.

                                            COMIC HOST
                   And that is supposed to make it all right? Why didn’t you just bring out a coffin?

                                            CREDIBLE HOST
                   Hey, that’s not a bad idea.

                                        COMIC HOST
                   Oooooh! What is WRONG with you?

                                           CREDIBLE HOST
                   I’m not the one dressed like a bunny.

                                             COMIC HOST
                   Bunnies are happy. This is supposed to be a happy time.

                                                   CREDIBLE HOST
                   It is.

                                           COMIC HOST
                   Then why do you have this … this thing out here?

                                                   CREDIBLE HOST
                   The tomb?

                                             COMIC HOST
                   Stop saying that! You’re creeping everybody out.

                                             CREDIBLE HOST
                   Look, I know death is scary. It’s scary for everyone in the world. It’s a point we
                   can’t really see past, but it happens all around us.

                                                     COMIC HOST
                   You’re still talking.

                                              CREDIBLE HOST
                   Because the world didn’t have any kind of answer to death until today. Well, until
                   that first Easter. Jesus is alive. The tomb is empty. Death is done.

                                                     COMIC HOST
                   Death is done?

                                           CREDIBLE HOST
                   We don’t have to be afraid anymore.

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252 Basics Family Experience                                                         April 24, 2011 – Week 4

                                                     COMIC HOST
                   We don’t?

                                           CREDIBLE HOST
                   Nope. It’s the whole reason we can put others first—because God loves us so
                   much that He wouldn’t even let death stand in the way of us being with Him

                                                     COMIC HOST
                   That’s not scary.

                                                   CREDIBLE HOST

                                                     COMIC HOST
                   That’s happy.

                                              CREDIBLE HOST
                   I’ve been trying to tell you that.

                                                 COMIC HOST
                   Sorry. It’s just that I’ve had this great big earache.

                                            CREDIBLE HOST
                   I think we’d better check and see what is going on in the clubhouse.

                                              COMIC HOST
                   I hope that didn’t go over your head.

                                                   CREDIBLE HOST
                   Let’s go.

                                                          Comic Host pulls out a rabbit’s foot.

                                              COMIC HOST
                   See this? It’s my lucky rabbit’s foot.

                                                          Credible Host shakes his head. They exit.

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252 Basics Family Experience                                                         April 24, 2011 – Week 4

Rapid Response
                                                          Note – For this segment you will need a stopwatch,
                                                          three prizes, three pizza boxes, and three eggs
                                                          (hard boiled or plastic may be best). They can be
                                                          decorated for Easter. You will also need to tape off
                                                          a 2-foot square on the floor on one side of the

                                                          Comic Host enters, goes into the audience, and
                                                          gets three volunteers. He brings the volunteers up
                                                          on stage and has them stand on the side opposite
                                                          the square on the floor.

                                                COMIC HOST
                   This morning we are going to have a contest you may have seen before. We are
                   going to take these three eggs, these three pizza boxes, and these three
                   volunteers. The eggs start out on the floor here. (Places the eggs on the floor,
                   each about three feet apart.) The volunteers start out here. And I’ve taped out a
                   square on the floor over there that the volunteers will attempt to get the eggs to
                   go in, and—here’s the tricky part—stay in. However, you can’t touch the eggs.
                   You have to use these pizza boxes to fan the eggs into the square and make
                   sure they stay there. If, at the end of one minute, all three eggs are inside the
                   taped area you will each get a massive and wonderful prize. Are you ready?
                   Three, two, one … GO!

SFX – Music – Instrumental section of “Yakity Yak” by The Coasters.

                                                          After one minute, no matter what the result, Comic
                                                          Host gives each contestant a prize. If none of the
                                                          eggs end up in the target area you may want to
                                                          include the following line.

                                              COMIC HOST
                   This is perfect! There are no eggs inside the target. There’s no one in the empty
                   tomb. This is exactly what should happen on Easter. You guys are terrific

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252 Basics Family Experience                                            April 24, 2011 – Week 4

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252 Basics Family Experience                                                April 24, 2011 – Week 4

The Landing

                                            CREDIBLE HOST
                   All month we’ve been talking about giving other people first place. Remember our
                   Application Tool—the First Place Mat? Today when you go to your Easter dinner,
                   whether it’s at your house or your aunt’s house or a drive-thru, please take time
                   to remember who gave up His first place. Jesus gave up all the honor and
                   worship that He deserves, and He died for us, and He came back to life. That’s
                   why we celebrate an empty tomb. That’s why we do what our Savior did for us.
                   We put other people’s needs before our own. You should put others first because
                   Jesus is alive. Could you say that with me?

CG – “You should put others first because Jesus is alive.”

                                            CREDIBLE HOST
                   You should put others first because Jesus is alive. That’s a huge lesson in
                   humility. Happy Easter, everyone!

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