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									                                    AHMED ABU-BAKR AMER
                                                Giza, Egypt
                                             Mobile: +20111-9613451
                                  Email: ahmed.abubakr.amer@gmail.com


 Dynamic, accomplished, versatile, and highly motivated with 6-year-old portfolio of success combining solid
 marketing exposure in IT and Telecom multinationals and local firms . Dedicated to delivering vital marketing
 projects on time within scope and budget. Instrumental in increasing revenue, developing and implementing
 various marketing plans and strategies driving loyalty and increasing ARPU. Demonstrating an ability to adapt
 quickly to different business environments, providing thoughts, inputs, and proactive insights within performance-
 driven roles. Self-motivated team player and creative- solutions provider with a genuine talent for analyzing,
 interpreting, and innovating. Specialties and Expertise include:
   Marketing Research                    Business Development                   Customer Value Management
   Customer Retention                    Customer Acquisition                   Digital & Electronic Marketing
   Marketing Analysis                    Marketing Campaigns                    Customer Loyalty Programs
   Customer Experience                   Vendor Relationships                   Up-selling & Cross-selling

 Bachelor of Commerce and Business Administration                      2003-2007
 Helwan University
 Majored in Economics and Foreign Trade

 International Diploma in Business – Accredited from British Council   2007- 2010
 Cambridge University
 Majored in Marketing, Human Resources Management.
 Graduated with Distinctive

 Advanced Diploma of Marketing                                           2008
 Cambridge Training College
 Graduated with Merit

 Mini-MBA – Accredited from Amideast                                      2009
 Missouri State University
 Majored in Marketing

 Hundreds of hours devoted to ongoing professional development throughout career via workshops,
 formal and informal training courses, information sessions and more.


 Business Development and Marketing Specialist
 International Company for Media and Software, Cairo, 2010 – present
 Reported to: Managing Director
 Main Duties and Functions: Business and Product Development, Business and Marketing Planning, Strategy

 Developing and preparing service roadmaps, forecasts & plans to meet company targets. Droving efforts to ensure
 that all program services and products are of high quality and delivered on time and on budget. Developing
 marketing plans that include market review, SWOT analysis, objectives, detailed strategies, and action -plans.
 Gathering information and research on the market and competitors to define new-product opportunities. Providing
 PIR (post-implementation review) on the company's services and activities for upper management while making
 recommendations. Conducting UATs (User Acceptance Tests) in order to ensure that all customer requirements are
 deployed. Managing relationships with sales, marketing, finance to ensure successful product delivery that meets
 customer-requirements. Ensuring that plans are functioning 100%, with zero defects.

 Orchestrated ICMS's rebranding campaign, which included creating a new logo, new website, and marketing
 Eliminated production bottlenecks through enhanced and developed production procedures bringing about a
  higher quality product delivered on time.

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 Ahmed Abu-Bakr Amer-Resume

  Generated 1M+ EGP Year to date in sales for ICMS by selling an encyclopedic multimedia product to several state
   institutions and ministries including the Ministry of Education, which has mainstreamed it in all educational institutions
   as a syllabus.

  Established and built successful partnerships, joint co-operations and agreements with vendors and production
   services companies, and press establishments.

  Contributed to insuring that production functioned normally during the critical time of the Egyptian revolution,
   without ignoring the social responsibility of protecting our houses and neighborhood from danger.

   Vodafone Marketing Campaigns Management Advisor - Customer lifecycle Management CLM
   Vodafone Egypt–, Cairo, 2006 – 2009
   Reported to: Vodafone Marketing Campaigns Management Supervisor
   Main Duties and Functions included: Working in Marketing Campaigns Management department has given the
   opportunity of having work-experience in 5 different areas : Loyalty, Retention, Churn Management, Acquisition,
   and Base Development .

   Identifying opportunities and implementing tactics to maximize revenue, downsizing churn among existing
   customer bases. Launching promotions and, enhancing customer experience and reinforcing Vodafone's image in
   the market. Monitoring competition and providing management with competitive analysis. Implementing CRM
   lifecycle activities, including research, competitive analysis and delivering value propositions at every lifecycle
   stage in order to maximize the lifetime value for consumers and enterprise business units. Working with different
   departments of the Marketing division to develop programs to move customers from early lifecycle to loyal
   customers in the most profitable manner possible. Working with marketing management team and cross-functional
   teams to create and launch retention campaigns/programs, driving loyalty and revenue. Implementing the
   retention strategy, roadmap, and various retention activities designed to minimize churn. Ensuring that brand
   measures, delight measures and NPS (Net Promoter Scores) are understood so that appropriate actions would be
   taken for increasing customer satisfaction levels. Taking part in the complete product launch management
   function (from Development – Rollout – Manage – Exit). Achieving tasks and conducted various campaigns that
   were in support of the CRM business analysis.


   1. Loyalty, Retention and Churn Management: Retaining and winning back customers, managing and tackling
   churn to reduce inactivity percentages through:

       Identifying churn types (voluntary or involuntary churn) drivers and triggers. And defining of corrective
        action plans.
       Deploying churn prediction techniques to pinpoint customers who are prone to churn (Potential
        Churners) and probing to find out the reason behind their considering another operator's options.
       Undertaking continuous Churn Analysis & modeling to monitor churn evolution.
       Monitoring the potential churners, categorizing our churn brackets based on the analyzed behavior
        patterns then targeting them with BTL loyalty campaigns to encourage them to use their lines, and to
        prevent the high probability churn subscribers through bonus upon recharge, free minutes, discount on
       Launching reactive and proactive retention campaigns for different segments.
       Encouraging loyalty thus downsizing churn and winning-back our customers through different loyalty
        programs, small schemes and monthly treats.
       Launching tailored propositions that are more suitable and favorable to our High Value
        Customers' needs such as touch points i.e. retail stores & call-center
       Heightening customer experience through introductions of warm welcome programs for new,
        reactivated and existing customers.

     2. Acquisition: Acquiring new Pre-Paid and Post-paid customers through:

      Using market pricing to acquire and attracting customers from the other competitors with a large base
       and a strong postpaid brand and customer base(bigger in the segment or otherwise).
      Launching Mobile Number Portability campaign.

     3. Base Development: Responsible for steering more usage / more revenue through:
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   Ahmed Abu-Bakr Amer-Resume

       Increasing Postpaid base through launching different targeted campaigns for migrating Prepaid
        subscribers to a Post-paid base and recovering former postpaid clients.
       Increasing the active base by converting the dormant base into activity through micro-segment offers
       Deploying Post-paid base upgrade activities through migrating postpaid customers to higher Postpaid
        bundles / rate plans.
       Achieving active base percentage targets of our company.

    4 Revenue Enhancements and ARPU:

         Maintaining a sustained higher ARPU through focusing on retaining our high-value customers.
         Launching revenue generation campaigns.
         Monthly schemes for customer usage enhancement thus revenue enhancement on the basis of last
          month usage pattern & ARPU & recharging trend/Adoption trend.
         Increasing our share of internet revenue in the market place customer acquisitions through targeted
          ADSL & internet USB campaigns.
         Usage, Revenue Enhancement and Revenue Retention through mass & segmented promotional offers
          in Prepaid & Postpaid.


         Contributed to maintaining a sustained higher ARPU. We maintained an ARPU premium of 34% over our
          main competitor. Quarter 1 2009.
         Contributed to maximizing profit through launching revenue generation campaigns for sending
          customers’ bills through SMS instead of paper invoice as am means of minimizing cost.
         Contributed to making our company the clear market leader in terms of the value of its customer base.
          Its services revenues per subscribers are 55.84EGP, 41% higher than are those of Mobinil (39.45 EGP) and
          96% higher than are those of Etisalat (28.47 EGP)
         Contributed to the 35% year-on-year increase as of March 2009) to a customer base of approx. 19
          million customers, playing a key role in different retention, and acquisition
         Contributed to the 35% year-on-year increase (as of March 2009) to a customer base of approx. 19
          million customers, playing a key role in different retention, and acquisition campaigns.
         Our loyalty program “Vodafone One” achieved a 25% decrease in Churn rate within the premium
          segment, through 5.9% avg. payback on outgoing ARPU.


 Institute of Professional Managers -Associate Member-USA
 Syndicate of commercial professions- Organizing and Business Administration division –Member- Egypt

 Volunteer Experience & Causes

 Causes I care about:
 Arts and Culture
 IT and Telecom
 Advocating of Peace/ Took an initiative that engages with people from all around the world with the cause of
 spreading peace on earth regardless of their gender, religion, color, nationality, or race through a self created
 Facebook page.


 Computer skills: Windows Professional XP/Vista, 7 ◊ MS Office 2003/2007/2010 ◊ Photoshop 9/12
 E-marketing skills: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SEO, Google Ads, Google
 Technical and Specialized Applications: Siebel CRM ◊ Telecommunications' Applications

 Reading ◊ Surfing the Internet
 Furnished upon request

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